The Legend of Operation Decoded


Today, I thought I’d like to give some insight on some aspects of this translation and a bit of history, because it all seems probably confusing to people who weren’t following us on GBATemp.  SuperSwordGaming asked us in the comments the other day who is actually leading this project, and we’ve had requests for a post about the group’s history before. I first started writing this as a comment to SSG, but it became long enough that it seemed like it should be a blog post. This also might clear things up those of you who are wondering why we’re not done yet, or “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?!”

The Legend of Operation Decoded

I started the translation project way back in November 2012. Back then, we had lots of different group members, some of whom, I regret to say it, were not trustworthy. One person in particular volunteered as a translator, but he kept using Google Translate, which made his contributions useless. A different person from that early group decided to leak the patch well before it was anything like ready for release, which resulted in the horrible, horrible patch that is still floating around in the internet today. While that patch is technically to our group, I assure you none of my translations are in it, and none of the current group members is associated in any way with it.

After this happened I was really disheartened, I trusted guys and they betrayed my trust. With no trustworthy translators besides myself, and editors who were leaking internal builds, I was unsure how to continue this project. Enter Onkeikun, a very nice and very skilled native Japanese speaker approached me on GBATemp; she shares credit for translation with me on this project. She did an awesome job of translation crucial things like the e-mails and other things, where a native speaker was very much needed. Together, we translated this whole huge game.

However, there were problems on the technical side. Roxas75, our programmer back then had trouble understanding the format. It involved a stupid textlimit, which I was sure was nonexistent, but which I couldn’t solve back then. I kept researching, and Roxas75 kept disappearing. This whole process dragged on for 6 months By the ends of that time, we still had no usable tools for inserting our translated text, and I was really unhappy with many of the translations we were making, as I had to cut many lines due to that “textlimit.” Meanwhile, I was so busy with university that I had barely time to translate and research the data format. I couldn’t do both at once, and we ended up losing an addition 3 months, meaning that for almost nine months, very little progress was made.

Finally, I made a breakthrough with the help of my friend of StorMyu. We got the main format of the text files basically lined out, but there was still a problem. We had no one who was able to implement our discovery, Roxas75 wasn’t up to the task. Several coders approached me, but none of them seemed to be able to solve the problem.

At that time, people were somewhat understandably pissed off. It seemed like we were dead; progress hadn’t been made for months, but please guys, I hope now you can see why. Since that leak, I had dismissed almost everyone from the original group because I didn’t feel like I could trust anyone, and I was unhappy with the quality of the translations that original group was creating. With no coder around, and no one who could truly deliver what I envisioned for this project, it seemed like this project was doomed to be canceled.

Fortunately, CompCom came along. He said he didn’t give a crap about the drama, and really only wants us to continue. He fixed the problem that Roxas hadn’t been able to solve in 6 months in 6 minutes. Literally.

The project seemed back on track, but I am not a native speaker, and we had basically no team. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes that happened the first time. I was determined to choose members were carefully this time. Enters Sporky. Sporky’s way of expressing himself really caught my eye, and he said that he had some Japanese skills, which were helpful for Translation checking. He volunteered as an editor, and I really liked what he delivered; plus, he seemed like a really nice guy. We bonded over lots of things, he has a knack for organization which I simply don’t. At some point Sporky asked if I’d mind him co-leading the team. I said I essentially regarded him as Co-Leader already by that point. Because I was so busy, he often acted as the spokesman for the group. Now we were CompCom, StorMyu, Sporky and I. StorMyu said that he had some editor friends that would like to help.

That’s how Kalker became part of the group. Sporky and Kalker had worked together on the, sadly canceled, SAO: Infinity Moment translation project. So Sporky and Kalker became permanent main editors, with Sporky eventually starting to write Progress Reports to you guys. That’s when the project really started to make progress again. We tried out some other Editors, but none of them ended up sticking around for long. We were fine with that,what he had a group that worked, and it still does.

All in all we now have a group of 3-5 people, on good days. Despite delays, we’re nearly done, and all the main members of our group plan on continuing on to work on Decode. There’s more to it, but that may be a story for another time. I’m sorry this ended up running so long, but we’ve had a number of requests for a post like this.

PS: As Sporky has mentioned in the comments section of the last post, I am working with a good friend of mine on a Digimon World 1 hacking project. If you guys are interested in seeing how that goes, what kind of progress we make, please write that in the comment section below, and if there is enough interest, I might post stuff about that too.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


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  1. KonanDoyle Says:

    1st to comment! great history


  2. Ace Haseo Says:

    i feel you man , iv’e been waiting for this a veeeery looong time but i’m sure it will all be worth the wait , nice dedication and i hope you guys could make it ! :) cheers !


  3. stallion8426 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. I’d like to hear about the DW 1 hack if its not too much trouble. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you have done!


  4. Ivy Says:

    I didn’t know the struggle you had to go through just for some shitty people on the internet who just bitch and nag about when the game is going to be released. Thank you so much for not giving up and the work you and your group has done. Now that this project is soon to come to an end I really would be interested in your new hacking project.


  5. weed4mex Says:

    I’ve been following you guys for soooooo long. Every update you give gets me pumped. Not to mention how interested I am in your DW1 Project. If this digimon world 1 project is anything like the first game I will lose a lot of sleep playing this game as well. Thanks for all of the continued efforts.


  6. Chris_Pirtle Says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m interested in any tinkerings done on the original Digimon World game. I’m surprised anyone would mess around with it as I’d kind of presumed it was difficult to work with considering all I’ve seen done is Giromon’s jukebox bug fix and this,12187.40.html which I just now realized was this group.


  7. Rai Says:

    More info on the DW1 hacking sounds like a good idea. That game was fantastic, and from what we were told in that comment, the current hacking you and your friend are doing seems like it might lead to some incredible stuff happening.

    And the history lesson was also really interesting. Keep up the good work you guises.


  8. Drake Says:

    It is simply great to learn a little about you! I’d say, the best update you could give us! And… I’d really like to know more about DW1 hacking project… Sincerely, now it interests me more than the patch itself lol
    As usual, thank you for your work!


  9. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s Romsstar’s project, but from what he’s told me, they’ve basically been reverse engineering the entire game. They can insert new NPCs, edit or add dialogue, change the evolution requirements (and are working on making so new Digimon can be added), they can add new maps or use the existing ones in new ways, and anything to do with the RNG can be changed. The editor they’ve been making is now over ten thousand lines of code, and they’re not done yet. It’s going to be pretty amazing when they release it, we’re thinking about eventually writing an all new storyline for the game.


  10. Ein Says:

    There is always great stories behind great works :)
    Wow alternate DW 1 nice :D


  11. TJfin Says:

    you’re a great person Romsstar don’t ever change your ways.


  12. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Ohh! Story time! i cri evry time… :’¬3 Btw, Romsstar, I was already on the look out for that DW1 hacking project of yours for some time, so the interest is there.


  13. Nicolás Huerta Says:

    DW1 hack YAY
    well, I’ve been following this project for quite sometime now and i’ve never actually left any comments on it.
    Just wanted to say great work, guys… I really want to play this, however you should take your time with it and pay no attention to trolls demanding answers as if they payed for this translation you’re giving us. For FREE i might add.

    I love you all


  14. kora Says:

    yes !!!! Digimon world 1 rom hacking ftw!!!
    The best digimon game ever made deserves a good hacking team, maybe it can even improve this almost perfect game.

    Thank you Roosstar.


  15. AlbelNox55 Says:

    For all i care you guys are awesome especially after getting betrayed by your former team you never gave up…. I think it doesn’t really matter how long it will take you to finish this project as long as you don’t abandon it so close at the finishing line because if it were not for you guys, people like me would never get their hands on a playable version of this game so thank you for you great efforts and your awesome work up until now… don’t give up the people in this community are supporting and rooting for you so don’t worry about anything like letting us wait because it’s done when it’s done and there is nothing more to it


  16. Carlos Says:

    Well, its my first comment here too, and i’ve been following your team for some time too. Thanks for all the progress you already make and keep the good work. And for what happended with the previous team, you guys did the right thing and now look what you accomplished, i think for future projects you have a very good team, dont forget to have some rest after this project is complete!


  17. Djalma Says:

    Thank you for sharing your history with us.

    Personally I really like when you guys explain the situation of translation, any problems etc…

    I’m very happy with what you guys are doing to finish the translation.

    Take your time and thank you very much for your hard work.


  18. Brian Says:

    Digimon World 1 was by far the greatest game I played growing up, so any news on your new project would be greatly appreciated! Being able to change and edit the entire game sounds so awesome, I can hardly wait! :) keep up the good work!


  19. Krisedge Says:

    Thanks for all the effort and knowing the history of this project makes me appreciate the effort you guys put in more! =D
    Keep up the good work and would like to hear more about the DW1 project too.


  20. JP Says:

    Huh? What kind of hacking you guys doing with DW1? Like adding in Digimon that weren’t there?


  21. BraveTamerMicko Says:

    Keep up the good work; there are definitely people out there who appreciate your dedication, and I’m one of them! As for the Digimon World 1 hack, I’ve always been extremely interested in that game, so I’m certainly curious!


  22. The Random Guy From Before. Says:

    Imagine playing your Moded Digimon World Online!! 100 plaeyers per server and file island filled with them chatting and exploring.It would be awesome. I always wanted a moded digimon world 3 online version.


  23. Alex Says:

    I have interest in the DW1 hack


  24. SWA Says:

    I’d definitely hit a DW1 mod with (extremely difficult to make) mega evolutions :3 the ability to bring extra digimon to the city would also be a nice addition!


  25. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    Allways i see something new on this website I get filled with joy, since I’m a huge digimon fan (but probably not more of an fan than everybody else), I’m with you guys since the begining, since the very translation announcement, and has been a long journey but it’s coming to an end finally. Btw I’m very interested in your hacking project, i have 1 question, is that some sort of dw1 remake with some new digimons?


  26. Lucas Says:

    I’m totally interested! dw1 is awesome :)))


  27. Dr Jones Says:

    The digimon world 1 hack sounds amazing !!
    im almost more hyped about that than the the re:digitize hahaha :D

    Playing the good old Digimon world 1 with a cool updates that gives you new content to explore, that sounds so neat! please make give some details about that romsstar!!!


  28. Anonymous Says:

    Ofc we are!:)


  29. Sterahi Says:

    I’m totally interested in the hacked DMW1! I loved that game as a kid (honestly still do to be totally honest) and any information on it would be incredible!


  30. Bida Says:

    Post DMW1 Hacked here, looks like a cool think!


  31. Anonymous Says:

    i know they made sao hollow fragment but someone should really translate infinity moment


  32. A fan Says:

    I am curious on how you decided to pick people for the project in more detail.

    Also keep up the good work and thank you for all your effort.


  33. nabil Says:

    By the time you finish hacking Dw1, can you mod it like skyrim? Apart from adding digimon, storyline and npc, can you add some texture and improve the graphic too? Well, you are one hell of a man, romsstar.


  34. Erfan Suhardi Says:

    allright just keep continius at least and don;t be bothered about ur bitches friendsss i love u keep trasnlasting bra :P


  35. coldb26 Says:

    I’m interested in the DW1 stuff as well. (WEREGARURUMOOOOON, where are you…)

    I’ve read many threads and found it odd that the only thing available on the internet was that Jukebox patch. I’m not complaining, ofc! But from what I saw Romsstar was really INTO that game, there should be something more that he hadn’t published for unknown reasons…


  36. hiandromon Says:

    So… from what I’m reading…. you guys… are…beyond… AWESOME!!!!
    I mean… if you are tinkering with DW1 to either add yourself or let us add new digimons… then that’s just what anyone who played it before wanted.
    But on top of that you can toy with the texts, the dialogues, the map, the NPCs, the evolution requirements and even the RNG… then only thing left is the boy who gets sucked in and the starting partner chosen by those questions. Which I believe that wouldn’t be any harder if you have already done all of the above.

    Please let us know and dream for a better future. Where digimons and tamers are more in sync than ever.

    PS: Great story, it lacks explosions. But great story.


  37. Akito Kitoru Says:

    Been following the project since around the time shit happened and you moved from gbatemp , but don’t remember CompCom and kalker … bad memory, I guess.
    Good to know some more about the team, but I’m still curious to how it all began … Guess I’ll nagg Rommy a little about it once my broken finger heals and I finish all my homework and tests


  38. John Says:

    I have also been following for a while, never really felt compelled till now. You guys are doing great work for those of us who really liked the first game. I am super interested in the DW1 hack….I do have a question, would the hack mean you would be able to say add weregarurumon?


  39. smashbash12 Says:

    Digimon world 1 hacking project?! Please tell me more!!


  40. yesyo Says:

    I want to see dat fckin hackin project please. That would be just too amazing.


  41. Jon Says:

    Digimon World 1 was an interesting game, at least for monster raising. Sadly that and the story was the only interesting thing, since battles just made you want to run away all the time and avoid them every time you got into one because of the rewards being so useless they may as well have not given you one at all. If part of your plans for this hack involve giving battles more meaning(maybe by giving concentrated stat points for different digimon if possible, with some double digit numbers, or some other addition) so that spending days at the gym is the only course of action you have to survive battles(in which you’ll only fight the boss ones unless you want to get a certain digimon), then I’m all for hearing about this hack. But if you’re just gonna add some digimon I dunno how interested I’d be in it.


  42. Anonymous Says:

    its been a while . you guys are amazing to think its already been 2 years and even thou there were some setback your team is giving their best to accurately and perfectly translate the game and btw. played the game yesterday again beaten everyone in the arena witb my a shjnegreymon thou i havent any progress in the story well i dint mind but can you guys/gals tell me what lily said XD it was so funny when she dressed up as a monzaimon XD it was so funny XD got a lilithmon now XD


  43. majical indexacce Says:

    its been a while . you guys are amazing to think its already been 2 years and even thou there were some setback your team is giving their best to accurately and perfectly translate the game and btw. played the game yesterday again beaten everyone in the arena witb my a shjnegreymon thou i havent any progress in the story well i dint mind but can you guys/gals tell me what lily said XD it was so funny when she dressed up as a monzaimon XD it was so funny XD got a lilithmon now XD and its great your making a hack digimon world 1 :D


  44. Oldrpg Gaming Says:

    Hey everyone ! just read every comment here along with the history of this project originally posted, And you can literally feel the positivity from the people who are supporting and patiently waiting, your team must have put dare I say HUNDREDS of hours of time into this project and I know I speak for more than myself when I say that even before this has been released me and all the others here have the highest level of gratitude and appreciation to what you’re doing for English speaking Digimon fans all over the globe !! MY Top level of respect and thanks goes out to your small hard working team !! keep up the good work and stay positive !! <3

    On another note i just thought this seemed like a good place to let people know that I’ve recently started a YouTube channel for game playthrough’s and obviously my first series is of the original DW1 !! It’s a game we can all go back to playing easily thanks to Emulators and what not these days so that’s exactly what I’ve done =D If you wanna pass some time waiting for this Incredible Decode Project to come to it’s glorious end, then come check out my Digimon World Videos people ! =D

    That link’s straight to my DW1 Playlist, Stay patient everyone keep supporting this team of incredible people and as a Fan Community we get one step closer to the completion of this Behemoth sized game being released with every passing second !!!

    Much Love !!


  45. MM2/SS Jones Says:

    Hey, would it be possible to get the email of your programmer if he checks these comments? I tinker with programming a lot when I am on deployment in my free time and would like some pointers. Anyway thanks a lot for all of the hard work you all have put in!


  46. Jhe Query Says:

    I was really expecting that this project would have been finished by 2013, if not 2014, whose idea started late 2012 when it was promised to be the case by that time. Having read the history of the project’s progress, I got to say that it’s a lot of effort you guys are putting into this project. For that, kudos to you guys!


  47. skg0091923 Says:

    Wow, that was really interesting thank you for sharing. :D and I’m really interested in that DW1 hacking project I’d love a link or some information on it.:D
    Thankyou…just Thankyou so much!!!!! for everything . :D :D :D :D :D


  48. HedgehogExplosions Says:

    As someone who’s been following this (lurkingly) from practically the beginning (back on GBAtemp), it’s amazing to see how great of a job you’re all doing. Thanks for all of this!
    On the note of DW1, I’d love to see some of the things you guys are doing! In particular, the idea of being able to insert Digimon excites me.


  49. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    For the time being, the DW1 hacking tool has some important things it can’t do, and some that are theoretically possible but not realistic. Adding Digimon that didn’t exist when the game came out isn’t possible yet, the game uses a custom made, and very odd, format for the 3D models, and Romsstar hasn’t been able to reverse engineer it yet. If that happens, it will potentially be possible to add all new Digimon, but we’d still need some talented graphics designers to make models of those new Digimon in the art style of DW1. People have also asked about making an HD version of the game. That has more complicated problems. The 3D model issue comes up again, and we would need artists to redo all the textures. The biggest problem though, is that all of the backgrounds are fairly low resolution static images that don’t upscale well. We would need someone to make the backgrounds in high resolution from scratch, ideally by painting them IRL so that we could scan them at an arbitrary resolution.

    There’s still plenty of work to be done on the DW1 tool, is what I’m saying, I guess, and once it’s done, a lot more work to do something particularly interesting with it.


  50. Romsstar Says:

    @Anonymous :
    Spoiler Alert.
    Lily decided to dress up as a Digimon, because she wanted to beat you with her martial art skills from Tekken. But the stuffed toy was so heavy she could barely move and also she couldn’t see a thing.
    The quest is long as you know, but of course everything’s translated and yes it is funny as hell. One of my favourite quests too


  51. Rovim Tay Says:

    I’ve been following you guys anonymously since the time in GBATemp,
    I know you can do it !!!


  52. Yuuki Hiro Reynanda Says:

    wow….i can only say wow…wow


  53. Anonymous Says:

    DW1 is definitely one of my favorite games even now at 24. It was just so different from everything else. Shame they didn’t keep similar formatting for 2, 3, 4.


  54. Anonymous Says:

    PS: If I know how to patch iso I would loved to help you, sadly I don’t know how.


  55. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Anonymous. We are sticking with this project, and we’re almost done. Since a number of people have asked for a history of the team, we wrote one. As for how long you’ve been waiting, well, so have we, except that we’ve been working on the problem instead of waiting for someone else to fix it.


  56. Brandon Says:

    thanks for not giving up on this you guys are awesome i’d love to see posts about dw1 hack and im sure it would be fun to play, i wish you guys the best of luck in this project and anyothers and hope all goes well in your lives


  57. arxin777 Says:

    Awesome job, I vote for the Digimon World 1 hack showcase :) ..

    Too bad Weregarurumon was not an obtainable digi there.


