1.1 Patch Release

June 26, 2015 by

We do apologize to our PSP users, the batch of bugs that caused problems crept in very late in the process.  Fortunately, they were relatively easy to fix.

We recommend that everyone update to the 1.1 version.  You can do so by either pressing the “Check for Updates” Button in the Patcher, or simply Download the provided Link here.
Both variants work, but since the Update Patch Data are on a Server with limited traffic I urge you not to exploit it.

In addition to the bug fixes, we have corrected some typos that users were helpful enough to point out to us.  To do that, you’ll need to work from a clean ISO, you can’t update an ISO with the 1.0 patch applied.  You can either download the patcher from the links below, or use the update function in the patcher you already have.

Thanks for being patient with us, and sorry for any inconvenience.

DWRD Patch 1.1 (Direct Download)

DWRD Patch 1.1 (Torrent)

Additionally, in keeping with the way the game was released in Japan, we have decided to release a few of the new passwords every week in our updates.  We’re putting out the first batch today:

Tamer Starter Kit:

Giant Claw (Greymon Digivolution Item): i73pqhqy
Dreadful Horn (GeoGreymon Digiviolution Item): 1v7ixp5s
Meat × 10: wgy3so2s
Portable Potty × 10: rk633pd0
Autopilot × 10: 2heqtq3p
Restore Floppy × 5: y406r33p
Offense Chip × 3: jaotcnpf
Storage Card α (Sashenka): 0fpwatdq
Colosseum Fight (Pirate B-Wargreymon) : hy1gn9ne
Colosseum Fight (Luckyman) : i94fo2bn

Additionally, as our regular commenters have likely heard before, we have worked on adding some additional features to the game.  The timeline for that is still relatively vague, but given the recent influx of readers, I thought it’s worth mentioning.

Lastly, Romsstar mentioned a few posts back that he and another programmer have been working for some time on a tool to reverse engineer the original Digimon World for the PS1.  Some time soon, he plans on explaining the progress they have made so far, and what his plans for it are.

Don’t use the Pirate B-Wargreymon password unless you are strong enough to actually defeat it. The Colosseum will only be unlocked again after you defeated it.
We hope this Passwords will provide some help to Beginner Tamers that want to get that Greymon, or just need more Offense to defeat that “tenacious” Gabumon :D

It’s Here!

June 22, 2015 by

Update: We are aware that there are bugs in the patch when playing on a PSP.  We have figured out the cause and a likely solution to the problem, and should have an updated version of the patch out in a day or two.  In the mean time, the game plays perfectly well on PPSSPP.

We have arrived!

Yes you are reading right. After almost 3 years of work, thousands of hours, tears, panic attacks, and all the hardships we had to face, it’s here.

This is the Digimon World Re:Digitize Translation Patch! After testing over a period of about two weeks, in which all of us got little sleep, we are confident enough to release our baby to the world. Every one of us played through the game, and I 100%’d my third run today.  All I can say is: It’s fun! The game is fun!

We are all extremely proud of our work.  In playing through the game, there were times when it was hard to remember that this was written by us, that we are the authors of those very same English phrases that you guys are about to read. Incidentally, I’m very happy to release it on this particular day since, as it happens, today is also my Birthday! While we could probably polish it even more, I feel it’s time for you guys to enjoy it.  We hope there won’t be any typos or other issues, but on the assumption that there will be, we have added functionality to the patcher program to release updates if need be.  As the server may have issues if everyone presses that at once, I would ask that you not press it if you are downloading the patch on the day it was released.  All of the 1.0 patches are included with the program, so it’s unnecessary anyway.

There’s really not much left to say.  If you want to know how it started, and what it took to get where we are now, I advise you to read the “Legend of Operation Decoded” post, it’s all there. I don’t want to bore you with more stories, but I assure you this won’t be the last time you hear from of us ;)

Please keep in mind that we are distributing this under the Creative Common License, as a derivative work we own solely the rights to the translation, neither the game nor any other Brand associated with it.

The patcher and patches can be downloaded here:

DWRD Patch 1.1 (Direct Download)

DWRD Patch 1.1 (Torrent)

And tutorials for installing Homebrew Enabler and creating an ISO from your UMD are available here:

As mentioned before, this patch won’t include a subbed version of the opening video, due to legal and technical reasons.  This may change in a future update, but that is difficult to confirm as of yet. However, for those of you who want to know what’s going on in the video, you are free to check out this subbed video we posted on Youtube a while ago:

Update: May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 by

As it’s been a few weeks, I thought it was time for an update.  I am quite pleased to announce that, for the first time, we are ready to create an internal build with 100% of the game translated and inserted.  As such, although we began having a few people test the patch about two weeks ago, we are now ready to have the entire team begin testing the game and looking for any remaining bugs or typos.

