StorMyu’s first post


For all of those who think it takes a month to translate a full “RPG” (I might add…) game…

Let’s say we all have lives, we all have other things to do in our free times, and we’re not machines.

We intend to provide you a good quality translation and for that it takes more than one week.

In the meantime, I thought the recent post didn’t really showed what I had to offer so here’s some more:

– OnScreenKeyboard now fully in English


Better Save/Load menu (but It’s more romsstar’s work)


And I’ll try to show some more when I’ll have some, have fun.


55 Responses to “StorMyu’s first post”

  1. Rob Says:

    sweet jesus we have lift off


  2. dark-roxas Says:

    Nice! i think is almost complete


  3. Anon1234 Says:

    john, go seek professional help.
    You have autism.


  4. yuske Says:

    you just wonder why people post to complain about stuff. and its not just a short sentence, but a long paragraph in two different post. i just don’t get it. you’re clearly not satisfied with the product/production, so why even waste your precious time commenting on the blog. im sure you have way better things you could do.


  5. just a commoner Says:

    hey guys i am new here i understand its pretty good that we get some notifications :) btw who is that john the other 2 above me refering to???


  6. Ayo Says:

    Probably some guy who got his post deleted.
    Nothing really important.


  7. Courtney Says:



  8. StorMyu Says:

    No, the john was just on the other recent post ^^
    not that I care though…


  9. Saylol Says:

    Fuking Epic! Better than 99% translations ( most doesn’t translate Save Menu ) Keep the good work :D


  10. Alphonse Says:

    Yuske, it’s fairly simple to understand, really. Just like you, even the people who complain and aren’t satisfied with the rate at which they work are still hopeful that this translation will eventually be finished, hence the reason they post.


  11. ZackFair Says:

    Woo-hoo! Good job guys,keep going with this awesome game! Man,i made my day with this now. ^_^ Greetings from Italy! ^^ (Sorry for the bad english xD)


  12. ZackFair Says:

    Sorry,bad english always wins on me xD


  13. momotea Says:



  14. Temno Zhatka Says:

    Yeah!!! good job c:


  15. Russell DiVittorio Says:

    Great. Glad to see some progress waiting patiently been following the blog for about two months. Best of luck.


  16. Dan Says:

    Way to go!


  17. Michael Says:

    Love it! and good job :D


  18. Dillinger Says:

    Why don’t you guys just ignore the more intolerable lot? Of course we’d all like for a perfect patch to be completed in a week, but most of us don’t expect that, just the very loud minority.

    Also, StorMyu, how has the Rebirth patch been going? Haven’t seen any news in quite some time, I’m just wondering if the project is steady or not.


  19. logan Says:

    everyone loves you for doing this. ignore the impatient minority who seem to have nothing better to do then to bitch and complain. you are obviously doing incredible work. thank you very much.


  20. Xonos Says:

    I really salute those that try their very hard to translate a Japanese Game to English FOR FREE. So really, take your time. Ignore those ignorant rants that doesn’t know anything other than rant…

    A very big thank you, from me for all the work you had done.


  21. Haffiz Bz Says:

    I wish I know how to translate a game. -_-!!


  22. NEO Ness Says:

    Dude, you guys are like the freakin’ Royal Knights of the English Digimon Community!! KUDOS! I don’t own a PSP, but after this patch is made and finished, I’ll highly consider it!

    (I do, on the other hand, own a 3DS. Once this patch is completed, do you guys think you’ll try to tackle the 3DS port?)


  23. superman Says:

    i have a question, if some1 could please awnser it lol … i dont own a psp i was assuming i downloaded the game from here when its done and then i downloaded and emulator and played it through that am i assuming right?
    or will i have to buy/lend a psp from somewhere to actually play the game thats been created here?
    a reply would be nice in your own time guys.


  24. Ichigo Says:

    From here you will only get the patch when it is done, the game you either have to buy it and play it on psp or download it from somewhere (illegaly ofc) and then you can play it on jcsp which runs 100% or ppsspp which still needs work.
    Btw gl developers and thanks for the upcoming translation ;p


  25. a disappointed person Says:

    Are you guys serious?! 3 month of being complete lazy and the only thing you’ve managed to do was translating 5 words from the save menu? REALLY?! Everybody could live without it. Guys, please stop translating it, it just makes no sense


  26. asdas Says:

    Godd News for Digimon Fans:


  27. asdas Says:

    Good News for Digimon Fans:


  28. Liam Says:

    Thanks for the update :)
    I’m thrilled about the save menu translation, it’s a nice touch that I’ve never encountered before.