  58. Noël Rakotondramanana Says:

    I wish the best things for all the team,we can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing…And I think we are all interested about that DM1 project.


  59. zilve Says:

    Glad to see another update post:)
    Been folling you guys since 2013 and getting really excited to see the end result.

    Also awesome that you guys are remaking dm1:)
    But i have to say i`m sad there is no love for the dm2 and dm3 in terms of mod/hakcs that are online. maybe something to think about for a very distand future:P

    keep up the good work and cheers


  60. elliottwill20 Says:

    Keep up the good work guys. Cant wait for this game to come out. Also does anyone have a good link for DMW 3? Been dying to play it for a long time.


  61. tersegel Says:

    Keep up guys.. ure awesome….
    Ganbatte >-</


  62. Vagrant Says:

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been following you guys since the project started and I’ve got mad hype and respect for you guys. I can’t wait to see what the finished project is ^_^


  63. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: I’m not sure you even understand what the blog post was actually about.

    And “our project”? How rude. It’s theirs, not ours.


  64. Myfistus Says:


    OMFG A project to hack original Digimon World? I’ve always, always, wished for a way to breathe new life into it. I was so sad that the sequels were all nothing like the original, because it could have been really amazing if they were like the first one, but with improvements and new digimons to evolve (and no, I don’t mean digivolve, it’s actually evolve in the japanese version.)


  65. aseasonforcherries Says:

    This was a fun read. Especially this part:

    “Fortunately, CompCom came along. He said he didn’t give a crap about the drama, and really only wants us to continue. He fixed the problem that Roxas hadn’t been able to solve in 6 months in 6 minutes. Literally.”

    What a badass.


  66. stalker/SA Says:

    I hope they would also add new techniques to the DMW1 hacking project. like a whole new lot of techniques, that would really be fun.


  67. Forgottensage Says:

    Wow, I have been interested in this project for quite awhile now, and it seems I will finally see fruition (If only digimon lost saga, had this kind of team >.>) in any case, I love the work you all do, and am wishing you support in future endeavors.

    Ps. I love the way the translators take the time to interact with all the community, even anons which most people ignore in most forums.


  68. Davon Says:

    Hi, this is my first time responding on this site, I’ve been following the redigitize translation since 2012, I’ve been reading everything since then, I have had and lost many psp’s since then waiting for the localised release, nd yet I’m still super excited about it, I’m sorry if this might sound redundent but how’s the process going with redigitize? As I didn’t see anything mentioned about it.. Even though its not done, or even worked on for a week is it possible that you guys could post an update more frequently? If not I’m still cool with that, anyway, much respect!


  69. asdf Says:

    I really wish people were that intrested in Digimon World 3 because i honestly think it was one of the best out of the 3 but i guess no one really cares about hacking it.

    Regardless this DMW1 project sounds awesome.


  70. azurezeed Says:

    i remember the problems you had with all the programming stuff, really CompCom was a hero and StoryMyu was also a great help, you have come a long way, and all of us appreciate that.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!


  71. DemonKingKenji Says:

    well I dare say the community has spoken and your dw1 hack has a green light haha hardships are what life is about sometimes you gotta push through the shit to get to smell the roses its nice to know you didn’t give up even when it seemed like you would


  72. Goth2191 Says:

    @S-porky McHamforsure
    aww so at now is not possible to swap the models of DW1 for the ones on RE:Digitize (especially the hero)? :’/
    The backgrounds shouldn’t be a problem since (I think) they are static pre-rendered, so one can draw them from zero in a higher resolution with some “Anime” style like the ones of Yakuza Black Panther or Chaos Rings.


  73. Sjackster Says:

    hahaha, I was wondering if you posted this a day after April fools, so that people will take it seriously XD


  74. Tom Says:

    Hey there, I recently watched this speedrun of Digimon World ( , hope it’s alright to link it), and it sparked my interest in the game again. I’d die to read about what you guys are doing with the game, so please keep us updated on it, that’d be awesome :P Thank you very much!


  75. Jox2 Says:

    I’ve looked into hacking through digimon world on numerous month long occasions but my skills were not even close to what I would need. I didn’t want to recreate the game but just finish weregarurumon. I would love to see some of you guys working on it.


  76. calebparks Says:

    I love Digimon World 1. I’d be more than interested in seeing cool stuff done with it. Depending on the stuff, I’d be more than happy to return to the try them out.

    I’ve never been able to get all of the skills. It’d be nice to just hack them all in and finally do a sukamon run.


  77. ConfusedTree Says:

    I would have loved to be a part of this project. Too bad I don’t speak Jap and am not a knowledgable coder enough to contribute.
    Keep up the good work, I’ve been following you guys since the end of 2012. A few more months isn’t going to hurt lol I appreciate what you guys are doing


  78. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Davon: I make pretty regular updates here in the comments section. We are still working on this, I am currently working on the last set of files that need editing, the NPCs in File City. When I finish, we have a few things left to do. Among other things, I need to extract all of the text again and use a text crawler to find any typos that we missed, and then make the two sets of packs for the dub and sub names versions. Then we need to do testing. Still, we’re getting closer all the time.

    @Goth2191: Right now we can’t do anything with the models, but they’re working on it. Assuming they succeed in reverse engineering the format, you still won’t be able to just take models from a different game and insert them into DW1. You would need to transcode them, but first you would have to reverse engineer the model format for Re Digitize or Decode, and then probably modify them since they wouldn’t match the art style. It would probably be easier to just make new models in the DW1 format. Although you’re right that the backgrounds are static images, they can’t just be upscaled, and no one currently on the team is a good enough artist to recreate them.


  79. demidevimon Says:

    man im gonna miss stalking your blog and searching for typos
    sigh i guess good things don’t last lol


  80. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nah, the blog stays. We’ve got the DW1 project and Decode. We might add a better website at some point, but we’ll probably keep updating here for legacy users.


  81. Terra battle_player Says:

    First of all, thanks for sharing your project history with us, that’s surely a hard strugle for you and the team. I am really sure as for now the people who have mocked and asked to accelerate the translation would feel stupid after reading this post.

    About your DW 1 hacking project, I’m getting a goosebumb by just reading it. That was a masterpiece game, many people would have thought to modify that game but just a few who really tried it, and now to know there is some guys actually doing it makes me feel amazed.


  82. Ian Jarrell Says:

    I would like to say that i want to see what this game is like, but, obviously, The language barrier is a huge problem with me. That being said, I’m going to keep my eye on this until it’s release. My only Digimon gaming experience was Digimon Data Squad (my second game) and Digimon World Dusk (which is a fantastic game in my opinion and REALLY focuses on strategy. I remember my first (and only) Digivice (looked like this , yah that’s the original one) and i’m looking forward to raising another (from the look of things that’s what it’s like)


  83. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yup, that’s the type of game this is. If you want a tamagotchi raising type of game while you wait, try out Digimon World 1, Re:Digitize is a revisit to that style of game.


  84. mizu0025 Says:

    Interesting hearing of your history, I’ll admit. Glad to hear everything’s going well, and I wish you luck on finishing your projects.


  85. Marco Sobrinho Says:

    @sporky and the team working on DW1 mod, Digimon TCG has the same graph as DW1 and i think dw2 with more digimon models, also, if you would consider working ona TCG mod i would be the happiest person on earth, i always thought DW TCG was a better game than even yugioh, it just lacked more digimon.


  86. crixx Says:

    Thank you for all your hardwork. always be safe on your journey, it may have been a very long one, but you’re finally getting there, and when you get there, everyone will be waiting :)


  87. Jindan Says:

    Hello, I thank you for this article, and no worries we shall wait few more months. I have 1 question, after you r done with this and the next digimon project, aren t you thinking of translating Fate/extra CCC ? Its one of the few games that should be translated, besides you won´t have to start from scratch , some people started but gave up. It should be easy for you guys , its just a ton of text like a novel


  88. Francesco Esposito Says:

    @Sporky, there are people saying that you’ll need more month, is true?I would help you but i don’t know japanese, but if you need help for editing and there is a fast tutorial for editing(you work with HxD editor?If so i’m familiar with this) i would glad to help, and to allow every digifan to play this game


  89. eieo Says:

    DW1 stuff!


  90. coldb26 Says:

    @Marco Sobrinho

    DW Digital Card Battle (and NOT TCG) takes place in the same “universe” as the first DW, with obvious similarities as the DCB MMO avatar being exactly equal to the DW human (And don’t forget Analog Man, who appears in both games as well).

    Still, are two totally different games. It would be interesting if resources from DCB could be used in some way in the DW mod, but I doubt that is possible, unfortunately.


  91. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Jindan: Some people have asked us to think about it, but we haven’t made any decisions about what to do when we’re done with Decode. However, I don’t think anyone on the team has any particular interest in Fate/Extra, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

    @Franceso: Although we have learned our lesson about giving a lot of specifics about a release date, those speculating that we need several more months are doing so without any specific knowledge of what progress is being made internally or how fast we are making it. Although if you are particularly interested, you may try out as an editor, it isn’t as easy as taking Romsstar’s translations and inserting them into the game (and no hex editor is involved, we have a custom coded set of tools for the purpose), ideally, an editor would have experience writing dialogue, as that’s basically what you would be doing, taking more or less exact translations, and turning them into natural sounding English dialogue without losing the original meaning.


  92. digicro Says:

    Happy Easter everybody.Thank you for being almost done with Re:Digitize,and we would all love to see that DW1 from’parallel universe’. I’m interested,will you do first that new DW1 or Decode.


  93. shogunreaper Says:

    So you’re working on DW1 right now instead of this?


  94. NaruNaru Says:

    yeah i’ll wait for this game


  95. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Shogunreaper: No, Romsstar’s been working on this off and on for about five years.

    @Digicro: His editor has some pretty major things left that we haven’t figured out how to do yet, when it’s done, I believe the plan is to release the tool, and we’ll get around to doing something with it eventually.


  96. Gabraham Says:

    I actually stumbled upon a thread you made (or maybe just posted in) on gamefaqs for Digimon World 1 where you posted a bunch of really neat codes for the game, including one that activated debug mode. I saved all of them I could to a google drive document for preservation since they were so neat.

    That said, I’d love to see whatever hacking project you’re working on for Digimon World 1.


  97. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to hear more about Digimon World 1


  98. it's me Says:

    it’s almost half years now :v


  99. TaintedKnight Says:

    wow what a history, also please tell more about Digimon World 1


  100. Francesco Esposito Says:

    @Sporky: I see, well i’m not english but i could at least try if that help, if you want you can contact me via GBATemp, my nick is Blackstar97.
    You can send me a translated text and i can try to make a dialogue, and i’ll send you the result


  101. Fresh Says:

    well that’s nice, to see how you stand up from your down condition, i wish i could help you, but i didn’t understand anything on programming or japanese, even my english wasn’t that good hehe
    i hope you’ll finished it soon, i can’t wait my fav game delaying to play for a long time, Keep your Spirit bro, good luck :))


  102. Patrick Says:

    Hearing you guys talk about starting a new project while you haven’t even yet finished the original is a little disheartening. I have been checking this site for years, waiting for the patch so I can actually play the game (I was a huge fan of DW1 growing up.) I have tried playing the game with the “makeshift” patch floating around but once you get to a certain point you simply cannot progress.

    So with that said, why start a new project? Won’t that take away time that could be spent finishing this one?


  103. Anon Says:

    soooooo :D

    Its April \ XD /


  104. AdolvsLink Says:

    @patrick: decoded isn’t going to be worked on until after re:digitized is done. Essentially, though, they’re different versions of the same game. Decoded is twice as long though as well as on a different system.

    Btw wassup Spork, Rai, and Rom. I’ve been silent but I’m still here in the background like batman. Lol you guys keep up the good work! Happy Easter.


  105. Mr Taffinator Says:

    I can not wait for the opportunity to play a game that expands on Digimon world 1 in all the best ways whilst maintaining the same type of gameplay!

    I would love you guys to work on Digimon World 1 as I believe it was the best all round game and the raising digimon and exploring was the best part of the game.

    Just one question:
    Will there be a guide to installing the patch when it is released? I have a PSX emulator but if this is a PSP game then I guess I’ll have to download something else?



  106. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @Patrick: If you’re talking about the DW1 project, we didn’t start a new project in the middle. That project started years before Re Digitize was released.

    @Mr Taffinator: We will make a guide, and you will need a PSP emulator, because this is a PSP game. I recommended PPSSPP.


  107. KoLLaTeRaL Says:

    First: You guys are fucking awesome :)
    Second: Thanks
    Third: May you be able to give a roughly percentage amount of the progress you already made?


  108. Anonymous Says:

    and here the anime of digimon tri(original 7 children is coming up) re:digitize almost finish
    dw 1 with new content
    ahhh life is good :}


  109. Sum Guy Says:

    Hey Romsstar, I’m interested in your DW1 project. First, I’d like to some assistance, maybe creating an end user interface, and a database to add and download user uploaded digimon. Second, will/are you be able to add Mega Digimon after an Ultimate? Third, if you don’t want/need my help, could you add Warumonzaemon, please and thank you.


  110. salary0n Says:

    Digimon world 1 hack? For real?

    Wow thats an amazing news, i’m really looking forward to it, a new map, a new character, it’s gonna be awesome.

    I myself always ended up playing this game again even after finished it for like 5 times.

    I still have one question, do the second tamer really exist on the game? It always bother me…


  111. Quepicardia Says:

    Am i the only one that thinks digimon world 2003/3 is better than digimon world 1? 8)


  112. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @Quepicardia: I like them both about equally. Both started with strong premises, did some interesting things with them, and had no idea how to resolve the various plot lines they open up. Near the end of the original Adventure, there’s a flashback scene explaining how Tailmon’s digitama got separated from the others. In that scene, a young Gennai attempts to fight Piemon, and gets a mysterious black thing shoved into his back, and it never gets referenced again. Same with Hikari’s one time only ability to make Agumon evolve into Wargreymon. 02 never really resolved the whole dark ocean thing, and they only remembered that Dragomon wanted to both have sex with Hikari and take over the real and digital worlds right near the end, where he gets dealt with in thirty seconds during the world tour.

    That said, 02 is a lot more enjoyable if you either play, or at least read summaries of the Wonderswan games. A lot of things that don’t make sense in 02 happen as a direct result of stuff that happens during Tag Tamers. Unfortunately, only the first of the six games in that series actually got translated. I’d like to translate them at some point, but there’s only so much time in a day.


  113. Marissa Says:

    Its a shame it took you so long, I’ve already passed the game within two years I learnt how to read Japanese. Now I’m moving on to my next jp rom.


  114. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s too bad, but if you decide to play it again, it’ll be in English. Sounds like a happy ending for you regardless, if you learned to speak an additional language to play the game. The long time can’t really be helped though, we’re a small team who all have jobs and school that have to come first, and it takes a lot more work to translate a ROM than to just play the game. Hopefully our next project won’t come to a near standstill for nine months, though.


  115. kevin Says:

    i’ve always been following you guys though im more of a silent one but i fully appreciated the work you guys have done and i constantly making sure my PSP is alive and fire up so that i could be enjoying the patch that you guys is gonna release ! knowing how much hard work you guys put into this and how much tough road that you guys have walked through.

    i would like to sincerely give my thanks to you guys =) 2 thumbs up


  116. roy90 Says:

    your story really shed my manly tears man…cuz im very happy that people like u guys still exist…please keep up that good work, as we will follow you guys till the end…digimon rocks forever!!!!


  117. Rai Says:

    @Marissa: You sound incredibly ungrateful for their efforts thus far.


  118. Thts.Strider_30 Says:

    nice story!!!!


  119. Inide Says:

    Rai, it’s because Marissa hasn’t earned the crests of patience or loyalty yet


  120. Romsstar Says:

    If Marissa has learned enough Japanese that it enables her to play Japanese games within a timespan of 2 years that’s very good for her and impressive as well. Given that with my experience of 7+ years and even some native speakers beeing at loss when we were translating this game, I find it very hard to believe though. But then again there’s a difference between believing that you’ve understood something and the actualy process of understanding something to such an extent that you could actually explain it to others I suppose.


  121. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    Nothing beats the easly understandable english language, even if you study japanese for decades I belive.


  122. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    btw for god’s sake, there is not any edit option? You know, you can misspell something if you type really fast like people usually does, I meant *easily and *believe but but anyways guys, we apreciate what you’re doing for us, digimon fans.


  123. XDragon2688 Says:

    Thanks for the update, it was great to see the story though it was incredibly frustrating to see all the set backs and such. I’m glad you have stuck with it though and the end is in sight. You guys are all awesome for doing this


  124. ファントム Says:

    actually it is not really hard to study Japanese for 2 year and be able to understand the game , yes you might get some words that will be hard and you have never seen them , but you will understand the meaning of the sentence , i’m studying in china “mech-eng” while they teach us Chinese i tried to study Japanese , and now i can understand both of them , even the Chinese char “Kanji” they are a lot similar , so in 2 years i learned Japanese and Chinese , (not to the point to be able to read every thing , but to the point that i understand the meaning of the sentence) .
    Anyhow i wish you guys all the luck. and i will not mess the opportunity to play this game in english .so thank you for your hard work :)


  125. Goth2191 Says:

    @Promstar I think is rather than different people learn at different rate. And you have to take in count that maybe her first language is Spanish (or any other Latin/Romance language ), thing that will make her easier to understand the similar structure of Japanese language.
    I mean, I’m a slow learner, and in the last two years I’ve learned (from nearly zero knowledge) to speak english decently… well, almost decently, only taking a class of four hours per week.
    Maybe she is a fast learner and was a very applied student, who knows xd

    But hey, if she really learned a foreign language in the past two years, is a good thing, I mean, eventually all of us here should begin to learn Japanese to play those games that never gets translated by no one. :B


  126. Kuno Says:

    Well, I definitely would love to learn Japanese in two years. I’m a quick learner for languages but the first step – decorating the kana – is giving me so much trouble…


  127. DarkFiddler Says:

    @Sporky I’m not Francesco, but being a dialogue editor sounds like a great gig… or, more accurately, the only way I could help with this project, which I’d love to do. If it’s an open application, any chance I could get in on it, too?


  128. RedRed Says:

    I loveeeeee digimon 1 !!!!! I would love to have an hd remastered and altered version !!!!!


  129. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @DarkFiddler and Francesco: Sure, contact me on Skype, my username is sporkymcforkinspoon.


  130. Anonymous Says:

    Ich freue mich zu sehen, dass deine liebe für Digimon weiterhin geblieben ist, und dass du daran arbeitest uns diese spiele auf englisch zu bringen.
    Danke und macht alle weiter so.
    Kamui2040 aka. Noro von den Holyknights.


  131. jimerous Says:

    good to see the team has stayed together since its struggle!