All of the text is still subject to change, and we may find places that need to be rewritten as we play through.  As such, we are still not prepared to give an exact release date.

The Legend of Operation Decoded

April 2, 2015 by

Today, I thought I’d like to give some insight on some aspects of this translation and a bit of history, because it all seems probably confusing to people who weren’t following us on GBATemp.  SuperSwordGaming asked us in the comments the other day who is actually leading this project, and we’ve had requests for a post about the group’s history before. I first started writing this as a comment to SSG, but it became long enough that it seemed like it should be a blog post. This also might clear things up those of you who are wondering why we’re not done yet, or “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?!”

The Legend of Operation Decoded

I started the translation project way back in November 2012. Back then, we had lots of different group members, some of whom, I regret to say it, were not trustworthy. One person in particular volunteered as a translator, but he kept using Google Translate, which made his contributions useless. A different person from that early group decided to leak the patch well before it was anything like ready for release, which resulted in the horrible, horrible patch that is still floating around in the internet today. While that patch is technically to our group, I assure you none of my translations are in it, and none of the current group members is associated in any way with it.

After this happened I was really disheartened, I trusted guys and they betrayed my trust. With no trustworthy translators besides myself, and editors who were leaking internal builds, I was unsure how to continue this project. Enter Onkeikun, a very nice and very skilled native Japanese speaker approached me on GBATemp; she shares credit for translation with me on this project. She did an awesome job of translation crucial things like the e-mails and other things, where a native speaker was very much needed. Together, we translated this whole huge game.

However, there were problems on the technical side. Roxas75, our programmer back then had trouble understanding the format. It involved a stupid textlimit, which I was sure was nonexistent, but which I couldn’t solve back then. I kept researching, and Roxas75 kept disappearing. This whole process dragged on for 6 months By the ends of that time, we still had no usable tools for inserting our translated text, and I was really unhappy with many of the translations we were making, as I had to cut many lines due to that “textlimit.” Meanwhile, I was so busy with university that I had barely time to translate and research the data format. I couldn’t do both at once, and we ended up losing an addition 3 months, meaning that for almost nine months, very little progress was made.

Finally, I made a breakthrough with the help of my friend of StorMyu. We got the main format of the text files basically lined out, but there was still a problem. We had no one who was able to implement our discovery, Roxas75 wasn’t up to the task. Several coders approached me, but none of them seemed to be able to solve the problem.

At that time, people were somewhat understandably pissed off. It seemed like we were dead; progress hadn’t been made for months, but please guys, I hope now you can see why. Since that leak, I had dismissed almost everyone from the original group because I didn’t feel like I could trust anyone, and I was unhappy with the quality of the translations that original group was creating. With no coder around, and no one who could truly deliver what I envisioned for this project, it seemed like this project was doomed to be canceled.

Fortunately, CompCom came along. He said he didn’t give a crap about the drama, and really only wants us to continue. He fixed the problem that Roxas hadn’t been able to solve in 6 months in 6 minutes. Literally.

The project seemed back on track, but I am not a native speaker, and we had basically no team. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes that happened the first time. I was determined to choose members were carefully this time. Enters Sporky. Sporky’s way of expressing himself really caught my eye, and he said that he had some Japanese skills, which were helpful for Translation checking. He volunteered as an editor, and I really liked what he delivered; plus, he seemed like a really nice guy. We bonded over lots of things, he has a knack for organization which I simply don’t. At some point Sporky asked if I’d mind him co-leading the team. I said I essentially regarded him as Co-Leader already by that point. Because I was so busy, he often acted as the spokesman for the group. Now we were CompCom, StorMyu, Sporky and I. StorMyu said that he had some editor friends that would like to help.

That’s how Kalker became part of the group. Sporky and Kalker had worked together on the, sadly canceled, SAO: Infinity Moment translation project. So Sporky and Kalker became permanent main editors, with Sporky eventually starting to write Progress Reports to you guys. That’s when the project really started to make progress again. We tried out some other Editors, but none of them ended up sticking around for long. We were fine with that,what he had a group that worked, and it still does.

All in all we now have a group of 3-5 people, on good days. Despite delays, we’re nearly done, and all the main members of our group plan on continuing on to work on Decode. There’s more to it, but that may be a story for another time. I’m sorry this ended up running so long, but we’ve had a number of requests for a post like this.