  29. Alpha Omega Says:

    For those who can read Chinese and can’t wait for English translation of Digimon Adventures:


  30. Fiber0311 Says:

    Cool, thanks for your work. Can’t wait for the game :)


  31. David Says:

    Great job guys, keep up the good work.


  32. midge Says:

    yay!! can’t wait to play this..u guys are truly great.. i’m now reliving the memory by playing digimon world 2..


  33. Alice Says:

    “Let’s say we all have lives, we all have other things to do in our free times, and we’re not machines.”

    This is why you release beta patches. Refusing the completely working gameplay translations tends to get on people’s nerves. Why? You owe them nothing right? Except that when a team picks up a big project like this, it discourages other teams who could do it better/faster or with beta releases, because they feel they would be wasting their time if you released it first. So everyone gets screwed out of a better experience.

    It’s not hard to compile a difference patch every few months, or once during a big mile stone or two (such as full gameplay). I’ve worked on teams before and it’s never been a problem to release incremental updates.

    I’m not here to shit on you, I think you guys have done great work so far. I was impressed at how fast you got the gameplay elements out the door early on in the project. I’m just hear to lend an explanation and viewpoint for all of the frustrated fans waiting. Translating is more like a public service than a personal project because picking up a game stops other teams from wanting to do it.


  34. cioolcat1922 Says:

    Alice has got a fan right here!!!


  35. NIGHT9009 Says:

    ^ what he said


  36. Rellik Says:

    Bonjour, un petit coucou de France ou un fan de digimon est heureux qu’un jeux digimon soit enfin traduit! (l’anglais ne me pose pas trop de probleme, mais le japonais si ><).

    Just a question: if a french translation team suggest you to let them translate the game into french, would you accept ?

    Good luck,


    NB: (if you want any advice concerning french translation:


  37. Rellik Says:

    Hi, hello from france where a digimon’s fan is happy that a translating of a digimon’s games is finaly under way! (English is not difficult for me, whereas Japanese ><).

    Just a question: if a french translation team suggest you to let them translate the game into french, would you accept ?

    Good luck,


    NB: (if you want any advice concerning french translation:


  38. coolcat1922 Says:

    ^ Probably if I knew French, I would.


  39. Romsstar Says:


    If you can find a team, that does it better and faster than us, good luck, give them the job. Or send them over, I would gladly coorperate with them. Except… you won’t.

    Nobody has done a complete PSP Translation so far, not that I know of. This is something that has technically never been done before.

    The best you can get is shitty beta patches (which were released before by a different group) which would cause game breaking bugs.
    Yeah those patches are floating around.
    Breaking the password system, black screen,s stuff like that.
    Be my guest and test them.You will see this experience won’t make you happy whatsoever.

    Moreover: Full gameplay, as far as I’m concerned, an experience that really satisfies, is not given yet. From my point of view, there is NO completely working gameplay translation there yet.

    There are too many things that need to be done before we can talk about things like that.

    Translating is not a public service.
    Translating is a job, one which you get normally paid for.
    A shitload of money to be exact.
    This is a service you get for free. Be grateful.


    Once we are done you mean?
    Translating it from English to French?
    Hm I guess I won’t mind. But this has to be discussed when the time comes. But generally, sure that’s not a problem as long as we are getting credited somewere as Original Translators.


  40. Alpha Omega Says:

    Your are somewhat correct. I agree translation is not exactly public service, but more of a volunteer based private business, in which other personal stuff gets in first place, and people are not getting paid at all (can’t think of a good example that doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings right up front).

    But I disagree with that there is NO completely working gameplay translation, well I guess that depends on what you meant. That statement underestimated the Chinese translators if you say that. That have been many, many and many fully, that is 100% … sometimes even the voice (could be rumor, I haven’t possess any so), translated Chinese games, that works more than perfect on PSPs. The only problem is of course that Chinese is not English.

    Just to make sure, maybe Digimon Adventure is easier to translate, I am not a professional on that, but the Chinese team started after you guys started this…and beat you guys.

    I hereby thank you for your teams dedication and time for translating this game. The menu looks amazing, and I am very grateful to see another team so dedicated on fully translating a Digimon game. Life has taught me patience is the key to all successes, so I am more than willing to wait a little longer. But please make sure you recognize other translating teams of other language too. Believing your team is the best in the world is not good for your health or our expectation in the long run.

    Oh, and please don’t voice it. If you did, I will consider pay you to not :P

    Thank you again for reading. Long reply for long messages see?