    DW1 hacking project sounds like alotta fun too!

    while i was looking for a modded version of DW1 one night i found some people making a fan made DW1 of sorts. digimon project ark is their game and it looks awesome. for any peeps interested


  132. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That looks amazing, I’d never heard of that project, thanks for the link!


  133. ExDii Says:

    I’m so hyped for this. My week checks has now shifted to daily visits. Love you guys! :D


  134. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    @Sporky yea, it seems a whole new game.


  135. Anonymous Says:

    The “dwprojectark” is actually very impressive, some great work being done there.


  136. Seinaru Says:

    Maybe you could cooperate with them on the DW1 hacking project? At least for the graphic design part, they seem to know what they’re doing..


  137. Almadana Guerra Says:

    Yeah but they are using Unity as engine, I think its a whole different thing


  138. David Says:

    You beter find a way not just to get this english patch up in going neh! You going to find a way to get me to go to the digital world too. Im digibevok. Dankie, n 26jarige man van Sasolburg.


  139. Craig Says:

    I just found this project recently so I haven’t waited much, but I have to say thank you for working hard to get this out and I really appreciate all 5 of you working hard as fans to get this game accessible to more people.


  140. xelivous Says:

    all hail based compcom


  141. tysonrss Says:

    Hey I’d like to help out with dialogue of I could, just give me a holler to my email. I forget my Skype login info 😜


  142. Ryu Says:

    Hello translation team.. Is the patch already in testing period?


  143. Rai Says:

    @Ryu: They will say when the patch goes into testing.


  144. Anon Says:


    DIGIMON TRI release date delayed to Jully



  145. Dewa Kardika Says:

    hey romsstar, can i ask something ? your first translator for this project, is he from southeast asia ? i have a feeling that guy from my country -.-


  146. Kenji Linville Says:

    With great works come great origins👍
    Keep doing what your doing and all our dreams will come true. Rock on Decoded, Rock on.


  147. Salu Says:

    Oh my god my dear friends ! Do you remember, when it was only some month before christmas? And we all thoughed the project is going to be done around january?
    And now we are nearly in Half April. It is just unbeleavable how the time passes by. So fast. e.e


  148. Kairic Mirrorboy Says:

    willing to wait i believe its worth it


  149. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck boss!!!


  150. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anon: That sucks, I’m really looking forward to watching Tri. Still, I guess our delay is in keeping with the rest of the franchise, lol.


  151. Anonymous Says:

    Ay what isn’t there to love about Digimon World 1?? Post Post Post!!
    Hmm, well actually, any humanoid Digimon asking to do anything, really.


  152. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think it’s pretty well decided that Romsstar will do a post about it at some point, but he’s just started back to school, so his time’s going to be limited for a while, and it’s best to use it to finish the patch.


  153. Jack George Says:

    its really worth to wait…i trust this team ^_^


  154. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Ryu: We have about a dozen files to finish editing, and some miscellaneous cleanup to do before we enter the testing phase. Although, if you want to be technical, Romsstar’s brother is playing a build that doesn’t have all of our most recent changes, so I guess we have sort of started the testing phase.


  155. Saldash Says:

    Question for Sporky/Romsstar.

    Maybe it’s a silly question, but how long does it take to get a decent (play a game or visual novel) after you started learning japanese?

    I’m sure it’s hard to answer, as it depends per person. I just memorized hiragana today, katakana is for tomorrow. Who knows I might get good enough some day to help you guys.

    Besides all that, good luck on finishing the project, keep it up! the end is nearing.


  156. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Don’t say that! You’re gonna have people asking Romsstar to adopt them!


  157. blebleman Says:

    Saldash > It takes a while. Armed with Hiragana+Katakana, as well as a dictionary, you’ll probably be able to read menus and item names in old games or games targeting a younger audience. They tend to avoid using Kanji or use furigana.

    It really depends on the game. Forget visual novels for now! But honestly, “understanding” a game, really, takes years. I’ve been speaking Japanese myself for 10 years now (living in Japan) and as much as I understand 90% of it, there’s nothing like playing a game in your native language.

    It’s important for me to stress how tiring it is to constantly read a new language — even years later.

    Still, do your best, friend! (and don’t start with hard games)


  158. Jorge Says:

    PLEASE post about the digimon world hack, Im really interested!


  159. Saldash Says:

    @blebleman I hate my native language tho (dutch) so I’d never play any game at all in the horrendous language

    But thank you for your response, it’s good to see that even if I try to rush the main parts (hiragana+katagana+2136 joyo kanji) that it’ll still take a good while before I’d be able to do anything without a dictionary at my side. Let’s pray the 13 years I’ve spend watching anime is able to help me in my journey to learn this language.


  160. Shino Says:

    @Blebleman I’m actually curious: is japanese the only foreign language you learned? I just caught myself wondering if the exhaustion you feel is because it’s because it’s japanese in particular, which is a very hard language to learn, or if it’s something else? I’m sorry if the question comes off as rude! I have ease learning languages and never had trouble using others rather than my own for long periods of time – but I haven’t learned japanese yet.


  161. JustInuYasha Says:

    Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear more good news!


  162. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Saldash: Japanese is not a particularly hard language to learn to speak, in my experience. The grammar actually makes a lot of sense, and has far fewer random exceptions to the basic rules than, say, English or the romance languages. Reading it is more difficult though, because of how complicated kanji can be. I would say that if you studied diligently for three years or so, you could probably get to the point of playing some relatively text heavy games with a dictionary to help with the kanji you don’t know. That being said, you probably won’t understand it as well as you would if you were playing it in your native language, and I find I don’t enjoy games as much if I have to have a dictionary handy. That’s part of why I like making translations like these, actually. It takes a long time to make an accurate, high quality translation patch, but once it’s done, I can play the game in English any time I like.

    If you really want to learn to speak Japanese, I would suggest you do what I did. I took lessons for about three years in high school, which taught me the grammar and how to have basic conversations, but didn’t really make me fluent. What has really helped me get better has been watching a lot of anime and paying a lot of attention to the way people talk. Subtitles are a mixed blessing, they’re nice if you come across a word you don’t know the meaning of, but it’s easy to rely on them too much.

    That’s gotten me to the point where I’m close enough to fluent in the spoken aspect, but has not helped with kanji reading. That’s why Romsstar is our lead translator, and I’m an editor/proofreader. I can read things well enough that I can catch Romsstar’s fairly infrequent mistakes, but not well enough that I feel comfortable making the initial translations myself.


  163. Saldash Says:

    hmm, that’s very insightful, thanks sporky. I’ll keep on learning, I want to play visual novels mostly, so text heavy, very :P I’ve not had any issue learning other languages before (except for french, do NOT remind me of french) and perhaps I should take a few lessons, but I’m a cheapskate (and I feel I’m too old to sit in a classroom) I’d much rather try to learn it on my own, make some Japanese friends along the way and just do it that way. Anyhow thanks again ^-^ looking forward to digimon redigitized.


  164. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, I hated trying to learn French, but I should probably give it another go at some point. I never got the hang of the verb conjugations.


  165. Anon Says:

    true what sprk said, but since they using different letter, even if the grammar are easier than english, its still will makes its harder for us…a lot harder than learning germany or french

    just like how Japanese student is having difficulties learing english.
    thats why in most anime smart student randomly speak english and looks super cool to other (while in our view its nothing special lol)


  166. Meganekkogekirabudayo Says:

    @Saldash : Once you’ve learnt japanese well enough to understand basic sentences and if the 13 years you spent watching anime weren’t just fun but also instructive, maybe you should give a try to Digimon Adventure the game. After trying it, in japanese since the patch is far from completed, I can assure you that the vocabulary is very simple. And even if like me you suck at reading kanjis they all have furiganas written above, even basic ones like “watashi” or “daijoubu”.


  167. Kelvin Says:

    Man i would love too see that digimon world 1 hack.


  168. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You might consider a refresher course on your English grammar, Anon.

    Liked by 1 person

  169. blebleman Says:

    Shino> I am native in two languages, and speak a total of 6 (and code another couple!)
    While Japanese is most definitely not on the hard end, the reading certainly is.

    I also have a lot of ease for learning languages (did you guess?). Until those kanji remain in your head, you will look them up quite often, and sometimes, the same one, multiple times. “Oh I checked this out yesterday”

    Eventually they will stick, and your speed will increase. But it’s tiring for me simply because I read EXTREMELY fast in English and it frustrates me to read like an elementary school student.

    If you like languages, pick up Chinese as well — it’s fun to see similar kanji used in both.


  170. Bonnie M. Says:

    come on. after this is done, work on digimon adventure.


  171. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s not currently the plan, but we might look at the possibility after Decode.


  172. Rai Says:

    @Bonnie: They’ve said numerous times about their plans after this.


  173. Kuno Says:

    @bleblemen whoa that’s pretty impressive!! Yeah, Japanese’s grammar isn’t on the hard end from what I’ve noticed, but the script is more complicated. I read fast, so I can understand why it can feel frustrating.

    I have ease learning languages, but I’m still in the process of picking which one I will learn next. Japanese is the one I’m looking at for the moment, since I have wanted to for so long, but the kanji seems daunting, I have to admit. But, I have no plans on giving up learning it, so I’ll definitely pick up chinese, too – I imagine it should be easier with Japanese, too, since they use similar Kanji?


  174. Meganekkogekirabudayo Says:

    @Kuno I’m learning chinese at the same time and in my opinion the grammar is really easy like in japanese but caracters are pretty hard to remember. Unlike japanese there aren’t furiganas so the written part is complicated.
    The only thing that helps you in chinese is the “pinyin” system with roman letters. It gives you the pronounciation. But even if it’s commonly used to help you learn the language, it is absolutely not used in everyday life.
    And for the oral part it is also more complicated compared to japanese because of the 4 different intonations that can completely change the meaning of a word.
    To finish this short text, it depends on much you thought kanjis and sinograms looked similar, but in my case learning both at the same time mostly helped for basic vocabulary and remembering the “on” pronounciation of japanese words.


  175. Shino Says:

    @bleblemen That sounds pretty cool!! I’ll definitely consider adding Chinese to the list of languages I want to learn. I have a lot of fun studying them, and it’s really rewarding when I manage to understand something new, so I’m really determined to learn!

    What other languages would you recommend learning for a somewhat beginner? I only speak two languages so far, but english isn’t my native language, and I learned it by myself. I also have some understanding of german and italian, but not much in pronunciation and writing it myself.


  176. Anon Says:

    sprky :(

    y u become meanies like rai


  177. Rai Says:

    Keep it up and I might just stop you from posting altogether, Anon.

    Because your posts annoy me in more ways than one.

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  178. Sterahi Says:

    Thank god someone said it Rai! At first anons posts were interesting, now it’s just too over played.


  179. Skullbazon Says:

    weird…. there is a like system now?,or i just didnt notice for 1.5 years? XD


  180. vahn lecarde Says:

    Thank’s for everything guys.
    I can wait until it’s perfect.
    So do your best.


  181. Rai Says:

    I assume WordPress updated today.


  182. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think I turned it on when I was looking at the settings earlier today. I can turn it off itf it’s a nuisance, but we’ll give it a try for now.


  183. Anon Says:


    u guys are bullies


  184. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys big fan , any hints on due date/timeish haha i am gaggin to peel out a dw1 style game!, much love


  185. Anon Says:

    imma back to 4chan then :'(


  186. South American Guy Says:

    ya guys thanks for all the work done, :’D


  187. Jacky Says:

    keep up the good work and work faster if possible. thanks!


  188. Anonymon Says:

    This is getting ridiculous…


  189. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That we’re down to only about 1500 lines of text before we start the testing phase? I agree.


  190. Anonymous Says:

    this is rly ridiculous i agree


  191. Rai Says:

    @Anon: You mean 9gag right? That seems like it’d be more your place.


  192. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Anonymon means that it’s ridiculous at how awesome the translation team are.


  193. Jukan Says:

    Put it in perspective for everyone SpoonForkFusion, 1500 lines of text out of how many? some may see that as still a lot!


  194. Rai Says:

    @Jukan: Do you need to know the max number of lines? All you need to know that there’s only around 1500 left, nothing more.

    People who think that’s still a lot should learn to be patient and stop bitching.

    This wasn’t specifically aimed at you Jukan, but anyone who’s bitching in general.


  195. Anonymous Says:

    @rai he wasn’t bitching he has no idea what 1500 means if it’s 1500 out of 1600 then that means almost no progress was made but 1500 out of lets say 100,000 or more then that’s good progress 1500 doesn’t give a time frame at all that’s why he said he needs perspective


  196. MrMelchiah Says:

    I think those 1500 lines arent much compared to the number of Lines in the whole game. The little experience with programming i have showed me that a Programm can easily be very long so 1500 isnt much i think


  197. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: I ‘did’ state it wasn’t specifically aimed at Jukan. Please, do read my post before replying.

    Sporky said it was ridiculous that, and I quote, “only about 1500 lines of text”. That’s obvious indication that 1500 is nothing compared to the entire game itself, which is most likely triple, or even possibly more than that.


  198. Jeff Pitts Says:

    How do you plan to handle application of the patch? will there be a patcher program, or another method?


  199. vahn lecarde Says:

    I think it’s great there are only 1500 more. You guys have done a good job. I think 1500 is nothing to compare with the entire progress.
    Keep that good work… :D


  200. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t have an exact count, but it is easily over 300,000.

    @MrMelchiah: You’re thinking lines of code, that’s a very different thing.


  201. Shaz Says:

    haha anal log… the true form of sukamon when you achieve ultimate!

    joking aside, @romsstar I’ve been playing DW2 recently (I found it a bad game on the PSX console but I’ll be damned if it isn’t addictive on a handheld when bored on youtube!) and I’ve noticed that many iterations of digimon that were present in DW1 seem to have the exact same battle animations etc… does this mean if you cross-hack the files, you could have an alpha of them within your project relatively quickly?
    it’s highly possible they saved time by just copy-pasting all the models and animations of the originals, removing pooping animations etc as necessary, then adding in the new ones on top. Thence it may be possible to do the reverse, directly into the PSX iso with little code manipulation. importing the animations etc however may not be so simple… but in the end animation is little more than vector/matrix transformations

    That being said, you need to link to your DW1 project so we can see what you’ve done, as sporky has said it’s already been going for a few years. I suspect you’ve already fixed Machinedramon, where your hand glitched when giving him something to eat, or his infinite runs to the toilets/pooping off screen? It really irked me when i found out how to gameshark my digimon to become him that he’s pretty glitchy, but nothing 99 porta potties can’t cure :)

    I always wanted a machinedramon… :(


    even in my dreams where it was a DW1 expansion (Yes, I’m that sad & pathetic) I had him alongside me…

    Either way, I want in.
    Art. Modelling. Music. Ideas for dialogue/missions/scripts/advanced care/what the ASCII decoder translates Leomon’s tablet to say etc. Completely new areas (I always thought post-infinity mountain should have the mountain split from the explosion and have the dark gears from season 1 make an appearance… but then it would have ended up as more of a playthrough of the series which would detract from the originality of the game in itself) Digivolution trees. You name it, I want to help. I’d offer programming but all I know is VB6 as of now… Though C++ is an ambition of mine once I finish my masters of Physics, helping on a project like this would inspire me to learn it. And I’m a damn quick learner. mmm tasty methodologies…

    I’ve been waiting so long for something like this…

    on a side note, there’s a program you can use that lets you turn real life videos into 3D models etc by tracing from various angles. if push comes to shove, you could use this to re-model everymon from in game. Be it from the win panning camera in the arena (even though it clearly says Colosseum in katakana on the sign) running around the digimon in different areas to cause them to rotate, retracing the wireframe during digivolution/death… it depends if you plan on making it for PC or a PSX emulator whether or not you do this
    personally I believe doing it for PC would be best, though utilising limiting ideologies as games of old so it can run fine on old machines, just like any bog standard built-in 64 MB graphics can run a PSX emulator

    But I’m rambling now… I’m gonna go train my final Panjyamon so I can assimilate him with my last main…

    PS. Good luck in the final stretch of the translation! I can’t wait to play it
    PPS. sorry for the wall of text
    PPPS. @sporky any definitive answer on that little patch that was found a while ago then? I’m sure everyone will be applying it anyway so long as you remind them to in the final patching guide, just in case it contains vital bug fixes akin to the Giromon’s Jukebox scenario…


  202. Shaz Says:

    @my previous post should it surpass moderation: I forgot about the initial joke referring to analogman. I probably should have proof read it before I decided to change my name from Analogman to my pseudonym…

    Hindsight is 20:20; even if you’re blind.


  203. Jukan Says:

    Completely misunderstood me -_- I know 1500 lines is NOTHING compared to what they had to translate.

    This is a text heavy game, 1500 lines must be close to what…5% of the text in the game? I’m not an expert on this stuff I know, and I wasn’t bitching about ANYTHING. I wish you guys didn’t make me have to feel like crap for posting anything.

    You guys are doing a great job. Maybe I just wasn’t clear, I am sorry if I upset anyone, but I am upset at myself that it possibly made someone else upset. (specifically Rai after that one dream I mentioned a few updates back lol)

    Damn it internet, why must it be so hard to distinguish someone being serous, to when they are joking or being sarcastic…


  204. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Shaz: What patch would that be? The one for Decode? If so, install it or don’t it doesn’t matter. It fixes a bug with the way saves were done on the Decode cartridge, but that bug doesn’t come up if you’re using a Gateway or similar, since saving is done in an entirely different manner. Installing it shouldn’t cause any problems for our patch, though, so it doesn’t make any difference as far as we are concerned.


  205. jytix Says:

    Well Jukon, obviously I can’t say anything about this specific case as I’m not involved with the project, but it’s not lines of text like it would be in a book. It could well be that 100 of those lines are just item names, or digimon names. Similarly, it could be a single word of dialogue, a “Hmm” for example, or it could be a full line until the break with the same sentence continuing on the next line.
    So basically, it’s very difficult to even give an approximation of how much is left, but it’s a tiny amount compared to the whole project, and you should be awestruck and eternally grateful for the work the team has done already.


  206. Rai Says:

    @Jukan: Read my fucking post. I specifically stated I wasn’t specifically aiming at you.

    For fucks sake people, learn to god damn read before you post your bullshit.

    And no, there was no misunderstanding at all.


  207. Anonymous Says:

    Rai, chill. Jesus christ.


  208. Rai Says:

    I will when people start being smart.


  209. Giulls Says:

    If the lines are actual dialogue lines until line break, exactly as they would show up in the dialogue boxes in the Japanese game, then each line is one short sentence or half a sentence. Mail has slightly longer lines but not by a whole lot, so either way you’re looking at somewhere between 1000-1500 sentences left.