PS: As Sporky has mentioned in the comments section of the last post, I am working with a good friend of mine on a Digimon World 1 hacking project. If you guys are interested in seeing how that goes, what kind of progress we make, please write that in the comment section below, and if there is enough interest, I might post stuff about that too.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

Progress Report: 01.03.2015

March 1, 2015 by

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I had the pleasure to post a blog post, simply due to lack of time with my studies. Now I seem to have some time. As you might have noticed we got a new banner. We were thinking long about any motives we might use, but we thought given our group name, the things that we do, and taking  everything into account, that this motive actually suits us. And it looks kinda cool too, don’t you think? :)
We don’t know what other projects than Redigitize or Decode we might end up doing, so we wanted to have a banner we could possibly use for other projects. You’ll see how when the time arrives.

As for Redigitize: It’s taking longer than anticipated, it should’ve been out by now, but I’m sorry, that it’s not. Real life is really a bitch sometimes. There is a certain irony in the fact whenever Sporky got time I’m busy and it’s just the other way around. It’s really hard to coordinate. But we really try our best.

The Colosseum stuff is in the process of editing, and we are happy to announce that one of our Editors, Kalker is back which will speed up this mess a lot and hopefully and FINALLY bring to you this release.
Believe me at this point, I want it as badly as anyone of you, it’s sooo close it almost hurts :D

Please bear with us a little longer.

2/22 Update: Mea Culpa

February 22, 2015 by

Well, it’s been longer than I usually try to go between updates.  At this point we’re clearly stretching the definition of “soon” and I’m sorry about that.  That’s partly unavoidable and partly my fault.  The Colosseum has turned out to need considerably more work that I had estimated, at the time of the last post I hadn’t looked closely at those files, since we had planned on saving them for last, as they’re mostly not as important as the story or the NPCs and side quests.

The Colosseum files are structured differently than all of the game’s other files.  Where most conversations look like you’d imagine they would, a string where one person’s dialogue shows up is followed by either that person’s next line, or a line spoken by someone else, with a speaker ID in the metadata, the Colosseum files are not like that at all.  The Speaker ID data is calculated completely different from any other text file we encountered. To make it short: We can’t really find the Speaker ID at this point. In the mean time, we are working on those files, but it’s a lot slower to need to open up the game, have a save file with all of the Colosseum battles available, and see who says what where.  A fair number of them seem pretty straight forward, they’re basically filler there to add some content, so the dialogue doesn’t get very involved, but some of them, particularly the sidequests that happen in the Colosseum are more complicated.

Also unavoidable was the limitations on our time.  I took three months off of school at the end of last year for reasons I won’t get in to here, and that gave me a lot more time to work on this project, and we made a lot of progress during that time.  Fortunately for my eventual career, but unfortunately for this project, I went back to school a few days after I made the last post, and Romsstar started his Master’s degree program.  In a few weeks I’ll be done with this term and will need to transfer to a different university, where I won’t be able to start classes until the fall, so I’ll once again have several months in which I’ll have lots of time to work on translation projects, which I’m looking forward to.

Here’s the part that’s all my fault though. I shouldn’t have made a public prediction about our release schedule.  It seemed reasonable enough at the time that I made those predictions, and I did go out of my way to say they weren’t guaranteed, but it was still foolish of me.  We’re still going to release, and there’s still a comparatively small amount of work left to do, but I can’t promise we’ll make the kind of progress we’d like to until I finish out the term in mid March, and given what happened last time, I’m not going to make any public predictions about a release date again, though we’ll keep you informed of the progress we make as we make it.  I apologize to anyone who has been upset at our lack of progress, and while I can’t promise slow downs won’t happen in the future, I will try to be better about not promising things I am not 100% certain can be delivered.  The vast majority of people have been extremely patient and kind, and I think I speak for everyone on the team when I say that we appreciate it.

Progress Report, January 6th

January 7, 2015 by

Hey everyone, it’s been about two weeks since we posted our Decode video, so I thought you would want a report on how we’re doing with the original Re: Digitize.  As unfortunate as the delay was, we didn’t lose any progress, we just weren’t able to work as quickly as we thought we would last month.  We’re down to a fairly small list of things to work on:

There’s one last section of File Island to edit and insert, the Night Canyon, which I will likely finish before I go to sleep.  When that is done, all of the story, and nearly all of the NPCs you can talk to will be done.  File City has some work left.  For whatever reason, the designers had two large files with most of the text for the city in them, and dozens of smaller files containing segments of the two large ones, almost all completely identical to the strings in the large files.  CompCom helpfully made us a tool to transfer those identical strings automatically, which we’ll be doing in the next day or two.  There’s a good chance that there will be some small parts of those files to finish manually, but it’s not clear exactly how much yet.  Likely not more than a day’s work.

