Update: May 18, 2015


As it’s been a few weeks, I thought it was time for an update.  I am quite pleased to announce that, for the first time, we are ready to create an internal build with 100% of the game translated and inserted.  As such, although we began having a few people test the patch about two weeks ago, we are now ready to have the entire team begin testing the game and looking for any remaining bugs or typos.

All of the text is still subject to change, and we may find places that need to be rewritten as we play through.  As such, we are still not prepared to give an exact release date.

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  1. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:



  2. Sealtest Says:

    Excellent! Can’t wait.


  3. stallion8426 Says:

    YAY!!! Home stretch guys! Keep it up! :D


  4. Gary Sia Says:

    wow, that’s good news….good job and a million thanks guys~


  5. Skullbazon Says:



  6. EriolSagara Says:



  7. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Told you that we were hard at work, and now that everyone’s hard at work on the internal build, we should be done in no time. And with that in mind, you can be sure we’ll have the release soon.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Error 404: cookie not found.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Wooo, now on to the Megaman Legends 3 project or Brigandine 2 or LOK remake haha..


  10. azurezeed Says:

    @SuperSwordGaming where you always in the team?, or when did you join?


  11. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    He just joined recently. He’s a friend of mine and now one of our beta testers. Hey may continue to help as an editor for the Decode project.


  12. AdolvsLink Says:

    Sweet good show guys. I’m sure it’ll be absolutely flawless. Can’t wait. Grats super on joining the team


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Would you guys consider joining the Megaman Legends 3 team as well?


  14. shade Says:

    I am fangirling like I never thought possible.


  15. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There’s an MML 3 team? I thought that game got canceled and they never even released the demo. If there’s a project to make a new game, that’s probably not something we can help with, different skill set entirely, but I’d be glad to have a link. I loved both Rockman Dash games.


  16. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations to all the team! I hope no bugs or any errors will appear on the final test. Good luck everybody =)


  17. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    So far we’ve found a fair number of typos, but no major bugs. There are a few spots where the text flickers, but that turned out to be a problem with PPSSPP, and it stops happening with certain settings.


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you ♥


  19. Motoko Kusanagi Says:

    Great job guys and thank you. I hope most people here can appreciate the effort you have put in this project.


  20. Anonymous Says:

    This is great news! btw are you guys going to post the best setting for us to use for the PPSSPP?


  21. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    What the best settings are depends a lot on your computer, but we may include some reccomendations.


  22. Juho Says:

    Very nice work, please include some of the settings to PPSSPP, I want to play on my TV,


  23. Just Curious Says:

    So I guess we’ll get the patch either this week or next monday right? Sounds nice.. Can’t wait!


  24. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I wouldn’t expect it until the start of June at the earliest.


  25. Luke Visocnik Says:

    WOOT yes! been waiting ages and ages for more digimon games to be translated since sadly it seems we arent ever getting another in english legtimiately


  26. Just Curious Says:

    @sporky well that’s okay i guess as long as theres no bug an all but still cant wait. I wish you guys the best!


  27. John Says:

    This is great.


  28. Anonymous Says:

    Omfg kewl


  29. DataOV Says:

    It’s neaaaaaar mate..!!!


  30. Anonymous Says:

    cant wait to play it on my ps vita ecfw tnv


  31. Juho Says:


    Any day now


  32. Elliot Cross Says:

    So stoked to play it =]


  33. Anonymous Says:

    been watching the progress for a while :) keep up with the good work.


  34. JP Says:

    This sounds like a really fun part of the process =) Good luck!


  35. Lokys Says:

    Be quiet Anon.

    I’ve been following this translation for far longer than I thought I would because when I want something I want it now! XD

    I’m so happy the project is coming together for you and I’m excited to play it and understand it :D

    Good job guys :)


  36. Anonymous Says:

    Taking long but still better than no translation


  37. quick question Says:

    Is the patch for android as well?


  38. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Quick Question: It works with the Android version of PPSSPP, but how well it works is dependent on how nice your phone is.


  39. .Tigris Says:



  40. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: The patch hasn’t taken long at all. It’s pretty damn quick compared to other translation projects.


  41. Luca Gallorini Says:

    sorry for the question….but the translate is for the psp or 3ds version?someone can tell me?


  42. stallion8426 Says:

    @Luca this is for the psp version of the game


  43. asdbsa Says:

    There it is!


  44. Ply447 Says:

    June is gonna be a potentially fun month, between this and mother 4, i can’t wait.


  45. Anonymous Says:

    This… this is the reason I exist. THIS IS MY PURPOSE.

    I’ve been waiting for a proper Digimon World sequel for so many years. It’s so close now! Keep up the good work guys, and I hope as well that you’re getting the satisfaction of a job well done as you playtest it.


  46. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome !


  47. Otakon7 Says:

    The first step of the last stair :P


  48. Just Curious Says:

    @Sporky will you guys wait when all of you 100%ed the game or will you release it when you finished the main storyline? I kinda curious


  49. Anonymous Says:

    this is taking even longer than the gta5 release LoL


  50. NEO Ness Says:

    You guys should release a Trailer when it’s complete (or maybe one before it’s complete?). Showing off all your work so far.


  51. SleepyDreamer Says:

    Good job team!
    I hope they don’t charge us money to download their patch nor make the patch downloadable through survey websites. Please, don’t do that to us.


  52. Chrona Says:

    I feel like I’m probably the only person here who is actually going to play this PSP game on my PSP :p


  53. Truth Says:

    @SleepyDreamer: They’ve already stated many times that won’t be happening.


  54. Inide Says:

    Just out of curiosity, have you tested whether the patch applies correctly with both of the CRC hashes? Figured you might have since someone, I believe romsstar, said that he’d ripped it twice and got the same size file but different CRCs depending on settings.


  55. Rai Says:

    @SleepyDreamer: Charging money for the patch would be illegal and therefore cause Bandai Namco to shut them down near instantly.

    Survey sites are scams that don’t even host files.


  56. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Are you a complete retard?

    Actually, don’t answer that, I’ll answer it for you. Yes, yes you are.


  57. Anonymous Says:

    Great news.


  58. Terence R. Scraperfield Says:



  59. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Inide: Currently, the patch only works with one of the two known possible CRCs that you can get from ripping the UMD. I’m going to ask a friend of mine to work on that. If he agrees, instead of using a stock XDelta UI program, you would use a custom made version we provide that would do a CRC check and apply the appropriate patch for your ISO.

    @Neo Ness: We’re talking about doing a live stream of some of the early parts of the game a few days prior to release, and I have agreed to do a Let’s Play with my friend and beta tester SuperSwordGaming after.


  60. Khairul Asyraf Ishak Says:

    3 years man…. this really amazing, good job!


  61. SleepyDreamer Says:

    @Truth: Cool. Now i’m relieved. :)

    @Rai: Thanks for telling me. I didn’t know that.


  62. aplhamon Says:

    i heard you will make a “digimon world 1” like game
    it’s right?


  63. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Romsstar and a friend of his are working on making a tool that will allow them to do crazy things with Digimon World 1 directly. If they can figure out how to do the last few things they haven’t cracked, they plan to release the tools so anyone can make DW1 mods, and our group will likely write a new storyline for it.

    Additionally, though we have not discussed it yet, it has occured to me that we might port Re: Digitize’s story to the DW1 engine.


  64. Luca Gallorini Says:

    i wait so much time…..and now i find that is for psp…..and i have a 3ds!!!i lost so much time for nothing……..


  65. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well Luca, we’ll be working on the 3DS version next.


  66. Jukan Says:

    So close! This is actually happening! You guys are amazing!

    You guys still planning the stream of the game live on Twitch? I’d love to see if I can help find any typos, as well as see the game in action!


  67. Inide Says:

    That’s good to know Sporky, it’d make things a fair bit simpler if your friend is able to do that. Would it be safe to assume you’ll be including the correct settings for ripping if it turns out that it’s not possible to be compatible with both?


  68. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I see no reason we wouldn’t, but I don’t know all the details about how ripping the same UMD in different ways can result in differnt CRCs. Either way we will include instructions on how to rip the ISO, hopefully if everyone follows the same instructions they will consistently get the same CRC.


  69. hn elly Says:

    Thank you guys so much! My copy of the game came in today, it actually really cheap on Amazon, I just have to wait for the psp, and then I’ll be ready.


  70. Just Curious Says:

    @romsstar I saw this thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/digimon-world.303478/

    Did you ever find the offsets for the pal version or us version? Im kinda curious since i want to insert that to my game.


  71. Anonymous Says:

    so so happy…


  72. Agá Says:

    Congrats guys ♥


  73. Romsstar Says:

    @Just Curious:
    Way beyond that ;)


  74. nabil Says:

    The light at the end of a tunnel! Yay!


  75. skg0091923 Says:

    Yes, Yes YYEEEESSSS So close I can’t wait, you people are awesome, time to dust off the old psp and find a charger :P thankyou so much for bringing this to us!!!!


  76. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    where should I get the original iso from?


  77. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    for the new storyline of DW1 would you consider making a kind of contest, the best storyline will be used :)


  78. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Sorry for being away guys, I was at work and came back to a flooded comments section, but then again with a new update, what’d I expect? We’ll be hard at work and I personally will be 100%ing the game, and I expect Rom will as well, and maybe Sporky as he wants to actually play the game instead of read the story through files lol. The rest of the team will PROBABLY end up just doing the story line to make sure the more frequently visited areas are double, triple, and quadruple checked by letting various people in the team play those parts, and as I’m a bit of a grammar nazi, I’ll be on the lookout for mistakes and so will everyone else.

    @Link, Thanks for the congratulations, I’m glad to be a part of the team and help out however I can!


  79. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar I’m personally interested in a way to make the slot machines not be dicks.

    Seriously, you train your mon for a while, decide you’d like to try out Bonus Try, and then SHLOOOOONG.

    Then you just give up.


  80. Anonymous Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    I think this is the site, http://zisakudash3.yu-nagi.com/
    or https://twitter.com/JisakuDASH3

    But I am not sure, but I did see the video before for their prototype fan made version.


  81. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Oscar: You should buy the UMD on Amazon for like $10 and make your own.

    @Anonymous: That looks interesting, but it’s definitely not something I can help with at this point. It’s a fan group making their own game, and they must be getting reasonably far because they just did a live stream on Friday, though I couldn’t find any videos of it after the fact. Still, until it actually comes out, I don’t have any of the skills needed to make the game. If it ever does, I don’t know how easy it would be to translate a fan made PC game.


  82. Curios Anon Says:

    I think i already know the answer but is it possible to rip from a umd without a psp? Mine broke and i don’t know anyone who has one…


  83. Just Curious Says:

    @romsstar can you give me the offsets please? I’d like to mod my DW1.. The training brains thing for a new technique would be a time saver hehe


  84. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Curious Anon: It might be possible, but if so, I don’t know how. I suppose it might be possible to buy a UMD drive for your PC, but given how specialized that is, it would probably be cheaper to buy a used PSP.


  85. Anton Says:

    Sporky is correct. It is much cheaper to get a PSP (1000 2000 3000 series) and install custom firmware, as you can change the settings to copy the ISO directly from the UMD without needing a UMD dumper. Done it that way once or twice and it worked just fine


  86. Just Curious Says:

    @translators Hmm.. I don’t get why just support 1 crc32 of the two iso.. Wouldn’t it be better to support 2? In my opinion it’s just delaying the inevitable plus it would delay the release.. I think using the stock xdelta ui is better for everyone plus changing the crc32 hash from 4F15A275 into 9E800037 is really easy.. A quick google would show you a link for a way on how to do it but yeah making this for those who bought it is nice and such but please remember that they’re not the only digifans here.

    I can safely assure you that the majority of those who waited are those who didn’t exactly buy the game or have the money to buy it but they’ve supported you all the way even if some are just impatient little kids who don’t know how to wait. I would’ve helped you guys with the text editing if I knew this project existed 2 years ago.. So please consider throwing those who didn’t buy a bone..

    Oh and a fair warning some guys may even bug you with repetitive questions as to why their iso doesn’t work with your patch. I could already see that happening if your plan of making the crc32 hash check does take place XD Thanks for reading this please don’t throw virtual rocks at me.


  87. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Not to mention how rare it is. Not exactly a blu ray drive you pick up at best buy if you know what I’m saying. It’d be like trying to find a computer that has Window 2000 or something at this point.


  88. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Just Curious: Supporting only one of the hashes would be somewhat easier for us, as we wouldn’t have to do any extra work. However, yes, it would be better to support both. The question is how to do so. Simply releasing four patches, one with subs and one with out for each has would be needlessly confusing for most people. At the same time, only supporting one would cause about half the people to come back asking why the patch doesn’t work. That’s the whole point in making a simple GUI to patch the game correctly for them. Maybe I’m not understanding your question, your grammar is pretty bad.

    I have no idea how you would change the hash, and I’m not seeing anything on Google, so please provide some links.


  89. GatoEater Says:

    cries this statement was released on my birthday and I was so happy to hear how close it’s to be done


  90. ByRod Says:

    Can the team test the other iso by changing the crc as explained in this page:


  91. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Ah, okay. That’s what Just was talking about. That is completely unhelpful in this case. The different CRC here is a symptom rather than a cause of the problem. The hash values are different as a result of the ISO itself being different, so forcing the CRC value to change would not fix the underlying problem.

    Even if it would work, that doesn’t change the fact that you wouldn’t be able to use a stock XDelta program on the ISO. We would still need to make a program to change the 4F ISO into the 9E ISO. That would be as much or more work than making a second version of the patch and a program to run a CRC check.


  92. ByRod Says:

    I see. I don’t know much about it, but how can 2 isos with the exact same size have a different hash? Is it due to corruption or something else? I have an iso lying around with an entirely different CR than the 2 posted in the other blog entry :/


  93. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It comes down to the way the ISO was made. Both discussed already, and possibly others are valid. Near as I can tell, the ISO can be slightly different based on the program used to rip the ISO, or the settings within the program. Without looking at multiple ISOs closely in a hex editor, I’m only speculating, but I suspect the header is probably the main change.

    The important parts of the data are the same, but the patch relies on knowing exactly where every single bit will be, and if it’s off even slightly, you’ll get a corrupt game that probably won’t even boot. This is more common with Re: Digitize than most because there are ISOs floating around the internet that have been patched to work with old forms of CFW. That doesn’t cause a problem normally, it works with those old CFWs, new CFWs and emulators just fine, but because the files are slightly different, the patch doesn’t work.


  94. Anon Says:

    OMG hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    I will name my 1st digimon Rai and show his progress!! :D

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  95. strikingboy Says:

    How many machines you are using for patcher program test?


  96. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    If you mean to test the beta patch, at the moment we have six people testing the game on PCs, PSPs, and Android phones depending on the person. If you mean this annoying CRC thing, currently none. We’re at the “think about possible solutions out loud” phase.


  97. anon Says:

    why my posts are always delete?What’s wrong with u Rai??Are u stupid or what??


  98. ahmadmanga Says:

    Congrats to all


  99. Just Curious Says:

    @sporky Yeah sorry english isn’t really my native language so forgive my grammar haha but I do hope you guys’ll figure something out either way I can’t wait for the release! :D


  100. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anon: I am the one does nearly all the post deleting. And it’s because your posts are bad and you should feel bad.


  101. sxubach Says:

    I’m so jealous of the testers…T.T
    Would be nice if you would post a picture of the first “digidestined” companions of the patch


  102. Just Curious Says:

    @Sporky hows the testing going? Pretty smooth I hope :D

    @romsstar can you give me the offsets please? T_T


  103. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Testing is going smoothly so far. As mentioned in the last thread, so far three people have beaten the game and one has 100%’d it. Based on the screenshots of typos and other issues they sent me, I fixed a bunch of things and we made another patch. They’re playing through them again and we’ll repeat the process. No major bugs, and the expected number of typos so far, I think, but I haven’t had a chance to play the game for myself yet.


  104. UltraMegaWaruMetalTanemon Says:

    is it weird that, although i visit this blog for the updates, i’m finding myself much more interested in how Rai’s gonna react and respond to the trolls and retards out there? lol i think it’s become a past time of mine.


  105. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    He is rather entertaining to watch, yes. But he only takes his ire out on people who deserve it, which is what makes him such a good moderator. He’s also been helpful in testing.


  106. yaseen Says:

    Thank you very very much


  107. UltraMegaWaruMetalTanemon Says:

    and a intresting one at that. one moment, he’s explaining something, very concise and polite, here comes a troll, and lo and behold, rai attacks no holds barred! i love it. well those trolls had it coming.


  108. Rai Says:

    @anon: Piss off you cock twirling thunder cunt.

    Honestly, if all of your posts are generally like the one you posted just then, then I’m not surprised they were deleted. Your grammar and spelling are brain numbingly awful. Go pay attention in school, perhaps it’ll help you. Maybe. I can’t be sure, you seem kind of like a lost cause to me.

    EDIT: Suddenly 5 more posts!

    I love you guys too.


  109. UltraMegaWaruMetalTanemon Says:

    @rai and i was wondering when you’d show up. seriously, it’s hard not to imagine you leering at posts like that!


  110. Rai Says:

    Haha. It’s just I hate being blamed for stuff that I had nothing to do with. I had enough of that back throughout my entire school life.

    I was hoping those kind of days were behind me. Apparently not. Oh well~


  111. Just Curious Says:

    With this and mother 4 june is gonna be awesome hehe


  112. hufflepuff Says:

    It doesn’t seem to be taking the testers long to get through the game! Is it quite a short game or that the testers expert Digimoners?


  113. Rai Says:

    I would assume most of the other testers are pretty big Digimon fans and have probably played through the game several times by now, so they probably know what they’re doing.


  114. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The main thing is that most of our testers are cheating. They give themselves max stats and an unlimited supply of WarGreymon evolution items. As a result, battles take about one second, which cuts down on the process considerably. I think we’re all looking forward to being able to play the game for real after we release.


  115. Rai Says:

    That’s pretty hilarious.


  116. Just Curious Says:

    tbh I’m more excited about the DW1 Hacking tool romsstar is working on..


  117. amponeechann Says:

    thanks guys.. you all are like saviors from heaven for us who cant understand japanese..thank you so much from all of us digimon fans from philippines..’ :) im gonna name my first digimon “ned bigby”


  118. ByRod Says:

    That’s how I play my RPGs more often than not. No shame here.

    I didn’t play the Digimon World games on PS1, but I like the Digimon Story series and Digimon in general. I’ve been following this project since the start, but thankfully I forgot about it last year. Otherwise the wait would’ve been unbearable.


  119. Juho Says:



  120. Truth Says:

    “Oh dear sweet god not the gauntlets again! Anything but the gauntlets!


  121. Rai Says:

    Still wishing Renamon was in this game~


  122. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Minor update: It seems that the CRC we thought was invalid because it had been patched to work for old CFWs is, it turns out, valid. Evidently the difference between the two is minor, a file related to updating the data on the UMD if necessary is blank on the PSN version, which is what causes the discrepency. As such, we plan to support both versions, and a friend of mine is making a front end for XDelta to patch the ISO as needed. It will do the vast majority of the work, you’ll need to tell it where your ISO is on your computer, and whether you want dub or sub terms, and it should do the rest, assuming all goes well.

    In other news, last night I decided that the skill descriptions we had were awful and needed to be rewritten, so I did that. They’re both more accurate and more easily understood now.


  123. Anonymous Says:

    What’s the difference between dub and sub terms?


  124. Zero Says:

    different Digimon names, attack names, and some other terms


  125. Jukan Says:

    The Japanese version of Digimon uses different terms for certain digimon and phrases than what we use for the English dub. For example, we call it Digivolve, they just call it evolve. Piomon in japan, and Biomon in the English dub. Simple stuff like that which would PO some fans who prefer one form over another. I was actually amazed that the team decided to make two versions! Everyone wins!


  126. Anonymous Says:

    So which one is the japanese term? sub or dub?


  127. Rai Says:

    @Jukan you mean Piyomon and Biyomon right? There’s a Y in there somewhere :P


  128. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    “Sub” means it’s a direct translation terms with no changing, while “Dub” means its been translated professionally by the company and thus has words and phrases changed. Therefore “Digivolve” and “Biyomon” are dub terms, while “evolve” and “Piyomon” are sub terms.

    And yes, we must’ve missed the attack descriptions, I cheated the attacks on and saw them and told Sporky we had to fix them. Most were crude translations that made little sense. So we used the attacks to see the attacks and then looked at the description and made it fit better. It’s VERY difficult to translate something with zero context, so even though it was crude it wasn’t intention, and it’s a good thing we didn’t miss it. Hence the reason for testing. You’re welcome guys, now you don’t have to read most attacks with “chunks of water” in it :p


  129. Anon Says:

    hey that anon isnt me D: stop using anon and act like me


  130. Anon Says:

    and pretending to be me* D: But i think u guys can see the difference by the e-mail address no ?


  131. Anonymous Says:

    Anybody interestet in a wiki for that game?


  132. Rai Says:

    @Anon: And IPs.


  133. ByRod Says:

    It looks like my .iso has this CRC:
    I have no idea where I got it from, I think a friend gave it to me when the translation was just annouced. Looks like I have some hunting to do… Or maybe I’ll import, but it’s really hard and costly where I live.
    This is the first time I have trouble with a translation patch…


  134. azurezeed Says:

    @Anon: And Digimon magic


  135. Anonymous Says:

    I’m happy to see its almost done! Will I be able to play on my phone?


  136. Antho Says:

    Yes you can play on your phone with ppsspp, psp emulator =)


  137. Mike Jeen Says:

    how do i get de patch when its done?


  138. Fresh Says:

    finally, the time has come :))


  139. Anonymous Says:


    Yeah, I didnt seem to notice that the vid was actually in Japanese as I watched it in mute and at work haha.

    Anyways, thank you to the team for your hard work, lets play League of Legends for now!


  140. Anonymous Says:


    Uhm, may I know if the version I downloaded is being supported by the patch?


    Yeah, I didnt notice it, well lets just wait for it to come out for now :)


  141. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anonymous: I really can’t help you there. We cannot provide direct support for any ISOs that we know to be pirated. You can check for yourself if your ISO will work by installing a program called HashTab, opening the ISO’s properties and checking the CRC32. If it is 4F15A275 or 9E800037, then our patcher program will work on it.

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  142. Anonymous Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon Thanks for the answer for the las annon. I checked my ISO and is 9E800037 :)


  143. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s good. I’ll had to edit the other Anon’s post to remove the site it was downloaded from. We’re trying to stay as close as we can to the right side of the law.


  144. hiandromon Says:

    Yes!! thank you all for making this!! specially you annon. you were the most useful asset of the team.


  145. Anonymous Says:



  146. Logan Says:

    Thanks so much guys for all your hard work. Everyone really appreciates it. I’m very excited to play a game which should send me back to my childhood! Congratulations on a huge accomplishment. It’s also a big smack in the face of people who kept saying you would never release it or trolled you repetitively. Just another huge Digimon fan eagerly awaiting your teams release and completion. Again; thanks so much from all of us.


  147. Anonymous Says:

    Nice job guys I am thankful there are guys like you out there


  148. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Hey guys, me again. Just wanted to let you know that while we were testing we discovered another thing that needed work: the news.

    There are machines that tell you real world news and the stories needed to be edited. Luckily it only took about an hour to go over everything and make it less formal and typo filled, and more like something a person would actually say. I can’t take the credit myself though, I went over it, but Sporky of course was hard at work with me, and caught quite a bit of stuff I didn’t. So with that out of the way we should be much better now, and I’m already a good portion done with my second play through of it (having Omnimon/Omegamon with max stats really makes the game easier) and at this rate I myself will be done in no time, but of course I’ll go back over it and 100% to make sure I check all the dialogue. The last thing we want is to miss a line or two and it has Japanese in it somehow!


  149. Great Job Says:

    Slow clap. You guys deserve it.