    @Sporky: How did you deal with the end sentence particles like yo, ne, zo and stuff? ne can be translated into english decently well but stuff like zo I have no idea what I would do with.


  210. Ian Jarrell Says:

    Well, if there’s 1500 lines that means you’re on the final stretch. You DO realize that if you want a good test run of your patch you’re or/and someone else going to need to complete the game (not finish, complete). It’s always those little things near 100% that will get you.

    Final question, How is the patch going to be released. I don’t have a good computer for compression so there’s no way for me to go into the files.


  211. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Ian: Amazingly enough, yes, we’ve thought of that. With over two years to figure this out, we’ve had a lot of time to think about it. The patch will be released as a binary difference patch, you shouldn’t need a particularly good computer to apply it.

    @Giulls: It depends a great deal on context, but there’s usually a good way to translate those. Accents are a bigger problem.


  212. Kyle Says:

    @Rai I can see how you’re getting frustrated to say the least with these people thinking you’re just being an ass or something when really all you want is redundancy to be kept at a minimum. What @Jukan was trying to say to keep all the bobble headed idiots from posting stuff like “Ermagerb ah durb 1500 lines!!! Thats so many!” and all that crap, he simply asked @MCSporky to put into perspective like saying of that WHOLE 1,500 is really small considering it could be from 300,000 or more like he said. Not saying MCSporky should have stated that at first but it would have kept the dinguses at bay with their moronic questions. Also seriously people? Disliking Rai all to hell and snapping back at him for doing his job? Remember people hes the pissed off pitbull in the front yard keeping the house safe from idiots. I feel it was just one big misunderstanding then people targeting Rai for doing what he does best and well he even knows it and thats being an ass with a straight point haha, just keep it calm people and know they are in the final stretch, just a little more patience and all us can screw off to our corners playing Digimon like we all know we will! jk I hope to keep in contact with all of you on how it goes. Sorry for the wall of text.

    Also again thanks to the whole team, you guys (and gals) are awesome, and keep on keeping on!

    Liked by 2 people

  213. Romsstar Says:

    I can’t help but think Ronan keetings “you say it best when you say nothing at all”. Surprisingly fitting for this situation that line lol but let me put things into perspective: IF there are 1500 lines left, which I’m not sure of in the first place, then let me add this to the estimate: out of 1500 we can do 500 a day. now enjoy confusion everyone as the only thing committed say is this; yes, it’s true my brother is play testing the game as we speak. Now he has no Japanese knowledge which can mean only one thing: it’s close enough to completion that I’m willing to let family members play it. That should really say it all. What is left is almost neglectable. Don’t let those lines bother you. But don’t worry I’ll give you a small update before long. But to avoid a certain situation it’ll be in this comment section. So keep your eyes open minna.


  214. Anon Says:

    i’m back from 4chan
    please dont bully rai…..:(


  215. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, I guess I should have been clearer from the beginning. Only 1500 or so lines left seems amazing to me. That might seems like a big number, and to some extent it is, but this is the first time we’ve been able to make an estimate based on the number of lines rather than the number of kilobytes or files that are left.


  216. CandelSR Says:

    I would love to hear more about Digimon World 1, looks nice😉


  217. Rai Says:

    @Kyle: Oh I understood him, and I said in my post that it wasn’t specifically entirely aimed at him. It’s just that after one post there will always be several other posts saying the same thing.

    Also your post was amazing.

    EDIT: And that Pitbull part was perfect :V


  218. Shadow6 Says:

    You are the heros of us all, Digimon fans. Thank you for all this years of work, I´ve been following you since 2012 and this story gave me the creeps. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work! :)


  219. Chrona Says:

    Mewtwo’s out in Smash :D now I have something to do while waiting for the patch


  220. Drunkprince Says:

    i saw some videos on YT today of digimon story cyber sleuth, it was like a supermodel calling me … Come to me it said, this will be fun it said..


  221. azurezeed Says:

    yes now i’ll be waiting for Romsstar’s update


  222. Thts.Strider_30 Says:

    So Sir Sporky do you think that the team can release the game this year?


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  223. Sir Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We are at about 99% done right now, and I am currently working on one of the last few files. It really shouldn’t take much longer now.


  224. ayyy lmao Says:

    @romsstar Neglectable just sounds wrong to me: You should have said negligible. Firefox’ spell-check doesn’t even count it as a word!

    …Does this mean I’m good enough to be an editor? :D
    Go-go gadget grammar Nazi!

    Post-Google: It seems neglectable is an archaic form of negligible…
    Romsstar is a time traveler from ye olde Nippon: Confirmed!
    Sporky is Illuminati: Plausible!
    Rai needs a hug: 3 SECOND RULE!


  225. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s certainly not a word we’d likely use in the actual game, but it is a word, and things like that are why editors like Kalker and I are on the team.


  226. Agá Says:

    Just one question for you guys: “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?!”
    Kidding <3


  227. EvilSmile Says:

    Oh, there’s a Like button like a social network now


  228. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, not real sure where that came from, but I haven’t bothered trying to turn it off.


  229. Aster Says:

    Every so often I like to drop by and check up on you guys’ progress since this is definitely one of the more ambitious ongoing patch projects on the ‘net now and I as a Digimon fan am really honored to have you guys around.

    Plus I really have to applaud you on your boatload of patience working on the nightmare platform that is the PSP. Seriously.


  230. Anon Says:

    i miss agumon :(


  231. Skullbazon Says:

    Agumon is rigth there, he is just harder to see XD


  232. Anon Says:

    he is green D:


  233. Skullbazon Says:

    Look again, he is yellow, BUT covered in green XD


  234. Rai Says:

    At least he’s not blue. Because a sad Agumon is a sad time.


  235. Agá Says:

    And what would happen if you take out his colors?
    He would digievolve to Greymon 8D


  236. Rai Says:

    Depends on how dark the orange is before hand. Because if it’s a darker orange, then he’ll become BlackGreymon. :V


  237. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Actually it’d be BlackAgumon :O


  238. Rai Says:

    Not if he digivolves like Agá said in their post.

    I mean Agumon and BlackAgumon are both Rookies. AFAIK you can’t digivolve a Cookie into another Rookie :P

    Liked by 1 person

  239. Rai Says:

    …Y’know what. I’m going to keep that post there, only because cookies are awesome.

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  240. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    lol the cookie thing is epic, and I didn’t consider it digivolving so my bad. Oh, random question: anyone know what parts make up Machinedramon/Mugendramon? I know its got a few different parts like Gigadramon’s head and arm and MetalTyrannomon’s bottom jaw. But I wondered what else is in there.


  241. Chrona Says:

    Megadramon’s helmet and right claw, MetalTyrannomon’s jaw and chest circuits, two of MetalMamemon’s Psycho Blasters, MetalGreymon’s left claw and chest plates, Andromon’s shoulder pads, and Myotismon’s swag and awesomeness. Okay well maybe not that part

    Then Kimeramon uses Kabuterimon for its head, MetalGreymon (Virus) for its eyes and hair, Greymon for its body, Angemon and Airdramon for its four wings, Devimon, Kuwagamon, and SkullGreymon for its four arms, Garurumon for its legs, and Monochromon for its tail

    One uses organic digimon, the other metallic. They combine into Milleniumon who is awesome. He turns into MoonMilleniumon who is also awesome, and ZeedMilleniumon who is also also awesome :D

    Damn I loved using him in Dawn/Dusk


  242. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I used him in Dawn/Dusk and thought I was the only one who went through all that trouble to get ZeedMilleniumon :O


  243. John Says:

    Since we are talking about Milleniumon is Kimeramon a Jogress (Digi Fusion) or a Digi-Xros (Digi Fuse)?

    It was pretty much a Digi-Xros in the Xros wars manga.
    And in Adventure 02 it didn’t have that Jogress vibe to it.

    The only argument I have that it’s is a Jogress is the name Kimeramon.
    But GrandGeneramon is also a Digi-Xros with a normal name.
    GrandGeneramon also has multiple digimon inside it just like Kimeramon.

    Milleniumon would be a evolution of a Xros Digimon much like ZekeGreymon.

    Well, I can’t wait for this patch.
    What will come first this or Digimon Adventure Tri?


  244. Amalaric Says:

    Oh hi, nice to see all the progress! I hope we can play it very soon. Hey, could I ask something? In DW1 I spent a lot of time trying to learn those skills, techs… In this game, how things work? I mean, is skills divided into different kinds? How many techs exists? How many digimons can you play with (not in the same time, I’m talking about diversity)? Oh thank you, and sorry be annoying.. I’m just curious.

    Good luck, cheers from Brazil


  245. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @John: Probably both, they’re different universes with different rules. In the Adventure universe, Milleniumon was a Jogress, in the Xros universe, he’d be a Xros. Given the Tri was pushed to June, probably our patch, but that’s hardly a promise. I’ve learned my lesson.

    @Amalaric: There are about 120 Digimon in the game that you can use, and some others that are NPCs that you can’t evolve into. Skills work pretty much the same way they did in DW1, except that you can’t lose them anymore. I can’t seem to find the list of techniques off hand, but IIRC there’s about eighty of them, but I am not 100% sure of it, I never took the time to count.


  246. Rai Says:

    I’m just gonna say, the people who are mass downvoting my comments, y’know you’re not annoying me at all right? In fact I find it amusing that anyone can be so petty to downvote my posts, regardless of what my post actually contains.

    Seriously is this all that you have in your life? Are you really that sad and pathetic that all you can do is to go and mass downvote a guy on the internet for no reason at all?

    By the way, mass downvoting my comment just means I’m right in whatever I say~ <3


  247. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We have downvotes?

    Though we do get a rather determined troll who posts at least once a day about how, among other things, apparently this game sucks, which is why he wants us to release our patch so he can play it. He also frequently mentions you, Rai, I assume because he hates moderators of any kind. They’re pretty hilarious to read, though I’ve put put his IP address on the “do not pass go, go directly to the spam folder” list now, so they never go public.


  248. Anon Says:

    :v did i miss something ?


  249. Anon Says:

    and omg rai is a guy i srsly tho rai is a gir D:
    my whole life is a lie


  250. ファントム Says:

    idk why but “mostly” English speakers says that learning a language is hard , believe me it is not specially if you only knew 1/2 languages
    my main language is Arabic i learned English , Japanese , Irani , and Chinese and 2 more languages that are a little similar to Irani , it’s not hard really , if you like it you will learn it .


  251. Anon Says:

    assalamualaikum ファントム :v


  252. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Yeah, at the bottom of our posts there’s a thumbs up, and a thumbs down. Thumbs down pretty much means downvoting.

    Also the spam troll sounds hilarious. I must read it’s posts some day.


  253. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Interesting, those arrows don’t render for me at all in Firefox, but they do in IE. That’s… Odd.

    Edit: I decided to get rid of them, I don’t want to open IE to see the same blog the rest of you do.


  254. Anon Says:

    i’m using firefox and its show up, maybe u use old version of firefox o.o


  255. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nah, Firefox is up to date. It’s almost certainly an effect of some combination of NoScript, Ghostery, and AdBlock Edge. I could probably figure it out, but I don’t care enough to do so.


  256. Thts.Strider_30 Says:

    @Sir Sporky: Thanks for the reply
    I’m really excited to play it. Have a nice day :)


  257. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: I find your solution to the problem ‘much’ better than what it was before. :P

    Those poor trolls. It seems they’ve lost their only method of directing their stupidity at me.

    I love it.


  258. Anonymous Says:

    so is it coming this year or not o.o?


  259. Setsa Midori Says:

    still waiting the 100% re-digitize… ^^ Thanks a lot for your work


  260. Anonymous Says:

    I dare say you deserved the downvotes Rai, some of your posts have been absolutely ignorant. You clearly have little respect for other people.


  261. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks guys for your work, I’m looking forward for the release!


  262. Nada_o Says:

    Man, I haven’t checked news of this game for months and months… I thought this would be abandoned…. And it’s not ! You guys are awesome ! Take the time you need, and know that I wll be one many people who will play this game after your release.
    A big thanks from France.


  263. Anon Says:

    rai looks happy :3


  264. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Oh no, some butthurt person on the internet thinks I’m ignorant.

    Life is over!

    By the way, none of my posts have been ignorant. So I have no idea what you’re talking about.


  265. Jukan Says:

    Rai is just a tough mod, he says it like it is. I don’t find anything he posts “Ignorant” in the least

    Mine on the other hand….


  266. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Without referring to any specific occasion, I would ask people to recall that Rai is moderator here at our request, and does so with our full support. I read every single comment posted, both those that make it through the spam filter and those that don’t, and I have not seen any problem with Rai’s posts, even if he is somewhat more blunt than I tend to be.

    If however, you have a specific issue you would like to address with me in private, you are all welcome to do so by emailing me at I check my email quite regularly.


  267. Kyle Says:

    For Rai to be posting “ignorant” things would literally mean that he would have no knowledge on what he is commenting about, so far the only things I’ve really seen him post is about the other idiot “trollers” that should make their way back to 4chan or tumblr or whatever dark pitiful place they crawl from. Like Sporky said they completely support him and is chosen, CHOSEN, mind you, to moderate on their behalf one again leading to my analogy of Rai being the pissed off pitbull in the front yard haha also yeah he may have little respect for tatter twats such as yourselves but from my standpoint he is a more respectable person considering, and once again, CHOSEN from the team themselves. Mad props to Rai for not just making sure no one comments go through cause God knows I’d have done that if given the power haha

    Keep at it team we’re in the final stretch now and I’ve been dusting off my PSP for this with my CFW haha, you guys and gals are amazing to say the least. Maybe I’ll let you guys in on my secret in my next comment on why I’m so grateful for this and it possibly being soon. Till then keep on keeping on!


  268. Anon Says:

    can we back talking about agumon or something D:


  269. ahmadmanga Says:

    hi all again.. it’s been a long while didn’t see the comments here, just saying I’m still alive and waiting for your amazing work


  270. Struwwl Says:

    So, since I am playing Cybersleuth right now, I’m okay with waiting some more time. It’s weird though, waiting for a english patch while playing a game in japanese…@_@ But Cybersleuth is soooo good, I really recommend it to everyone. And I think it is easier to play in japanese than Digitize. (And I also use Google Translator App on my Smartphone for important stuff like Tutorials :’) )

    … … okay, who am I kidding, I can’t wait for this patch >-<


  271. Rai Says:

    @Struwwl: Cyber Sleuth reminds me of a 3D, more fleshed out version of the Digimon World DS series.

    Which is cool, because I loved those games, despite their flaws.

    EDIT: Also, I’d like to just make this clear but, it’s not that I don’t have respect for other people, it’s that I don’t have respect for idiots. Period. If someone’s stupid, I ‘will’ call them out on it. And if it’s my fault at that time, I ‘will’ apologise. But considering I have no need to apologise thus far, yada yada yada, you get my drift.

    So yeah, I do respect others. I wouldn’t be a moderator here if I didn’t. It’s just that like I said before, zero tolerance for stupidity.


  272. Amalaric Says:

    Yay! Eighty is a big number for techs! Thank you for the feedback. Also… If I got it right…The patch is out probably in June? I know it’s a hard promise… But still, it seems closer. Thanks again.


  273. Anon Says:

    rai u scares ppls D:


  274. Rai Says:

    @Anon: What can I say? I’m the big scary pissed off pitbull infront of the yard. :P


  275. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t want to go back through your posts to point out what I was talking about Rai as you do some good work here and one or two posts aren’t a proper representation of your efforts. Although as mentioned I don’t agree with you all the time, that doesn’t mean I don’t like or agree with you alot of the time.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.


  276. Pork Says:

    Stop this project, something like this make industry not really good, fak


  277. Ian Jarrell Says:


    Learn some grammar before you try to troll you idiot.


  278. Chrona Says:

    Yes, this project is really badding the industry. Fak em all!


  279. DemonKingKenji Says:

    yes rai is a big scarrryy pit bull -_-


  280. Redigitize Says:

    Wow.. i guess there’s no update english patch after i found this blog on wiki :D. Great story there dude, keep it up !! it will be worth to play this game fully translated :)

    Anyway does someone play digimon adventure on ppsspp? can you give me you best configuration to run the games on my phone please :D


  281. Ian Jarrell Says:

    @redigitize Get a PSP, it runs it smothly and you don’t have to worry about your phone sucking or anything like that. And a PSP is only like $50-$80 and you can play any PSP game on it.


  282. ExDii Says:

    Love you guys! Keep it up! :D


  283. Anon Says:

    psp is cheap now…u dont need to push your phone to run psp


  284. sxubach Says:

    The problem on the PSP is that it is another device, and soon we will run out of pockets


  285. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    If you’re one of the two other people who own a Vita, I’m told that it can be made to run PSP ISOs, but I’ve never looked in to how. Otherwise, the cell phone build of PPSSPP runs reasonably well, but it depends a lot on the specs of your phone. Runs amazingly well on Windows PCs, though.


  286. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: CTRL + F > Search Rai Says.

    I’ve looked through my entire series of comments on this blog post, and none of them have been ignorant.


  287. Amalaric Says:

    Oh dear Rai… Just forget those ones.
    Could I ask one more thing? Its a silly one, how far digivolution goes? I mean, is there fresh- in training- rookie- champion – ultimate…? (and something higher than that?) How many areas exists in this game? (like Gear Savana, Misty Trees, Great Canyon..?) Is there secrets like DW1? (not exactly secrets but… cool stuff, for example, meteormon fight, toy town events, bettle island…)? Thanks


  288. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The go up to Ultimate/Mega depending on your dub or sub preference, though there are only about 120 Digimon available total, which is fewer than I’d like. Each of the areas, of which there are eleven plus File City and the Colosseum, are more or less an “evolution” of the areas from DW1, because this game is in the same universe as the original, but far in the future. And yeah, there are a fair number of neat secrets, some of which we translated the dialogue for but never figured out how to trigger in the game.


  289. Motoko Kusanagi Says:

    Oh the wait is killing me. I really hope it’ll be an experience like DW1… especially those secrets are quite awesome. Even the official (German) guide doesn’t mention some important things in the game. Things like alternative digivolutions or requirements are not fully listed etc. I wonder if you guys would be able to translate an official Japanese guide? Maybe that’ll make things easier for anyone who wants to see everything the game has to offer? Don’t know if that would be a copyright infringement though. But that would be the icing on the cake.


  290. Agumon Says:

    Romsstar, don’t forget the small update you promised!
    love you


  291. Chrona Says:

    For what it’s worth, there’s already a guide on gamefaqs with pretty thorough evolution requirements – a friend of mine played the game in Japanese a while back and everything seemed accurate as far as she could see.