Then there’s the Colosseum.  Work has been coming along on that, probably about four or five days worth of work is left there, perhaps a week.  Unfortunately, there is an aspect I haven’t covered in the recent updates, because I forgot about it.  The trading card minigame has 176 cards, each of which has a few lines of text.  That shouldn’t take more than a few days to take care of though, I’m just kicking myself for forgetting about it.  Then there’s testing and miscellaneous cleanup of any typos or what have you that we find during that time.

Barring a show stopping bug, I see no reason we won’t be able to release soon, but I’ve learned my lesson about setting an exact date, so, soon is best estimate I feel comfortable giving.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that our regular commenter Rai has graciously agreed to help moderate the comment threads as necessary.

Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2014 by

Merry Christmas everyone!

While I’m sure many of our readers were disappointed by my last post, I’m very grateful for the way you guys have shown support for us despite the delay. So we want to show you that your support is appreciated, and that we haven’t forgotten about our loyal fans out there, still waiting for the Re:Digitize patch, and since it’s Christmas, we thought that today calls for a present.

And we got you one ;) Without any further adieu, I hereby announce our next project, which we will start work on immediately following Re:Digitize. It is none other than its worthy successor for the 3DS: Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode.

This project was on our minds the second Decode was announced, and I’m glad to inform you everyone that now we have the means to actually bring you the translation for this wonderful game.

Please take a look at the following video:

High Resolution Download

Now obviously this is to be considered as a first draft, with things subject to change, but I hope this is a sufficient proof of concept demonstration to show that a translation of a 3DS game is indeed possible. I also hope that the video is sufficient proof that this is definitely real and not a fake. Please also take this as a sign that we’re really close to the finish line with Re:Digitize.

There are certain things worth noticing about this video. First, we have been able to successfully insert edited images, as you can see in the battle menus and such. But moreover, and most importantly, we successfully ported over our Re:Digitize translation to Decode (only the strings that are a 100% match with the original), which means that a substantial amount of work is done already. However, please understand that Decode is HUGE and not a simple port. Decode is at least twice the length of the PSP game, and as such will definitely take some time to translate.

Enjoy, and have a merry Christmas, everyone!

Progress Report: December 17th, 2014

December 17, 2014 by

Hello everyone.

After hoping for weeks and trying to work as hard as our lives allow us there’s no helping it:

We probably won’t make a 2014 release.

Let’s back up a little bit:

While almost all NPCs are done, and the Emails as well, there’s nothing that can be done

about the fact that there’s still the Colosseum and some other ares that just need checking.

Now due to unfortunate events some people of our stuff are occupied which led to slowdowns in events.

This also includes me, I’m afraid My education currently occupies me stronger than I could’ve foreseen.
And as our staff is currently smaller than we also could’ve foreseen, this leads to a postponing in the release.

Maybe, just maybe a miracle might occur and we might make it after all.

But guys I just don’t want you to get your hopes up to be disappointed then. But just to be clear:

We are talking merely of WEEKS that the release might be postponed.

I’m sorry for everyone who was hoping to be able to play this on Christmas, but don’t be guys.
As for the future, we might have a card up our sleeve that might be exiting as well ;)

Thanks for your continuous support.

Progress Report: November 27th, 2014

November 27, 2014 by

Hello again, as requested, we’ll be making more regular progress reports.  In the last couple of reports I’ve talked about the .pack files that we’re working with as we finish making the patch.  There are 294 of them in total, and they break down into two general categories.  87 of them are either related to the story, or have the text of the various NPCs you meet on File Island, and most files that have the text from cut scenes also have some NPCs in them.  The remaining 207 are all used in the Colosseum, and are individually pretty short, but in aggregate rather a lot of text.  With that said, here’s the break down.

Of the 87 story and NPC packs, we have 46 done, which puts us at ~53%.

The Colosseum has not been a high priority at this point, but there are 7 of them done, which is ~3%.  I think we can take care of these in about a week once the other packs are done though.

There are also a few odds and ends to take care of once these files are done, like the emails and news stories you recieve over the course of the game.  I don’t have an exact number on those right at the moment, but Romsstar tells me they shouldn’t take terribly long.  We’ll also need a week or so to test for bugs and such before we release the patch.  If things go well, I think it should be possible to release around Christmas time, but as I noted in my last update, it’s possible we will have to wait until some time in January.

For our American readers, happy Thanksgiving, and for everyone else, happy Thursday.


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