  150. Juho Says:

    How about a clap with speed and sound of raging thunder. Anyway so you guys fixed some skill text. Like did it use to be”fire breath = hot fire from mouth” and now its “Fire Breath = A very hot flame erupts form the deep within, launched forward from mouth to cause death, destruction and despair.”


  151. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    A bit like that, Juho. Some things we changed because they didn’t really tell you what the skill did. In other cases, we just changed the wording to sounds less dumb. Like the bit SSG mentioned where the Waterfall skill was described as “dropping chunks of water” on the enemy.


  152. Juho Says:

    Now that “dropping chunks of water” sounds deadly as hell


  153. Anton Says:

    @ ByRod it is pretty Cheap on Ebay. Just bought a copy for a little more than $16. shipping would have been free, but i paid a little extra to get it sooner


  154. lpatamon Says:

    YEAH!!! So close, really really close :D

    About PPSSPP actually you don’t need much to play this game on that emulator. Actually I played Re: Digitize on PPSSPP at full speed on my old 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 HT with 2 GB Ram and 512 MB Radeon 3650 HD Video.

    So if your PC have similar specs or better, then you don’t need to move anything on PPSSPP to be able to play this game :)


  155. Anton Says:

    Lmao XD “dropping chunks of water” sounds like a poorly phrased ice based Skill. this is why i am grateful that Operation Decode is doing the trans.

    if Ban dai was doing it we would get stuck with classic typos like “all you base are belong to us” or “congradurations, you Have beaten off a great game”


  156. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That was a very rough translation done about two years ago. I’d changed some of them, but then decided to wait to do the rest until I could see the skills actually being used.


  157. Anonymous Says:

    Dudes are awesome. I appreciate this so much. Thank you guys!


  158. Iraklis Says:

    I have the original game on psp.Does the patch work 100%?
    Thanks for your great job.


  159. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It should, and if you follow the instructions we will post when we release the patch, it wil. We’re working to make the process as painless as possible, even for those who are not particularly computer literate.


  160. Anton Says:

    @Sporky, sounds very wise to me. No point setting a skill name/description in stone until you see it in action.


  161. Ala Says:

    Nooo, i want those “dumb” skill names to remain like this, no kidding, i love little stuff like those


  162. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    None of the dumb parts were in the names, just the descriptions. Names are easy.


  163. Pame Says:

    omg omg it is going to be release :O :O
    Well, but now I dont really want it anymore, or at least I don’t feel that excited like i was on Christmas time :/


  164. yesyo Says:

    Awesome. Thank you guys :)


  165. DarkFiddler Says:

    I’ll be honest, I’d pay good money to have “chunks of water” come back.

    Probably only like fifty cents but still.


  166. Rai Says:

    @DarkFiddler: And at the same time, get the translation project cancelled too.


  167. Rai Says:

    Also @Pame: We all know you’ll download it first day it releases.


  168. Jukan Says:

    I think everyone would love it if you would show us all the hilarious descriptions for attacks you fixed. The throwing chinks of water part got a real laugh out of me!


  169. Cain Says:

    I have a question for this project, which i would like to ask. However, first i would like to express my graditute towards the team. I am simply amazed by your efforts towards translating this game and for that i would like to thank you.

    As for the question. I was wondering if you were able translate the opening movie, as there is no text boxes i realise this might not have been possible. Nevertheless i was wondering if you had anything in store for that?


  170. jason Says:

    And how long will that take till text year?


  171. Rai Says:

    I’m pretty sure Romsstar and Sporky have both said that they’ll be putting down instructions for people on how to translate the opening movie themselves.

    By the way, Jason, if you’re going to be a dick, at least learn to grammar first.


  172. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    @cain, we’re working hard to have it possible, however its already been translated for the opening, and its up on YouTube on Rom’s channel, here’s a direct link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epC6VVTvFpI


  173. Anonymous Says:

    beeeest <3


  174. County camily Says:

    Beest <3


  175. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    if you mean we’re the best, don’t worry, its been up for a while, and Rom and Sporky get credit for that, it was up well before I was in the team, just pointed it out so you could have some insight.


  176. thegbafan Says:

    One question, Can i use this on a real PSP?


  177. Anonymous Says:

    Leave “dropping chunk of water” and a winky face, a smiling face or a LOL in the waterfall description, we all are going to understand it xD


  178. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Cain: To clarify what Rai and SSG said, for the time being, no, the opening video won’t be translated. There are some complicated legal and technical reasons for that, which Romsstar could explain better than I can, but the short version is that the relatively easy way to do so is illegal and would make the patch go from ~4 MB to ~65 MB. We’re trying to find another way, but that may or may not happen in time for release. If not, we will encourage people to watch the video on Youtube instead.

    @thebgafan: Yes, but you’ll need to put custom firmware on it. If you want to take care of that in advance, just Google it, otherwise we’ll have instructions for that ready when we release.


  179. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Yeah, sorry for not being clear, the reason for the link was an alternative as we want to avoid legal problems. If you want to watch it, enjoy it on YouTube where its relatively safe to post that stuff, rather then us put it in our game and get a C&D or worse.


  180. South American Guy Says:

    My eng is so fckng lame!, i wondering so if someone is gonna get in charge to make a full translation to spanish i hope i could see that some day… but nvm im still glad too see this almost done

    Thanks guys! for the hard work! greetings from argentina!


  181. Hiro Says:

    just…a little…more…
    hang in there…my patience…ugh…


  182. Rai Says:

    If you’ve waited this long, you can still wait for it. :P


  183. The-Annoyer Says:

    will it be released in a month? :O
    Cuz I’m going to grandparents this summer vacations :/
    Please tell me yes.. but no prob, I can wait until I get back,,
    I just wanted to say that because I’ll get bored there..


  184. Cain Says:

    Oh. Thank you for all the kind answers. I myself also thought that would be ilegal. Nevertheless, that video will be more than sufficient, so thank you for that aswell, my bad that i did not knew of its exsistence till of today ^^


  185. Pame Says:

    @Rai, maybe, maybe!

    But I just realized that waiting for it to be released felt so exciting, while now, that is 100%sure it will be released soon. It lost this exciting touch.
    Like the said on christmas time it would be released so I felt very excited, and then they said january, so I started to feel excited again.

    Idk this kind of kick was awesome! :D
    It is like waiting for an package that should be arrive just feels better than already having it! :D


  186. NEO Ness Says:

    So… why would it be illegal to put subtitles on the opening movie?


  187. Rai Says:

    Because you’d be directly modifying the content of Bandai Namco’s IP. In this case, the opening video.


  188. NEO Ness Says:

    That’s a bummer, oh well. I guess we’ll just have to stick with Youtube fan-subs :D (I’m so excited! (^o^)/ )

    Liked by 1 person

  189. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Neo Ness: It’s the result of the way video files work, combined with copyright law. Because video files are compressed, adding subtitles via a binary difference patch means basically including the entire video in the patch.

    Now, the subtitles are our work, so they’re legal (or possibly not, Fair Use gets a little complicated) for the same reason the rest of the patch is. It represents only data we created. The video is entirely Bandai Namco’s, so we can’t distribute it.

    Instead, we’re trying to rig up a system where our tool will extract the video, subtitle it, and then reinsert it but there are two major technical issues with that. The first is that the video has what appears to be an intentionally broken frame, which makes it hard to extract the video without irreparably putting the audio out of sync with the video. The second is that even if we get things set up correctly, instead of taking a few seconds to a couple minutes to apply the patch, it could take as much as an hour because we’d have to recompile the ISO.

    The second one is relatively easy, we’d make subbing the video optional, but so far we haven’t managed the first. We aren’t going to push the release for the video, so we’ll see if my friend, the guy working on the problem, can fix it before we’ve got everything else ready.


  190. GBolt Says:

    I’ve been following for quite a while, but I had never commented… until now. Just wanted to say that I’m extremely excited and that your work is awesome. Thanks a bunch! (Can’t wait!)


  191. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Well, so much for a 100% translation. Thanks Bandai. But that broken frame sounds really interesting, which part of the video is it in?


  192. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not my area of expertise. I just smile and nod and repeat what they tell me. But, if we get lucky, it’ll be 100%. If not, it’ll only be 99.9.


  193. Anonymous Says:

    Considering what you said Sporky I don’t think it’s a big deal to be missing the opening scene, for the benefit of the entire project I think it needs to stay like that. The actual game is the priority for the majority of us anyway.


  194. KiruByte Says:

    Wow ~! This is a great news , Hope they publish the game and patch soon


  195. azurezeed Says:

    if you manage to get the video subbing tool to work, that guy will get my total admiration :3


  196. Digimon forever Says:

    Thank you guys so much and I can not wait just hope there a guide for installing the patch so no one makes a stupid mistake ~_~


  197. hiandromon Says:

    Yeah, we’re all waiting for the game and if the translation works as smooth as I think…. then we’ll all gladly comeback and say thank you a million times (again).


  198. JP Says:



  199. Numemon Says:

    The release is so close I could almost taste it…


  200. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Actually, there is a guide and I wrote it up myself, everything from installing HashTab (the CRC32 Checking program) to installing xdelta (the patch application program) and even step by step instructions of how to apply the patch. Don’t worry, none of you individually are stupid by any means, but the internet as an entire being can be a bit…dense, at times. So I made it step by step. So easy a brain dead monkey with only one finger could do it.


  201. Neal cullum Says:

    Thanks for all your work guys to produce a translation. Hope to play it in near future.


  202. Gabriel Says:

    Patch is coming out soon…?! My body is ready. I’ve only been waiting for 15 years for a proper sequel to one of my favorite games.


  203. agmelmejor1996 Says:

    Wow! Great news!!

    But,you have any notice for dw1 mod?

    Thanks a lot !!!


  204. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s not my project, but I believe that’s a long term one. He started work on it about five years ago, and at least until Re Digitize is out, I don’t think he’s even working on it.


  205. Hara-chan Says:

    I remember you guys mentioning that the translation would include some things that Bandai hadn’t even bothered to translate in the first game (such as the Drill Tunnel entrance banner or the signpost screens in Native Forest for example), if you guys did do that I imagine the patch will include some sort of compressed graphics or images to replace the ones in the iso, so how come it’s only 4 Mbs?


  206. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There are some images, but they’re mostly quite small. Additionally, because images aren’t compressed in the same way that videos are, you actually can use a binary difference patch to change them.


  207. Hara-chan Says:

    I see, makes sense ^^
    Thanks for the quick and enlightening reply Sporks :)


  208. strecha91 Says:

    maybe after this…would you guys patching an english version for Evangelion Jo….:3 but first, please finish re digitize..give us daily report guys..so we know the progress from this project..sorry for my bad english..good job..nice teamworks..keep it up guys..bless you all :3


  209. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t actually know what game you’re talking about, but our next project is going to be the 3DS version of this game, Decode.


  210. Deer Says:

    I have wait for 1 years… an additional 1 year is nothing… say no one ever.


  211. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, you won’t have to, and also, fuck off.

    Liked by 3 people

  212. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Y-You…. you took my job! …I love it. :P

    @Deer: Allow me to add on to what Sporky said.

    Waiting 1 year is nothing, a lot of us have been waiting since the translation first started. And yet, we’re patient, and if it would take one more year, I’m pretty sure we’d all be fine with it and even encourage them regardless. Get on OUR level you ungrateful little piss pot.

    EDIT: God dammit, I came here to make a joke post and I got side-tracked because Deer is an absolute brat.


  213. Just Curious Says:

    @Rai maybe you should try making a joke about deers.. just kidding deers are cute..


  214. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Here’s hoping he hops out in front of my headlights on my way to work tonight.

    Liked by 2 people

  215. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Oho, dark humour! I love it!

    But half srsly. The post I was going to make was generally going to be about if we could make custom NPCs, I would ‘totally’ put myself into the game. I would give the players a questionnaire, and there would be 3 answers.

    The right answer
    The wrong answer
    The stupid answer.

    I would give a prize to the right answers, be nice to those who give the wrong answer, and just outright insult the player when they pick the stupid options. :V

    …Just like in real life!

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  216. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    If we really wanted to, we could probably name a Digimon Rai, but I don’t think we will. We haven’t reverse engineered enough to add new content, that I’m aware of. I’ll keep it in mind or the DW1 storyline, when we get to that point though.

    Liked by 2 people

  217. Anonymous Says:

    @Sporky I signed up just to like that comment haha


  218. KiruByte Says:

    Is the translation , that big of a space ? Or just below 300 or so ?


  219. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, but the patch is about 3 MBs at the moment. It might get a little bigger, but not by much.


  220. Just Curious Says:

    I expected something like 10mb tbh xD


  221. =xenon= Says:

    Hey guyz
    @sir sporky and mr romstar:
    Thank you for doing this patch for us :)
    I have one more question
    Are you planning to make a translation patch of digimon tri?

    @MS. Rai:
    Haha love your posts :)


  222. Deer Says:

    I see. So, thats how you troll. Hmm.. I need better understanding in english language. I am terribly sorry for my previous statement. My lack of understanding on language apparently make you feel angry/bad…

    Liked by 1 person

  223. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Xenon: We haven’t discussed it, but I doubt it. There are lots of anime translators, and I would be quite surprised if the Tri movies don’t at least get picked up by Crunchroll, and by extention, the aptly named Horrible Subs. We’ll be busy with Decode by then.


  224. =xenon= Says:

    Oh sorry sir sporky I meant digomon adventure haha
    Sorry my mistake
    I was thinking of tri so thats what I accidentaly typed :)


  225. Rai Says:

    @Xenon: Ms…? I’m a guy :V

    @Deer: Hiding behind “LOL IMA TROLL” and “I NEED BETTER ENGLISH SKILLS” is a bullshit excuse.


  226. Cain Says:


    I do not think you should worry about your lack of capabilities when it comes to the english language but rather than that your passive aggresivenes. This project started in 2012, so if you think you waited a long time you should seriously wake up to reality. Just my point of view.


  227. Cain Says:

    Im with xeenon on the adventure game. That would be a cool game to start on translating after the DS version of digitize. I can only dream about cyber sleuth but i heard that vita games are untranslatable at the time being.


  228. Cain Says:

    Oh my, i misspelled your name. My apologies.. ^^


  229. =xenon= Says:

    Its ok brah

    @mr rai
    Haha sorry my bad :)


  230. Rai Says:

    @Xenon: ’tis fine, we all make mistakes sometimes~


  231. Segnis Says:

    Oh I’v already envisioned where Rai would fit perfectly in the Digimon world. Digimon(Skull Greymon that destroyed his Digi-destined when he foolishly over trained him, was taken in and taught to control himself by the Knights using words instead of combat to appease his desires) Ref/Narrator for the Colosseum. His character would even fit in perfectly because Greymon tends to be a no nonsense Digi that would put him there. Next to regular comments about the fight including silly tactics and fail moves. Find a way to leave up the menu for commands, if you actually try and use it thou Rai interrupts his regular commentary to insult you for trying to cheat. Seems like an amazing idea to me, even thou I can’t even begin to imagine the work to get that system up and running.


  232. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I was thinking we’d just make a RaiGreymon.


  233. Deer Says:

    Hmm… What I mean is I dont mind to wait even if translation is delay 1 year…. that actually make it sound worse, didnt it? Argh… i dont know how to say it!! Bottom line is, I am very very very very sorry. Please dont hate me.


  234. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Fair enough. I think we can all move on.


  235. Gonzza Says:

    Looking forward to finally play this game translated!! im a big fan of Digimon World 1.. and when i saw this one.. with more digis.. more stuff.. better graphics… _!! Thank you very much guys for taking the time to translate this and make it available to us!! also.. that digimon world 1 hack I read.. seems pretty fun! would you be able to add new digis?


  236. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not yet, but that’s the ultimate goal.


  237. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I don’t think Adventure is in the plans, from what I hear, the game is tedious and boring. It apparently is little more then a grinding fuckfest and has long and annoying maps. Personally I may play it if someone makes a patch of it, just to see, but I personally would not be interested in making the effort when I’ve been told it’s a mediocre game at best. Sooo I’d be amazed if Adventure for PSP was planned, and if it WERE it’d be after Decoded (considering its a 3ds port of this psp game, with a bunch of extra content).


  238. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The XHai group has a partial patch out, but IIRC, they haven’t updated it in a long time. People have asked if we would continue their work, and we definitely aren’t going to do that. If we decided to work on Adventure after we finish with Decode, we would do our own translation, one that’s actually good.


  239. Truth Says:

    At least Adventure draws on the anime for its story, so you kind of know whats going on most of the time anyway if you’ve ever seen the anime.

    I had fun with it.


  240. mecha_anony Says:

    Will you release the patched rom or just the separate patches?
    Waiting eagerly for the game.


  241. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We cannot legally provide you with the game, and we are doing everything we can to stay within the bounds of the law. We encourage you to buy the game and make an ISO of it yourself, and will provide instructions on how to do so.


  242. Just Curious Says:

    @Sporky Is everything going smoothly right now? In terms of the testing I mean..


  243. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: actually, there was an update not that long ago, with some new chapters translated.

    But anyway.

    @Segnis & @Sporky: I love both of those ideas. :V

    EDIT: @Just Curious: Sadly, everybody’s PC known to man blew up last night because the world was like “Holy shit the translation is nearly out?! WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS!” And then it combined forces with Obama and the flying spaghetti monster.

    And therefore, everyone in the team has no PC, or laptop. And so it’ll take about… Another 5 years to come out? But you guys can wait that long. Right? Right?

    …please don’t take this post seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

  244. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It is, it’s been a couple days since anyone found a typo that hadn’t already been reported and fixed. There are some minor issues I want to correct, mostly some terms that should be capitalized that aren’t. Romsstar is making a tool to make that process faster, as, at the moment, I would need to open up hundreds of files and make the corrections manually, and that takes hours rather than the seconds that it should.


  245. Just Curious Says:

    @Sporky That sounds difficult O.o


  246. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not so much difficult as amazingly tedious. The tool he’s making will extract the pack files into text files, then I can make the changes I want with a text crawler and some basic knowledge of regular expressions.


  247. alaboxingcactus Says:

    I think a RaiRenamon would be better, Greymons are overused :p


  248. Anonymous Says:

    And Renamon aren’t overused? Have you ever seen a furry?


  249. UltraMegaWaruMetalTanemon Says:

    rai as an NPC would be perfect! he should be like a secret boss of sorts and his opening should be “Piss off you cock twirling cunt!” or maybe “Are you stupid? Let me answer that for you. Yes, yes you are.” then his digis are all baby digimon but with ridiculously high stats and advance techniques. like a tanemon with flower cannon or something like that. haaaa! the posibilities are endless!

    on a side note, i dont get how anyone found deer’s comment to be aggresive or offensive. reading it, i was able to get the gist of what he(she?) was trying to say. he’s waited for 1 year for this so an additional year(obviously an exxageration.) of waiting would be nothing to him.

    Liked by 1 person

  250. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Perhaps, but I liked the pun on RiseGreymon.

    @UltraWhatever: A strict reading of the original comment says that no one is willing to say that they will wait another year. Regardless, the matter is cleared up now.


  251. Ultrawhatever Says:

    oh well i wasn’t trying to open up the topic. sorry if it came out that way. just felt sorry for the guy that’s all.

    wait, now that i think about it, rise greymon is like rai’s a greymon lol!


  252. alaboxingcactus Says:

    @Anonymous: I said that cuz Rai has stated he wanted the Renamon line to be in the game, also i try to ignore the furry thing o_o


  253. Anonymous Says:


    I’ve been a lurker ever since I downloaded the JP re:digitize which only has the menu being on english.

    I’m replying just to express my (our) thanks for translating a wonderful game. It was definitely worth the wait. There were negative comments and such but the team still did their best and that’s commendable.

    I don’t know about others but I’ll definitely savor the game and play it 100% complete!


  254. Anonymous Says:

    btw, I did bought the game before that in case “downloaded” get mistaken. I lost my PSP that’s why.


  255. Rai Says:

    @alaboxingcactus: But alas, Renamon is missing in Redigitize. There’s always Decode though. ;P

    But yes, I also like the pun on RiseGreymon.

    I also like the idea of me being a tamer with incredibly OP baby digimon that have final evolution moves. :V

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  256. Just Curious Says:

    @Rai any other notable digimon missing in re:digitize?


  257. Giulls Says:

    @Just Curious

    It’s a picture of all the trainable Digimon, with Digimon with a yellow background being Decode specific.


  258. John Says:

    okay so i have not found it answered already, but since you guys intend to do the 3ds version I was wondering if there is a good enough 3ds emulator or if the flash cards for the 3ds are good enough.


  259. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for this, i can’t wait :3

    @just curious, veemon’s not in the game


  260. Ffabri Says:

    Hi congratulations how i can download this game that you patch??


  261. Inide Says:

    At least we have the entire Guilmon line :P


  262. Inide Says:

    Well Ffabri, I’m afraid that you have to pass a test, and you just failed the first task: Be intelligent enough to read the previous comments.

    Sorry to steal your job Rai but he’s been waiting 2 and a half hours to find out already.


  263. RoSe Says:

    Oh they have a lot more of trainable digimon in Decode. Now I’m sad and jealous of 3DS owners. :'(


  264. Chrona Says:

    So many amazing things being added in the 3DS version…it like doubles the amount of my favorites included. But again at least we got the Guilmon line.


  265. MrMelchiah Says:

    About adding Rai as NPC. Its sad there is no Renamon because you could Name it Rainamon.

    Sounded better in my head


  266. Akito Kitoru Says:

    What? No Tyrannomon in re:digitize? No more “you wanted a greymon, here’s an tyrannomon for you” (w/o walkthrough, of course) ? Jealous of 3DS owners.

    And about adding Rai , the best would be if there was an Raidramon in the game, but I guess an NPG that teaches things by calling you stupid would work too


  267. Rai Says:

    That Digimon in the middle of File City would probably be a great place for me to be put in. Instead of helping anyone, I’d give them the wrong info and call them stupid for believing me. :V


  268. Akito Kitoru Says:

    typo , I meant NPC, not NPG (what would an NPG be anyway, an non playable game?)


  269. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    The 3DS emulator on computer is still very much in development, “Citra” I believe is the only one that emulates anything and at the moment can only run homebrew programs. As far as 3DS Flash Carts, I’m 99.99% sure Gateway will be able to run it fine, but you may have to have your 3DS region-unlocked, which is a bit tedious. I personally have Sky3DS (Yes I own all the games, I just like having the originals safe and not having to risk the kids getting at them) and any 3DS rom can be put on there and it works with the latest firmware (at least the blue button model does for sure) but I believe you’d need to region-unlock your 3DS or have a Japanese 3DS. Again, I have ZERO idea of anything for CERTAIN, this is just speculation on my part.


  270. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @John: Citra does technically run commercial games now, but it’s extremely slow and buggy. I can confirm (and so can you if you scroll down to the xmas blog post) that Decode runs on a 3DS with a Gateway, and that you don’t have to do a region unlock with it. I can’t speak to the Sky cards, as I don’t have one.

    Sadly, I bricked my 3DS the other day, so now I’ll have to spend an annoying amount of time and money fixing it.


  271. Nephos Says:

    I’m surprised with the amount of digimon left out of the PSP Re:Digitize that were in the original Digimon World.


  272. Anonymous Says:

    can i use password at this new patch??


  273. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Nephos: I think they were rushed to get it out the door. Decode ends up looking way more like the game they should have made the first time.

    @Anonymous: Uh… Yes? The game has passwords, and you’ll be able to use them. They won’t be the same as they were in the original, though.


  274. azurezeed Says:

    @5p0rkiii now we’ll have to use the names of everyone on the team right?


  275. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Those will be some of them, but there’s over fifty passwords. We were thinking of doing something like the Japanese devs did, release a few a week, maybe do some sort of game to get them earlier.