  292. Amalaric Says:

    Oh nice!!! First… I would like to try and discover everything I could, and then… Search some guide, like in back days playing DW1 (I guess everyone here spent a lot of time trying to discover all the game has to offer, like stand in front of Factory Town until midnight… :D). Well, well… This waiting is killing me too!

    I hope this game has the same stuff about Data, Vaccine and Virus digimon types, where some Vaccine types gets sad/affected in Overdell and Virus types in Icy Sanctuary for example. Mr Sporky, can I wait that from this game too?

    Thank you, and good job team!


  293. Segnis Says:

    Hey Sporky,

    You mentioned yall translated a bunch of stuff for secrets but haven’t managed to trigger them in game yet. Is there any chance that due to the translations and adjustments it could mess up the event triggering in any way when its’s complete?
    Might be a dumb question but since I don’t know the ins and outs of programming and translating it’s what popped into my head.


  294. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Amalaric: It’s mentioned in several places that that kind of thing can happen, yeah.

    @Segnis: Unless we make some serious programming errors, nothing we do should effect the triggering requirements, and if it does, it will probably be a game crashing bug (that kind of thing is what the testing phase is for). A potential problem is that if we can’t trigger the event in the game, we might miss some context and make a translation error, which would be unfortunate, which is why Romsstar has played through the game about fifteen times from start to finish trying to track down all of those requirements, and found just about all of them. We’re reasonably certain that the ones we haven’t found are cut content that just can’t be triggered. Some definitely are, because they have notes saying they’re not implemented.

    @Motoko: Romsstar has the official Japanese guide for Decode, and would probably be willing to look up any weird events that people can’t figure out, but I really doubt that he’s going to take the time to translate an entire guide. It’s mostly unnecessary.


  295. Anonymous Says:

    im seriously not trying to troll or any childish thing like that but I honestly wanted to ask if this project is canceled or something


  296. Rai Says:

    You’re either trolling, or you can’t read at all. Nothing in this blog says it’s cancelled. If the project is cancelled, then the team would say so. Otherwise assume it’s not cancelled.


  297. Anon Says:

    RAI and everyone else! have u ever heard the word BAIT?

    now stop and lets talk about agumon D:


  298. Amalaric Says:

    Argh I dont like Agumon.. I do prefer Psychemon or Patamon. But, If I am to choose an Agumon, so.. it would be ToyAgumon. :D


  299. digicro Says:

    Hey guys,any updates ?In which phase of work you are right now? :)


  300. Jamie Says:

    Any idea if you guys will be able to put the cut features you mentioned back in? Like are they completely cut from the code or just hashed out? I’d assume they would be if the text is still there.


  301. Inide Says:

    You should do some sort of easter-egg competition with some of the more difficult to trigger phrases, for example take a line like “I hear there’s a rare digimon wandering the Savannah at night” and add “- Could it be the mythical rommstarmon?”, and then let the first 5-10 people that discover it and tell you what the easter egg is do some testing on the next project


  302. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Digicro: Currently we’re in the phase where it turns out all the work I did last week was with the wrong new program, one made for Decode, and so now I have to go through all of those files again and change the placement of the line breaks. It doesn’t actually take long, but it’s boring enough that I keep finding reasons to do literally anything else.

    @Jamie: Most of them are small enough not to matter, like a joke from the Digimon who run the meat futures market that if you want to do trades at night they charge 100x the maximum amount of money in the game. They cut that in favor of just letting you make trades whenever you want. If we see any that are particularly interesting, we might look at the possibility, but if we do, it won’t be in the initial release.

    @Inide: We have been thinking about doing something like that, but we’ll wait to give details until after we release.


  303. Anon Says:

    toyagmon o.o what are toyagumon evolution line? toywargreymon ?


  304. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I checked, and it doesn’t have one, though there is a ShadowToyAgumon which can evolve into Guardromon.


  305. Anonymous Says:


    its fine to answer the question of some in here but can you at least
    answer it in a more modest way??i mean come on. not because you became a part of the group mean that they gave you the right to go and trash talk others in here that wait patiently for the completion.its just my opinion though i have been following this thread for almost a year now and this is the first time that i will write not because i got bored but because everytime i saw you post a comment it always contain something bad.

    sorry for the group specially @sporky @ rom but i have to say whats on my mind .its not bad to accept someone specially if you see him/her as someone who can contribute but the way he does now is kinda..(-_-) so tnx. and godbless your team


  306. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Look, I’ve addressed this, Rai doesn’t always say things the way I would, but he acted in exactly the same manner before we asked him to moderate the comments with us. It’s fine to speak your mind, but I hope we can move on.


  307. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Someone comes in here, claims the project may or may not be dead without even looking or using common sense, and you say I’M the one who’s trash talking?

    If you really want trash talking, well here you go.

    Piss off you cock twirling thunder cunt.

    ^That last sentence isn’t serious. Please, don’t take it seriously, if you do, that’s your own fault~.

    In all seriousness, no. I won’t act in a “more modest way”. Because I’ve said already, many times, that I have no tolerance for stupidity. If you act stupid, I will act like this. If you actually want respect from me, don’t act like a bloody idiot. Is that really not hard to do? Use your common sense people!

    Also you’re wrong about every time I post it contains something bad, clearly all you do is look at posts you wish to look at. You should get your eyes checked, because that sounds like a bad problem.


  308. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    To quote an old video game: “Garbage in, garbage out. Stupid dumbass question in, stupid smartass sarcastic remarks out. Now, if you ever manage to ask me a question which doesn’t insult my experience and intelligence, I daresay I’ll force a civil answer out of myself.”

    Works for me.


  309. Rai Says:

    I like that. That’s exactly what I think haha.


  310. worldslaya Says:

    Is, is that I-War?

    Liked by 1 person

  311. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There’s another person in the world who’s played Independence War?


  312. Anonymous Says:

    Pity about the programming error, a weeks worth of work is a big loss.


  313. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nah, it’s not a total loss, all of my wording changes are still there, I just have to adjust the lines so they stay inside the box. It doesn’t take that long to change each file, except that I have really not wanted to.


  314. Neal cullum Says:

    What’s the latest news on the digimon world 1 hacking?


  315. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nothing new. It’s project five years in the making that Romsstar works on in his spare time, and right now we’re both devoting most of our time to getting Re Digitize out the door. And, as much as we’d have liked to release months ago, it’s really coming together now.


  316. Rai Says:

    I guess you could say “I’m really feeling it!”?

    Liked by 1 person

  317. neal cullum Says:

    I’m feeling the excitement for sure. I’ll be going on a road trip to france in a few months so my vision is to play re-digitize whilst in the sun and cool pint of beer


  318. Noël Rakotondramanana Says:

    okay let’s stop talking about Rai from now, he’s doing he’s job by his own way and I won’t complain about that…so I think that the 1500 lines is over by now? Or I am wrong?


  319. Francesco Esposito Says:

    I think that they will update this blog when they entered in the beta testing


  320. skeith612 Says:

    I think sometime in 2010 when I bought my first laptop I found out that it couldn’t effectively run any recent games, so I just looked up old classic games from when I was a kid and started playing them, Fallout 1 & 2, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape:Torment. Independence War was one of those classics that I played.


  321. Squallsy Says:

    its nice to see this game is still going, been looking forward to this patch for a while, nice work guys =D!, it would be nice if there was a little more update posts though, following all the comments can get a little confusing and difficult at times


  322. elliottwill20 Says:

    Me again. Just wanted to say im really excited about this patch. I’m currently playing digimon world 3 untill the patch is ready and I’m excited with anticipation. Also @rai your a awesome person doing a great job being moderator. I remember when i first saw you comment a while back you were the same person you are now. Don’t change bro. (I stay in the shadows not commenting because 1) no one really talks to me so i just read the comments. 2) just mostly checking on updates. 3) i like reading stupid comments. Go team.


  323. Rai Says:

    @Elliottwill20: Thank you. It really means a lot to me.


  324. DataOV Says:

    Aaaaw rai is blushing \>_<///


  325. Tex Killer Says:

    Hey elliottwill20, how are you? How is life?


  326. Rai Says:

    @DataOV: Am I? Last time I checked, I was normal.


  327. South American Guy Says:

    1500 lines? ya guys almost there! waiting greetings from argentina.


  328. Anonymous Says:

    rai still looooveee deleting my comment tho :3333


  329. Rai Says:

    Uh. I haven’t been deleting your comments. Please don’t assume shit, it makes you look like you’re more of an ass than you already are.

    Seriously, do you have a vendetta against me or something?


  330. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m responsible for almost all of the comments that get deleted.


  331. Skullbazon Says:

    Am i the only one that thinks dw3 is the wordt of the bunch?, i mean the game is fun…., but it has a lot of anoyying things, llike no fast travel and exponential dificulty rise in the card minigame…


  332. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The general consensus is that 4 is the worst. However, if, like most people, you believe that 4 was just a hallucination that never really happened, then it’s usually 2 or the DS games. 3 is my personal favorite, but I like a Final Fantasy style RPG.


  333. elliottwill20 Says:

    @Tex im good just preoccupying my time will random games. Trying to find a good DW3 download for my pso


  334. Truth Says:

    People consider the DS games worse than the Ps2 Data Squad game? Colour me surprised.

    And yeah, no matter a persons tastes, Digimon World 4 was definitely the worst. Theres nothing redeemable about that game whatsoever. Stories terrible, gameplays terrible, the digimon aspect is terrible, the music is boring…


  335. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No, they tend to consider them second or third in line for worst game in the series, which puts the more or less in the middle. I never liked them much myself. I either stuck to just a few Digimon and never saw many evolution lines, or tried to get a bunch, and didn’t get invested in any one Digimon.


  336. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: I have the exact same problem with the DS games.

    Except Championship. I love that game, even though it can be annoying at times.


  337. sxubach Says:

    I find digimon 3 waaay too slow with too many useless fights (it is like if in pokemon you couldn’t avoid the bushes), on the other hand I really enjoyed digimon 3. The only think you have to do is think of it as not digimon, and then it is a nice enough game


  338. Tex Killer Says:

    elliottwill20, don’t know if I am allowed to say this here, but emuparadise seems to have almost any game. Just remember to own the game before downloading it :P

    About those other Digimon World games, I never played any of them. From the moment I heard of them I found out they were not at all like DW1 and lost interest immediately. Do you guys think I was too quick to judge?


  339. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    They’re certainly very different games, Tex, but generally enjoyable for what they are. I, for legal reasons, cannot condone piracy, but neither will I prevent people from admitting that it exists. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t give direct links to such sites, but so far you’re fine.


  340. Chrona Says:

    What, really? I never thought anyone actually hated the DS titles, they’re my most played Digimon games. There’s just so much variety to them, I’ve replayed each one multiple times using different parties. It’s the only “catch em all” style Digimon game I know of, with something like 3-4 hundred to choose from. While I love the style of Championship and Digiworld 1, sometimes I just want a more traditional RPG where my digimon don’t have a time limit on them – I can keep evolving and devolving them at my own leisure, to the point where I have an in training with stats in the hundreds if I really want to


  341. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hate is a strong word, I just feel pretty neutral toward them. Granted, I have a hard time getting in to Pokemon or the same reason. When I was eight, and didn’t know how the underlying mechanics worked, it was easier to feel like the particular Pokemon I had with me mattered, and I was bad enough at them that the incredibly easy main storyline felt mildly challenging, another problem the DW DS games had.

    Mainly though, the writing was so awful as to be rather painful to read a lot of the time, and video games as a story-telling medium is far and away the primary reason I play RPGs, and that doesn’t even get in to the other things I could be doing with my time. I could read all 4.3 million words of Wheel of Time series (which I recommend, I listened to all of the audiobooks while working on the translation) in less time than it would take to actually try every evolution or catch every Pokemon.

    I’ve never played Championship though, I might have to give that a try, and I hope the Lost Evolution translation comes out at some point. It sounds like it’s pretty fun, and it’d be one less game for us to translate.


  342. Chrona Says:

    Well, to me the appeal is just to use things you like. There are dozens of digimon I like that at I can just decide a team of 6 before I even start the game, either recruit them or in the case of rare/lategame things hack them into my party, and go from there. Granted a big thing is that I use random encounter controlling codes to fight and level up on my own pace, but yeah. Mid writing this post I decided to boot up the original Digimon World DS since I haven’t played that one since Dawn/Dusk came out xD


  343. hiandromon Says:

    In my case i don’t find it enjoyable catching or training every monster in any game. I prefer raising one to some extend and letting it grow or go. (just like in DW1) I just want a digimon game that doesn’t make you train your partner to evolve it to its next level. Just as an RPG your character gets stronger in time, I want any digimon to get stronger as you go with the flow.
    It would be really interesting a game where your digimon doesn’t die and you are “stuck” with whatever your digimon evolved. (Suka and Nume and similars would have their own quests to let you progress, as we all know they are special)


  344. Skullbazon Says:

    Wait, people dont like data squad for the ps2???, i loved that game!, sure the digivolution process was kinda messy and grindy, but i dont really have a problem with grinding in games XD, i even had a small notebook on wich i took notes on the requirements for every party member (as i was writing this, i actually found said notebook…., wow so many memories XD)


  345. Tex Killer Says:

    So… The other DW games are pokémon clones with the Digimon world? Maybe I should take a look sometime.


  346. Laurence Says:

    @Tex Killer

    Uh, nope. the DS DW games are copies of Shin Megami Tensei, NOT Pokemon. And to make the point clear, BOTH Pokemon and Digimon took concepts out of Shin Megami Tensei, which came out at least two years before any of those two franchises’ games came out.


  347. Laurence Says:

    I personally think that DW3 might not be the best in concept (it borrowed so many ideas from other game types), but it’s the most “complete” out of all the main DW games. It might not be the most original (that goes to DW 1), but it had, imo, the most complete storyline, the most polished RPG elements, and if you lived in the PAL region, the most amount of post-game content out of all the DW games


  348. Natalie Dragonnip Says:

    This project brings me so much joy. I just realized that I’ve been following your group for about two years, now–thank you all so much for your dedication. I’m so excited for the eventual release. :) You’re all talented, wonderful individuals!
    Digimon nostalgia keeps me going. <3


  349. John Cena Says:


    give us an update on the game! I finish my last final on wednesday then i don’t have to do anything. I just wanna play the english version all day long!


  350. A Digimon Fan Says:

    I just looked up into this blog hoping to get answers for my cravings of a digimon redigitized english patch. Its been 10yrs since i have been longing for a digimon world 1 remake. The later release of digimon world games were a bit crappy, in fact not deserving for the Ultimate digimon gaming experience. Digimon world 1 was by far, the most epic digimon game ever released by bandai.

    Seeing people like you, dedicated to work for such game remake of digimon world 1 makes avid fans of digimon proud. so keep up good work guys and always remember Never give up on your dreams.

    Looking forward to your projects,
    A Digimon Fan


  351. Raichan Says:

    My favourite digimon games are equally digimon world 1 and 2003 (the pal version of 3), I have played through both of them at least 5 or 6 times and I know every inch and every secret or trick in those games..
    I have also tried almost every digimon game out there, I didn’t care much for digimon world 2 and data squad, the DS games aren’t too bad, but the most unfairly judged one is definitely digimon world 4, sure it’s a bit hard to play and frustrating at first, especially if you’re playing alone, but it really does get easier and better as you start to level up, and to figure out digivolultions and get stronger gear and techniques, I’m sure anybody who is a digimon fan and gives it a fair shot would love it too!


  352. Anonymous Says:

    whats the progress status guys?


  353. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re more or less in testing now. There’s a few things I need to finish up before everything is edited as well as I’d like, but since I haven’t wanted to do that for the last few days, I’ve been fixing the typos and other minor issues our three testers have been sending in instead.

    We’ll probably make an official announcement when I finish those last few things, and are considering doing a live stream at some point, which we will make a post announcing several days in advance. If we do, it will also be available on Youtube afterword.


  354. Francesco Esposito Says:

    Great news Sporky, thanks


  355. Glitch Says:

    glad to see this project coming to completion thanks for all the time and effort put into this project; hope the next one goes off without a hitch.


  356. Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully with this steam mod debate it will encourage you to set up some sort of donation service to support your team. Nothing related to the game of course just personal donations.


  357. Rai Says:

    They’ve said many times they won’t be accepting donations no matter what. Even personal donations won’t be accepted, because Bandai Namco can ‘still’ C&D them to death.


  358. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah it’s abit messy alright, it’s understandable.


  359. Anon Says:


    so sup? Any news? :D


  360. Anonymous Says:

    Almost there!


  361. Chrona Says:

    What you need to do is give the impression that you can donate but make it impossible. Hide segments of your paypal address throughout the blog but purposely leave out half the letters and misspell a few.

    Why? …I honestly don’t know


  362. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We could put a donate button, but with the letters a and e missing.


  363. Anon Says:

    hahahaha silly sprk soo funny :)

    its will spell Dont

    wait…………owh i get it


  364. Romsstar Says:

    You’re free to send me presents on my birthday though :P XDD

    On a different note: Sporky has some stuff left to edit, which I anticipated would happen sooner but somehow isn’t.xD
    But two of our playtesters alredy finished the game, so it’s really moving. Some minor stuff and fixes are needen but all in all, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 weeks tops, less if we would really have the time :/

    Liked by 2 people

  365. Dusty_Bottoms Says:

    I know you guys abstained from posting finish date predictions, but thank you so very much for keeping us informed like that, Rommstar. Silent lurker here and have been excited to play this, as my interest in this patch and game helped in part reignite my love of the franchise. Downloaded the first three seasons and went to town on that and a V-Pet emulator, but heard about this and shook the dust off the ol’ PSP just for it. Thanks again, Operation Decoded.


  366. Francesco Esposito Says:

    The beta testing is the worst job, you can’t enjoy the game because you have to see if everything is correct :c btw they were really fast so thanks


  367. Janess Says:

    Are you guys related with this project?


  368. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Janess: Nope. Someone posted a link to it a while back, but before that I’d never heard of it. I hope they don’t get sued. Our project is borderline, but it has a fair use defense. Theirs is pretty much uquestionably illegal.

    Liked by 1 person

  369. numemon Says:

    Hmm. Still not finish yet. Ok I’ll wait. Will check for another 3-10 month later. Keep it up guys ^^


  370. jjohnson1992 Says:

    2 playtesters finished already damm that was quick. glad to hear its coming along so well really looking forward to it


  371. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, if we released today, everything would be playable, though in some places the text would go outside the box. The colosseum still needs a little polish, and I’ve been correcting lots of typos and missing spaces that the testers have been finding.

    I will say though that I’m going to hedge a bit and say that Rom’s one to two weeks estimate might be a little optimistic.


  372. Amdrael Says:

    Things seems to come to an end soon finally :D thanks guys for all your work.