  41. Luen Says:

    Lol….agree with Alpha omega.
    But i think Romsstar mean english translation instead other languages.
    Chinese translation is indeed a lot easier since those two languages is similar and chinese translation do not face the problem of text limitation unlike english.


  42. NIGHT9009 Says:

    I don’t think alice and alphaomega is offending anyone in their comments, don’t get so worked-up romsstar; get a beer, relax a bit. I wait patiently for your marvelous translation. ”all good things for those who wait”


  43. Luke Says:

    good work guys don’t get discouraged and for all the whiners instead of complaining at these guys try complaining at the publishers for not bringing us the title in the first place, I’m as annoyed at the next guy that I’m having to wait so long but understand it is not these guys fault at the end of the day they are helping us what are you doing for them? nothing! Exactly . . . i rest my case


  44. d Says:

    also for those who’s wondering why won’t they do a partial patch, here’s a comparison

    of course aside from the fact that they want and choose to do a full patch. Just be patient.


  45. Romsstar Says:

    @Alpha Omega:

    You probably don’t know this. But due to a rather huge discussion, we currently are NOT doing Digimon Adventure but only Digimon World Re:Digitize.

    Concerning the “the chinese translator beat you”-argument:

    This may be true for other translations, but Digimon Adventure is a case where we chose in later course not to work on it, because too many people started competing for the English Patch (they released their patches and stuff) and we decided to focus on ReDigitize instead.

    So first of all: There is no public record of our progress on Adventure but it is like this:

    For Adventure we translated:

    100 % Digimon Names
    100% Techniques
    100% Technique Description
    100% Items
    100% Item Description
    100% Battle Menu
    100% In-Game Menu

    Mostly, all that was not touched was story. We COULD release that.
    Only thing is, it doesn’t fullfil our quality standards yet.

    But as soon as ReDigitize is done we will return to Digimon Adventure.

    Why Chinese Translations are easier:
    They don’t have to worry about if the English Letters fit.
    They mostly can use less symbols than the Japanese Original and moreover, they never have to worry if their is already a font implemented since japanese and chinese basically share the same (or mostly the same Kanji).
    Basically, Chinese and Japanese are sharing way more similaties than English and Japanese.

    But: We are talking here about Re:Digitize, not about Adventure.
    And I don’t think anyone beat us on progress in ReDigitize yet. Although correct me if I’m wrong.


  46. Alpha Omega Says:

    That’s actually not exactly true. First, we are not going to translate Re:Digitalize (as far as I know)…the demand is not high enough. Second, grammer has always been the issue. The Chinese grammer is similar to that of English, and the font the translators used is Simplified Chinese — which means they did have to do all character replacement. They did ran into a serious issue on displaying, and rendering the character correctly, at the date which they promised first a release, which caused them a month and a half delay in fact. So I do appreciate that you guys spend time and effort to make sure it all works, and not giving us false hopes (as they did).

    May the Force be with you.


  47. Graphx Says:

    So what’s up with the text limit issue? Have you guys found a workaround? I mean, how did you wait until the translation was finished to test that you could actually insert as many characters as you needed? I don’t get it.

    Even so, I still don’t understand what’s the problem? If the game has a fixed registry size for text interventions, that can be changed in both the assemble and the text insertion tool to expand the limit. If it has pointers, there is no problem at all updating them. If text files are compiled scripts, they can be either decompiled or parsed for text sections to expand.

    If you were more specific about the problem, I’m sure many people would be willing to help.


  48. Tyler Says:

    I don’t think anyone was expecting it to be done in a week, nor did they think it would take a year.


  49. deafeaq Says:

    “We intend to provide you a good quality translation and for that it takes more than one week.”

    Not hating, but at this rate its going to be a year, or more! No one expects it in a week or a month, but yea we didn’t think it would take a full year


  50. Marcus Vinicius Says:

    Where can i make a download of this patched version?


  51. Jarod Meier Says:

    Hey, don’t know how many people would be into this but I was wondering if anyone would consider creating a Digimon World 3 hack. I was thinking that there could be new starter packs that include the main starters from the first 3 seasons such as agumon gabumon biyomon as 1 pack. Veemon, hawkmon, and armadillomon. and then Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. I figured we could import sprites and other things from previous games. We could keep other digimon available through dri and create new dri agents. This work would not be easy and I am by no means a hacker. I just thought this would be a cool idea and that I may get some help on it. If you have any questions email me at


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  55. Manties Says:

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