  276. azurezeed Says:

    a game would be awesome, well, if the game is fun


  277. Kem Says:

    Been following this translation project since it started. This is my very first comment here and i just wanna say thank you very much for the hardwork and the time youve spent to translate this awesome game. You guys are amazing! 👍👍👍


  278. skg0091923 Says:

    So these password’s i was thinking, and i figure this might be impossible, but are you able to put sort of riddle’s in the game that lead to a password like, changing some filler text (if there is any) to a type of riddle like,NPC Say’s ” I hear that the name of this island is like a key for something.” So the password would be File Island. But you know not shit like that example lol.
    Might be a bad idea, to awkward or impossible, I just thought i’d mention it :). But I do like the idea of games to get the password,
    Thanks for all your hard work.


  279. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    An interesting thought, but I don’t think we want to make radical changes to anyone’s dialogue, even relatively unimportant NPCs.


  280. Anuar Says:

    I can’t express how happy I am with this. I’m a 25 years brazilian guy and been playing Digimon World at least once a year since its release in 2001. This game made me a fan of the franchise. I’ll always remember my first time as a kid, when I did’nt know how to evolve and how to recruit the digimons to File City. Now that I know everything about the game, it lost most of it’s magic. I hope Re: Digitalize will bring it again. It may sound lame, but you guys are reviving the enthusiastic 11 year old kid inside me and I cant thank you enough. Really.


  281. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Thanks Anuar, that’s really kind of you to say. Not long now, we’re finally to the exciting time for the team.


  282. Juho Says:

    Amen to that Anuar, I am same age as you and had the same hardship on DW1.


  283. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I just want to say thank you for you work and for answering my questions.


  284. Nai Says:

    Hi guys, i just wanted to say awesome work so far!! Really looking forward to playing this. I’m glad it got delayed a while back otherwise i would have played this instead of studying for my exams xD
    I have a question for you: how did you guys obtain the knowledge of editing these games and writing programs for it etc.? I plan on studying computer science to maybe be of help at future translation patches to repay all of kindness of others, but i’m wondering if thats enough to be able to be of help…
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work ;D


  285. Struwwl Says:

    I just finished playing Digimon Story: Cybersleuth and I can’t wait to finally play Re: Digitize! Especially since I will now understand what I am playing, lol. So thank you for all the hard work :3


  286. John Says:

    @Nai good question, how did you start editing the game?


  287. Natalie Dragonnip Says:

    I love this team to bits.

    Liked by 3 people

  288. skg0091923 Says:

    @sporky fair point , keeping the true text of the game is much more important, that didn’t even come to my mind, XD but yeh i’m glad your so attached to the real text and story even unimportant text , it just proves we’re getting a true translation with the sort of commitment such a great game deserves. Thankyou, and the team of course.

    Liked by 1 person

  289. Lokys Says:

    @Anuar I’m also 25 – from Scotland – and I love Digimon World 1 too! I get it out to replay it fresh and it gives me butterflies everytime as I get closer to awesome evolutions :D

    I’ve played some of Digimon Re:Digitize with help of a walkthrough and Youtube and I get butterflies just thinking of how close we are to completion :D

    I remember previously we had a choice of a subtitled video or a walkthrough for the game (there may also have been a digivolution guide but I’m on my phone and it’s not easy to go back and check). Will the walkthrough be made available upon completion of the patch?

    I hope we get the 3DS localised as I want too digivolve all those digimons!!!



  290. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think you must be remembering wrong, Lokys. I’m sure guides will be written, but not by us. I’m sure if there’s something people are having a hard time figuring out (some of the city recruitments are a little weird) we’ll be glad to help out, but our time is better spent translating Decode.


  291. john Says:

    @sporky, hey thanks for all your hard work! i can not wait to play this game! and a quick question, this is for the psp right?


  292. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yes, we’ll be working on the 3DS version next.


  293. Kagerou O. Says:

    Thanks for this.


  294. Anton Slavik Says:

    Technically, and legally speaking the team cannot “publish” the game as it is already been published by Bandai (copyright issues).

    As for finding the Iso, your best bets are either to purchase the game through eBay or Amazon, or to Google search and download it.

    I personally recommend actually buying the game as the ISO created from it will be a lot more reliable than one downloaded from the Internet.


  295. Ian Jarrell Says:

    so let me get this right, the 4F15A275 version is like this simply because it doesn’t have the OFW Update file? That hilarious XD! anyway, i can’t wait till i see it done. Personally, i would like to have dubed Names and Digivolve instead of Evolve with the Subed Digivolution Titles (aka, baby, baby II, child Ect).

    Anyway, i hope things go smoothly for you guys.


  296. JCP Says:

    @Anuar & rest, I’m 20, from Argentina, and I love dw1. I was 10ish when I buy that game, and today I still playing it. I’m following this proyect since the first post and I’m so glad that this team never give up. I’m really gratefull for everything that’s being done here.


  297. Lokys Says:

    @sporky I found what it was that was confusing me :D

    It was the Players Choice post from October 2013 (which means I’ve been following from at least that long ago lol) which stated we could vote for one of the following:

    – Players Guide (With directions and screenshots of how to get through different stages of the game)
    – Full subtitled version of the opening
    – A fully provided translation of one specific part of the game
    (Specific menu or story part only) –> Your choice!

    Naturally we all chose the video :D


  298. Skullbazon Says:

    25 years old,from chile, been waiting since the begining, i want to thank u guys for the effort and can hardly wait for the release XD


  299. Anonymous Says:

    thanks a lot guys ^_^
    can’t wait to play this please release now ! :)


  300. zoey Says:

    Hey, sorry for asking this since I’ve never played before. Does this game uses the psp analog stick Or directional buttons or both?? Bcos my psp anolog stick seems to be broken. Just curious…


  301. Anon Says:



    Soooon :3


  302. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Lokys: Ah, that would do it. That was before I joined up.

    @Zoey: You’ll need both. The analog is used to move, and the d-pad is used to control menus and the camera.


  303. KiruByte Says:


    I would love to buy the original , but i can’t afford it actually, hence I’m not even good at online buying things :<

    Do you know any site ? Or how many MB does the original had ?
    So i can dl it or this game


  304. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You can buy the game on Amazon. It’s quite cheap at this point. Either way, you will need a gigabyte of space on your hard drive, as that is how large the game’s ISO is.

    I cannot tell you where to download it illegally. Regardless of my personal views on piracy, we are trying to avoid getting a takedown notice from Bandai Namco, and that means not allowing any links to or names of sites where the game can be downloaded.


  305. KiruByte Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    Well not in my country can’t seem to do that ^~^
    I just have to find some , also how can you open or put the translation pack for this ? I mean do we need as software on this one ?


  306. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Finding a copy is up to you, as I said, I’m afraid I can’t be of help with that. As for the patching process, we are creating a program that will do basically everything for you, and will have a set of instructions posted when the patch comes out. You should really only need to know where on your computer the ISO is located. Also, we are assuming that most of our users are using Windows, though a skilled user could make it work with Linux, I believe.


  307. Rai Says:

    I am unbelievably happy today, because I finally just saved up enough money to buy a 2DS + capture card.

    ..took me long enough, been saving up for years.

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  308. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Congratulations. I’m hoping I won’t have to buy another 3DS. I bricked the one I have, but a friend and I are going to try to fix it. I’ll need to buy and arduino and a soldering iron so that we can put the backup of my NAND back in place.


  309. Rai Says:

    Would definitely suck if you have to buy another 3DS.


  310. KiruByte Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    Yep , i will do my own strategy to get the game , as for my past comments , I thought the patch will take like 200 mb or something guess not >.<

    Actually uxing XP ^^” It’s the best OS system for me , well I’m praying for success in this project

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  311. Panda Ramadhan Says:

    @KiruByte you just need to do a little search… im sure you’ll find it.. well i’ve got mine, 2 original version with different crc.. good luck for that bro…


  312. Raziel Sarafan Says:

    @KiryByte if you think XP is the best OS system, please RIP in peace ASAP as possible.


  313. Anonymous Says:

    Been following you guys for at least 2 years now, was a diehard DW1 fan and actually just beat 3 playthroughs of it in preparation for this, i sincerly thank you for all the hard work you’ve done, and if i might ask whats your ETA at this point?? I know you said possibly early June but i just can’t wait for the actual release!


  314. Devimon Says:

    @Raziel Sarafan He/she said it ‘s best for him/her, not the best among OS.
    And RIP= Rest In Peace, ASAP=As Soon As Possible.
    Please, avoid redundant phrases.


  315. Tex Killer Says:

    Devimon, you should read his comment again. :)


  316. Ollymar Says:

    Hey, can I get some instructions or preferably a video on how I’ll download this to my 3DS when it comes out? I’ve been following this project for months and was just wondering how I could play. Thanks!


  317. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t think you’ve been following that closely, because what we’re about to release is the PSP version. You won’t be able to play it on a 3DS.

    When we translate the 3DS version, which will be our next project, you’ll need a flashcart of some kind, like a Gateway or Sky3DS card, or you can hope that Citra, the 3DS emulator, has improved enough by then that it will be able to run commercial games.

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  318. Raziel Sarafan Says:

    @Devimon and OS stands for operative system, so saying “OS system” is redundant too. That’s what I meant.


  319. AdolvsLink Says:

    @rai: how much is a capture card like are they generally priced? I’d love to be able to post videos of my gameplay in some games. Like Gunvolt and maybe Majora’s mask.

    Also you guys are great! With redigitize my birthday game list may actually be entertaining for more than a day or two.


  320. Rai Says:

    For me, I had to spend £260. $392.99 for Americaland (362.99 + 30 shipping)

    I bought mine from here; http://www.3dsvideocapture.com/product/41

    EDIT: Should probably mention I bought a 2DS + the capture card. So I bought both the system, pre-installed with the capture card.

    You ‘can’ buy the capture card solo though, you can either send your 3DS/2DS to them and get them to install it onto your 2DS/3DS, or you can buy the capture card and do it yourself. It involves a lot of soldering though.


  321. LittleAnon Says:

    what about patch progress? how are we on that? i mean its been 10 days since the update, patch has gotta be coming out pretty soon right?


  322. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’ll be out when it’s out. We didn’t give a release date for a reason.


  323. Rai Says:


    That must mean the patch is complete, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!

    No. It doesn’t mean the patch is complete, nor does it mean it’s coming out pretty soon, shut up and wait like the rest of us.


  324. Kuraso Says:

    But, but, you guys, doing all the work so we can enjoy it for free, without asking anything except giving our firstborn child to some dark god (but honestly, who care about that, game’s more important) are by law forced to update the blog every single minute of the day, until we’re done ò.ó

    oh… wait, no you aren’t, damn Q.Q

    PS; Keep up the good work!


  325. Victor Henry Says:

    Hey guys first off, thanks for the hard work :) and now to my question:how will mac users be able to patch it? will you be posting an iso that is already patched for us?


  326. Anonymous Says:

    Are you sure they haven’t run away with all the sweet moneys we gave them Rai?


  327. Anon Says:

    Rai Calm down D: i will name my digimon Rai and upload the progress on my blog later

    Hope he evolve into something nice :’)


  328. Rai Says:

    @Anon: You tend to claim I’m not calm a lot.

    I can assure you, I am completely clam.

    Completely. Calm.


    EDIT EDIT: Well. Turns out, I have to come clean here guys. I am a clam.



  329. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Sorry guys, my computer was out of service for the last few days, but now I’ll be back and able to work hard on the beta testing again. Also, I’m not sure any Mac users will be able to use this specific program, we’re all using Windows OS, one version or another. So there might be a Mac file but at the moment I’ve heard nothing about that, so we’ll have to see how it’ll work. Otherwise you may have to put it on a Windows computer in order to patch it…


  330. Ollymar Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon I saw a video a while back with the intro to the game being played on a 3DS and have just assumed since then that this was the version being worked on. If most of the translation will be the same, how long would that project take, as a very rough estimate?


  331. TheMGamer Says:

    Oh ,that’s great! You’re finally close to finish it!By the way,you know how the game or the patch is running on the phone?
    Thank you for doing all this for us!


  332. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    if you mean the game running on android phones with ppsspp, its up to the power of your phone, if you can run another game on ppsspp like say…Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, at 100%, I see zero reason it wouldn’t run DWRD at 100%, patched or not.


  333. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Victor Henry: I’ll look in to it, but at the moment, it will probably be more difficult to patch the file on Mac, but it should definitely be possible. If you’re not particularly good with computers, I would reccomend borrowing someone’s Windows machine for the five minutes it will take to apply the patch, or running Boot Camp.

    @Ollymar: What you saw in that video is all the work that has been done on the 3DS version. Translating Decode will probably take less time than Re Digitize did, but I would expect it to take at least a year from the time we release the Re Digitize patch.


  334. LittleAnon Says:

    @Rai Sorry if i sounded like an unpatient douche in my previous comment that was not my intent at all. I was just curious to know about the patch progress whats going on right now, whats left, that sort of thing, not release date’s or anything like that, since that always seems to go wrong. Hell ive been waiting for this ever since i saw the post for the first time in pspiso and gbatemp, and god forbid, i can wait a lot longer.

    Anyways again sry bout that, thank you all for tremendous your effort, you are all amazing people, and godspeed ;).


  335. LittleAnon Says:

    and i meant “impatience” not “unpatient” my grammar really sucks sometimes.


  336. Rai Says:

    Think of it this way, LittleAnon. The more update posts Romsstar and Sporky make, the less time they’re working on the patch itself.

    Liked by 1 person

  337. sxubach Says:

    I thought they where already on the test phase and someone had already completed it 100%.
    Did any major issue appear or are you with the typos and polishing details?


  338. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re mostly just polishing. There’s a section we’ve decided to do another round of editing on, and I want to finish typo hunting before we get to that.


  339. Inide Says:

    Do you require crates of energy drinks to be sent to prolong the testing sessions?


  340. Rai Says:

    @Inide: Dude, you need crates of energy drinks for ‘anything’. :V


  341. Victor Henry Says:

    @Sporky thanks man. the only thing I can think of is using wine. but we’ll just have to see once it’s released then :)


  342. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t know about “need”, but I wouldn’t say no to them, or any blue meth you want to send us.


  343. Vex Ocelano Says:

    Hey Guys and gals I’m getting my computer all set up to play the translated game upon release I intend to twitchstream it as well as post a recording on the youtube however whilst we await the imminent release of the patch I was wondering whether some of you fine folks would care to join me tomorrow for a blind run at the original game. I shall be starting broadcast on my channel(name of Vexrapopple) noon Saturday sydney australia time I’ll be starting a new game from scratch following the training/plot advancement advice from you fine folks and fielding questions as best I can. Please bear in mind however that this is my first time dabbling with PC twitching so for all I know it may be an unwatchable mess


  344. Pengy Says:

    Any sort of way we could donate to you guys? All this work without any sort of giveback is a load of digidung :/


  345. Anon Says:

    i hate meth D: i always score bad at meth in my class


  346. Eduardo Naveda Says:

    Guys I do not mean to hijack these wonderful news, but for us digimon fans there are other projects being made too: <nooooooooope. Link removed>

    EDIT: Bai link. ~Rai


  347. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I don’t know why you felt the need to post that in here, we’re not advertising other projects here are we? I think it’s a bit rude of you to put that in here without asking one of us if we minded. Why don’t you ask first from now on? And don’t be surprised if your link/comment is taken down.


  348. Rai Says:

    @Pengy: No. There’s no way you can donate to the team, otherwise the team would be shut down as fast as can be.

    By all means, if you want the project to die, donate! I’m suuuuure the team wouldn’t mind going the same way Streets of Rage Remake did.


  349. GonZza Says:

    Hey guys, just one question.. im about to get my Ps Vita.. will I be able to play the Digimon on it as well?? if not.. can i play it in my PC with a PsP emulator ?? thanks for the help!


  350. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I’m not sure 100% but I know you can make the PS Vita run PSP games and I think you can make it run DWRD. As for the emulator on PC, we’ve repeatedly stated much of the team uses PPSSPP on PC for testing. So yes. You can emulate. But again, make sure you buy the UMD and dump it yourself. It’s dirt cheap to buy the game. I’ve seen people say they bought it for under 10 US dollars.


  351. Shink Says:

    You guys are just awesome ! I can’t believe how you can keep up with that amazing work during all this time !
    Must be exciting to reach the end of this project, for you and for everyone here :)

    Posted by an old digimon fan from somewhere in France…


  352. Vex Ocelano Says:

    75 minutes till I start twitchstreaming re:digitize hope to see you there


  353. vexrapopple Says:

    going live with re:Digitize twitch for the next few hours(minus bathroom breaks) Join me in making a monster http://www.twitch.tv/vexrapopple


  354. KiruByte Says:

    Hi Guys ~ Is the translation code out yet ?
    Sporky , is it already finished 100 % ?


  355. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I feel like I’ve been pretty patient KiruByte, but come on. If the patch were out, there’s be a new post saying the translation was out.


  356. KiruByte Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    ,Sorry bout that , I just thought that someone was already streaming it then twas only the jap ver. Peace ^^”Y

    Since this is going to be my first Digimon game , is there something I should review first or read about ? I’ve seen a lot of related and these Digimons are so cool , even watched some of the cartoons and anime for this haha ^^

    Also do you guys know what is the total mb of the jap ver?
    I’m already on quest for finding it on the Net


  357. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The unpatched ISO should be 1016 MBs, or just under a gigabyte.

    You could play the original Digimon World, it’s basically the same combat system.


  358. vexrapopple Says:

    @KiruByte Sorry for the false alarm While I am looking forward to streaming the patch until 24 hours ago I had never used my pc for any such thing as such was practicing with the unpatched version of the game so as to work the kinks out before I got my filthy mitts on the real thing that said I think it was a success my computer didn’t explode and I had some nice chats with some friendly fans of this project I expected to play for an hour maybe 2 and ended up with 5 hours of footage currently being exported to my youtube channel


  359. Vex Ocelano Says:

    WooHoo the first half of my twitch stream has been exported to youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qGwYllCgYM


  360. KiruByte Says:

    Yep , this is pretty good game , I was only reading books when i was a child , no wonder I’ve missed all the fun ~

    I saw another Redigitize on the 3ds , but it’s in Jap , are you guys also doing another project ?


  361. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’ll be our next project.


  362. KLLKD Says:

    I’m going to die, can’t wait for the release.
    Thanks in advance!
    btw. Is there a twitter account I can follow regarding this project?


  363. KiruByte Says:

    Woah , so the 3ds is already hacked i presume , is there any updates for 9.7 ?

    I saw one over my friends , he’s got like atons of em ^w^


  364. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t keep too up on that kind of thing, but last I knew, they had just recently managed to make Gateway, the more versatile of the two options, work for firmwares between 4.1 and 9.2. Sky 3DS, which I don’t know much about, is supposed to work on any firmware, but I don’t have one so I can’t say with certainty.


  365. KiruByte Says:

    My friend doesn’t use any of the Gateway , but he has this download thing and installation method , he says that he gets the game in the net which are unsigned , CIA? I’m not sure

    But of there’s this hack , i will kinda get news about it , for the Digimon game ^^


  366. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @KLLKD: We’ve talked about it, but haven’t made one yet.


  367. KiruByte Says:

    I just saw one of the wordpress site , taht the project is still doong the digimon evolution chart? So we are getting close^^
    Go guys stay awesome


  368. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    So you guys who haven’t played a digimon game before, I have a review and some information on Digimon World 1. I apologize ahead of time for the poor sound quality, my computer’s iffy with the sound recording, and I need to sort that out. So here’s a link to the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyQ6s1rMG2c so you guys can look into that channel’s contents and watch the videos, don’t forget, I’ll be streaming/recording (Not sure which, but I’ll do a play through on YouTube regardless, but I may end up doing a twitch as well. So if you guys subscribe you will be informed when the play through videos are uploaded.

    @Sky3DS info
    Sky3DS is a much simpler system to new users, and can run on just about any firmware, I’m on the current one and it still works fine. But I’m not sure about using Japanese games, and Decode will definitely register as a Japanese game, translated or not. I’m sure they’ll work on a method to make it work. I’ve heard people talking about “RegionThree” and “RegionFour” but I’ve never looked into much detail about that.


  369. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Also, should mention that ProtoMario (a fairly popular youtuber) will also being appearing in my play through on YouTube, forgot to mention that.


  370. Nai Says:

    Hai guys, ermm i dont want to be rude but you ignored my question from a while ago even though you answer the other ones….
    Please consider answering c;


  371. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Sorry about that, didn’t mean to ignore you. I personally would have no knowledge about programming it like this, Rom got alot of help with Compcom, so Rom and Compcom would be the ones you’d have to ask, they likely missed your question, it happens and it wasn’t intentional.


  372. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Same here, Nai. I only do the language stuff, so when you asked “Where did you learn to do this kind of programming”, my answer was that I hadn’t.


  373. Rai Says:

    @Nai: Do understand that not everybody can cater to every single person on the blog. There will be missed questions, posts, and other things.

    So being “ignored”, I wouldn’t say that at all.


  374. Anon Says:

    :’D witcher 3 is awesome any of u play it too?


  375. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not my kind of game. I played some of the original, but between the unnecessary and poorly done sex scenes and the Elder Scrolls style option paralysis, I didn’t stick with it for very long.


  376. Juho Says:

    Sporky I never finished witcher 1 or 2, but 3 is on whole different level. I highly recommend it.


  377. SniperSlapper Says:


    -Doesn’t Play Witcher 3 but plays around with a digimon game that’s years old



  378. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t actually play this game, I just translate it. Besides, I’ve never liked open world games much. I like the idea, but after I run around for a while, I get like thirty active quests, I save and quit, and never come back.

    Except Fallout 3, I played that one all the way through once.


  379. Romsstar Says:

    Nai:I have a question for you: how did you guys obtain the knowledge of editing these games and writing programs for it etc.? I plan on studying computer science to maybe be of help at future translation patches to repay all of kindness of others, but i’m wondering if thats enough to be able to be of help…
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work ;D

    -> I’m not even nearly on any level to really answer this question, since I did only the easy stuff, and I’m fairly good at researching formats but basically: Try and Error. When I encounter a new format, there’s basically a pattern. There’s almost always the header, the filesize, pointers to files, things like that. Then usually, when you write for example a Text Editor for a format like Redigitize, you work with BinaryReaders and Writers. The language isn’t really important, since once you’ve gotten to understand the principle you can easily port it from other languages. C++ is used fairly often, when it comes to GUIs CompCom prefers using Qt Plugins, which apart from the fact that you need the frontend to run them, are fairly useful. But he actually prefers using command line based tools a lot, and to be honest, so do I, since GUIs often cause more problems than they solve. Roxas75 made a fancy GUI tool, which is a total nightmare. It crashes, it doesn’t do the job, it’s simply godawful. CompComs tool is commandline based and does exactly what it has to do. No more no less.

    You have to decide what kind of programmer you want to be: The one that designs solutions that are fairly simple and just work or the one that designs fancy GUIs that potentially eat about half of your RAM and still can’t get the job done.

    Also basic understanding of computer architecture and debugging goes a long way when it comes to writing ASM hacks. Especially with starting 3DS translations we’re approaching a field where we have no idea what we’ll be looking at.

    When it comes to studying computer science: It depends. My brother is studying computer science and he’s in his 2nd year, yet he can’t write squat. I on the other hand never studied anything of the kind and I did end up writing some useful tools. Whether studying computer science will enable you to write tools that can be considered useful or not I can’t tell, since it all really depends on what you’re capable of and your potential. But if you really want to obtain the knowledge to do this kind of stuff: Just start doing it, don’t wait for any professor explain it to you. They won’t. Take a game you love, start taking it apart and see if your tools work. Learning by doing.


  380. jaigh Says:

    Holding my PS Vita on 3.50 firmware. Too scared to lose the opportunity to play this project on my Vita!