  373. salary0n Says:

    @sporky What’s the difference between romsstar digimon world hack and that digimon world ark project ? if the ark project is illegal, does’nt romsstar digimon world hack considered illegal too ?


  374. Janess Says:

    @Sporky Mcforkinspoon Yeah for a moment I thought you guys were cooperating with them because of the Digimon World 1 hack thingy. My first reaction when I go to their page was exciting because I thought they’re making their own digimon models and put them into the original DW1 game, then I realized they were making their OWN fan made game I’m like what, is that really necessary?


  375. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Salary0n: Mainly that ours is a patch the modifies the original game. There’s an argument to be made that, since we’re translating their script, it’s a copyright violation. We would argue that since we’re altering only a small amount of the game’s data, and the patch is useless unless one already has the game, it’s fair use. Romsstar’s DW1 hack is more explicitly legal, in that it’s adding new things to the game which aren’t based on Bamco’s intellectual property. Project Ark is making an entirely new game based on Digimon they created. Derivative works of that nature are definitely a copyright violation unless they paid for a license, which Bamco almost certainly wouldn’t give them.


  376. Anonymous Says:

    is there any ay you can post a link to romsstars DW1 project. i would love to see the progress on it. or just see what he is doing.


  377. Anonymous Says:

    Dear translator team

    First of all let me said thanks for all the hardwork you do after all this time, we know that you all worked until now and not receiving any amount of money until now.

    But looking at statictics of how much comment generated/post/month show , i think the graph keep decreasing after the post that you say the team cant release the translation at expected month.

    the reason i heard that your team doesnt release unfinished patch is because
    1. U dont want to release unfinished ‘product’
    2. U want to make makers company see ‘spike’ in sales after your translation released.

    I appreciate your effort to do that, but given the fact that
    1. PSP is retired
    2. The game itself is ‘old’ because the console doesnt even produced anymore, im not sure the original game is still in store after all this time
    3. I’m sorry but this project is more than 2 years. the console and the game itself is ageing
    4. Im sure people who gonna play this is the one who gonna ‘pirate’ the game and using emulators

    I think you should release ‘halfdone product’ now, or at least share the videos how much the work is progressed, so people here can measure or expect how much more time this ‘product’ gonna be finished.

    Thanks for the attention


  378. Kiryu Says:

    You can post it today we don’t mind the typos XDDD


  379. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    But we would, Kiryu.

    @Anon: Afraid not. He hasn’t posted anything online, it’s all on his computer.


  380. Chrona Says:

    I’m going to make the argument that if you released it right now, there wouldn’t actually be any typoes because you guys put way too much effort into the translation to make any typoes in the first place. I win


  381. Ala Says:

    Sorry if this have been asked before, i started following this just recently, but are you translating this based in the dub? example: evolution or digivolution? i hope not, but i don’t care all that much anyway, and congratulation for your hard job :)


  382. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re releasing two versions. The sub terms are in pretty much every way superior, but we recognize that some people are foolish and don’t recognize that fact.

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  383. Man of God Says:

    I love you guys


  384. Rai Says:

    @Chrona: Putting effort into the translation doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be any problems in-game. Considering they haven’t released it yet, I’m betting that there’s problems in-game that aren’t fixed yet, because more important things going on.

    Typos aren’t everything.


  385. Chrona Says:

    @Rai your lack of blind faith disturbs me :p


  386. Ian Jarrell Says:


    There was a similar situation with game genie and Nintendo. The court ruled that modifying a game that you own is NOT illegal. This, game genie was legal and why things like Action Replay still exist.


  387. azurezeed Says:

    yeah sporky knows, subs for the win!


  388. Rai Says:

    It’s not that I don’t have faith in them, I very much do, and anyone who frequents this blog should know that, after all I support them greatly.

    But the team themselves have even said that there are non-typo editing that needs to be done.


  389. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: People will play this regardless of them releasing a half-done product or not. The PSP is nowhere near dead, and the game’s not ‘that’ old. 2 years for a translation project is nothing, if anything, it’s actually pretty damn quick.

    Who are we to judge people who pirate games? So what if they pirate games, it’s none of anyone’s business other than the pirate’s.

    And if you actually knew any stats, you’d know that the comments generated per post have been as good as any other post. Honestly, all you’re doing is bullshitting yourself and trying to get the translation. Give it up man, it’s not worth embarrassing yourself any further.


  390. sxubach Says:

    XD in fact it is bamco’s business
    And to all this people crying about it taking so long, just wait, its not going to harm you, you will enjoy it more in summer (because it is releasing before September isn’t it??)


  391. Kai Says:

    @Rai: Maybe he’s just desperate from wanting to play it too much.


  392. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    To clear up any misconceptions, there are definitely typos. Believe me, I’ve been fixing them.


  393. Jukan Says:

    Typos? in YOUR translation Sporkiez? Quit being modest! Your perfect and you know it! You don’t make mistakes, nor does Rommstar! Also, cows go meow, and pigs still can’t fly, but damn can they jump. Also, the moon isn’t made of cheese, its made of purple.

    I’m getting more excited by the day, cannot wait for the official release! better order a new headset ASAP! I have some streams to do soon!


  394. r Says:

    I got a feeling that the next post will be the last report :D


  395. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think we’re planning to make an official announcement when all that’s left is testing, and then the release a few weeks after that. Also, we might have one more if we do a live stream during testing.

    @Jukan: I’ll make you the same offer I’ve made everyone else. Hit me up on Skype if you want me to do a stream with you some time.


  396. AnimeGale Says:

    Been following this for over 6 months, checking back every week. Cannot wait to finally get my hands on the next best thing after DW1. AGUMON, I’M COMING, BUDDY!


  397. Tex Killer Says:

    Sporky, what do you think about doing a stream during testing and having all of us spot the typos during the streaming as well? It might be way faster than only the tester looking for typos, and wouldn’t leak the unfinished patch in any way…

    Liked by 1 person

  398. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That might be a thought, I doubt we’d stream the whole game, but certainly if any typos did get spotted during the parts we stream, let us know.


  399. Chrona Says:

    Hmm…I might join in on one of the streams too then. What does that entail exactly?


  400. ahmadmanga Says:

    Wow!! it’s really interesting to see all the recent comments!!

    @Anonymous : while you’re making (somewhat) fair points, I thinks it’s better if they release the game after completeing everything.. the game don’t represent us who are playing it.. but the team who worked so hard on it.

    psp won’t be dead at least until all the PSP devices break (I’m not counting emulators here for some reason)…

    TL:DR: nevermind typos~


  401. A fan Says:

    Patiently stalking this.

    Liked by 1 person

  402. hakaru Says:

    I have a question for sporky or any admins; will the english patch that reflects localized names like “digivolve” call Taichi Tai or Taichi? Or hikari/kari etc

    Liked by 1 person

  403. Mavs Says:

    cant wait to see the live stream and help in anyway possible


  404. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Chrona: You set up a live stream on Twitch or wherever, and arrange a time that works for both of us.

    @Hakaru: We’re releasing two versions of the patch.


  405. Jacky Says:

    Mayday Mayday! Slowest translation ever…

    JK! Happy holiday!


  406. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I can easily point you to some slower ones, if you like.


  407. Anon Says:



  408. A fan Says:

    Happy May first


  409. Anonymous Says:


    well perhaps because its a fake project, they have done nothing but posting a fake stroy bout this scanlation


  410. Rai Says:

    Ofcourse it’s a fake scanlation.

    That’s because it’s not a manga, but a game. You can’t scanlate a game. So yes, you’re right, it’s a fake scanlation project.

    Liked by 1 person

  411. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ve got a video up showing the Decode proof of concept playing on a 3DS, and will be doing a live stream soon. But sure, all of that is amazingly complicated photoshopping that involved translating the Japanese but not inserting it into the game. Way to logic.


  412. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Good news everyone! I just finished the last file in the Colosseum and the adjusting the linebreaks in File City. Besides testing, there’s just two files to work on now, the second half of the cards, and the super boring post battle comments in the Colosseum, which are kept in a different file than the rest of the Colosseum stuff.


  413. anonymousdigi Says:

    is it complete man??
    i have been following u for about half a year and hoping that
    u really be able to complete it.


  414. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Man, all you had to do was read one comment, in which I just said there are two files plus testing left. Damn, people.

    Liked by 2 people

  415. Tex Killer Says:

    Nice! Congratulations, Sporky :D

    Let us know when it is finished and when will be the public “streaming” testing session(s)! I imagine the game would take many sessions to complete, if the entire game will be streamed during testing…


  416. Jukan Says:

    So its in testing, kinda right? So has anyone gone rogue yet and leak it to the public yet? googles Nope, still just the bad menu patch T_T

    Keep it up guys!

    Oh, and IS THE PATCH OUT YET? (Sorry, just had to lol)


  417. Jessu Says:

    May 1st.
    Every comment has turned into “IS IT OUT YET?”

    alright, guess I’ll come back in a little while..


  418. Jessu Says:

    Didn’t realize using “>” turned the sentence into a quote.



  419. Santanna Says:

    I usually don’t post on here but I’m so grateful and I appreciate. Everything you and your Team has done. An will do for the digimon community in the future. And please everyone that is asking about is the patch complete stop. Because this whole Team is doing us a huge favor by bring this patch to us. And its out the kindness of the hearts. So thanks again guys. This whole Team is awesome!!!


  420. ExDii Says:

    Wow, 2 files left. Keep it up! We love you guys! :D

    Oh and I need to ride the bandwagon:

    Is it out yet? XD


  421. Noël Rakotondramanana Says:

    Maybe it’ll be done by the end of this month?


  422. Vuro Says:

    I am going to PEE I AM SO EXCITED.

    I saw this a couple years ago on GBATemp, but when progress slowed considerably, I figured it was another translation project headed for indefinite hiatus (which is nothing to be ashamed of, of course. Putting hours and HOURS into a project with the only compensation being eager, entitled fans constantly posting “IS THE PATCH OUT YET? WHEN’S THE RELEASE DATE?” is incredibly discouraging). I suddenly remembered the project this morning, decided to check it out on a whim, and I’m stunned that the patch is close to release.

    I don’t know how to say thanks for your efforts. Y’all are seriously amazing.


  423. sxubach Says:

    Just out of curiosity, this files you always use as a unity for the amount of work left, how long are they?
    I mean they could be 20 lines files or 20000

    Any way, keep it up ^^ you guys doing a great job


  424. Juho Says:

    Thank you guys for your hard work, I barely can contain my mojo.Unf unf unf


  425. Spiriter Says:

    That whole “good news” bit came out in professor fink from futurama’s voice in my head.

    Liked by 1 person

  426. Spiriter Says:

    Wait shit. I meant Farnsworth Dx

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  427. Rai Says:

    @Sxubach: Considering Sporky had said only 1500 lines before testing phase began, I can only assume it’s under 1500.


  428. Anonymous Says:

    It’s definitely not getting finished by the end of this month.


  429. Anonymous Says:

    It may be finished this month… you don’t know otherwise


  430. deadstalkers Says:

    It will be finished when Sporky and Romsstar says it is.


  431. Befram Says:

    Hello, I would just like to say how happy I am that you’re working on this, and that, despite the problems you described that you have faced, never gave up on this. I found out about this sometime last year I belive it was, after I played Digimon world 1 again and looked for any other interesting digimon games. Of course I found about redigitize and was quite miffed about there being no proper english translations around, which was when I found out about you guys.

    Some time passed and I forgot about this temporarily, until I checked it again this april and saw this glorious news update you put up. Which was really quite the nice surprise, and interesting read. Anyhow I babbled enough for now I believe, basically what I wanted to say is this. Really great work guys, I’m really glad you took the time to do this and take all the time you need without stressing (easy for me to say though I suppose as I got none of the pressure) because those of us who haven’t done a bit of work can certainly keep waiting.


  432. azurezeed Says:

    i only want to play the game this summer, so you can take your time operation decoded


  433. AhTreyYou Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work team! I really appreciate all the work and time you’ve dedicated to this project and for putting up with us, some of us can be quite impatient.


  434. Romsstar Says:

    Real lines left: 210.
    Length of each line: About 50 Characters (One to two short sentences).
    Amount of Editing left: 210 lines
    Amount of Testing left: A lot
    Release estimate: 2-3 weeks
    – Sporkys cat killed his laptop
    – I poued coffee over mine and I’m waiting for a new machine to arrive.
    We are quite the team aren’t we lol. Don’t worry, no loss of data. We just need to set up new systems…


  435. Truth Says:

    I can understand the coffee, but how on earth did the cat kill a laptop? Did it knock it off a table and smash it on the ground or something?

    I’ve heard you can dry out electronics with rice somehow, but somehow I don’t think you’ll get a machine like that to fit in a bowl of it lol.


  436. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    My cat knocked it off the night stand it was on and cracked the screen, which also damaged some sectors on the HDD. I’ve got the critical data backed up anyway, and managed to get all of it off, but the drive might be toast. I’m sending the laptop off to the manufacturer for repairs, but it might be a couple weeks before I get it back.

    Fortunately, I’ve got a decent desktop machine, and we didn’t lose any data, but i won’t be able to help do testing as much as I would have with my laptop around.

    If you want a real story, get Romsstar to tell you about his adventure trying to get his machine repaired. The coffee thing was like, two months ago, I think, and it’s still not back. I’m convinced the place he sent it to lost it.


  437. Giulls Says:

    The worst thing is that they may not have even lost it. A lot of places are just really slow with things like that. Seagate kept one of our hard drives for two months before we got it back (everything was recovered though!), and one of my friends recently sent something back for a replacement (his thing broke within one day of use, but lifetime warranty!), and they didn’t ship him another one for 3 weeks. You would think a simple replacement would be quicker than that.

    After all, it’s not like they’re making money off of repairs so they won’t be bothered to hurry.


  438. Francesco Esposito Says:

    A cat killer and a vanished pc, if i was Romsstar i would go on foot to take the pc, two months are a lot for a coffe, i mean the coffe could damage the keyboard, or i hope so


  439. Romsstar Says:

    Apparently it got damaged so much that for THREE FRICKIN MONTHS it’s in “Testing”. I’ll probably sue the company but either way since I need a good computer now and not after the lawsuit I had to order a new one which will arrive next week…


  440. Francesco Esposito Says:

    So they stoled your pc and forced you to buy a new one, i can say only good luck if there will be a process, make them pay for all


  441. Romsstar Says:

    That’s the plan


  442. christopherpirtle Says:

    sucks about your laptops. impressive that we still might get release this month even after all that. thanks guys
    funny story time. i had a roommate fall asleep in bed on his laptop. wake up in the middle of the night to a smash and an oh 5h1t cuz he accidentally kicked it out of bed in his sleep. It was in pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

  443. Rai Says:


    You uh, don’t have to filter shit here as far as I know lol.


  444. ExDii Says:

    Hi! Just passin’ by with this daily check. Good luck! :D


  445. KutuKupret Says:

    i think the cat is actually a pokemon conspiracy…


  446. Chrona Says:

    Yeah, don’t filter it, just substitute the word “poopie”


  447. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    First night at work since my laptop broke. I tried putting a Windows install on a thumb drive, but it turns out it sucks if you want to use it for just about anything. I really want my laptop back.

    And @ChristopherPirtle and anyone else curious: We do not and almost certainly never will have a profanity filter here. There are pros and cons to both having and not having one, but I mostly just don’t give a fuck.

    Liked by 2 people

  448. sxubach Says:

    Cats are evil beings, he most likely knew everything about the project and just wanted to read more people crying on the forum.

    Btw, never trust repair services, when mine had a BSD problem (like a blue screen every 10 minutes) I sent it to repair. It came back with a USB not working (they broke it and connected it with TAPE!) and a piece of the structure just chopped off, they simply took one of the two plastic structures that supports the screen and destroyed it with a saw. Not to say, that after 1 month on “Repair” it kept on going Blue.
    Since then, youtube + google can repair it better

    P.S: if someone is interested, the company was HP

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  449. Anon Says:

    “Release estimate: 2-3 weeks”

    i came :v


  450. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s not good news, HP is who I’m having do the repair, and I already paid them. Here’s hoping nothing too terrible happens. They already gave me a bit of a red flag; despite the fact that I just want them to replace the monitor, they say they won’t do the repair if I don’t send the hard drives with the computer, and I have no idea why.


  451. deadstalkers Says:

    I’ve had to buy a new PS3 a tv and a laptop due to my cat in the past 2 year since i’ve had her.


  452. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Yeah, my friend’s also had some run ins with HP. His Laptop broke down literally the day he bought it, blue screens and such.

    He sent it in for repairs, it came back half a month later, again, it broke down the same day.

    He went in a cycle of sending it in for repairs and getting it back still broken for about 3 times. HP is just, not a good company IMO. But hey, I hope yours comes back good though.


  453. Kyle Says:

    Wow that sucks for your laptops and everything haha, I do a lot of computer repair work in my free time and half the time the problem is something fixed within a day tops, but I understand with other people’s stuff being broken too. Honestly I’ve got to say NEVER GO HP, just never do, I’d personally recommend Acer, specifically the Aspire series they have. As far as HDDs I’ve never owned one that didn’t bug out after too much use or just average use within a couple years but as far as that goes Toshiba would be best in my opinion. Truly though if you can afford it go ahead and get a external SSD, never break unless you MAKE them break and most come with a life proof case or some shit.

    Also on a completely unrelated item but kinda the same topic, never try to buy anything from that dealman website or whatever it’s called. I had ordered a jacket from there, supposed to come within a month. Ended up 6 months later, I messaged them saying WTF and they sent me one finally, still arrived another 3 months late haha

    But yeah, HP sucks like a tremendous tampon, stay away from them!

    As usual great job with the translation people, and Rai the 2-3 week range might have been a calling for a bad time, but who cares, if it takes another month I’m down for that. Good luck people and remember Sporky, you don’t own your cat, it lets you live side by side with it for food and graciously doesn’t maul you when you’re unaware lol


  454. Anonymous Says:

    Sir May i ask if You’re still Translating Digimon Redigitize on the PSP?


  455. Truth Says:

    Now I’m worried. I’m using a HP desktop ‘>_>

    Maybe I should get my friend to teach me how to do hardware repairs…


  456. Jukan Says:

    Good thing I built my own PC from the ground up. I can just buy replacement parts if something goes bad.


  457. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: No, they cancelled it ages ago. This translation patch will only be for the Nokia N-Gage.