  381. Rai Says:


    -Insults people who play a Digimon game yet not Witcher 3, which is heavily buggy, laggy, and just outright boring game.
    -Is on the blog for the translation patch for said Digimon game regardless despite the fact that he could be playing Witcher 3 right now, but instead is on a blog.

    u fuking wot m8?


  382. Inide Says:

    You know how trolls hide under bridges and eat passing goats?
    I’m beginning to think Rai is the secret identity of Supergoat….


  383. Rai Says:



  384. Inide Says:

    Supergoat, the goat of steel, come from krypton to defeat the trolls and make bridges everywhere safe for all his goaty brethren to cross without fear of troll.


  385. Rai Says:

    O-oh. Right right. Yeah I’m ‘definitely’ not him.



  386. Just Curious Says:

    @Rai are you sure? xD
    Inide is making a pretty convincing argument.

    ps: not really


  387. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Can’t be. Rai wears glasses, Supergoat doesn’t.


  388. Kalker3 Says:

    @Anon asking about TW3

    I’ve played it for 5 hours at this point and I’ve been enjoying it so far , I haven’t once run into a quest saying “Kill X mob, get Y item and come back”. Combat seems fluid, but it’s very taxing on my system.


  389. Vampiric Rage Says:

    @SniperSlapper @Rai

    Now now ladies your both beautiful settle down. I am currently playwing witcher 3 Yes its buggy but its still just out, all games are buggy and such when they first release. To each their own i happen to Love the Witcher games just as I love the digimon games. instead of hatin on each other and games why not just agree to disagree. and while you two are busy going at it. I will be waiting for the digimon patch to come out so i can play it XD.


  390. Jukan Says:

    Anyone remember when games came as is, no patch support, and was usually close to perfect before release? Now were OK with games being buggy at launch…what happened to us? What happened to gaming standards?


  391. Rai Says:

    @Jukan: Uh. No, that never happened. All games were buggy upon release regardless. And some games ‘did’ have fixed versions released (Sonic 1 for example had Rev 1 in Japan that had extra features and bug fixes).

    @Vampiric Rage: You must be mistaken. I’m not hating on SniperSlapper at all, I’m just pointing out how he’s a complete utter moron for being a hypocrite.


  392. john Says:

    this patch would be the greatest delete system32 prank ever ^^


  393. Inide Says:

    Also Jukan, just to add to what Rai said, you need to consider the amount of code. 30 years ago, a game was maybe 5000 lines of code at the most. 20 years ago, with the ps1 and dreamcast, you’re probably talking about 100,000-150,000 lines of code. Now, you’re most likely looking at about 25million lines of code for something like Witcher 3.


  394. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There’s some truth to that, but it’s become much more common these days for the release to be basically a beta you pay for access to. While it’s true that games are more complex than they used to be, ultimately it should be the developers’ responsibility to mitigate that complexity by doing adequate testing. Otherwise you get bullshit releases like EA’s terrible Sim City remake.


  395. Firnawan Hasman Says:

    im sorry if this question bother you,but in the scale of 1-10
    how finish are you guys with the project?


  396. Xavi Says:

    Stop asking when the patch is coming and be patient


  397. sotie Says:

    Good job guys keep it up :) thank you in advance


  398. Nai Says:

    Thank you very much for your extensive answer
    When i’m done with my minor, i want to major in software engineering. I’m positive this will be atleast of some help to getting started ;3
    Can you recommend a game for DS or psp that is one of the easier ones to rip apart and understand?


  399. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Next time I see him online I’ll ask him to answer you, Nai.


  400. Nai Says:

    Thankyouu Sporky

    Liked by 2 people

  401. SniperSlapper Says:

    Rai, are you kidding me?

    Seriously, sporky, I know you’re the one deciding which comments are posted here & whatnot, but Rai seriously needs to get a reality check after his comment:

    You said the Witcher 3 is a Boring, Buggy game? The Witcher 3 will probably win Game of the Year. I’ve only played it for 8 hours now, but I can say truthfully that I haven’t run into any bugs or glitches thus far. And you’re telling me DIGIMON RE:DIGITIZED is a BETTER game than the Witcher 3? You’ve gotta be kidding me. I’m positive that is the biggest joke I will hear this entire month LOL!

    Let’s say Digimon Redigitized comes out in US, do you really think it would sale or even be remotely considered for any nominations? Even Decode, the superior version, would get laughed at in today’s market compared to other games. Yes, I know I shouldn’t compare Witcher & Digimon, especially seeing as one is on a much more powerful platform, but you’ve gotta be out of your mind if you’ll enjoy digimon more than the witcher. I can’t even say that with a straight face & I’ve tried. This game is a joke in comparison, even the digimon count in this game is horrible & the look of it seems so outdated it’s almost comical for me to even be seen playing it around others. Even most of the sheep who usually worship this board is in disagreement with you. That’s saying something

    Now for you, personally. Stop insulting ppl & pretending you’re somebody, when you’re not. You said “On a board waiting for a digimon game instead of playing witcher” I’d have you know that I was playing the witcher as I was on my laptop checking if the digimon game would be released when I posted my comment. I can’t do both? Apparently, according to you, I can’t play a console game on my tv & use the internet on my laptop at the same time lol. You sounded really stupid trying to be a smart, but you failed.

    I could go into further detail, but I won’t seeing as sporky probably won’t post my comment since I’ve been a troll on here recently.


  402. Rai Says:

    @Firnawan Hasman: As far as I know, nobody on the team is Finnish.

    But maybe Sporky or Romsstar could clarify? :P


  403. Ultrawhatever Says:

    kaboom! direct hit! there were no survivors.the SS Firnawan Hasman was just sunk down.
    seriously @Rai, you never miss an opportunity to lay down your own brand of judgement.


  404. ahmadmanga Says:

    Hi Operation Decoded & fellow fans~

    It seems the testing is progressing g.. I’m so excited I drew this (not as good as I wanted it to be but still good):

    Keep Up


  405. Just Curious Says:

    @Ultrawhatever yep that’s rai’s job attacking trolls, one comment at a time..


  406. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I don’t know anyone on the team who is finnish but obviously we’ll double check. As for suggestions for games for PSP or DS….DS suggestion would be either Digimon World Dusk or Dawn, the story is easy enough to follow, and its fun to pick up and play.


  407. Anonymous Says:

    @Rai ohh yooouuu


  408. OldRPGGaming Says:

    This is such great news, for anyone who’s new to following this project you should all know that these guys have been working so hard on this for so long and I’m just so happy that the light at the end is near, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I’m so SO excited to get my hands in this and play !! If anyone on the team doing the amazing job is reading this could someone please contact me, I want to ask about doing a lets play of the game when you guys finish, I have a full finished LP up of the original Digimon World here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLObWzijbXxTxH5jAOBBELJ-hrhDWQDhQd and I’d LOVE to be able to get permission to do the same for this digimon game you’ve worked so hard on, most important part of this comment / message is to get across how grateful we all are for your time and effort, keep it up ! Much love <3 !


  409. Tex Killer Says:

    SuperSwordGaming, I think he wanted a game to modify and learn how to translate, not to play. But I don’t think there is any game that is “easy to modify” like that.


  410. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I’m aware, but Dusk/Dawn would be easy enough to modify, I would believe it would be anyways…


  411. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @SniperSlapper: You were the one who made things confrontational. I said that it wasn’t my kind of game, which is not a judgement about its quality as a game, only about my taste in games. You decided to make a big deal about my dislike for it.

    As for the comparison between the two, it’s very much one of apples to tortillas. They’re completely different games. Both versions of Re Digitize are very much selling to a niche market; they are intentionally somewhat simplistic in homage to Digimon World 1, which they are systemically based on and a direct sequal to. The Witcher games, by contrast, are mass market open world games, not totally dissimilar to Skyrim. They have a completely different lineage and target market, and you appear to be the only one who feels the need to make a dick-waving contest about which is better.

    Then there’s the irony of your post, which is what Rai was absolutely right to make fun of you for. By being a regular commentor here, you prove yourself to not only be among the relatively small group of people who are still Digimon fans after sixteen year, but are of the far smaller subset of that group that knows our project exists, of which relatively few check on regularly, of which even few comment on regularly. That’s a crazy amount of effort for a game that is “horrible” and “comical for [you] to… [play] around others.”


  412. Kyle Says:

    Whoever you may be, you literally just compared a game that is to be considered globally sold as to one that didn’t even break into America. On the comparison board though The Witcher (my last name seemingly spelled Witscher hahaha) really didn’t have that great of a turn out. The first two were god awful but I admit the 3rd seems pretty good but I won’t even attempt it cause like Sporky said, just not my type of game. But in comparison this Digimon blog/translation aimed particularly at Digimon fans will hit those “record” numbers in comparison quota wise as opposed to The Witcher. If you are at all “ashamed or feel comical” about playing this game then you sir/madam are not a gamer, more so as a trend fag as I put it personally. Shit I’ll still play Megaman Legends around my buds who play all the CoD stuff and if they don’t like it they can kiss my megabusters ass haha. Also what Rai meant about you commenting your sleuth of knowledge about the Witcher on this Digimon blog instead of playing it was not to be taken literal about it, more so as “if you don’t like it then take your ass on”. Seriously dude/chick, if you like Digimon and want to play it then by all means continue following the blog, but if you want to be a tater twat and down shot the very game these people are working their asses off translating for you and others then hush the hell up and GTFO.


  413. Kyle Says:

    @Sporky, Romstar, and the rest of the team. Including Rai cause I can.
    The reason I’m personally so grateful for the teams effort in this and the reason I’m so reluctant this will be (hopefully) done soon or even within another month is because either at the end of this year or early start next year I will be joining the Marine Corp. Just being able to enjoy this game one last time as part of my childhood before deploying means more to me than what words can describe. I’m almost certain I’ll be 11A or 11B Infantry/Officer but either way in a warzone such area. I’m looking forward to possibly having time while in the Marines to learn a language or two and picking up few other useful skills and talents. I look forward to being Active or even being back home and maybe once again hear and read about Romstar and Co. on another blog for another one of my favorites. You guys and galls are amazing people and I hope to see this game come to light very soon. Maybe on future translations I can help you people out with some of the project, already proficient in computers, just I have quite the language barrier aside from a bit of French haha. Good luck to the team!!!


  414. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I still love Megaman Legends and Legends 2. I was super bummed when the 3DS sequel got cancelled.


  415. Jukan Says:


    Gota say, opinions are opinions. You like Witcher 3 over Digimon, thats you. I’m the same way, I would rather play DW RE:D than Witcher 3, does that mean I’m wrong too? Not everyone likes the same games, nor do they all have opinions.feel free to enjoy the DS games! I played some and liked them, but there is no point in pushing your opinion or calling out someone for liking an old game compared to a brand new ps4 game,. personally, I don’t CARE what games you like over others. Sporky makes great points, and I have to back him 100%, even if that means you guys pick apart my off the top of my head and on the fly logic, opinions are still just opinions to me…

    sorry if this post wastes you guys time……

    P.S. never said there weren’t bugs in older games, its just that they weren’t released with NPC models missing faces like in AC Unity, just as Sporky said earlier, were just beta testers these games until 30 patches come out to make the buggy game….playable again.


  416. Anon Says:

    wow, wall of text =D


  417. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, we get that from time to time.


  418. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t understand why it has to be a competition, I’m currently playing the Witcher and after that I’ll be playing Digimon. Completely different games and both have a place in my collection.


  419. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Indeed, that’s been the point of basically everyone who wasn’t Sniper.


  420. Inide Says:

    I’m playing Witcher 3, it’s a good game but in no way groundbreaking. True, it pushes boundaries when it comes to graphics, but that is the curse of modern gaming. What actually makes it a good game is that everything has a story and it draws you into the world.
    Still, I’d rather play FF6. It might not have amazing graphics – it was first released for SNES – but because the graphics were quite generic it meant that more time was spent developing the story and the gameplay mechanics and every other little thing that made it stand apart as a game rather than as a piece of art.


  421. Rai Says:

    @SniperSlapper: It seems I touched a nerve with you. You seem to misunderstand. I never said Digimon was a better game at all in any of my posts. So someone’s rather delusional, or just a little brat that only sees what they want to see.

    But saying that The Witcher 3 is not buggy? hahaha. That’s a good joke.

    Oh, and I said you were on a blog, not a board.

    Maybe you should go get your eyes checked, because there might be seriously something wrong.

    Ooooh and, to post on the blog, you have to stop playing the Witcher 3. Because you can’t play and type at the same time.

    Look’s like someone isn’t playing Witcher 3 and is instead looking and typing on a blog.


  422. Ultrawhatever Says:

    well to each his own @Sniper. to each his own. each game caters to a specific audience. you can say how beautiful witcher 3’s graphics are, or how fun it is to play, but my brother (who’s into graphically advanced games) would much prefer playing super mario world through an emulator than witcher caused it doesn’t appeal to him. not trying to defend rai (although i love the guy but not in a homo way!), just telling you to have an open (and accomodating) mind towards not just these two games but towards people’s opinions in general.


  423. Zanzoltan Says:

    I just love it when people applaud new games. It’s the hype that’s speaking. Let time pass time, and you’ll see how wrong you where.

    I was like you once. But then, I realised that most of the new games just enter through only one place…”How beautiful they look”. Not by the story, the playability or even the music.

    You don’t believe me…? Between this year and last, there’s been three exact, yet slighty different games. “Dragon Age Inquisition”, “The Witcher 3”, “Shadow of Mordor”…

    YES, they have their things, but if you put it over a microscope…you’ll see that both three are open worlds, quick plays with “an Awesome story”…

    Yet, when you come and see…they’re one and the same. Three games that are good by themselves, but compared, they look like “Let’s do a new game, and only change character names and some of the story”…

    So, in retrospective, every year, at least, there’s 2 or 3 releases like these.

    YES, I’ve played it, and it bored me to hell. It’s the same game, over and over again. However, I’ve been waiting for a new release like this, that’ll make me dust off once again my PSP, and have a good adventure, like the one I had as little with the awesome and not so popular right now “Digimon World 1″…

    So, in retrospective…even comparing “The Witcher 3” with “Digimon Re:Digitize”, is like comparing “The olde good” Simpsons to the new ones. The new ones might have you some laughs, but you still feel like you’ve seen those jokes somewhere else…am I right?


  424. Rai Says:

    @Zanzoltan: Eh, I enjoyed Shadow of Mordor. Although, that was mainly due to it’s Nemesis system thingy thing. (Official name for it’s system now. Mainly because I don’t remember what it really was called. I think it was called the Nemesis system though… right…?)

    That alone pretty much breathed life into the game. But anyhow, the games I’m currently looking forward to are, well this patch, but also that new LEGO Worlds game thing. That looks fantastic.


  425. AdolvsLink Says:

    Hmmmmm…. So guys. I was wondering. How does one start on a translation project? Like opening the game programming up and such? I wanna see what this stuff looks like.


  426. vexrapopple Says:

    @rai also loved the nemesis system though I kept finding that some of my dead orcs wouldn’t be replaced. I’d try everything I could think of waiting, killing everyone and coming back later, hell even standing still and allowing some generic grunt to murderalise me every time one would get promoted instead of filling a gap he’d just challenge one of the guys I already owned for someone like me who likes, nay needs to get shit done in certain ways in this case every warlord with an evenly distributed number of lieutenants it was torture


  427. Mooggle Says:

    Hi guys, very pleased to see a digimon world 1 game sequel. I played most of the other digimon games that followed but they were not similar at all….

    Cant wait for you to finish. Thanks for your effort.


  428. Mooggle Says:

    Oh and I would like to add to that prolonged discussion including Witcher 3 and stuff:

    Gameplay > Story > -anything else- > Graphics………..
    but thats just me……


  429. Agumon Says:

    And how is the beta testing going?
    I’m not putting any pressure, I just want to know about it, since the blog is about the game… so please, don’t be mad at me for asking about it =/


  430. Anon Says:

    i just askin if any one of u play the witcher 3 D: why its suddenly become a fightclub

    its like back then when someone say he cant notice the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS


  431. Anon Says:

    oh and i finished witcher 3, its awesome :D i still have bunch of side quest to finish tho.

    My problem with witcher 3 is

    Underwater control
    cant kill normal NPC like in skyrim
    i need delete the empty bottle of alchemy before i can make new one, its really annoying.


  432. SuperSwordGaming Says:


    The testing’s still going strong, I myself have been extremely busy (Life has a way of getting in the way) so I’m about halfway done with the game but now that I have more time I’ll be done in no time, as for the other’s we don’t keep each other updated, so you’ll have to ask them personally.


  433. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon If you meditate for an hour he should refill the empty potions.


  434. Juho Says:

    Anon, the empty alchemy bottles and new ones refill by alcohol every time you use meditation, and bombs also…


  435. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    How does that make sense? You meditate for an hour and God gives you free potions and bombs?


  436. Anon Says:

    LOL really? I NEVER KNOW THAT? u sure? because i’m playing on higher difficulty……..OMG all these time i keep collecting drowner brains and stupid celandine


  437. Anon Says:

    and sporky never put login in games or we wil discussing how Trevor can survive 6 bullet on his ass in GTA 5 and still piloting a fighter jet


  438. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Games don’t have to be true to reality, but they do have to have rules, and in a good game, those rules should be internally consistent.


  439. Rai Says:

    I got to agree with Sporky here. Suddenly meditating and getting free potions + bombs is a bit silly and outright cheaty.


  440. SmurfyD Says:

    Just to be clear you don’t them for free. It costs alcohest to refill your stuff upon meditating.


  441. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That certainly makes a difference. That you can refill an arbitrary number of potions and bombs in an hour is still odd, but it’s more convenient, so I suppose it can be overlooked.


  442. Just Curious Says:

    Still weird to see a potion suddenly refill and shit.. maybe the guy meditating subconsciously peed on the bottle or something


  443. Ultrawhatever Says:

    or worse, somebody else peed in the bottle while you were too busy meditating. plus there’s the question of how much pee is needed to fill the bottle, cause i’m damn sure there’s no way to prevent spillage. unless… you were close to… your target.


  444. ExDii Says:

    My disc finally arrived! Can’t wait for the release. Imma go take a sneak peek at the game in jp form. <3

    Can’t wait! <3


  445. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Congratulations. I’m looking forward to playing it myself. I’ve done the tutorial about ten times, but never any further than that, but I think we’ll be doing our final round of testing next week, so I’ll be helping out more directly with that.

    Fact of the day: We found a place in the game where the Japanese devs misspelled the word “accessory”. They had it as “accsessory”. There was also a sign outside the Colosseum where the kanji was all in reverse order for some reason.


  446. Just Curious Says:

    @Ultrawhatever i was kinda imagining the pee streaming with the use of magic


  447. Just Curious Says:

    @Sporky I guess you were right in saying that the psp version got rushed..


  448. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That kind of thing can happen, the typo is relatively understandable. It was in an image, so spell check wouldn’t catch it, and it’s doubtful they had any native English speakers on the dev team. The other one is weirder, but probably just a problem with the way the scrolling text was made. It wasn’t instantly recognizable as wrong, the reverse order kanji looks a lot like a sentence, except that they didn’t mean anything intelligable in that order if you tried to read it. We only caught it because we were having a very hard time translating it before I figured it out. We asked some native speakers, and they couldn’t figure it out either.


  449. Just Curious Says:

    @sporky what if they we’re trolling you guys haha


  450. Rai Says:

    It’s too quiet here…


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  451. Jukan Says:

    I get the feeling…this game will come out…AFTER Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward(early access, June 19). Right now, I’m addicted to the game, and with the first expansion coming out, the playing of the patch may be pushed back a few weeks. T_T Glad to hear its almost complete.


  452. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Hopefully it comes before the new patch for WoW… since raiding/preparing for raiding will take a lot of time haha. Anyways, guys you are awesome! I cant believe the game is almost ready!, I hope you guys will do a lets play/twitch preview sometime soon (Just so I can annoy you in stream)

    Liked by 1 person

  453. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    All I can say is we’re hard at work, but don’t worry, we’ll have the patch out soon enough. But we’d rather release a fine piece of art rather than a five year old’s scribbles…so to speak.


  454. Kuraso Says:

    @Jukan I know, right? I was hoping to beat the game (not 100% tho) in the 3 days of downtime, then continue it while on queue and shit, but seems i’ll have to put digimon on hold for a couple weeks xD

    PS: We’re not demanding the game or something rai, don’t throw your vengeance upon us .


  455. topsilog Says:

    who started this witcher 3 topic here?? the topic seems off coz this thread is supposed to be about digimon… anyway, im excited about the patch.. thanks for spending time on translating this game even though psp is dead outside japan. thumbs up guys


  456. Just Curious Says:

    @kuraso oh man i was hoping rai would rage type on you.. opportunity wasted xD

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  457. Rai Says:


    Eat my vengeance! eat it! It’s delicious! It tastes like BURNING!

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  458. Just Curious Says:

    @rai now you sound like sasuke haha


  459. Ultrawhatever Says:

    man it’s boring without the constant badgering of trolls and rai’s torpedo-like counter attack. well at least that witcher 3 debacle is over. i have to admit, i was expecting rai to go all out on the dude. but you kept your cool which was impressive. that just proves you really are only out to get them trolls.


  460. Rai Says:

    Well he was a troll too, it’s just that he was so completely stupid that I ‘had’ to point out his stupidity. …a lot.

    But serious talk for a moment. Why does everyone seem to think I’m going to jump them for the smallest of details? It was obvious you people weren’t demanding the game in your posts, but apparently you seemed to think I was going to jump up at you and bite your legs off, like Jaws or something.

    I only jump at people who are stupid. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. People who are respectful, I will be respectful back. If you’re going to act like an asshole, I ‘will’ be just as much of an asshole, if not more, back at you.


  461. Ultrawhatever Says:

    well i do respect you rai, even though i admit, i enjoy your “methods”, i, without bias, think it’s just appropriate. if someone’s gonna be an ass, then let them! just expect to be treated like an ass in return. people who know you from this thread, that is, people who have witnessed your various interactions here, understand. but to the newcomers, i don’t think they’ll do. at least not in the beginning. they view it as harsh yes. especially those whose native tongue ain’t english. i think you can discern the difference between someone who’s being an ass and someone who is just clueless. well up until now, you’ve proven you’re more than capable of the job you were given. so kudos to you rai!

    ps. this isn’t me “worshiping” rai and the team. this is me respecting the guys and thanking them for this selfless dedication to their craft.


  462. Rai Says:

    @Ultrawhatever: See! This guy gets it~


  463. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    @SuperSwordGaming Im sorry!, I didn’t mean to put anymore pressure on you guys. Just take your time and deliver when you want :P

    PD. I was kinda hoping that @Rai would get mad at me or something for semi asking when the patch is coming haha


  464. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No worries, polite questions get polite answers. We’ve got a pretty short list of things we know we still need to work on, and we’re working hard to get through it. The list may get longer if we think of something else, but there’s only so many more things left that we haven’t already thought of and done already.


  465. Ultrawhatever Says:

    well well would you look at that. did you purposely ask that so rai would pounce at you? and here he was thinking that we were all scared of him when in fact, there you are hoping to get a a couple of lashes. see rai? maybe you were just overthinking bout the jaws thing.


  466. Rai Says:

    So we’ve learned a few things abuot Vebrendos/Skullbazon today.

    They’re a masochist.



  467. Ultrawhatever Says:

    and the word he used was “hoping”. not scared or afraid. looks like rai has a certain charm alright.


  468. Just Curious Says:

    Man I really need my rai fix.. Are there any more trolls out there wanting to act stupid? Comment below..

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  469. Inide Says:

    We all know you’re the kinky one Rai. Do you think we missed what you made lilymon use the vines for?