    Liked by 1 person

  458. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    lol rai i laughed, it just made my day lmao btw I had a hp presario desktop that only lasted 2 years (just 1 month after the warranty period is over), I don’t know why everything stopped working (mouse, keyboard etc) and When I reset it, never stayed on more than 5 seconds, shutting off after , had to buy a new one (from another brand ofc), i took it to repair but the guy said to me that was useless to repair it, since it was going to cost even more than the computer itself and that computer wasn’t much time working since i was using my 6 years long lasted laptop at that time, Anyways, it was my worst computer so far, I really hate hp lol


  459. Tex Killer Says:

    What happened to my last comment? :(


  460. Rai Says:

    I killed it. Think about what was wrong in that comment.

    Because I really can’t remember why I deleted it. I’m being serious.


  461. ExDii Says:

    I’ve read the release would be an estimated 2-3 weeks but the comments section just keeps making me visit daily.

    @Rai: HAHAHAHA.


  462. Anon Says:

    killer got killed by rai


  463. Spiriter Says:

    While we’re on the topic of how bad HP sucks, I have an HP all-in-one printer/fax machine/phone. The thing is rocket science to operate. The print quality sucks too.


  464. Tex Killer Says:

    As far as I can remember it was something like:

    “Sporky, they might have asked for the HDs to avoid driver problems: if the new monitor requires a new driver, they would need your HD to install the driver and make everything work. Or they don’t trust you and want to make sure your HDs aren’t damaged. Or they suck.

    Good luck.”

    What was wrong? If it is about the “s*ck” word, you said it yourself not long ago that we didn’t have to hide bad words here…


  465. Prince Dragonia Says:

    LOL xD im asking a serious question sir xD Did you guys move to translating a Different digimon game? thanks :)


  466. Romsstar Says:

    Are you guys even reading what I write in the comments section?…


  467. Anon Says:

    Rmstar is forgotten :( if u not sprky no one read your post


  468. Tex Killer Says:

    I read what you write, Romsstar. :D


  469. Inide Says:

    Sporky, Romsstar, I hope you’ve learnt to never buy prebuilt machines lol. If you have an android tablet or phone you could use that for your testing Sporky, I’m pretty sure there’s good enough psp emulation available. As for editing….maybe google docs? bit of a messaround though when there’s so little left.
    Also, never trust cats. I mean, look what happened to Myotismon, he trusted a cat and then gatomon went and joined the digidestined.


  470. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Tex: That may have gotten deleted accidentally, I seem to recall accidentally deleting a comment that got caught in the spam filter due to a misclick. Sorry about that.

    @Inide: I always build my own desktop machines, but laptops take too long. I could have done the repair myself, but I’m rather busy at the moment, and it’s worth my money to save that time. For testing, I have both my desktop machine, and of course, an actual PSP. Editing can be done on any Windows computer, but it requires some custom made programs, so Google Docs isn’t an option.


  471. Inide Says:

    Google docs is always an option! I used to just use notepad for writing C++ on the move and then just open it in a compiler for debugging and testing.


  472. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s really not. The files can’t be opened with a text editor, so at best, we’d be using it as a cloud storage service, and we already have that.


  473. fatmonkeyjingle Says:

    What exactly are you doing in Digimon World 1? What’s the aim?
    I’m pretty interested if you can make the game less of a shit. It has a great charm to it but ultimately the game falls flat because of how frustrating it can be.


  474. Inide Says:

    Personally, I’d probably find a way to make it work and end up wasting loads of time in the process. But part of the reason I don’t code anymore is because I’m the sort of person that would spend 40 hours to make it possible to save 5 minutes when half an hours work was all that was neccessary, and I’m as eager as everyone else to play, so I’m gonna stop wasting your time by trying to save it so that I’m not the cause of a delay lol.


  475. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @FatMonkeyJingle: As I understand it, it’s basically an all purpose tool to do whatever you want to the game. You can change the evolution reqs, alter or add new maps, change every bit of dialogue in the game, make new items, pretty much anything. Eventually, we’re talking about writing a story and making our own version of the game, plus probably a just better version of the original, and Romsstar plans to release the tool so that anyone who wants to can do the same.

    The last major thing he needs to work on is adding or changing the Digimon themselves. The 3D models use a custom made, and frankly bad format that has to be reverse engineered, something that has so far not been successful. If he manages it, it would be possible to add Digimon created after DW1, and potentially make new attack animations for the existing ones.

    It would also be possible to implement the MetalGarurumon model that wasn’t finished before the game’s release. The model is in the game, but it has no animations, so we’d have to make them from scratch.

    @Inide: At this point, we’ve decided not to sink any more time into improving our tools. There are some improvements we would all like, but they would take more time to create than it’s worth. Fortunately, for Decode we’re using an all new set of tools that shouldn’t have as many bugs, since we’re able to learn from the mistakes made with the original set.


  476. DemonKingKenji Says:

    umm may I kindly know why my comment wasn’t accepted all I did was make a joke and say I hope you get your laptops back


  477. salary0n Says:

    @sporky there is a model of metalgarurumon ?? or weregarurumon ?? i heard there’s a model for weregarurumon left in the game, not metalgarurumon, i mean the evolution in DMW 1 stop at ultimate, but i can be mistaken :-)


  478. Romsstar Says:

    metalgarurumon was never in DW1 and it was weregarurumon.
    The model itself is also not in the game, merely the data and evolution requierements and its digivolution tree. the model itself is blank. Frankly Sporky is not really aware about the DW1 work so…
    As a matter of fact I’ve written a new story already and so far I like it. I think I want to have it more refined and elaborate though. There are some other things I don’t want talk about yet. Patience, there will come the right time.


  479. Rai Says:

    Make the story about a world conquest to get Pizza.

    I would play it.


  480. Hamad AlShami Says:

    I just thought to myself “Damn, how long are these guys going to take?!!”
    and then I realized, if it is this much of a pain in the ass just waiting for it, imagine how difficult it is for you guys who are actually putting in the effort!!
    God bless your hearts, good luck, and thank you!!


  481. Rai Says:

    Except this translation hasn’t been long at all.


  482. Mushiking Says:

    Digimon adventure tri has been anounced as only 6 part film..not new anime sad to know about that..but still..the scene of the epic battle btween omnimon and alphamon is tempting.


  483. Chrona Says:

    @Romsstar in your DW1 edits, have you been able to add a mega evolution level? Always bugged me that the game only went to Ultimate apart from 2 or 3 megas that are still listed as ultimate ingame


  484. Giulls Says:

    Here’s the Digimon Tri reveal that just came out, with English subs.


  485. Amdrael Says:

    6 ovas? … wow, sad for all fans…


  486. Francesco Esposito Says:

    So sad :c not beacuse will be films, but the release date is 21 november, so we need to wait 1 year more for the blue ray…if it was an anime….


  487. Truth Says:

    Well, thats a slight let down…

    …I’m very curious about that Alphamon in the trailer. I wonder whats going to happen.


  488. azurezeed Says:

    man, i was waiting 50 chapters of tri


  489. Chronoid Says:

    Hey, Rommstar, how’s the translation going?
    I mean, you were planning to release the first couple weeks of this year… and it’s turned into “months”….

    Not that I intent to rush you or anything, just curious.

    Anyway, keep up the good work :)


  490. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Wow, a year of hyping it, and over a month past the original air date, and they only now mention that it’s six episodes? That sucks, especially since it’s been delayed another four months. I realize the irony of me complaining about delays, but we work for free.

    @Chronoid: As we have said several times in the last few days, we have about 200 lines of text to edit, which is a couple hours work. Unfortunately, that’s on hold until I get my laptop back. In the mean time, we’re testing the other 99% of the game that’s done.


  491. Anonymous Says:

    C’mon dudes just release it even if is not finished we want to play :(


  492. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    If you want a project run your own way, make one yourself. Otherwise, you can wait patiently like everyone else.


  493. Anton Says:

    Exactly! i completely agree with Sporky, People Need to chill the Smeg out. They are Working on it as Fast as they Smegging can, Especially with Two machines out for Repairs/replacement.

    i am sure if there is anything to update us on, they will as soon as they damn well feel like it.

    and while i literally could rant for Pages about people not using their common sense, and how annoying it is, that’s Rai’s job, and i would hate to deprive him of it. after all he is awesome at it

    Liked by 1 person

  494. Anonymous Says:

    You’re a right smeg Anton,watching too much Red Dwarf I think :D


  495. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Anton? Ahh. For a second I read Anon, and I was a bit confused, since, you know. “Anon made a decent comment for once?” So, yeah, Anon is still, drek. So, how long is the game, just following the storyline? Can I beat it in a day if I be a piece of shit and marathon it?


  496. DiogoN96 Says:

    Sorry to post a question unrelated to this project but I think if there’s some place where i could get good answers, it’s here. I used to watch digimon as a kid but now i don’t remember much of it. I did also used to play digimon at my cousin’s house (I think dw1) and I do remember enjoying it (even though i bet i wasn’t that good) and that’s why i took interest in this project and have been “keeping an eye” on it for some time now.
    Anyway, my question is, DO i need to watch the anime series again? All of them? Just one of them? Even if i don’t really need to why would still recomment watch it?
    Hmm, turns out that wasn’t exacly ONE question but could really use some help on this.
    Again, sorry for posting unrelated stuff and for any bad grammar also (greetings from Portugal btw). And thanks in advance.


  497. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @NeoDaedalus: I think a speedrun could be done in 12-16 hours, though you’d have a hard time with the bosses that way. It could probably be 100%’d (in terms of colosseum fights and card collecting, not getting every evolution) in two weeks or so if you played it consistently. The plot isn’t super long, but there’s eleven major areas, plus the city and colosseum, some of which you have to visit several times for plot reasons.

    @DiogoN96: You only need to watch them again because they’re great. This game takes place in another universe, much like how Tamers and Adventure are almost completely unrelated.

    Re:Digitize is, however, technically a sequel to the original Digimon World game, but this takes place long enough after that Hiro’s actions are something like legends, so it’s not strictly necessary to play or replay it.


  498. Agá Says:

    First of Everything, this post is not a complain, I don’t want to rush you guys and Is just based on my curiosity.
    I just wanna know if the next post will be the release announcement or do you guys would do another post or two before of that?
    Again, I don’t wanna know how long is going to take to finish the project, but wanna know if you guys did an amount of progress good enough to make a new post.


  499. Rai Says:

    @agá: I assume they’ll make a few more blog posts before the release announcement/release post.

    I assume the next blog post will be when the project officially goes into testing.

    Liked by 1 person

  500. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We will almost certainly make a post announcing the testing beginning in earnest. That post would have been up by now had our computers not broken. Romsstar’s arrived today, incidentally, and mine shipped out yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

  501. Kairozu Says:

    Been following this post for awhile now. Didn’t know the troubles you guys have gone through in order for the right translations to be done. I personally don’t mind having to wait as long as you guys can do it at a good pace and got things out properly. Also, if you guys face any problems then it’s only right that you guys have to delay. No problems with that at all. After the translations are done and you guys have released it, I hope you guys have a good long-term rest(like around a year or so) before you guys start on your next project(DW Re:Digitize Decode(3DS)). You guys are earning nothing but the happiness of the people. So you guys can take things on your own pace and don’t worry about those who can’t wait. I hope you guys in the translations team all the best for the finishing translations and thank you for what you’ve done!


  502. DiogoN96 Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon Wow a reply from sporky him(?)self, thank you very much! The main reason for my question is i don’t really have much time on my hands right now so i would actually have to choose between game and anime. This way I think I’ll keep the anime for summer vacation.
    Also I realised that my previous comment was also my first wich is a sin since I’ve been watching every update of this awesome project like a hawk for some time now, and i didn’t even expressed my apreciation for your amazing work. I am ashamed.
    So I wish to congratulate and thank all of the staff on this project for your work and dedication. You guys rock!


  503. Agá Says:

    Thanks for the answer guys ♥


  504. Anon Says:


    i just heard digimon tri are only 6 OVAS

    why why DX meanwhile that pokemon got like trilion of never ending season with similar plot +_+


  505. Rai Says:

    And your purpose of comparing Digimon to Pokémon is… what exactly?

    They’re nothing alike.


  506. Truth Says:

    Do we know each OVA is longer than a standard episode? Because if so, then I’m satisfied.


  507. Rai Says:

    Most OVAs are around 30 minutes long. So I would assume the entire thing would equal up to around 3 hours or so?

    But that’s obviously assuming each part is 30 minutes. It’s still disappointing regardless.


  508. Skullbazon Says:

    Since digimon tri is having a theatrical release its unlikely that it would be short episodes right?


  509. Spiriter Says:

    It was technically called ‘movies’ not ‘OVAs’, so I’d assume each part is quite a bit longer than standard episodes.


  510. Befram Says:

    Sounds better than those super short ovas pokemon gotD:


  511. Romsstar Says:

    Hi everyone. My new laptop arrived and I’m currently setting it up. While it could take one or two more days, it still will speed up process tremendously. But fyi: Currently 3 playtesters have already cleared the game, one even 100%ed it. We’re still working on fixing various remarks of our playtesters and some last minute stuff.


  512. Tex Killer Says:

    Romsstar, did you read about the streaming session of testing? Is that going to happen?


  513. Romsstar Says:

    I’m considering it, but if I’d take part I’d probably just play the game and make no comments I hate commented LPs (Yeah I know that’s the point of them, still). I’d probably rather join a chatroom and talk with guys about the game and answer their questions if anything.


  514. Jacky Says:

    guess the rumour is real..


  515. Tex Killer Says:

    Yeah, I also hate it when I search for some gameplay footage and all I can find is poluted with voice comments all over the game’s sound. Sometimes I can’t find one good video with the original game sound.

    But I think the streaming, with or without comments, would be a good way to have some sort of “public testing” without releasing the patch, because we could look for errors while watching the stream and comment if we find anything… But it is all right if you won’t do it, you’re the boss :)


  516. Jukan Says:

    I personally don’t mind, in fact, I already plan to do a full LP, with commentary on it. This will, of course, be after i am done streaming, and playing through it at least 3 times, because I do not desire to do an LP of this game blind…


  517. gaebolgz Says:

    The only issue i have with Digimon been 6 movies are im afraid it will do what Gundam unicor did :v


  518. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m pretty sure we’re going to do a pre release stream of the first few areas at this point. The main thing holding us back is that my laptop won’t be back until next week.


  519. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    Did I read well? you mean, a partial translated release?


  520. JCP Says:

    To Sporky & Romsstar: I’m very curious, do you guys know some Spanish? and, wich other languaje do you know?
    As you can see, English is not my mother languaje, so there might be some sort of (grammar) error ;(


  521. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Oscar: You did read correctly, however, that was a troll. No release of any kind has happened yet, if we had made one, I promise there would be a blog post about it.

    @JCP: To my knowledge, no one on the team speaks Spanish. Kalker speaks Portuguese, but that’s as close as it comes. I only speak English and Japanese with any level of fluency, Romsstar speaks about five languages, and Kalker three.


  522. JCP Says:

    woops,which*. I’m curious ’cause many people say that is one of the most difficult languaje to learn. For me, english is easy. But sometimes I’ve some grammar errors D:


  523. Anonymous Says:

    I think you should work with “Sky Blade Cloud” team . The team that fully translate Final Fantasy Type-0. here is his account


  524. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There are a number of reasons we do not intend to work with SkyBladeCloud, but without getting in to the more personal ones, there’s no point. The patch is 99% done, so it’s completely unnecessary.


  525. Rai Says:

    I just… uh… what?

    Why does the team have to work with SkyBladeCloud? I’m not sure why there’s a need at all. Operation Decoded have been working fine as they are so far.


  526. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t get it either, unless it’s that somehow he would make things go faster. SBC is a programmer, not a translator of any kind, and after the clusterfuck that was the Type-0 project, all the translators who worked with him left, so he’d be entirely unhelpful even if we were interested in approaching him.


  527. Anonymous Says:

    I reckon there’s a good chance that particular Anonymous is actually SkyBlade lol


  528. Rai Says:

    I doubt it.


  529. Blastoise Says:

    So, can we assume that the patch will be done by this month or the next one?


  530. azurezeed Says:

    @Squirtleevolved we can assume it’s going to be out sometime this life


  531. Akito Kitoru Says:

    @Sporky: Kalker knows Portuguese? Cool!
    Is he a Brazilian or from Portugal? Somehow I get the feeling that there is aways an Brazilian involved somehow with translations … cheers for us

    Well, anyway, hope your laptop is repaired soon. I hate to say this but you kinda had it coming, announcing an estimate of the release date like that. The universe always goes against release dates.


  532. AhTreyYou Says:

    Digimon Adventure Tri was likely delayed because Toei is getting ready to release Dragon Ball Super in July. As much as I love Digimon, this is the best of both worlds for me.


  533. Romsstar Says:

    When it comes to SkybladeCloud, I can say the following:
    Don’t like him, don’t want him, don’t need him.
    We’ll be fine without him. Given that there’s a good deal of friction between him and me, I also seriously doubt he’d visit this blog.


  534. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Akito: Kalker is from Portugal. A good point about the release date estimate. Romsstar did that one, maybe I should send him a bill.


  535. Atos Says:

    99% done :) i will surely enjoy this game someday. hehe


  536. Francesco Esposito Says:

    @Romsstar Why don’t you like SkyBladeCloud?Is he a bad guy?I always think of him as a good person because of the patch but i’ve never know him so i can’t really say if is a bad or good person, so isn’t he?


  537. Usman Says:

    You guys are amazing!! Happily awaiting this release and I and all other digimon fans appreciate your hard work and sweat poured into this translation. I became a fan from the first digimon movie and the PSX;PS2 games and am so glad will finally get to play this series. Just wanted to say thank you and great, great job even with all the team problems and everything that happened in the process.


  538. henk Says:

    You guys make a new post when in testing phase right? :)
    scrolling on my phone is becoming a pain haha,
    excited to play the game!


  539. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Francesco: I don’t know him personally, and I don’t want to put words in Romsstar’s mouth, but from the very beginning there have been complaints that he takes a lot of the credit for a person who doesn’t actually do any of the translating. While we certainly appreciate the work our programmers do, if you’re going to name your project after anyone, it’s generally the lead translator. Ideally, you’ll do what we did, and acknowledge that none of us could make this happen by ourselves, and pick a name that doesn’t refer to any one person.

    Then there’s the Type-0 fiasco. The patch wasn’t done, but he put it out the door buggy and typo ridden in order to have it out before SE could announce the HD remake, which he knew was coming because SE had made the unprecedented decision to negotiate with a fan patching group rather than simply send a C&D to them. The way he acted may set a precedent with other companies such that next time, they’ll go back to the old way of doing things.

    Plus, even if none of that mattered, and we were actively looking for additional help to finish the patch, SkyBladeCloud has none of the skills needed to help us. Our programmer, CompCom, is absolutely incredible.

    @Henk: That post will probably be up by Monday, as soon as my laptop’s up and running.