  470. Skullbazon Says:

    Hey!,only vebrendos is a masochist, im perfectly sane, my mother got me tested


  471. Jorsey Burden Says:

    I would like to say thank you guys for translating this, it means so much to me and my friends. Digimon world 1 was my favorite game growing up and to not be able to play its sequel crushed me then I learned that you guys were translating it about 2 months ago. Again thank you


  472. Kuraso Says:

    @Rai tbh, i said it only to see your reaction xDDD
    I love your answers dude, and just wanted to see how you would answer
    PS: Burning Vengeance wasn’t disappointing :P


  473. Segnis Says:

    One can never be bored reading these comments during the wait. Hopefully the DS board is just as fun. I’ll be buying a 3DS just for Digimon when it’s done.

    What is the difference between Digimon World (DS) vs Digimon World DUSK/DAWN on the DS. I have the Dusk and Dawn versions and don’t know if their like updates or completely different. (I’m asking here instead of using the simple solution- google due to work blocks, and I only go home long enough to sleep before coming back at the moment).

    Also did anyone else like Championship as much as me? If so what was your team?

    P.S. Thank you to whoever deletes comments for deleting mine earlier (3 weeks straight of 16 hour shifts with no days off made me quick to anger on the fool who posted the illegal links.)


  474. Chrona Says:

    Digiworld DS was the first game, Dawn and Dusk were made as sequels. There isn’t as much variety in digimon (but still a fair amount), there are some tweaks to the formula, you don’t reset to level 1 after evolution, not all the functions are in like there’s no fusion/dna, farm islands are a bit more abusive from what I remember since you can keep resetting your tiredness and raising your stats/aptitude, and other than that it’s basically really similar to dawn/dusk.

    Championship was hella fun too :) hard to say what my team was exactly though, since the game was on a regular de-digivolution cycle and kept resetting your team


  475. Gabraham Says:

    I don’t remember enough about dusk and dawn to tell you about the differences (I only largely played Dawn), but I’m surprised you liked Championship. I thought it was going to be the closest equivalent to a good monster raising Digimon game since Digimon World, but I remember it instead being grindy, repetitive, and the actual monster raising monotonous. While DW had a portion of these flaws, it was much more solid and made more sense. I never seemed to have much control over how my Digimon grew, and training it often seemed slow and futile. I was also not very good at Championship, so maybe that played into it.


  476. stallion8426 Says:

    Dawn/Dusk is a sequel (ish) to World DS. They have the same style/mechanics but it is a different game. I liked Championship too, once i figured out how to control what my digis became (except on like the 3+ egg reverts cuz they like to follow their previous paths and don’t like/accept anything else (I.e. LadyDevimon becoming WarGreymon))


  477. Wubwubber Says:

    Doesn’t mean much, but here


  478. Segnis Says:

    Ah DW was my absolute favorite hands down, with Championship 2nd and the rest after. I guess I enjoyed it so much cause I constantly played it in bursts instead of one long rush. Now Dusk and Dawn however seemed really drawn out to me, if I had to stop for any length of time I completely lost where I was and what I was doing.

    Ahh thank you sir. Means I need to pick it up just to fill out the collection. I thought they were supposed to follow the previous path when they revert as you were just strengthening their form.

    I never did manage to get my favorite Kabuterimon in World thou. I trained so many and got everything else but never the one I wanted.


  479. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    @ Segnis
    Yeah, Dusk/Dawn are two sides of the same coin so to speak, the only difference is if you’re Light or Dark city based, your character sprite, and a few plot details. Dusk and Dawn are in the same world as World DS, but with more digimon, new storyline, and a more polished feel. I liked these games a lot actually, but it’s not even close to the feeling you get from DW or DWRD.

    Whoever’s bored while you wait for the DWRD translated game to come out, I have a challenge for you: successfully create “ZeedMillenniummon” in Dusk or Dawn and post pictures here. NO CHEATING AND ZEED MUST BE LEGIT!


  480. salary0n Says:

    why not creating omnimon/omegamon on DMW 2, it takes forever to do it … the digivolving system is really suck

    well at least i can use cheat code to transform my digimon into chaosdramon and chaos lord, their design is actually pretty cool


  481. Rai Says:

    Personally, as much as I like the Digimon World RPG games (2, 3, DS, etc) I can’t stand how much grind you need to do in those games.

    I’m not a guy who particularly likes grinding in RPGs. Unless the combat is actually interesting, examples being DW1 and Redigitize.


  482. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I was playing through Etrian Oddysey 4 until my 3DS bricked. I really liked that unless you were crazy over leveled, combat was always tactically interesting, even if you’re just fighting random encounter mobs.


  483. Ultrawhatever Says:

    let me test the waters just a tiny bit, see if jaws takes the bait.,

    when’s the patch coming out? i’m freaking tired of waiting already. just tell us the truth, the truth that there really is no patch and that this was all a complete waste of everyone’s time. man up already.


  484. Rai Says:

    Fake asking for patches won’t work :P

    It’ll more likely just make me delete your comment instead.

    By the way, you were correct, there was never a patch to begin with. It was just Romsstar practising their Photoshop skills.

    Sucks to be you huh?


  485. Ultrawhatever Says:

    dammit, so it has to be a genuine troll not a fake troll? but they’re a dying breed! you’ve almost hunted them to extinction. : p


  486. salles27 Says:


    Challenge accepted.

    Liked by 1 person

  487. salles27 Says:

    No image for you =(


  488. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Normally when that happens Salles, I edit their post to display the image properly, but something to massively fucked up there. Your URL has bold tags in it, what the fuck?

    @Ultra: Nah, you should see the shit that goes directly to the spam folder. They’re still around, but we filter for them so the rest of us can have nice things. Sorry if that causes problems for your weird “watch other people get berated” fetish.


  489. Rai Says:

    Everybody has weird fetishes these days.


  490. Anon Says:

    i wanna be a detective D:

    but i heard their pay are low and the work its not as excited as in those detective movies…..


  491. Chrona Says:

    I have a fully maxed out ZeedMilleniumon on my Dusk, I’m just not sure if I own the cartridge anymore :(


  492. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @sporkie fetishes?! hmm now that you mention it. . .

    anyway, now you’ve made me curious. what’s probably the weirdest comment you saw where you said to yourself “is this guy serious??” post some, might get a few laughs while we’re at it.


  493. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anon: Try being a cyber slueth instead.

    @Ultra: Mostly the ones with grammar so bad it makes me wonder if they’re trolling, stupid, or both. None in particular that come to mind right now, though.

    Edit: Come to think of it, a guy on the GBATemp forum private messaged me last week about a my cancelled SAO: Infinity Moment project. He wanted to translate the menus and such, and wanted to know if I’d give him the tools we’d used. I told him I couldn’t because they weren’t my tools, and that he’d need permission from the person who made them, but I don’t know how he’ll translate anything, given that he had no punctuation in any of the several messages he sent me, and some of the worst spelling I have ever seen.

    Pro tip, if you ever want to ask me a favor, if it’s nothing too extravagant I’ll probably do it, but spelling and grammar will have a major impact on how much help I’ll want to give.


  494. Ultrawhatever Says:

    interesting that you made that conclusion sporkie. it’s not the actual berating that i find amusing but rather the stupidity (whether voluntary or otherwise) that some people display here. hmm maybe that’s a bit harsh. can’t find the right word here. anyway, it just so happens that rai has a rather “interesting” choice of expressing his sentiments regarding the matter. here in my country, culture has somehow evolved to censor stuff based on a subjective criteria that i just can’t comprehend sometimes. call it culture shock? i don’t know. just respect the guy for saying what’s on his mind however crazy it sounds. well not just him, most of the guys here who i’ve come to know have exhibited it albeit in a more “conservative” manner .

    oh what the hell is wrong with me. i’m in my early twenties and i’m blabbering like an old person.


  495. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s alright, Ultra. I tend to enjoy Rai’s rants as well, I’m just giving you shit.


  496. Ultrawhatever Says:

    it’s cool sporkie. now here’s a question, how’s the team dynamics in the group? who prefers to work with whom? like for example, more work is done when these two tackle at a certain part just because they get along quite well. and has there been an event in this endeavor where the group was split on which path or approach to take?


  497. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The team is mostly a bunch of interlocking duos. Romsstar and CompCom work together a lot on programming stuff, Romsstar is really good at understanding the crazy proprietary file formats you find in games, but not as good as CompCom at implementing the changes he needs to make. So he figures out what needs to be done and how it works, and then describes it to CompCom who writes the actual code.

    Romsstar and I work together on the translating, he’s better at speaking Japanese than I am, though I hope to catch up to him eventually, so he does usually a rough translation which I proofread and start editing.

    Kalker and I do the editing together, I tend to have more time for that than he does, since he’s still in high school, and for now I’m on hiatus from college. He does a great job double checking my edits though, because he knows my writing style really well, and is good at pointing out places where something made sense in my head, but doesn’t to anyone else.

    There have been relatively few times when we have had significant disagreements about how to proceed, but for the most part, Romsstar and I make decisions together. Things mostly work by concensus, but there’s also something of a chain of command.

    The times where we disagree, we discuss the pros and cons of the different options we have, and try to find a solution that everyone is happy with. On the occasions we aren’t able to, I generally defer to Romsstar. He started the project, and to some extent, it will always be a bit more his than anyone else’s.

    I’m not going to get into the details of the times we’ve disagreed, though. There’s only one long standing issue on which we could not find a totally satisfactory compromise, and I’d rather not get in to it here. It’s not really a big deal, and we’ve all agreed to disagree about it, but I think going in to detail about it would basically mean having the argument again, except this time with the public taking sides.


  498. Ultrawhatever Says:

    i see. well it’s good to know that despite that minor setback, the translation went on smoothly. but just duos? man, that’s amazing how you all were able to finish this project in just a span of a couple of years what with the challenges and setbacks (romstars post about the “legend” and it’s roots) not to mention the real life stuff you had to deal with.


  499. Anon Says:

    digi detective :D


  500. skg0091923 Says:

    That was an awesome read Sporkie thank you for that and thank you UltraWhatever lol for asking the question,
    but i do have a small question (or request, maybe both), which may be impossible.
    Can you get back some troll comments you’ve deleted and make a “Top Ten Troll Comments of the Blog”. Would be a cool read lol, though i figure there gone for good. Just thought i’d ask in case they’re lying around somewhere. :)
    Thanks for all the hard work!


  501. TheMGamer Says:

    June 5!
    We are getting nearer to finally play this beautiful game that these angels translated ^^
    (i hope)


  502. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Skg: No can do. We delete the spam, and even if we didn’t, I see no reason to give trolls more attention.


  503. Rai Says:

    I know that I shouldn’t say this but, possibly one of my favourite posts so far a troll has made, was one that was pretty much

    “y u keep deleting my posts rai. r u stupid or wat”

    Literally in that spelling and grammar. It brained my hurt.

    Needless to say I kiiiinda had a go at him because I wasn’t the one who was deleting his posts. :D


  504. Segnis Says:

    Do we have to start from scratch to make it legit? If so I can start tomorrow. Interested to see how I match up to the others.

    I liked the constant resets made it a lot more interesting to me. My favorite team ended up being a Candlemon(no one could kill him for some reason he could hold his own up to Ultimates) Kuwagamon and a Whamon. I have gotten rid of one game series in my life, it ended up being a major mistake. I completely obliterated the .hack series and then turned it in as I didn’t think I’d ever play it again /smashes face into desk repeatedly. I have held onto every one of my games ever since for dear life. I have quite the collection and almost all the Digimons except the ones for the Wonderswan(I didn’t know this existed till I started to follow this project). If you manage to find it will be fun to race you and Salles to the Zeed.


  505. Ruan Ramires Says:

    Hello guys, I’m from Brazil. ( So if you see any grammar mistake/error, sorry) I just made this comment to say I’m a big fan of the work put on this, my thanks to all the people that are making this project really happen, I know it’s hard to keep going sometimes, and some people just make this harder, for not knowing the meaning of ” respect ” but, I just want let you guys know that I really appreciate the effort of you in this. A project of this scale is much time-consuming, so, anyway, Thanks. :)


  506. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @rai hey i remember that one! now how did that comment get passed the filtering?


  507. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It didn’t, but it amused me enough that I went ahead and approved it.


  508. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @sporky and you said i have a fetish when in reality we were probably on the same boat lol! do you still remember his prior posts?


  509. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    No it doesn’t have to be from a brand new game, I don’t expect you to wipe your game clean, but I’ll know from the stats if it’s legit, I took it as a challenge to do it and won, I know his stats, trust me.


  510. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    A lot of them were not so bad that I didn’t let them through. We mostly block the annoying “this patch is fake, it’s all photoshop” ones, but that particular Anon just really liked saying Rai was a “meanie”.


  511. DisasterDave Says:

    I’ve been following this for quite a while now and I am so hyped to finally be able to play this! Can’t wait for the next update and full release. Thank you so much for doing this :)


  512. Inide Says:

    I think you should troll the trolls Sporky. Have all the banned ips redirect to a fake post admitting that the entire project is fake lol.


  513. iF Says:

    Hey , is Sporky here ?
    I’m a friend of KiruByte , he and I grew up together , unfortunate our class will start very soon , KB told me about this project and I was interested !

    I played the DMW3 (PSX)

    Thank you Sporky and to all the admins and the producers of this project , Hope it will come soon on the community :>


  514. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Inide:If we had our own website, and weren’t stuck with the terrible toolset WordPress gives us, I would look in to doing that. We can’t, though. Just one more reason to make a new and better website after we release.

    @iF: I’m here. Glad to hear you’re interested. KB seems like a nice guy, but I hope you won’t be offended when I say that I’m not particularly confident that he will translate SAO: IM. It’s a very text heavy game, particularly for a first project, with some truly awful organization that makes it basically impossible to have any sort of context for what you’re translating at any given time. All of the story and NPC text in the game is in a single folder, and every file has a randomly generated four digit string for a file name. Here’s hoping, though.


  515. John Says:

    I am so hyped for this I started reading some Digimon Fan Fiction,
    Does any one here read Digi fic’s are there any really good ones?


  516. MR.V Says:

    If you want a good digimon fic, check tvtropes fanfic recomendation page. Personal favorite is the YuYugiDigiMoon fanfic series, a crossover between Yuyu Hakusho, Yugioh, Digimon, and Sailor Moon. It is a very long, still ongoing series of several fics, but it is one of the better written ones.


  517. iF Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    SAO ? He said he didn’t know that and he has nothing related to that ^^” He said he was discussing with you only with the Digimon Re and the 3DS one ?

    Aha, maybe you’re mistaken Sir .

    Thank you too, I haven’t played DM since like the PS1 era.. Kinda sad, because i had some issues back then , (but already resolved )

    But I believe that this can take me back and enjoy it as well


  518. Rai Says:

    Sounds awful from the name alone.


  519. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @iF: My apologies, I was getting him mixed up with a person who contacted me on the GBATemp forum the other day. He wanted me to give him the tools and incomplete translation we did before the projected got canceled. Sorry about that, but either way, it’s nice to know you’re interested in this project.


  520. Anon Says:

    but rai is meanies D:


  521. Romsstar Says:

    That’s why we keep him around :)


  522. Anon Says:

    lets write rai fanfict then :’D


  523. Rai Says:

    Let’s not, ‘k? ‘k.


  524. Jeff Pitts Says:

    how are things holding? any features you want on your website that might be interesting to hear about?

    I just felt like randomly chattering.


  525. stallion8426 Says:

    So looking forward to this!!!

    On a side note…why would someone want to make a translation patch for SAO when it already has an official english release? The english isn’t that bad (anymore).


  526. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, when I was working on one, HF didn’t exist yet. Also, almost nobody owns a Vita, which is the main thing, I think.


  527. Inide Says:

    Maybe you should write one about him being seduced by a LadyDevimon, Anon. I bet he’d like it and reward you.

    Sporky, if you are looking to create a custom site rather than use a prebuilt management system, I know a pretty skilled professional web developer who has in the past contributed his skills and free time to similar projects purely for the benefit of his fellow nerds and possibly would again.


  528. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Appreciated, but Rom and I both have plenty of experience writing websites, and my best friend is a web developer, so he’ll help me if I need something.


  529. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @sporky lol i remember the dude. “rai is a meanie” and then rai would just swat him like a bothersome fly.


  530. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah. Nothing Anon said was usually so bad that I deleted his comments, and definitely not bad enough to get him banned (that’s not someone imitating him above, it’s the same IP address and email), but they were sometimes pretty borderline. We tend to deal with people like that by letting them say what they like, and then telling them why they’re wrong.

    That said, it’s not like we have any particular “rules” in place. At the moment, there are four people including myself with the power to moderate the comments, though Romsstar doesn’t usually bother (For the record, that’s me, Romsstar, Rai, and as of last week, SuperSwordGaming). We all have different thresholds for what needs to go, but we tend to stick with a principle of “don’t be an asshole”, and we apply it to both sides. Rai doesn’t rant at people who don’t have it coming, and people don’t get banned unless they try to disrupt the generally quite enjoyable conversations we have here.


  531. Rai Says:

    “Maybe you should write one about him being seduced by a LadyDevimon, Anon. I bet he’d like it and reward you.”

    You have it backwards, Inide. It wouldn’t be me being seduced by a LadyDevimon, it’d be LadyDevimon being seduced by me, by doing nothing at all.

    I’m just that awesome.


  532. Rai Says:

    Okay, nobody can see Thronetado and Xenon’s comments, but essentially they’re the generic “PLZ RELEASE IT” and “WHEN U RELEASE?!” posts. Those are actually mainly the posts we delete honestly.

    But I’ll be kind enough to answer them, this time.

    @Xenon: When it’s done.

    @thronetado: Shut the fuck up. It’ll be released when it’s released, you can wait and be patient like the rest of us.


  533. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    And to Thronetado, we can either release it 100% done, or release it now. It’s not possible to do both of those things, and we picked the former.


  534. iF Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    It’s fine ^^~ You’re busy and a lot of people like the other admins
    I was a little confused when i read the post , saying that the game is already complete , but still in testing right ?


  535. GuiRadam Says:

    Im so excited for this, could you sporky give an update on how much is left on the testing, if its not asking too much of course.
    And thx guys for puting so much of your life into this project, im really grateful for that!


  536. Chrona Says:

    I’m still operating under the impression that you were 100% done a year ago and are delaying the release for the sole purpose of spiting me personally :D

    Because when it comes down to it, it’s always all about me somehow


  537. Rai Says:

    Oh and, loving the obvious Sporky impersonator that nobody else can see because WordPress caught him first thing, ahaha.

    It’s amazing how many people ‘try’ to troll, and get caught by WordPress instead.


  538. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @iF: This announcement was that we had a build with 100% of the game’s text translated and inserted. At this point we’re testing the game, finding typos, and editing sections that didn’t seem to flow right once we saw them in game. We’re also getting ready to make the two versions of the patch, one for people who watched the anime with subtitles and prefer terms like evolution and Perfect-stage, and the other for people who watched the English dubs, and prefer digivolution and Ultimate.


  539. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I think I’ll throw you guys a bone and tell you how to get two of the most powerful digimon in game, but don’t tell anyone (and by that I mean feel free), Omnimon/Omegamon is attainable in game, and though there isn’t Jogress/DNA digivolving, there is a method to it:
    You start off with Agumon, so try to get WarGreymon, when he fades away you’ll get the chance to make him into a Digi Memory, do so and then on your next digimon try for MetalGarurumon. When you have him, set the Digi Memory of WarGreymon to him and he’ll digivolve (you can also do the reverse, and get MetalGarurumon first). You can get Chaosmon the same, but using BanchouLeomon and Darkdramon!

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  540. Chrona Says:

    Does anyone else want a pet Calumon?


  541. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, Culumon was great. It’s a little too bad you can’t get one in the game.


  542. DataOV Says:

    I want terriermon that’s sit in my head :3
    Well, calumon can do it just fine too… :D


  543. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Some genius (evil optional, but preferred) genetic engineer really needs to get to work on creating a talking, sentient Terriermon that I can have as a pet.


  544. Fan Says:

    cant wait!


  545. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You can keep trying to impersonate me, but it doesn’t work. But your IP is permabanned now, just in case.


  546. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Gdamnt, I feel like I’m losing all of these funny fail trolls and inside jokes just ’cause I can’t see what WordPress blocks. Yo guys, could you please relay the funnier ones to us, lowly project fans? I bet it will shut up the more impatient ones a bit, ’cause entertainment, if they even read the comments before posting, that is.


  547. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That one wasn’t particularly funny. Someone tried seven times to post as Rai and I saying we were closing the blog, the whole project was to troll people, and we’d somehow made enough money from this money losing project, and so were shutting down.

    It was definitely fail, but not funny even if they’d managed to get past the filter.

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  548. Tex Killer Says:

    Oh, you deleted Anon’s messages from earlier :(

    I like him and his lowly english… plus, I do think he was telling the truth.


  549. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Anon wasn’t wrong, and any one message was fine, but he posted twelve of them, and dodeca-posting will get your posts deleted just about anywhere. Also, the IPs he said were his didn’t match the ones on our logs, but that’s a thing that only I find amusing.

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  550. ExDii Says:

    The hype isn’t stopping. So excited. :D


  551. Ala Says:

    Is there even one game out there with megidramon available? I’m one of the 0,000000001% of people that can’t stand dukemon at all but like megidramon :S


  552. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think the Digimon World DS games had it, at least one of them did anyway. It’s not in this one, though, but Dukemon/Gallantmon is.


  553. Brian Says:

    I got my hands on a PSVita with FW 3.01 and was able to succesfully install TN-V 10 on it. And today my Japanese copy of Re:Digitize was in the mail. Sometimes life can be pretty sweet :)
    Again thank you for doing this translation guys! When I was about 8 years old I had a pretty agressive form of cancer. And I had to stay home a lot because of it. A friend of mine from down the street, who went to school with me used to come over when i was feeling better and he always brought his PS1 with him. Digimon world 1 was the game I first started playing, and I was mesmerized by it.

    Digimon world is that one game for me I kept playing at least once a year throughout the years that followed. It gave me hope during a time there was not that much hope to find. I don’t want to sound too sentimental but it means the world to me you guys are doing this incredible translation for everyone to play. I kept thinking to myself as I read this blog from time to time, what I could do to thank you for your work. And since so many trolls seem to try and put you down, telling you my story might show you that for a lot of us are very grateful for the work you keep on putting into this translation. Keep up the good work guys! You might not fully realize it, but by doing this you really made my year ;)

    Liked by 2 people

  554. Kuraso Says:

    @Ala Digimon World Dawn & Dusk it’s avaiable there, from wargrowlmon, with a crapton of darkness, don’t remember all the details


  555. Rai Says:

    It’s funny that someone tried to impersonate me, because well, if a troll post actually got through about closing the blog, people would most likely believe it.

    Mainly because I’d totally post that just to fuck with people! :V

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  556. Chrona Says:

    I remember using Megidramon in Dawn and Dusk :) he’s likely also going to be in Lost Evolution if the translation patch for that ever goes anywhere


  557. Truth Says:

    Megidramon is available in Dawn/Dusk and in Lost Evolution.

    …It was also in Digimon Battle Online (or whatever it was called) but that dead game is best forgotten for a variety of reasons.


  558. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for that Brian, a genuine sweet thought. Hope you are well.


  559. vexrapopple Says:

    @SuperSwordGaming Wow while that is true you are going to cause a lot of frustration with those instructions due to the 2 missing steps required to even get wargreymon and mealgarurumon.

    So kiddies does anyone remember a few months back where the patch was delayed due to them forgetting to the arena and everyone was all so what the arena doesn’t matter? Well no Arena would mean you couldn’t get any further than a certain point in the plot but also that gerudomon wargreymon and metalgarurumon would be forever beyond your reach to unlock each of these you must defeat their associated digidestined twice each n the arena


  560. Chrona Says:

    Bit off topic but since you guys are going to be doing the 3DS version next I was wondering if this was a possibility

    I’ve been unable to progress in Kingdom Hearts 3DS because OCD – I could either settle for a lower attack stat, or I could settle for inferior aesthetics. Regrettably, they gave you the TWEWY keyblade like really early on, so it becomes outdated hella quickly. Would it be possible to do a graphic swap so that a stronger keyblade like Ultima Weapon uses the graphic for the TWEWY one? I have a feeling it might just be a simple pointer showing which image to load up for which weapon, if so that should be pretty easy to hack right?


  561. Enigmas Says:

    I’m curious. Would it be okay if you added to your testers group.
    I’ve been interested in this project for a while. I’d like to help test the game with you guys and help report any bugs. Or errors.


  562. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    @ enigmas
    I’m sorry but we’ve got plenty of testers at the moment, the key to testing is not only finding the bugs, but finding them with x amount of people so we don’t lose track of what bugs/problems have been found already, unless sporky or rom says otherwise I’ll have to say we won’t be needing another tester.


  563. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    You and everyone else, Enigmas


  564. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Aww you spoiled the fun! I wanted it to require at least a LITTLE thought and effort, yes that’s true, Matt and Tai do need to be beaten. Unless there’s a way to use the item to force digivolve prior to that, new thing to test after completion. Oh, and the arena actually is a story plot point, so it’s mandatory. If we don’t do it you can’t get past that point. You NEED to go to it.


  565. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Chrona: I’m sure that’s possible, but I’m equally sure that we have no interest in doing so. Just use the TWEWY key if you like the look of it, the difference in stats is very minor.


  566. Trey Hamilton Says:

    I can NOT even BEGIN to tell you guys how excited I am. I am probably one of the many who actually remember when the first Digimon World was actually released. Keep up the great work!!!!!


  567. Chrona Says:

    Fair enough, wasn’t asking for someone to do it for me, was just curious if it was possible. Gives me something to look into if I ever decide to look into romhacking myself. Then again I’ve been saying that for like 5 years now, guessing I’m never going to get around to it


  568. Jukan Says:

    @Trey Hamilton
    I remember! It was one of the first games I ever bought brand new. I even remember the Whamon Digimon card that came with it. probably still have it somewhere. Ahh the things we remember from childhood lol.

    Any updates on testing while I am sending this post? Really looking forward to it!


  569. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Things are going well, but there’s not any particular milestone worth talking about at the moment. Uh… I found a regular expression to look up places where I accidentally wrote the same word twice for no reason, which is evidently a typo I make fairly regularly, so that’s something, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  570. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Well its not a huge update but we’re on the home stretch so to speak, I won’t be giving any dates but let’s just say it’s closer then you guys think!

    While I can’t say I remember it being released (was quite young at the time) I can say I remember the day I got it. My mother knew my obsession with Tamers (digimon season 3) and she bought me a PSone with a bunch of games, including Legend of Dragoon (one of my all time favorite games), Digimon World 1 and 3, and more. I actually talk about that and more on my YouTube channel. If you guys subscribe to my channel you’ll be in the loop of any new updates, not to mention seeing a beta tester play through the game. My channel can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV_48Ni_JW0_JMkbP_oPOPg


  571. Anonymous Says:

    Where do we download the latest translation though? I don’t see any download links.


  572. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We don’t do a “latest” version. We’ll release one version when we’re done.


  573. Anonymous Says:

    Aha! No wonder I can’t find it. Thanks for feeding my curiousity. Lol
    Was looking for one for a while now. Hahaha


  574. Fromthefuture Says:

    E3 – Namcobandai announces localisation.
    Sporky – we were working with them for a while. To combat piracy we won’t be releasing. Sorry we had to mislead you.


  575. Anonymous Says:

    ok so uhmmm i know people are going to complain about my comment saying im ungrateful and bla bla so i´ll just make it short … How far is the patch now ?


  576. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    About 99.99%, give or take.

    @Future: We have had absolutely no contact from Bamco.


  577. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Read above you fucking twit. There was posts not that far above yours, bloody hell are you that visually inept?


  578. Rai Says:

    @Fromthefuture: I didn’t know you were in a future where the PSP had official content still being made everywhere.


  579. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Bamco mentioned the Op Decode petition on Twitter the other day, and they’re on the schedule as announcing an RPG for the PS3 during E3. My money’s on Cyber Sleuth, if anything.


  580. Squallsy Says:

    looking really forward to this =]


  581. Mushroom Says:

    Do we need to wait until November so it will be release on its 3rd anniversary of the translation, you know guys i dont know anything on the decodes or somewhat, i know that you want to release it 100% but in my opinion guys let other digimon fan be part of your work like releasing it then if they got some bug report on you and make a patch…

    Sorry for this comment im waiting since they start working in this project


  582. JP Says:

    I think they should just bring out Re’digitize Decode. Save you guys a lot of time having to translate it. ;-)


  583. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re waiting to release it until we think we’re 100% done. To be on the safe side, we’re working on a way to release updates if necessary, but hopefully we won’t need to use it.

    @JP: There are pros and cons to both. It’ll be less work for us if they do, but if we translate it ourselves, we know it will be done right, and Bamco hasn’t had a very good average lately.


  584. Ultrawhatever Says:

    wow it looks like the trolls are preparing for a coordinated attack! too bad for them the mods here have eagle eyes lol!

    by the way, is there someone here who’s an android gamer? can you recommend some games? preferrably offline.


  585. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t play a lot of Android games, since I have to emulate them, but 80 Days and Sorcery were both really good. I’ve also heard good things about the TWEWY port.


  586. Ultrawhatever Says:

    twewy, i played already on thn nds. great game. unless there’s an extra content buried in there, i’m not gonna even touch that.

    now sorcery and 80 days i’m kind of interested, especially the latter. liking the art style as well.


  587. vexrapopple Says:

    @Ultrawhatever I’m also a huge fan of the original nds version of twewy gotta say the port did a decent job they had to remove the partner screen for obvious reasons though if I recall that particular feature turned off a lot of potential fans n the original version


  588. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @vex well that was a hit or miss among gamers( if it ain’t obvious, i liked it lol). what really caught my eye was the story and the unusual art style. is there anything in there to justify a second purchase?


  589. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not particularly. There was a teaser at the end that they might make a sequel, but so far at least, nothing’s ever come of it. The plot’s all the same as the original.


  590. Rai Says:

    @Mushroom: Shut up. Nobody ever said it’d be released in November, I don’t understand where the hell you got that idea. So yeah, shut up, you’re embarrassing yourself badly.

    You claim you’ve been waiting since the guys started the translation, but I doubt you have, considering you don’t have basic reading skills.


  591. Ultrawhatever Says:

    that’s it? then it really is just a port with modified controls. i thought there was something worthy in there. i mean, look at the price tag.


  592. Rai Says:

    Look at all of Square’s games on the Android Market. They’re all expensive compared to normal Android games.


  593. Anonymous Says:

    That’s why I use an emulator for anything pre-DS era. (Assuming the emulation of the original console/handheld as well as device specs is good)


  594. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @rai you have a point. plus almost all if not all of them are riddled with bugs. but i think i can bear that if it had additional content and i mean content not a video clip or spruced up graphics. besides i still have access to an nds.


  595. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think it depends how much they spruce it up. I would pay all the money for an HD FF7, or even better, FF8. But they’d need to remake the whole game in a modern look, not just upres the original.

    Liked by 1 person

  596. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @sporky i don’t think that can be applied on android games though. reinventing the graphics on the otherhand seems plausible. hd isn’t necessary, maybe go cel shaded. or maybe like what they did to ff6 when they ported it to gba.


  597. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t think cel shading would work well for FF7 and FF8. The story and art direction really need to work well together, and those are just a little too cyberpunk for cel shading, in my opinion.


  598. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @sporky i don’t know the names of other art styles lol! just used cel shaded as an example. but still, l don’t think android is ready for true hd. not yet. although the game “implosion” seems pretty darn good on my phone right now. anyone else tried it?

    and yes ff 7 needs a remake! just don’t mess with the gameplay.


  599. xemik Says:

    Hell ill test it for ya lol jk keep up the good work your almost done XD


  600. skg0091923 Says:

    Funny u mention the FF7 , you probably already know but there’s quite a few mods and an overall program for making FF7 into a close-to HD Remake , plus the nightmare mod is great fun … and brutal lol. Just search FF7 Bootleg and you can get all the info from that, i’m literally playing it right now whilst waiting for this :)
    Tifa’s Package (where i downloaded the mods and got instructions) :

    It really does make the game look so much better and you can choose which model to use for each thing and which mods/changes to include
    personally i’m using all the new models and graphical changes, with the hardcore mod and a few glitch/bug fixes..


  601. Rai Says:

    Just too bad you can’t fix the awfully choppy animations.


  602. ttai Says:

    is it Soomelaine yet.


  603. Anonymous Says:

    yo sporky im new here so please dont bullying me
    and pls u guys make sure that we can use cwcheat while playing it


  604. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nothing we’re doing should have any effect on cwcheat. If it did, there would be nothing we could do about it.


  605. Riggan_Thompson Says:

    Hello friends
    Was wondering, with no ill intent, is what Mushroom suggested above a viable option at this point? I understand you guys want this done perfectly, but wouldn’t you guys benefit from having more than a small handful of people people going over it? Once again, I mean no ill intent and appreciate all the hard work you guys have done.

    I also have an aching desire to play this game in English, but that’s beside the point :D

    P.S.S., any updates on el progresso by chance?


  606. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ve got all the testers we need, at this point, we’re implementing the changes they recommended, and that takes time. More testers will not help, and we’re close enough to finished that it would be pointless to release now only to tell everyone to change to a different patch shortly thereafter.


  607. Rai Says:

    @Riggan: You seem to be capable at reading and pretty smart. At least, that was my first impression when I read your comment.

    Unfortunately your last part blew it all off.


  608. vexrapopple Says:

    If I may wonder off into the worlds of off topic distractions anyone else playing the Xbox 1 Elder Scrolls online? I’m only up to lvl 6 dragonknight Khajiit myself but really enjoying it


  609. Rai Says:

    Ew, ESO. Such an awful game.


  610. Truth Says:

    Only online game I’ve been playing recently is Phantasy Star Online 2.

    I remember everyone I know raving about how ESO was going to be great, and their only reason was “duh, its an mmo!” clearly they’ve never seen one of the offline series they play get an MMO entry before…


  611. Chrona Says:

    TWEWY is one of my favorite games ever :D


  612. Sasquatch Says:

    Anyone here play Dark Souls?


  613. thunder188 Says:

    It´s amazing that you and your team make an excellent work with Digimon, I’m anxiously awaiting =D


  614. Meganekkogekirabudayo Says:

    @Sasquatch I’m playing Dark Souls and I really hope they will port Bloodborne on steam because I have no intention of buying a ps4.

    @Rai I just came back after a few days off this page and I noticed you talked about Square’s Android games and how more expensive they are. They just made a free-to-play FF and I think they’re doing it just to taunt you. You should react and send a Rai-like message to these trolls >-<


  615. Anonymous Says:

    Is there an update on the digimon world 1 hack that romstar is doing, i am pretty interested in that.


  616. VonRiley Says:

    You guys rock. I remember playing Digimon World 1 to death, though I never did finish it, just got to Machinedramon at one point but right before the fight my ‘Mon died of old age so I threw my hands in the air for the last time. And I remember picking up DW2 with excitement, only to find a lackluster grid-based dungeon crawler with turn-based RPG style battles. After DW3’s full-on RPG style, I gave up hope that another game in the vein of DW1 would ever be released again.

    Que 2011-2012, when I catch wind of Digimon World: Re-digitize. It’s the game I’ve been waiting for! The game I dreamed but thought would never happen! The game… that was never coming to the US. My heart sank. But then I found this blog.

    I’ve been following this project patiently since about 2013, and finally, the fruits of your valiant efforts are close to fruition. I find myself checking the blog daily now in eager anticipation, and tide myself over with a translation of Digimon Adventure, though it doesn’t quite scratch the same nostalgic itch. You’re heroes, all of you. Saviors of the sanctity of my childhood memories, and for that, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


  617. Rai Says:

    @Megane: I’ve been playing Record Keeper (or whatever it’s called. I forget every time) for a while now. The only things I can really think of it is that it’s literally a Final Fantasy version of DragonBall Xenoverse.

    That and it has free to play elements, therefore it has paid content. :P


  618. Vampiric Rage Says:


    Why arnt you getting a ps4? i have 3 in my house. its better then the xbox one thats for sure (not by my words but by a disappointed xbox fanboy i know who prefers the ps4 over the glorified TV box) It hs some decent titles. and trust me Bloodbourne is awesome so i the witcher 3 natural doctrine and other lovely games


  619. Anonymous Says:

    go for ps3, at least that way you can still go online for free:P


  620. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m probably buying a PS4 at some point, but for now they’re expensive and don’t have a huge library. I’ll buy it for KH3, and possibly for SAO: Lost Song, though I’m importing the PS3 version of that one, and probably getting it for Vita when it comes out for that.


  621. Jared Nunley Says:

    I can’t wait till its done! I’ve been itching to get my hands this! Good luck guys! I hope the rest of the way goes smoothly!


  622. Facundo Says:

    Guys hi, i think it’s my first comment here, but i was watching all the coments and updates from last two years.

    Now that the time has come, can anyone give me a link to buy the game?

    thanks in advance and i truly can’t wait!


  623. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Just search for it on Amazon, it’s pretty cheap at the moment, though that might change after release.


  624. Chrona Says:

    I’m not getting a PS4 yet because there’s no reason to get a PS4 yet. Infamous is nice but that’s literally all that matters at this point in time. The only exclusive game I really want is Disgaea 5. Persona 5 will be playable on PS3, FF15 and Type 0 will be playable on PC, and Kingdom Hearts 3 I won’t believe exists until the day the damn thing is actually released. But yeah once Disgaea 5 and KH3 are actually out I’ll probably end up getting one


  625. JT Says:

    I’ve followed this for about a month. Digimon World 1 is one of my favorite games. I replay it regularly and am currently replaying it currently.

    I’m grateful for you guys for bothering to translate Redigitize as I’ve wanted to play it 5ever. I kept hoping that it would get localized or that the 3DS version would get localized. I always wanted a real sequel to Digimon World 1. The later games in the series tried something completely different which I didn’t really enjoy.


  626. dainbow Says:

    So I’m sure there’s some legal issues regarding potentially donating money to you guys, but I would love if we could see some sort of work around upon release (donating to the group rather than the project?) I don’t really know, but I’d love to be able to show my gratitude somehow.

    Thanks again for the teams work, I’m in your debt.


  627. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ve talked about it, but even if it’s legal, and I’d want to consult a lawyer before saying that, accepting money makes us way more likely to get Bamco’s attention. It’s also possible that if they did decide to shut our project down, accepting money would be the determining factor in whether to send us a C&D first, or go straight to the suing our butts off phase. All in all, it’s probably better that we not take money, but if you ever meet one of us in person, feel free to buy us a beer.

    Liked by 2 people

  628. Demothrin Says:

    Hey guys first of all love what your doing only found your site a couple months ago after doing my bi-monthly search on a English Digimon game secondly after you have completed your work what would you do if Bamco approached you with an offer to buy your translated work so they can release an official version?

    Keep up the great work looking forward to revisiting my childhood :)


  629. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, frankly, that’s almost certainly not going to happen. If it did, I’m sure we’d talk things over, but we’d probably accept. Particularly if they agreed to let us make more patches in the future.


  630. Romsstar Says:


  631. Skullbazon Says:


  632. GuiRadam Says:

    cant wait for the patch im soooooo excited, i hope it gets done by my birthday on 9 of July :3


  633. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a nice anon. plz answer me seriously.

    about JP games that aren’t getting localized…just…why? (I’m not satisfied with most of the stuff I read but maybe a translation team can enlighten me better.)
    is it because of the sales? I can’t imagine it since there’s still a majority of people who tends to look for english versions. I read some and they had their reasons but…I mostly find good games which are..sadly, not in english. Also, I’m just entertaining the team because of all this messy comment including mine :3


  634. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It both is and isn’t sales. These days, you can project sales and potential profits pretty well, especially with a long running series like this one. So you want to pick games to translate that will make a profit, but importantly, you want to use your resources as profitably as possible.

    There are way more games made every year than could reasonably be translated. Translators capable of quickly and accurately translating a game are hard to come by, and these days it’s come to be expected that if a game had Japanese voice overs, that the game be dubbed into English as well. Those costs stay relatively flat whether you’re translating a game that sells a few hundred thousand copies, or one that sell millions of copies.

    It’s just not possible to translate every game that would make a profit, so companies try to translate the games that will produce the maximum profit for them. Games like these are aimed toward a dedicated niche market, and in this case, that market is much bigger in Japan.


  635. Chrona Says:

    It’s kinda a self fulfilling prophecy at this point, sadly. They claim Digimon games don’t sell? Well how the heck can they sell if you’re not localizing them and letting us buy them? We can’t buy what you’re not offering us! And even then, the one game they do localize is some rumble game when they could have done Cyber Sleuth or Decode. It’s like they don’t WANT to know how much we want this game or something


  636. Anonymous Says:

    How’s the testing going? Any major issues? Things running smoothly? I am very excited for this and can’t wait to see the fruit of this venture and all the smiles it will help bring ^__^ Thank you so much for bringing the joy of my, and others, childhood back!


  637. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    A fair point, Chrona. That kind of thing creates a downward spiral. Every year you get fewer committed fans because they have no new media to enjoy, so you localize few games, so you have fewer fans. Here’s hoping Tri revitalizes things somewhat.

    @Anonymous: Things are going pretty well. For some annoying technical reasons, we have had a recurring problem with word wrap, so that in our tools something will look like it’s going to display on two lines, but in game it tries to display it as one, resulting in half the text going off screen. After multiple attempts to fix the problem manually by carefully inspecting every line in the game, I finally came up with a relatively simple way to determine which lines had the problem automatically last night.


  638. N Says:

    glad to hear about that sir Sporky :) may i ask what you did?


  639. Anonymous Says:

    are you guys going to update


  640. SuperSwordGaming Says:


    Nope! Never again cuz you guys keep asking!

    ….Not really. We’re so very close to the end, the finish line is in sight, so we’ll most likely not be doing another big posted update, but that is possible to change, but very unlikely. It’ll be done soon. Trust me, it’s closer then you all think.


  641. =xenon= Says:

    Hi I’m back :)

    I really cant wait !!!!

    And you guyz got me wodering
    Do you plan on making a patch of tales of destiny 2?
    and patching different games requires different methods?


  642. NeoDaedalus Says:

    I’ve been trying to get in the PSP Tales of the World 3 recently, but I’m too damn lazy to learn Japanese, unfortunately, and time, I have… If only I had a reliable Japanese dictionary… That is how I learned English, I just translated every thing I could in Age of Empires 2 and a handful of PS1 games, the rules are relatively easy, compared to my native language, for anyone that cares.


  643. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @N: Basically, I extracted a copy of all of the game’s text to a series of text files, so that I could use a text crawler to remove some of the extraneous characters, and turn some special characters (like \n which indicates a linebreak) into linebreaks in those text files.

    Once that was done, I could use a regex (basically a form of pseudo code used to search text files) to find any line with more than a certain number of characters. The text box can hold about fifty letters per line, though it varies somewhat since some characters are wider than others, but anything with more than about fifty-five characters was a string intended to appear on two lines that needed to be broken in two.

    @Xenon: I’ve honestly never heard of Tales of Destiny 2, so that’s probably not going to end up being a project for us. As for different patching methods for different games, it depends on what you mean. From our point of view, every game is different, since most of the time developers just use whatever seems like a good idea at the time. Things get particularly different when moving from one system to another, a 3DS game is very different to hack than a PSP game, for instance.

    From the point of view of the end user, there are a few different ways of doing things, but they come down to the same idea. The patch that we or any other group releases is what’s called a binary difference patch. It’s basically a set of instructions that will only work if you already have the game, and it will alter only the files that we modified in the course of our translation. Although there are many potential ways of making a patch like that, most groups use either XDelta, which we will be using. It’s not super user friendly by itself, but there are a number of GUIs made for it to help with that. The other method is an IPS patch, but that’s mostly used for GBA and other old, small games. IPS patches have, if I remember right, a 16 MB limit, which makes it unusable on a 1 GB game like this one.


  644. Jukan Says:

    @ =xenon=

    You know I face-palmed to that? The translation group Absolute Zero is doing Tales of Destiny 2, look it up, same guys who translated Tales of Innocence and Tales of the Tempest.

    You may have mistaken this group for another.


  645. Anton Says:

    Finally got the UMD in the mail today and have done a straight ISO copy from said UMD (via the CFW menu USB target swap method). I checked the CRC32 hash and it came up 4F15A275. I am going to try a few other methods to copy the ISO to see if i can get it to come up as 9E800037. In the meantime, I am wondering if you have come to a consensus on whether to support this CRC32 hash yet, or if you are still discussing it amongst the team.

    Sorry by the way if i missed this topic being answered earlier.


  646. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Although it may make things a little more complicated for the end user if we can’t get our automated patcher program working, we are planning to support both known good hashes. It seems one comes from the UMD, and the other from the PSN download version.


  647. =xenon= Says:

    @ jukan

    Im just askin if they are planning to patch it because they are almost done with digimon re digitized
    And I thought that tod2 project is dead
    but im gonna look it up thanks for the info

    @sir sporky
    Are you gonna release an iso that is already patched ?

    Are you realising digi


  648. =xenon= Says:

    @sir spoky
    Thanks for answering my first questions


  649. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We will not be releasing a patched ISO. It’s illegal, and would use up hundreds of times more bandwidth even if it wasn’t.


  650. =xenon= Says:

    I did not understand it mostly
    But you can patch a game almost the same methods if they are at the same console ?


  651. =xenon= Says:


    So we have to apply thr patch manually
    But how pls tell me?

    Sorry for all the questions though


  652. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    We’ll be providing a patch you’ll use with Xdelta which is a patching program, and using your own ISO (we will NOT provide it) of DWRD and you will patch it through Xdelta and then you will have it in our english patch. That’s all. After it’s patched it will still be an ISO and you can put it on CFW PSPs, any device that can emulate PSP gaming, and you won’t have any problem. If you do its either fault of the emulator or device itself. Hopefully that answered any questions you had about the “same console”.


  653. Anton Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    Thank you very much. I am glad to know that. :)
    Especially since my efforts to produce a ISO with a hash of 9E800037 failed. Each of which failed to match up to the pure ISO image i created Initially, or the original UMD’s hash when compared (no real surprise there, I guess).

    Anyway, Thanks again for the awesome work you and the rest of the team have done in order to bring the game to those of us that would have sorely missed out on playing what looks to be one of the best Digimon games in years. I personally love nearly all of the Digimon World Series, (Even 4, which wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been)


  654. Brandon Baumia Says:

    Hey guys. Patching question for us guys with an actual PSP and UMD. Is there an option to run a hot patch version on the psp directly? I do the same with the English patch of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and would love to have the option for this game was well. Takes up less space on my memory stick for us users who actually bought the game and imported it.


  655. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There was a certain amount of discussion about making one, but if we should end up releasing something like that, it won’t be until after we release the patch itself. Unless we make a post saying otherwise, I wouldn’t count on it.


  656. Brandon Baumia Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    Fair enough. I dont know all of the ins and outs of such a process so I dont know how easy or hard such a hotpach would be, I was only being curious. Thanks for answering though! :D


  657. Anonymous Says:

    Got my Redigitize game ready! My hands fidgeting in anticipation for the patch. Thank you for the team that made this possible to begin with.

    In other note, anyone tried that Digimon Adventure game? Anyone knows if it’s any good?


  658. Anonymous Says:

    digimon adventure game, you play first is cool, is dw1 anime story… but then you get bored, too many fights same things to do,, i didnt like it really!!!! haha


  659. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I own the game, and patched an ISO I made at one point, but never actually got around to playing it. Maybe once our patch is out.


  660. digicro Says:

    Hey guys.is Decode the same story as Re-Digitize with some additions after main story,or is it continuation of the first game?


  661. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s not exactly either one. It starts and ends at the same place, but with a lot more in the middle. Same basic plot, but for instance, there are two additional human characters who just aren’t in Re Digitize at all. Also, every map has been expanded, the colosseum goes from 5 major floors to 10, and there’s about three times as many Digimon available.


  662. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    So I’m really enjoying cyber sleuth in my wait for Re:Digitize. I’m really enjoying the depth f the story. I’m also beta testing for the Digimobs mod for minecraft. ALL THE DIGIMON!!!


  663. ReD-X Says:

    Anyone going to be playing this on PS3? also wondered if any of the Beta testers where trying this method (through CFW ofcourse)


  664. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m afraid not. No one on the team has a PS3 with CFW. I bought mine after the major update, and have never wanted to risk the crazy downgrade method. We have no reason to believe it won’t be possible, I know that the JP version is, and nothing we’re changing should affect that.


  665. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I’ve never liked doing any sort of downgrading, it’s sketchy regardless of the item: iPhone, PS3, X360, 3DS, or anything else. It’s something if you do one step wrong you’re out of a device and some serious cash.

    On a side note, does anyone know anything about PS1 mods? I have a bunch of copies of my games so I can keep the originals safe from the grimy and grubby hands of children, and I’m currently employing the ‘swap trick’. Doing so you can even use a copy of gameshark, which in itself is awesome, but I can’t recall any sort of mods that still exist, or even a simpler way to play burned games. Anyone have any ideas?


  666. Rai Says:

    I claim the 666th post in honour of my master Hercule Satan.

    Liked by 2 people

  667. Inide Says:

    Sporky, I’ve just been reading up on the last few posts and noticed you said that you discovered the cause of the different hash is due to the source rather than the method used to rip, do you know whether thats just due to a different header or could it be some form of DRM thats attached to one of the versions?


  668. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m paraphrasing what I’m guessing was Rom’s oversimplified version, but basically, the param.sfo files are different, and also something to do with padding. It’s just that one is from the UMD and the other is from the PSN download.


  669. Skullbazon Says:



  670. ReD-X Says:

    Fair play dudes, I can report back the success of it running on PS3 CFW after the release ^^,


  671. iF Says:

    Hey Sporky !~
    How is the testing coming along ? Man I’m already taking class at this point , any new details for the game ?


  672. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    For the time being, we’re testing it and things are going pretty well, but that’s as specific as I can be. We ran into some issues with some special characters that are annoying but not particularly difficult to resolve.


  673. Rai Says:

    People, seriously stop asking about the testing coming along. Read the fucking posts already, The team have already mentioned how it’s coming along so many times, stop asking every single fucking day and let them get on with it.

    If they come by a particularly nasty part, or if they finish it all, I’m sure they’ll make a new blog post. But until then, seriously have some patience, it’ll do you some good.

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  674. Arize Says:

    How about another update? Just sprained my finger scrolling through all the comment. Teehee


  675. Skullbazon Says:

    While ill admit its a bit annoying to have people asking the same questions over and over again, we cant ignore the fact that just telling people to read the previous comments its a bit silly, i mean there are over 600 comments in this page alone XD


  676. Rai Says:

    It’s not silly at all to read the last 20 or so comments in the page.


  677. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Or use ctrl+f to search for my name.


  678. salles27 Says:

    I think it’s annoying having to answer about the update/progress questions all the time, but that’s part of the meaning of the blog… we all show support for the team, and I think no one is rushing them, but sometimes we all get anxious


  679. StarLord Says:

    But people ask every day just to see how is the progress each day.
    Imagine you are very hyped for a game and the producer still says he’s almost finishing it , you will want to know the progress at least once a week,understand?I’m not criticizing you,because you are doing all this for free,but just explaining why these repetitive questions


  680. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I get where you’re coming from, but I’d feel like an asshole if I made a post with nothing more substantive than “not dead yet”. Frankly, that’s all I can really say at the moment unless you want to hear me bitch about the files my computer ate the other day that I had to redo.


  681. Anonymous Says:

    For the ones checking this page everyday, you can just save the blog as an RSS feed, and it will update when anything new is added.


  682. Rai Says:

    @Salles: Asking for updates near every day is supporting the team?

    I think we have different definitions of the word ‘supporting’.

    @StarLord: You don’t usually ask games producers/developers near every day for updates on the game.

    I understand people, you’re excited for when this is finished and released, but have some patience, all you’re going to do is slow down the patch production and doubly annoy me at the same time to the point where I might actually just start deleting the posts of people who ask for updates.

    You don’t ask for updates on a painting, you don’t ask for updates on a book. I honestly don’t see why this should be any different.


  683. Romsstar Says:

    Guys, I don’t want to kill the mood with a full blog post, so I’m coming at you here with a probably inappropriate and weird request, but the situation demands it:
    Being at the university, working on this project, and the many other obligations I have are really limiting my opportunities to earn money.

    So what I would like to ask:
    Does anybody know somebody who requires translation work done from English, Russian, Japanese or German into
    English, German or Russian? (I’m not translating into Japanese)

    Since we clearly stated that we won’t accept any donations this is out of the question, so what I’m asking for is a separate, freelance job.

    Is there anything you want or need translated you’d be willing to pay (me) for? Please contact me at romsstar@gmx.de

    Thanks everyone.


  684. salles27 Says:

    @Rai: No, that’s not what I meant. I was just justifying those kind of comments saying that people get anxious, and if Sporky, or any other member of the team, aren’t in the mood, or think it’s already answered by some early comment they made, they could just ignore it. But I don’t think it’s fair to ask everyone to stop requesting updates if, and only if, some time pass by without any news!

    Sorry if it’s hard to understand, english isn’t my native language and I don’t have the habbit to write so often


  685. Lokys Says:

    I realise that although the patch is close to completion that checking every day is not necessary…

    …BUT it’s so close that I want it the moment it’s released :D

    Plus catching up on the comments tends to yield some idea of what’s happening :D would this currents the be considered the ‘tidy up’ stage?


  686. JT Says:

    I did another playthrough of Digimon World 1 in order to fully prepare my body for the redigitized translation. Today I got a H-Kabuterimon with 9999 HP/MP and 999s in all stats. I also got 100 prosperity in the city. My body is now fully ready.

    I do think it’s good that you guys are taking your time. Reception to these fanslations seems to be most positive when there’s lots of testing and double checking. It’s probably better than releasing a half-assed patch and then updating it multiple times (which could maybe cause issues with saves or something).


  687. Rai Says:

    Salles, I would be completely fine if that was the case. But it’s not. It hasn’t been weeks or some time since there has been any news. It only has been one day!

    All people have to do is CTRL + F and search for either “Sporky McForkinspoon says:” or “Romsstar says:”

    It’s not hard at all, yet people don’t and just ask constantly for updates every single day. Personally, I feel updates should be said when Romsstar/Sporky feels like it’s necessary, not when everyone else feels like it. Do you know there are translations out there that are still alive, yet barely post updates at all? This translation is one of the more active, and quicker translations out there.


  688. Meganekkogekirabudayo Says:

    @Romsstar Did you try gengo? Once you pass their test you can take online translation jobs. Most of the time there are small jobs but if you’re proficient enough you can take bigger projects.


  689. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not an update, but I mentioned recently that I really wanted them to finally make an FF7 remake on a modern console, and one is apparently being announced at E3 this week.


  690. Andres Tantotero Says:

    This is going out 100% translated or is an old translate patch team that got disolved if this is going out when it will?


  691. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Man, that is some terrible grammar.


  692. Skullbazon Says:

    jajajaja, yeah thats two bad of a grummar


  693. Squallsy Says:

    sporky has 99 posts alone,a nd though i do understand being frustrated and irritated with them, people arent all tech savy, and to be fiar, this is the internet, the majority of people are going to be to lazy and think that this is 100% about them, not that the people spending time doing the translation are doing it because they want to, and have their own lives to live to

    i would like to read more main post updates, rather then conversational dialog posts, because it would be easier to sift through, but i am just glad this is still going and i get to hear from such nice and well mannered translators who care so passionately about something i love


  694. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Like I said earlier, I do see where you’re coming from. When there’s something worth making a new post about we’ll make one. Right now, a new update would basically be just that we’re continuing to work on the stuff I said we’d be working on in this post. We’ve made progress, but nothing that’s very interesting.


  695. Лёха Says:

    I can`t take it. I keep refreshing every 10 minutes


  696. Alex Drakscale Says:

    If it isn’t out before the end of this month I’m going to be found in a mental asylum ward before long.


  697. Brandon Baumia Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    Hey I was wondering if you guys minded after the patch comes out if I were to run a full LP on the game on my Youtube channel while at the same time advertising the project. I own an actual hard copy o the game and everything so theres that at least. Also, sense your testers have had a few run through of the game by now, I was wondering about how long it takes to finish, so I know how many episodes to plan for.

    And let me be clear here, Im not asking for early access to the patch or any special treatment like that, I plan on waiting ill its out like everyone else.


  698. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I couldn’t stop you doing an LP if I wanted to, but if it matters, you’re fully encouraged to. Our estimates probably won’t help you much, but if you cheat your way to max stats, the game can be beaten (but not 100%’d) in a day. I’m not sure how long it would be if you grind from scratch.

    Incidentally, if every you’re interested, I’ve made it my policy to maintain an to appear on LPs and such if anyone wants me to.


  699. Nhoya Says:

    Good Job for all the team members, waiting for release for publishing a review on my website :)


  700. Rai Says:

    @Squallsy: That’s not an excuse. That’s no where near an excuse.

    Yes, Sporky may have 99+ posts, but all you have to do is look at the last what, 10 posts?

    Again, there’s no excuse. If people aren’t tech savvy, then what the fuck are they doing on a translation patch blog, that requires programs to be used and therefore be somewhat knowledgeable about a computer?

    I can understand standing up for people ‘when’ there’s something to be standing up for, but what you’re doing is fully blown bullshitting. There’s nothing to be defended here.


  701. Juho Says:

    Truly gods are with us!


  702. sxubach Says:

    You shouldn’t take this people asking “when is it coming out” as trying to make you rush, but as people who don’t know what to do to hold their expectations, and, as everything is nearly done, they can’t comment on anything else.
    That’s also why they are asking for a new post, to have something to feed on while waiting for the release.

    On the other hand, all of those there pushing for it to be released, calm down, this is the final step of an incredibly large and long project and it will need the time it needs to be done properly.
    Just cheer on them and wait peacefully for the patch

    Keep going on!!!


  703. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I saw that and couldnt help but smile. Truthfully? I haven’t played more than a few minutes of FF7, mainly because I only had a copy for like a day before it was misplaced when it was new. And I can’t manage to find a copy to play. It’s not that I’m not interested in it, I simply haven’t had a chance. Growing up I always was on a low budget and grew up with limited things as we were pretty poor, I didn’t get a playstation until the PS2 was well into it’s life. Maybe someday I’ll get a copy, or I could find a way to get this remake. But if its PS4 exclusive (unlikely since it said “play it FIRST on PS4”) they’ll have to really work hard to convince me. Xbox one dropped a bombshell that’s making me seriously consider, backwards compatibility is huge when you’re like me and have a loads of 360 games. So we’ll have to see.


  704. Shane Lei Graviss Says:

    FF7 will be on xbox one also. its just a timely exclusive like always sony tries to make square love them but square likes working on both sides. I just recently bought a one. the ea access and gears beta and fable beta’s are awesome atm.


  705. digicro Says:

    Hey guys,sorry to ask,but when do you think you will be done approximately.Are you still in a testing phase


  706. Juho Says:

    FFVII was my first major PS1 games, and I was not able to finish it untill 3 years after release date, because I was stupid little child with no english skills. But I remember enjoying it very much. After that I have finished it around 10 times. I never had much games when I was a kid, I borrowed them from my friends and rented them. But I bought original copy couple years back. Just like original Digimon games. It’s just a piece of important gaming times in my childhood. And I still enjoy playing it time to time. You should buy digital version trough PSN for PS3 or 4, if you can’t find original, they are expensive btw. And the Xbox backwards is a good thing, but xbox never offered me any games I would like to play, and I am mainly PC gamer, but I got all sony consoles on the side. So much good memories on PS1 and 2.


  707. skg0091923 Says:

    OMG OMFG is that seriously true…like seriously …..no fucking way ….FINALLY OMFG OMFG THANKYOU TO WHO EVER POSTED THE FF7 REMAKE I’D GIVEN UP LOOKING. … OMFG YES THANKYOU FOR SHARING THIS. If square screw me over again i’m going to …well i’m not gonna do anything i’m just a dude in a bedroom but still i’ll be furious.


  708. More-To-Offer Says:

    Rai, seriously, Please shut the hell up. At first you were seeming like a tough moderator (which is good on most cases), but now-a-days, you come off as an idiot & a cyber bully who’s so proud and happy to do the most smallest assistance possible on this project.

    It doesn’t matter if someone says something that was answered before, respond to people & correct them normally, not sound like an ass who’s frustrated with his own life to do anything else but mod an only fairly popular blog about a seemingly relic old of a game. That’s not to say I don’t want to play, but it’s really annoying to see you flat-out disrespect people about something so outdated, especially those who are Just posting for the first time.

    I could go on and insult you more, but to be honest, you’re not even worth it. Stop trying to be a smart ass cause once this project is complete, you still won’t be nothing.

    (Stand By For: Name calling lines that sound like a 10 year old rager/Digging deep into my comment to see any small mistakes to twist around/The fabled line “But you’re on the blog waiting for the game so haha”/Or not being accepted on the blog period)

    Goodluck to everyone, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  709. Rig_Thomp Says:

    Its been a while, but….
    @Sporky Thank you for answering my query, sorry if it came off as odd in any sort of way. Again, no ill intent meant. Good luck on the rest of it.

    @Rai You seem like a decent human being also with capable prose.

    Unfortunately, you’re a self righteous grammar Nazi of a blog mod. I can’t say I care to guess why, but everyone comes from different walks. Fortunately, I shed my lion’s skin in high school to give the world a chance instead of continuing the charade of forced misanthropy. You mean well, but I suggest giving people a chance and measuring your words against them and others playing spectator.


  710. KonanDoyle Says:

    Almost there! Be patient guys dont say anything stupid that may slowdown the progress.


  711. NearlyNieR Says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I have to agree with More-To-Offer in regards to Rai’s behaviour.

    Not everybody wants to read 700+ comments to have an update more recently than a month ago.

    Not everybody comes here on a regular basis and doesn’t know who to search for in the comments for said updates.

    Not everyone expects to be lambasted by someone acting like a 10 year old playing COD for asking a simple question and showing interest in the project.

    I get it’s frustrating to have similar comments asked daily, but it’s not difficult to type a comment saying it’s not done yet.


  712. AdolvsLink Says:


    Dude. Rai may seem brusque and a little strongly spoken but let’s be honest; he’s doing his job. So you don’t like how he does it. So you’re standing up for everyone he’s addressed, you think, but in the end he’s simply fending off the annoyances. Even if they’re new to the blog, I’m fairly certain that they can read. Otherwise, how did they get here? Just like I can scroll through, and you can scroll through, so can they. So he’s justified in pointing out a lack of effort or true care of etiquette. Language and insults aside, I’d say he’s doing a great job. You and the other “defenders” just kinda stoke the fire. It’s like poking a bear with a stick. If his language and methods offend you then why bother reading the comments? You know it’s got the questioners and he’s gonna reply. Or you do if you’ve been following for a while.

    To anyone and everyone:

    There will be an update when they’re done. On the homepage. Which you’ll see upon reaching the site. Be patient and please stop baggering and bantering. It’s not gonna come any faster than it’s going.

    Liked by 1 person

  713. Signtist Says:

    Just thought I’d give my two cents, since everyone else is; anyone who is anything but grateful for the game we’ll soon be able to experience in English for free is nothing but a self-centered prick. That’s all I wanted to say; I’ll now go back to waiting patiently the way everyone here should be.


  714. stallion8426 Says:


    While true Rai is doing his job, there is no need to downright mean and disrespectful/rude. He shouldn’t stoop to their level or worse. Actually, going off on them for their poor manners/etiquette in the manner he does is hypocritical. And no, I am not justifying their posts. I am merely stating that Rai could handle it a little better.

    Now that my piece is done:

    I am so excited for this project! I’m actually having a really hard time finding something to distract myself with until its done! Not to mention checking this blog multiple times a day to read the new comments :3 Oh well…thanks for the hard work and dedication guys! I hope all goes well and no other unforeseen misfortune befalls the team :)


  715. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Can everyone just calm the fuck down? We make updates here in the comments pretty regularly, and new blog posts whenever we hit a milestone worth talking about, or about once a month, usually both. I don’t honestly understand why people are so intent on having us write up a new post every time we accomplish something; you knowing what we’ve done does not help us finish any faster. As for Rai’s statements, I don’t wholly agree, but he certainly has a point. I wouldn’t ask people to read every comment before asking how we’re doing, but it’s quite common for me to make an update comment, and ten minutes later get someone asking for an update. Try reading the last ten or fifteen posts before you ask a question, and see if it’s been answered in the last three days.

    I blame a lot of this on WordPress. It’s just not a very useful tool for the things we have de facto ended up trying to use it for, which is why we will probably be making a new site for future patches after we release this one.


  716. Adakias Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    “I blame a lot of this on WordPress.” – This is the first logical statement I’ve read in these comments. Everyone seems to be missing the bigger picture. The blog posts themselves are really the only published updates we even deserve for this project.

    In almost every form of online media, comments are for loosely related discussion and trolls. The fact that you’re using the comments for “updates between updates” is above and beyond what is expected of you. However, these comments were being taken increasingly more serious with each post. This led to the need for moderation; the very nature of the system and community of the comments section on a wordpress blog doesn’t really give you any good options to achieve this. But, nevertheless… Enter Rai.

    I’m sure that if you asked your 2013 self to empower an individual to moderate the comments of your blog posts, you would have said that was absurd and unnecessary. Unfortunately, that’s what happened, and your mess of nagging chirps has turned into an endless disarray of internet cock strutting.

    Regardless, it’s not your courtesy comment progress updates or this lackluster WordPress community that will bring people to play this game. It’s your work, Romsstar’s work, the whole team’s work that is responsible for that.

    Until it’s complete, people will always be back.

    Rai isn’t directly contributing to the completion of this project. Why be concerned with him? When it is complete, I can guarantee that Rai will be playing this game. So will you. It will happen, and at that point we will all be the same and all this forgotten.



  717. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Almost all good points, but Rai is one our testers, so he does contribute somewhat.


  718. Anonymous Says:


    How is that DW1 project going? Are you still doing that?


  719. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    He’s still working on it, and occasionally gives me some updates, but as far as I’m aware, for now he’s focusing on this project. He’s actually been working on it for longer than this project, but it’s much more involved since he’s reverse engineering the entire game.


  720. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks for the reply.

    That sounds sick. DW1 was an awesome game some new evolution’s,items,bosses and areas to explore on something I played so much as a kid would keep me well entertained.


  721. Rai Says:

    Oh man, the people ganging up on me sound like butthurt people.

    Okay, let’s answer some of these outright lies people have been saying.

    Unfortunately, you’re a self righteous grammar Nazi of a blog mod.

    Grammar nazi? Since when? I’ve never corrected ‘anyone’ on their grammar. Yeah, I’ve pointed it out, but that doesn’t make me a grammar nazi. Just a little hint: Grammar nazis always CORRECT people on their grammar and spelling.

    Oh, and I’ve never considered myself, not even stated myself as “self righteous”, so I dunno where you’re getting that from.

    When it is complete, I can guarantee that Rai will be playing this game.

    Way to state the obvious, bro. Do you think Sporky, and Romsstar are just going to fuck off somewhere because they’re completed the translation patch? No! They’re obviously going to play the game too. But outside of that, I’m already playing it regardless. So your point, is still moot.

    Not everybody wants to read 700+ comments to have an update more recently than a month ago.

    Not everybody comes here on a regular basis and doesn’t know who to search for in the comments for said updates.

    Not everyone expects to be lambasted by someone acting like a 10 year old playing COD for asking a simple question and showing interest in the project.

    Oh okay. So telling someone to search through the posts with CTRL + F + “Romsstar” or “Sporky McForkinspoon” is asking everyone to read 700+ posts? Congratulations Sporky and Romsstar, this guy quite literally just said you had no fans at all.

    Are you fucking kidding me with this second point? That’s stupid and incredibly oblivious. Who the hell are you supposed to search? It’s common sense that if you’re going to search for someone in the comments, then you clearly search for people who make the damn blog posts in the first place.

    Not everybody wants to be asked/seeing the same question posed every single day about 10 times when they could look at the last few posts, or, again, CTRL + F Sporky or Romsstar.

    Now, I’m going to ignore most of More-To-Offer’s post because he’s a butthurt person, probably the same person who came in and started insulting the devs for not playing Witcher 3. Except, for two parts in this post, because they’re hilariously stupid and I really want to point out the stupidity.

    At first you were seeming like a tough moderator (which is good on most cases), but now-a-days, you come off as an idiot & a cyber bully who’s so proud and happy to do the most smallest assistance possible on this project.

    I never, ever said I was a “tough moderator”, and if I ever did, it was a ‘joke’. Y’know, like the ‘pitbull in the garden’ thing? It was a joke with the person who said it. Outside of that one instance, I’ve never tried to be a “tough moderator”, I just say what comes to my mind. And if you were here at all near the bloody beginning, you would know I acted this way before I was made moderator. I’m not going to change my ways of talking just because I became a moderator.

    Stand By For: Name calling lines that sound like a 10 year old rager/Digging deep into my comment to see any small mistakes to twist around/The fabled line “But you’re on the blog waiting for the game so haha”/Or not being accepted on the blog period

    Funny you should mention that. That goes in so well with my theory that you’re the Witcher 3 butthurt guy, or a friend of his. But hey, I’ll comment, because that’s really what you want, right?

    Okay first of all, “But you’re on the blog waiting for the game”, I said that twice, to the same guy. Again, you’re him, aren’t you?

    And second, “Or not being accepted on the blog period” I’ve never said that, or anything like that, so please, do stop shoving your hand up your ass and bringing out bullshit, because it’s really not good for your health.

    Whoa hey, large post. Cool!

    Liked by 3 people

  722. Ultrawhatever Says:

    somehow i expectected rai to respond the way he did.


  723. Inide Says:

    Really guys, the only people that Rai is rude towards are morons who either don’t read responses to the questions they ask, don’t look at the previous posts (seriously, there’s never more than 24 hours without it being stated that it’s still in testing) or must honestly think that they need to know every time one of the testers fights a battle or recruits a new digimon.

    It’s in testing. It will remain in testing until it has been fully tested. Once it’s finished being tested, it will be released. What more do you need to know about the status of it?


  724. Rai Says:

    @Ultrawhatever: What, defend myself? Of course I’m going to, especially when they’re spreading stupid stuff and lies.


  725. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @rai not that. i meant the way you handled it. and to those saying you’re a bully, guys, he responds to stupidity and trolls. it’s not like he justs randomly picks someone then decides to pick on him/her for no good reason.

    Liked by 1 person

  726. Alex Drakscale Says:

    People who complain about going through the posts should just scroll to the bottom, leave the page open, and just refresh it every couple of hours or so. Then bam, you can read the newest posts without being a whiner. I really want this release, but hey, it’ll be released when it’s ready. Plenty of people are hyped and other just think they deserve it right now, immediately, on the spot. Even though they haven’t contributed a thing.
    Anyway, I may be impatient but I’m not going to spam for updates. Nor judge anyone here, why people are picking fights with Rai I don’t know, I’ve read plenty of posts and see no reason to abuse someone who is actually contributing to something that you want. They aren’t getting paid and some are still thankless enough to shit-talk them. It’s not cool, nor reasonable so chill people. Just sit back and wait, replay some of the older games, dream about the release and be nice :D

    Liked by 3 people

  727. Rai Says:

    @Ultrawhatever: Ah, my mistake. I thought you were saying that it was expected that I’d go ‘all out’ on them or something. Completely my fault, Sorry :P


  728. Ultrawhatever Says:

    this whole fiasco reminds me of that classic “are we there yet?” scene that has been rehashed to death in comedy films.

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  729. Sealtest Says:

    Digimon cyber sleuth just got posted on Canadian amazon coming to PS4! Guys they’re listening to us!


  730. Vebrendos Says:

    All this sweet sweet Drama.


    @Rai keep up the good work! don’t get annoyed by the trolls.


  731. Vebrendos Says:

    Btw the Digimon Cyber Sleuth thing seems to be true. Seen it over several websites.


  732. Acnkologia Says:

    come on man, as a mod you should set an example for everyone else. Chill out a bit. A lot of the shit you get is because you get mad or upset easily. i know its annoying when someone asks for an eta or something stupid but you can address the issues more professionally


  733. Rai Says:

    There’s no global rules on how a moderator should act, therefore, no. I’ll act how I want.

    Besides, I don’t get mad or upset easily, that seems to be a common misconception of people.


  734. Emma Giudice Says:


    But he’s not a professional (no offence Rai) he’s a realist!
    When somebody asks a really stupid question then that person is asking to be put down. When they say something stupid – hey presto – hilarious sarcastic and above all truthful response.

    Believe me I would talk exactly the same way if I thought I could get away with it. Unfortunately, when you rely on others good opinion of you in order to get paid, it’s difficult to be straight with them sometimes.

    On the rare occasions when I encounter somebody I can properly lay into for being a dipshit/dumbass/whineybaby/moron I generally speaking let them have it. If they choose to hate me for it then fine, it’s not like I even care what they think (apart from feeling mildly sorry for them/compelled to point out the flaws in their argument/reasoning).

    Anyways. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Hopefully not long now. GO TEAM \o/


  735. digicro Says:

    hey.are you planning to give a release date beforehand ,or you will release patch unannounced?


  736. Woid Says:

    http://gematsu.com/2015/06/digimon-world-cyber-sleuth-listed-ps4-amazon-canada dunno if you heard it


  737. Fredy Says:

    i love you guy’s

    Liked by 1 person

  738. Rai Says:

    @Digicro: Now that’s a good question.


  739. SuperSwordGaming Says:


    It really depends, it seems that every time we announce it, something goes wrong. And that makes it look bad. So we’ll probably announce it like the day before or something, but Rom and Sporky have full say over that.


  740. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Digicro: Between what SSG said and the low, but somewhat higher chance that we’ll get a takedown notice from Bamco if we give a release date, we will probably not announce it ahead of time.

    @Woid: I saw that too. It’s interesting, but not conclusive. Bamco already gave their list of E3 game announcements to the press, and there weren’t any Digimon games on it, plus, I’ve had Amazon pre-orders for KH3 and FFXV for two years now, and they’re just now getting some release date estimates. Still, the fact that it’s listed as a PS4 remake suggests they know something we don’t.


  741. Zero Fenrir Says:

    still waiting for the 100% patch,please update it soon and thanks guys you are already working very hard


  742. rnggalp Says:

    E3 this year was bringing the dead back to life. After all this years… FFVII and Shenmue lives again.


  743. Araragi Says:



  744. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Indeed, and perhaps a good Digimon game will get translated after all this time.


  745. lore111 Says:

    the patcher will work even on mac?


  746. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not at the moment, though I imagine you could make it work with WinE. In the alternative, you can patch it the old fashioned way with Multipatch, but it will be less user friendly.

    I’ll ask Rom to look in to making Mac and *nix builds of the patcher, but I don’t want to make any promises.


  747. Anonymous Says:

    The news about FFVII ann Shenmue is amazing, FF is my all time favorite game and back in the day I used to own a dreamcast with Shenmue, that game rocked.


  748. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’ve never played it, I’ll have to see if I can find a copy.


  749. Woid Says:

    my psp broke a few days ago (bad timing) so is it safe to install cfw on your psvita? does it lose any functions? like I can’t update it anymore or such things?


  750. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No idea, I have a Vita, but I’ve never looked in to it. I’ve pretty well moved to using PPSSPP on my laptop for PSP games.


  751. Coby Says:

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what the Botamon wearing the hat does? He/She/It is standing near the Meat Farm, and I got it in my head that He/She/It sold meat, since my Greymon was basically eating me out of house and home, so I spent all my Bits on Botamon, and realized I didn’t get any meat, or anything that I can tell. Not really sure what he does, I also noticed the price changed on it each day when I went back to try and figure out what he does.


  752. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s a little complicated. He runs a game thing called “meat futures”. Basically, you buy meat at whatever the price is today, and get it in three days. If the price goes up in that time, you can sell it for profit, if it doesn’t you just keep it and feed it to your Digimon or whatever (technically, you always have both options). But the winning move is not to play. The meat always costs way more than it does to just buy it from the Digimon over to the right, and the price fluctuates pretty randomly, so over the long term, you’ll pretty much break even.

    Anyway, yeah, like I said, you want the Digimon over to the right. I can’t think of which it is early in the game, but I know later it’s Palmon after you help her get back from the swamp.


  753. Coby Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    Thanks for the explanation. I probably never would’ve guessed that, at least I know I can still go back to him and get some meat, so I didn’t just waste all my Bits. I probably won’t bother buying from him, since most times I’m going to need the meat pretty quick (atleast at this point) as they seem to eat a lot more then DW1, and more often.


  754. AndreF Says:

    I reallu can’t wait it @_@


  755. Gabriel Slania Says:

    I am getting a little impatient here….


  756. Woid Says:

    Just heard that there is a big chance that digimon cyber Sleuth along with god eater 2 will be announced on the anime expo in two weeks. really excited


  757. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, it looks likely that Cyber Sleuth really is getting a PS4 port and that the Amazon thing was an accidental leak. Still, I won’t count my chickens before they hatch.


  758. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    You mean your DigiEggs, right? :p


  759. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Tough crowd, tough crowd. Well at least noone’s asked for an update in a while….crap, now everyone will!
     photo AA_Miles_Edgeworth_Court_Confident_1_zps1xjjow0l.gif

    Liked by 1 person

  760. azurezeed Says:

    when will the patc…

    just kidding

    Go team go, i’ll wait patiently here as always


  761. AdolvsLink Says:

    Wait wait hold it. Did someone say God eater 2 is a possibility?! Dear god yes! I swear playing that game without knowing solidly what my goal is has been beyond annoying. Then again it’s still pretty simple I guess…. Fingers crossed anyway. So who’s ready for adventure tri? (If anyone tells me it got pushed again imma go Marcus Damon a puppy)


  762. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong for people to ask for updates, or expect them to be posted (outside of the comments section, of course.) I mean when you get a post saying it’s pretty much 100%… but that was almost a month ago… it’s sort of demoralizing for people to be kept in the dark. I myself have been visiting this blog for over a year, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said there were times where I honestly started to think the project just got dropped with no announcement.

    Any who I know what you guys do takes time, I’m still looking forward to being able to play the game. An update more than 1 every month or two would be nice though.


  763. Trinciacrophobia Says:

    Sporky, I honestly really like yours and Romsstar’s technical comments that you’ve made. Small updates like that mean quite a lot to me. Even if you think they’re silly, you should post them in your down time! I find it interesting and it shows that you’re still making headway, however I do know you’re working regardless. :)


  764. Rai Says:

    @Patrick: Do what I said. CTRL + F “Sporky Mcforkinspoon Says:” or “Romsstar says:” Nobody has been “left in the dark” Updates have been made several times since the blog post.

    I’m fine with people asking for updates, but not every single freaking day.


  765. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Thanks Trinciacrophobia, I really don’t mind giving updates like that, and I know there are people who enjoy reading them. But I also know that there are plenty of people who get emails or RSS feeds when we make a new post, so I try to reserve that for something worth their time. We try to find a balance, and that’s usually been about one a month.

    We’ll probably make one soon, but we’re trying to meet some internal goals first before we make it.

    Liked by 1 person

  766. Definetly not Anon Says:

    Hi! Anon here. Been following this wordpress since its conception ( followed the forums too ), and this patch’s progress is going great! You guys rock, and hype is getting to real for me. I’ll start binge watching the Digimon Anime ’till you release the patch. Wish you guys the best of wishes, as you mean a lot to me :3

    P.S. I actually like Rai. He treats people honestly and how they are supposed to be treated. Treat Rai like a bitch and Rai surely will bite back, but if we are nice to Rai, well, probably free hugs. Can I get free Rai hugs? :3


  767. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t speak for Rai, but I’ll give you a hug, Not Anon. Thanks for writing in, we always appreciate comments like yours.


  768. Alex Drakscale Says:

    @Definitely not Anon
    It’s not just you, I have been watching a lot of the anime in the last couple of weeks. For some reason I’m really addicted to Digimon Adventure’s dub opening. Tis just great for some reason. I’m currently about 10 eps into Digimon Tamers XD


  769. Rai Says:

    Everybody can get free Rai hugs, as long as they don’t act stupid. :P

    Liked by 1 person

  770. Anonymous Says:

    So this is coming out today yeah.



  771. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’ll leave this one to you, Rai.


  772. Anonymous Says:

    No malice intended at all, Been waiting for this for a while now and am more than happy to continue waiting.

    Thank you guys :)



  773. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I see. I’m not a Twitch person. Also, even after reading that entry, I have no idea why you would pick Kappa as a term for sarcasm.


  774. iF Says:

    Hi guys ! What’s with the Rai Hugs ? I just had my 2nd time drinking with my college friends this night , how are thing holding up ? ^^~


  775. Koggmaw Says:

    2+2 = 6 Wheres my hug Rai


  776. Rai Says:

    Your hug is over there.


  777. alaboxingcactus Says:

    I’m patiently waiting for the patch like everyone else :) do I get a hug?


  778. Vebrendos Says:

    So Rai is giving out hugs?… (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  779. Tex Killer Says:

    Don’t hug them, Rai, they are not real women!


  780. LOLMDRWTF? Says:

    Uh, some guys are doing a digimon game marathon on twitch.



  781. Rai Says:

    Hugs are giving out Rai!

    .wait. Something’s wrong there.


  782. Anonymous Says:

    So excited, you guys are miracle workers!


  783. Jindan Says:

    I have a feeling that the patch could be out already but you enjoy teasing us :D


  784. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We could put it out, but there’d be places where the text runs out of the box, and in such places, generally off the screen entirely. Also typos, and only the dub terms, no sub version.


  785. Jindan Says:

    Oh, I see, didn´t thought of that, and how much places where the text runs out of the box are there? A lot?


  786. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There were, we’ve been cleaning them up for a couple weeks now.


  787. salles27 Says:

    But Sporky, are these issues the only thing left for now to fix? Or are the testers still running through the game finding new things?


  788. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Some of column A, some of column B. Those are the main things left, but we seem to find a few more minor issues every play through. It’s common enough yet that I don’t feel comfortable projecting a release date. Of course, I’d probably say that even if we were releasing tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

  789. Coby Says:

    Is there a way to extend a Digimon’s life? Like in DW1 you could catch Digi-bass (I think) which made them live longer


  790. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That still works, and chain melons are best in both.


  791. Coby Says:

    Thanks. Sorry for all the questions, this should be my last one though. I was walking around on the water, and there was a vine/antenna or something sticking out of the water. My Digimon pulled it 3 times, what does it do? I would google it, but I don’t know how to word it properly to get any results


  792. Inide Says:

    You walked on water, Cody?
    I think what you do is die for mankinds sins.

    Might be painful, I hear that romsstar made a lot of the sins.


  793. ezezero Says:

    @Coby. You need a Digimon with 400 o 500 in Str. To pull that vine, It’s a Kudamon actually, and joins the city after you save him


  794. NEO Ness Says:

    I was like 3 steps away from pulling Kudamon out with my H-Kabuterimon. Then BAM! He died :( Haven’t tried since.


  795. Coby Says:

    Oh cool, thanks for that. I’ll go do that now


  796. Anonymous Says:

    I’m the nice anon from before

    I see, thanks for enlighting me about it.
    I kind of get what Chrona is trying to say though. I have that same feeling. I mean, they don’t like to gamble or do risk even though they should notice the fanbase. Maybe I’m just not seeing the bigger picture and only they might know…or even those who follows will know since they can do their research well.

    Good luck with the testing again!


  797. iF Says:

    I can almost taste it x3 Haha , little time now ~


  798. NEOCrimson Says:

    I’m used to find everything I want with ctrl + F and typing what I want to find, either it is on gamefaqs or in any other website, but it seems some people don’t know that feature. Maybe?.
    But anyways, as I see people making questions, I have one too, in this game is there any fishing mini-game and is there any fish-like digimon to fish in some lake like seadramon in dw1? i rarely post a comment but I’ve been following this project since the beginning when pong pong created the post in gbatemp, i’m not a social networking kind of a guy, just a humble guy waiting for this game to be translated like everybody else and love digimon since my 7 years old and I still remember the happiness I felt everyday i came home from school, I grew up with digimon basically, now i have 25 years old and I still love digimon the same way I loved before and it will always be important to me, btw I don’t like how people brag in gbatemp or they think they are superior just because they have more posts than other people and saying stuff like hey look, it’s the 1 post guy blah blah blah


  799. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    This game has fishing, and you catch what may be literally the same Seadramon.


  800. iF Says:

    Hope it comes this week ~


  801. Лёха Says:

    im gonna murder you (not really) if you gonna release this on my 10 days of holidays.. I wish to be on the excitement wave.


  802. Rai Says:

    They should release it on your 10 days of holidays just to piss you off.

    I totally would.


  803. vexrapopple Says:

    My hard drive is sputtering out it’s last wheezes so my prediction is that the patch will be released the day after my PC decides to quit this tenuous dance of working not working and just catches fire and dies. on a side note does anyone know if it’s possible to clone a harddrive onto an external and run a pc off that as I have exactly 0 budget for a new machine

    Liked by 1 person

  804. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m a little curious about what religion or country is having ten holidays at the moment. Anyone know?

    @Vex: I can probably walk you through it.


  805. vexrapopple Says:

    @sporky could just be annual leave I’m taking thursday through next saturday ff in a few weeks that’s almost 10 ish


  806. Vex Ocelano Says:

    So I think I should have my computer repaired by tomorrow night and to celebrate/verify its repaired functionality I intend to attempt to twitch streaming the unpatched original version(have to clarify that got one reader all excited that the patch was out when I forgot to specify it last time ;) ) of the game at 6am wednesday will be playing for two hours and no longer as I have to go to work immediately after


  807. NEOCrimson Says:

    I thought seadramon could evolve or something lol btw his holidays could be just vacation, for example, in my country which is Portugal, there is not such thing as ten holidays in a row, there is one holiday here and there and you can choose some days of vacation for year if you work, it might possibly be that but if it’s not, then I’m curious too.

    By the way, will someone translate Digital Monster Ver. S Digimon Tamers game for Sega Saturn one day? It’s because sega saturn was one of my favourite consoles of all time when i was a kid, has only one digimon game for it and it’s in japanese, I think that It could be fast to translate since it doesn’t has any story, it’s more a digimon pet game with battles and stuff but I’m totally crazy for all digimon games, hope wonderswan digimon games could be translated one day too, It is fairly easy to play in japanese but in english would be other special thing.


  808. optimusch Says:

    Hey im huge fan from your work and i heard that you romsstar are looking for translation job and i just came across an ad from blizzard that they are hiring and looking for translator and editor so why not giving it a shoot? http://eu.blizzard.com/en-gb/company/careers/directory.html#region=Europe;city=Versailles;sortby=Team;search=,Platform%20Services,


  809. A fan. Says:

    Fall release hooray


  810. Anonymous Says:

    I hope the Patch is ready before I fly to Portugal so i can play it on the Flight :D . But If not then I play it after the Vacation. But anyway keep up the good work cant wait to finally play your Patch :)


  811. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’ve never heard of the Saturn game, Neo, and if there’s no story, it probably doesn’t interest me, but the Wonderswan games have been on my list of potential translation projects for years. Hopefully we’ll get to them at some point.


  812. NEOCrimson Says:

    “Hackers invade the Digital World and you and your Digimon have to stop them. You must gather 5 coins from all over File Island. However, if you lose to a hacker you lose a coin. ” -this is basically the goal of the only digimon game in sega saturn I guess.
    I think it might have some conversation when you defeat those said hackers and gather a coin but not much story I guess.

    http://wikimon.net/Digital_Monster_Ver._S <— here you can see the game’s wiki

    I understand that It might not have interest for people to translate it, but ya know, a huge digimon fan like me would like to play every digimon game that might exist in the world with understandable/english language lol
    I would translate it my self but I don’t know how to find the translating tools to do it, and I would try to learn japanese in the Internet, there’s some online tutorials to learn japanese out there but I’m not in the mood to do that right now..


  813. Anonymous Says:

    you guys should release another update


  814. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ll make one in the near future. We want to finish up a few more things before we do.


  815. Lord Evell Says:

    One day, all digimon games shall be translated! That day we shall all worship our heroes who got the skills to make such things happen!
    Meanwhile I will wait patiently :3
    Thank you for working so hard for us lazy bastards!


  816. Gabriel Slania Says:

    I had a dream, in that dream I dreamed a dream where the mod was released.


  817. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, I too have a dream. And in it, I’m naked… Well, maybe that’s all of that dream that I should describe.


  818. Anonymous Says:

    Go on. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  819. Vebrendos Says:

    Was Rai in it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  820. South American Guy Says:

    Yo guys its me the south american guy! im here to say hello to everyone who is in this project, ya know my eng still suxs but…

    ima waiting for update a little bit nervous.. cuz.. almost there! the end line is quite nearly… (yeah punch me in da face my eng suxs!)

    (Les deseo lo mejor chicos!!)
    (I wish the best to ya guys!!)


  821. ExDii Says:

    Excitement keeps ramping up. XD


  822. Rai Says:

    @South: Believe it or not, your English is better than many people I know who are actually natively English.

    @Vebrendos: I’m in everyone’s dreams. You can deny it all you want, but I am always there. Watching silently.


  823. Definetly not Anon Says:

    @Rai: Well, because your the hero that dreams deserve, but not the one it needs right now.
    Rai is definitely Batman. A digimon-loving, huggable Batman.


  824. NeoDaedalus Says:

    End of the line? I don’t wanna die! In all seriousness, your English is pretty good, I’d just say to drop some of the lingo, but that is just me. Live the internet, eventually a grammar nazi will approach you, not once but multiple times along your internet years, and then you will improve your grammar. I’m also South American btw, but I’m Brazilian, so you might my neighbor.


  825. bryan Says:

    what if one of your testers betrays and uploads the iso online ??


  826. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We would be very annoyed, and could probably figure out who did it.


  827. Leo Says:

    I know you guys said that is useless to ask for ETA, but this project is going on for so long, I’m growing old waiting for this patch, I do not want to loose interest into the serie before this thing comes out.

    Please answer, is this going to be released during this summer? Because summer would be an awesome time to revisit childhood memories.

    Please, make it happen.


  828. Truth Says:

    Since it hasn’t happened yet, I’d wager you chose a great set of testers.

    Liked by 1 person

  829. Rai Says:

    And here’s where you’re wrong.

    I insult people who ask ‘stupid’ stuff. Y’know, like asking for updates when there has been one quite recently above them. I don’t insult just anyone for inquiring about the patch. If you had even a quarter of a brain you’d actually know that.

    You’re just acting stupid for the sake of it. Again, we all know when the patch comes out, you’ll be rushing towards it as soon as possible as if your life depended on it.

    EDIT: Actually, I’m not going to bother anymore. I’m just going to remove your comments because you’re obviously just baiting.


  830. Marco Says:

    LOL. this thing will never come out, probably never even existed for starters, AND i is real they are sharing only with their friends.


  831. Lokys Says:

    Shut up Marco.


  832. killermonkeyguy Says:

    It’ll be absolutely hilarious when this comes out if i discover that there’s no exploits like the first game to make up for the fact that I’m awful at raising digimon. 30 quid for a Numemon simulator. So worth. :D


  833. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Actually, it’s very hard not to digivolve into something worthwhile, even when I TRIED to get Numemon, I couldn’t. The first run through I got all the way to BlueMeramon, which is an ultimate, on my first time! I think you’ll get a champion or possibly an ultimate pretty easy, and even if you do get Numemon you can still get Monzaemon, which is nice enough.


  834. Rai Says:

    @Marco: Try learning how to spell and use grammar before attempting to troll.


  835. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I usually delete comments like Marco’s, but today, I think we’ll leave it for posterity.


  836. NEOCrimson Says:

    Go sporky, go sporky, I believe on you guys, I know and I understand that you are doing the best for us, only releasing it when it’s beyond perfect for our best interests, and sometimes when you don’t allow some comments to be posted, even if people think that it’s not offensive, probably itºs because it is, just to say you have my full support and esteem, and I know and everyone should know that you guys have only the best of the intentions.

    PS: I may never be with you guys personally, but Hope you guys are good people, not like those guys who only go to gym and solarium and have nothing in their heads, and when they pass by childhood friends, they turn their stupid heads down and ignore, it’s because here in my country it’s full of people like that, you know, older people are better, nowadays the people of my age (25) and younger are worse, I may sound old, but it’s the reality.


  837. Anonymous Says:

    How do you feel now Marco?


  838. Brian Says:

    Hahahaha! oooh Marco look at you now! How stupid you must feel right about now!
    Aaaah who am I kidding? probably one of the first people to DL the patch without saying thank you :p
    Which makes you even more sad to begin with ^^


  839. jhuebert95 Says:

    Hey Sporky, I just realized that the game’s title still displayed in japanese. Was this just missed or was this intentional?


  840. DiogoN96 Says:

    Sorry for asking for an ETA for the update, and i’ll understand if you guys prefer not to answer or giving me the classic “it will be done when it’s done”. No sarcasm, I really will.
    It’s just that i’m between choosing to play this game or another one, and I don’t like playing two at the same time.
    I’d prefer to play this one first, but I am really bored right now so, would you choose to, the answer would really help me picking one.
    Again, thanks to everyone involved in this project.


  841. DiogoN96 Says:

    Oh, and i’d prefer to play on sub, though, it’s not really a must. When the update’s out, will it be for both the dub and the sub versions? Thanks it advance.


  842. DiogoN96 Says:

    Wait, this shouldn’t be here! there’s a glitch in the matrix!!!


  843. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @Jhuebert: That was intentional.

    @Diogo: Probably tomorrow, but definitely not until it’s done and tested. The update will be for all versions of the patch.


  844. DiogoN96 Says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    btw, what’s the origin of your username?


  845. moglingkupo Says:

    Plss.. Someone give me instruction how to use tht patch.. I choose the iso and press patch after that nothing happen and my iso nothing changing.. So addicted with this digimon game..plsss someone help me


  846. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Moglingkupo: You need to choose a place and a name for the new ISO with the second button that says output, then press patch.

    Liked by 1 person

  847. moglingkupo Says:

    Yup i do wht u told.. But nothing change


  848. moglingkupo Says:

    Its mean a duplicate iso will be created at the end of patched


  849. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time understanding you. It’s supposed to make a duplicate patch. Pick a location and give it a different name than the original.

    If that doesn’t work, do you get an error message?

    Liked by 1 person

  850. moglingkupo Says:

    Ohhh man..cant work.. Evrything i make nothing happens.. Can u give tutorial video. Plsss


  851. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t know what you would video. There’s three steps. If it’s not working for you, it’s probably a problem with your computer at this point. If you like, install TeamViewer and contact me at OpDecoded@gmail.com and we can set up a time for me to try to help you.


  852. Anonymous Says:

    make a patch that leaves the digimon never die.


  853. Anonymous Says:

    digimon dying ever, is boring. rip the game


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