  540. Juho Says:

    Liked by 1 person

  541. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I fixed that for you, Juho. In future, you use HTML tags, not BBCode here. It seriously will be any day now, though. We should have a new update on Monday, and the patch out pretty soon after that.


  542. Inide Says:

    Being as Romsstar mentioned in a comment above that 3 people had already completed it including one 100%ing it already, would it be reasonable to assume (though not neccessarily expect) a release around mid-june, Sporky?


  543. Juho Says:

    Feels good man, I mean I have been following since Day 1 but I have never been complaining. I recently started DW2 again for childhood nostalgia but I won’t be able to finish it before you guys release.


  544. Anonymous Says:

    u guys should start a new translator project called operation digimon cyber sleuth just to see if bandai nanco have any plans of releasing this game in english


  545. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Inide: By then, if not before, in all likelihood. That presumes we don’t see any more problems, but I doubt both our laptops will break at the same time again.

    @Juho: I know, I always like your comments, and the picture was reasonably funny.

    @Anonymous: As of yet, it isn’t possible to translate a game for the Vita, but if it becomes possible, we will likely translate Cyber Sleuth at some point. I have absolutely no reason to think they will ever localize Cyber Sleuth, unfortunately.


  546. Anonymous Says:

    then i think the only thing that i can do is learn japanese and play the cyber sleuth


  547. Anonymous Says:

    guys, I’m not asking for release date , but do u think that this game will be done in 3 months?


  548. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m going to ask you to read any of the last ten posts.


  549. JustInuYasha Says:

    These comments are looking very promising. I’m glad to always read the good news here. I’ve also been following since day 1 and pretty much kept to myself a lot. I’m excited as I FINALLY got myself a handheld I might be able to play this game on around the same time you guys MIGHT be finishing up.
    Thanks for the informative posts!


  550. JustInuYasha Says:

    Unfortunately, long ago when the tools and the small translation pack came out I started work of my own to improve upon it. I finished translating all of the items in the entire game with a reasonable translation that I, at least, was able to understand while playing. That was enough to use online resources to play this game about 5 times through already and finished as much as I could possibly understand in the Stadium. It’s a great game and I really hope this finished project will be so seamless that it will be well worth replaying this game and taking the time to actually read the story! =P


  551. Vincent Brooks Says:

    “and the patch out pretty soon after that.”

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  552. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Random thought guys, has anyone noticed that people always call the PS1 the “PSX”? Even websites do it. It’s actually incorrect. the PSX was a different thing all together that was a general thing. And it never left Japan because of poor sales. It’s not bad that people call the PS1 the PSX but it’s wrong and now you all know. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link talking more about it:


  553. ahmadmanga Says:

    @SuperSword I already know about that.. but I still prefer calling it PSX


  554. Rai Says:

    @SuperSwordGaming: You do know that the PS1 was called the PSX before the PS-X even came out right? Hell, it was called that before the PS2 even came out.


  555. skg0091923 Says:

    Quote from wiki

    The PlayStation (officially abbreviated as PS and unofficially, but more commonly known as PS1 or PSX, not to be confused with the PlayStation X console)
    , Rai is right, in fact in England the PS1 was the small white one and the PSX was the original , Though that might just be what people around my area called it so yeh maybe not officially lol


  556. Kuraso Says:

    @Rai actually, if my memory serves me, the PS “slim” was the one called PSX , and, since saying psx, instead of play station, was better to avoid confusion with the ps2, everyone started calling the first “generation” as a whole psx


  557. skg0091923 Says:

    ok then, so that quote needs ending as well…..meh you get what i mean lol


  558. Anon Says:

    how big is the patch’s size will be ?


  559. Rai Says:

    @Kuraso: Except PSX became a thing before the PS2 was even announced.

    In the UK at least, the original was known as the PSX, and the white mini was actually called the PSOne.


  560. Inide Says:

    Actually no, I’m from the UK. It was simply PS and with the slimline being PSone. PSX comes from Sony itself, the North American division had some negative feedback from the name playstation and intended to change it to PSX, and they actually did call it PSX in a couple of promotions pre-launch


  561. ezezero Says:

    Sporky. It’s good to know the project is almost done, thanks for everything the team do. I hope Romsstar gets his laptop back soon.
    I played the game back in 2012, and beat it in japanese. And now thanks to you i will undestand the story. Keep with the great work everyone =)


  562. Skullbazon Says:

    In latinoamerica we just called it “playestation” or “play”, and when the ps2 came out whe started calling it “play station uno” XD


  563. Anon Says:

    Raiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :D

    imma name my 1st digimon Rai

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  564. Chrona Says:

    Is it Monday yet? D:


  565. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Wow didn’t think I’d get such a reaction. Just to clarify I know the PS1/PSone/PlayStation is sometimes referred to as the PSX, and it’s not technically wrong. It was called that for a while in different areas. But the PlayStation X is what I was referring to saying that was the true PSX. Again, noone’s wrong so far about this discussion, but I wanted everyone to know I’m familiar with both sides of the argument. Random question as well, wasn’t there some sort of black PlayStation that was for making games that the PlayStation could read called the PSX I honestly don’t remember the name but it was for developers? Like a DevTool or something?


  566. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anon: About four MBs, maybe as much as six. There will also probably be an optional and more complicated step to subtitle the opening video that could be a bit larger.

    @ezezero: Romsstar ended up replacing his, and his new one finally arrived. Mine has been fixed and is currently in the process of being shipped back to me.


  567. Anon Says:

    wow ! i tho its wud be around 200MB

    but i guess since its almost all text

    well done guys :’)


  568. Juho Says:


  569. Starry Sky Says:

    do i need to download the japanese version first? and patch it later?


  570. Rai Says:

    Yes. You need a base for a patch.


  571. Juho Says:

    Good thing I still have these files here for the ISO. Since July 2012


  572. Rai Says:

    Make sure it’s a clean, unedited ISO. I would assume having an ISO altered would break the patching process.

    So any ISOs that are patched to be used on lower firmwares won’t work.


  573. Anon Says:

    wow Rai sound like an IT Guru :D


  574. it's me Says:

    can you tell me about clean iso? and how big is it clean iso digimon redigitize original size?


  575. zeerraahhhh Says:

    how about the ppsspp users? they cant use seplugins right?


  576. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    A clean ISO is identical to the UMD of the game. It should be just about exactly a gigabyte. If you’re one of those who pirates the game rather than creating your own ISO, it’s possible that it won’t work because the ISO has been patched to work with older firmware.

    We cannot and will not support anything but a clean, unaltered ISO, as, legally, you are supposed to own the game and make your own backup of it.

    As for seplugins, I have absolutely no idea, I’ve never tried and I’m not totally clear on what they are. The game runs fine in PPSSPP, though.


  577. it's me Says:

    Wow .. so i need hunt the original iso form it to play it :D. thx for your information sporky


  578. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    You’d need an exact ISO match direct from the UMD, and CFW fixed versions won’t work. DIRECT UMD ISOs only will work or the patch will fail. If it’s directly from the UMD it’ll be just fine. I worked with patches a bit and Rai’s correct.


  579. anonify Says:

    a bit complicated for a simple , non techy guy who only likes to play the game in English like Me :3
    is it 99.99% done now?? :D

    well goodluck :D


  580. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ll have a complete set of instructions, just understand that if you’re pirating it, which for legal reasons I cannot encourage, know that that’s the most likely reason why the patch would fail.


  581. Colin Says:

    I bought Digimon World Re: digitize in 2013 when I found this Project and I am just so Glad you guys stuck through all the problems over the years and finally got this thing translated. Can’t wait till the Fateful Day that the translation is released THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!!!!!!


  582. Romsstar Says:

    ppsspp users don’t need seplugins as their main functions (X O Swap) and cheat function are natively supported by PPSSPP. But our patched game does support the seplugins on a normal PSP just fine.


  583. Flik Says:

    Is it possible to use the PSN version of digimon converted to an iso?


  584. Romsstar Says:

    Flik I don’t really know since I don’t own the PSN Version. If it would have the same CRC and the same data as the UMD I think it’s possible but in order to test that I’d have to see that iso, so for now my answer would be a indefinite: probably not.


  585. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It probably wouldn’t hurt to try it, so long as you’ve got a backup. But I wouldn’t expect it to work.


  586. schurk Says:

    Goob job! im also looking forward to any hacks on DW1, keep up the good work!


  587. Dranix Says:


    Hello, I was looking for some Digimon World mechanics when I see that you posted long time ago the chances to learn a new technique in gamefaqs. Well, I know that you are also in a DW1 project, so I would like to ask if you got all the game code to answer the following question:

    Is there a weaknesses/resistances type chart? I mean a chart like Pokémon (Water beats Fire, Fire beats Nature, …). Because when I played this game, I swear that the Fire techniques made more damage to Plant/Insect Digimon (that I guess they are Nature).

    Answer when you can. No rush xD


  588. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t know all of the specifics off hand, but I can say with certainty that this is the case. Re: Digitize implements skills in the same manner, and an NPC in the Colosseum, I believe, spells out specifically what techniques work best against what type of Digimon. As I recall, your Digimon’s type matters somewhat, so a Digimon with a given nature will always do a bit more damage against the types weak to it, but the type of attack used is a lot more important.


  589. Juho Says:

    Some questions, how difficult is it to get certain digmon if you compere it to DW1. I mean when I was a kid I got that damn numemon most of the time, but when I got older and wiser I knew how to play, still getting that ultimate at early game was hard as balls. Things got easier to the end. So how does this new game compere with all that training and all?


  590. Anonymous Says:

    damn is this canceled?


  591. VX Says:

    ^ @Juho

    They say inherited stats percentage are larger than DW1 , about 2-3x times bigger i guess.

    yes it is cancelled for you


  592. JP Says:

    The game is only £9 now from Japan. I can buy the UMD. I have a psp go though. can I just rip it from the UMD via psp 3000 and tranfer the file to psp go?


  593. Flik Says:

    Maybe the PSN version will work. The CRC32 is 9E800037 and in the main thread it also says CRC32 is 9E800037. It also says the Source is PSN.


  594. kalker3 Says:

    @Anon, both Sporky and Rom have said that three people have finished testing and that only a few lines away of going into beta testing.

    How can people think that the project’s cancelled when we’re so close to finishing it?


  595. Skullbazon Says:

    But now the question is…… who will get to have the 600th comment?


  596. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Juho: They tweaked it somewhat, and it seems generally easier to get specific Digimon than in DW1. Eventually, though, everything gets easy at the end game, and that part is worse now. To make things easier at the beginning, they made stats accumulate across lifetimes faster, which makes becoming all powerful much easier as well. They do give you the option to reset your stats completely, though, if you want to ratchet up the challenge, though.


  597. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I think you should be able to do that, if the CRC matches the patch file it will 99.99% work (unless the file is corrupted or something) but if it’s a direct rip from a UMD I would be amazed if it didn’t work. So if you rip it from UMD to an ISO (or if you’re weird CSO, which I don’t even know if those will work) and the file patcher would grab the ISO, replace some data with other data, and repackage it. Where people run into issues is if they have an ISO that was patched to run with CFW on older PSPs (back when ISOs had to be fixed for that). So if you have a retail copy you should be fine.


  598. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    CSO will not work. The patch relies on all of the files being in the exact place they’re supposed to be on the UMD, and a CSO makes the file smaller by trimming white space and compressing the data. You should be able to turn the patched ISO into a CSO if you’re worried about it taking too much space, though.

    @JP: That will definitely work, and is the only way of running the game that we will offer official support for if you can’t get it working.

    Liked by 1 person

  599. shogunreaper Says:


    How are you going to rip the game if you don’t have a psp with the umd drive?


  600. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I assume he has some sort of access to a 3000 since he asked about that explicitly.


  601. Rai Says:

    @Shogunreaper: JP specifically stated ripping it with a PSP 3000.

    Meaning, they have access to one.


  602. redrider08 Says:

    Hi there,

    Been following for a year or so, and I particularly like the fact you wanna give us a 100% polished release! Thx for that.

    I was wondering though, will the game run smooth in PPSSPP after the patch? since my P3000 is quite out …
    And also, is there à way to make it run on an old PS3 unmodded?


  603. Inide Says:

    Sporky, I’m afraid that as it’s 3 days before you said you’d give an update and there’s no update I’m going to have to complain to you about how you and the team are incredibly horrible people and other such things. Like, you totally ruined my life by taking so long to make a translation that is costing me no time, effort or money. It’s all obviously a scam to take over the world by getting peoples hopes up. You’re absolutely evil, or something like that. Now get back to work and release every test build at no benefit to yourself so I can complain about typos and things not making sense and tell you how bad you are at a voluntary project that you have no obligation to complete.

    I’m sure I don’t have to point out that this is meant to be humour.
    Well…I hope I don’t have to point it out.


  604. Rai Says:

    @Inide: I know you’re trying to be funny, but Sporky actually said there’d be a post on Monday. :P


  605. Inide Says:

    I know Rai, I mentioned that at the beginning of it :P “as it’s 3 days before you said you’d give an update and there’s no update…”
    Who knows, maybe someone will read it and think “Oh wait, I don’t actually have the right to complain or demand answers.”

    If trolls could actually read…..


  606. Deer Says:

    You know, this is the first time I ever visit a website to check game progress. Also, I am quite surprised when I realized this game is the most anticipated game this year ( For me), not some mmo or new game out there…


  607. Anonymous Says:

    ,there’s nothing to wait for..,beacause there is no patch


  608. Rai Says:

    @Inide: Ah, my mistake. Sorry :P

    @Anonymous: How… How did you know?! How did you know that all along this was Romsstar showing off their amazing Photoshop skills? You must be a great detective.


  609. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty sure it was mentioned that Monday was the day we get an update, patience children.


  610. Vincent Brooks Says:

    That Annoynymous (pun intended) is nothing more but a mere basher. FYI if you’re here just to annoy people, bring it. We waited for a long time for the patch for someone like you to bring down the team and the ironic thing is you could be one of the first downloaders of the patch once it gets released or worse may be like others who may download the patch, slap your name on it and claim it as yours. Being an idiot as he is, cant wait for that update on monday.


  611. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It should be relatively difficult for people to claim the patch as their own. We’re putting our names in the credits at the end (as well as converting all the original credits to romaji), and likely a logo on one of the splash screens prior to the main menu. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but if they want to make it convincing, they’d need a reasonable amount of technical skill to reverse engineer the image format. The game will crash unless someone quite skilled creates the images in very specific and non-standard way that took quite a while for Romsstar to figure out.


  612. Starry Sky Says:

    I see thank Rai .I guess i will download Japanese version first and get ready for patch.


  613. Dranix Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon Oh, thanks for confirming that.

    Another question: What would be the exact size of the ISO in bytes? Maybe bytes?


  614. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s the size I have. A more conclusive test would be to install something like HashTab and check it’s cryptographic hash. The CRC32 hash of my known good ISO is 9E800037. If you have that as well, then the patch will definitely work with your ISO.


  615. Dranix Says:

    The CRC32 hash of my ISO is 4F15A275 :/ What is the difference?


  616. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There are several possibilities. If you made the ISO yourself from the UMD, you’re probably fine, it’s possible there’s an unimportant bit that’s different that would throw off the hash. If you downloaded the ISO from the internet, it’s probably the one we mentioned earlier that has be conveniently pre patched for you to work with old forms of CFW. The game works fine on PPSSPP and any CFW’d PSP at this point, but won’t work with our patch.

    If that’s the case, while I’m sorry to hear that, you’ll have to find a clean ISO yourself. I don’t have any problem with people talking about the existence of pirated games, but for legal reasons, I have to ask that you not exchange links or anything for where you can find a clean one.

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  617. Romsstar Says:

    After someone asked about the PSN Version: I can confirm that if you bought Redigitize over PSN and made an Iso out of it, it should work.
    As for 4F15A275: I saw pirated versions but after trying various settings myself I can say it’s also possible to get this CRC when dumping a legit UMD yourself. So at this point I’m starting consider whether it’ll be possible to support both. But currently I’m leaning to solely support 9E800037, since it’s so easy to get your hands on the pirated 4F15A275 one. But we’ll discuss this matter before release and try to find a solution which will work for everyone.


  618. N Says:

    well, i have the untouched ISO now that i ripped it from my UMD. i feel like i’m ready.


  619. Juho Says:

    @N whats the size of our ISO file after ripping it from UMD.


  620. N Says:

    apparently it’s 1,060,044,800 bytes


  621. Truth Says:

    What time zone are you guys in? I’ve noticed that the comments all have timestamps matching up with my own, but that might just be a wordpress thing.


  622. Griever Says:

    Got now both versions (4F15A275 and 9E800037)
    Both are Bytes.
    Now i’m feeling ready too. :)


  623. Akito Kitoru Says:

    Well, it’s 11:48am here, of the day 17, so … either your message is from the future or the timestamp matches your timezone


  624. Dranix Says:

    The same as Griever. After some searches I have got the clean version (9E800037). Both (4F15A275 and 9E800037) have the same size ( Bytes).

    To respect the will (intentions, wishes, desires, … I don’t know exactly what word to use xD) of this group I will not give links, but I can confirm that you can find it.


  625. azurezeed Says:

    Yeah the iso i created is (9E800037)


  626. N Says:

    now, if only all of us can wait i while more. :D

    Liked by 1 person

  627. Juho Says:

    Yeah I can confirm too that ISO file easy to find, both of my ISO files are Bytes


  628. N Says:

    and believe me, this would be the best birthday/post-birthday gift for me. i’m on at the 21st


  629. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Mine was on Friday, and while we will have a new post up tomorrow, we will not be releasing then, if anyone had that impression.


  630. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Yeah we’re working hard but we need to do some more testing, there were a few typos we missed and we’re hard at work on the last few things, do a speed run through again, then go over it with a fine tooth comb just to make sure we got it all right, then we should be golden.


  631. Starry Sky Says:

    how do you check if that ISO is 4F15A275 or 9E800037?


  632. Dranix Says:

    As Sporky said, you can install something like HastTab to look the CRC32. HashTab is a Shell Extension (at least for Windows), so once installed you have to go to the properties of the ISO (Right Click -> Properties) and go to a tab called “File Hash” or something like that.


  633. Mateus (@TheMGamer_) Says:

    Do you think it’s ready until June ?


  634. kairojack Says:

    Actually if the ISO you downloaded comes in a zip file and open it with winrar(not sure with other softwares such as 7zip etc), the CRC32 of that ISO will be displayed. I found this out after installing HashTab to check on my existing ISOs and then downloading other ISOs and opening them up using winrar. Although i’m not sure this happens because HashTab integrated with winrar or the CRC32 was already there before(a feature in winrar itself).


  635. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    You know sporky said no more definite dates, because as soon as we give one, something comes up. I personally expect it should be ready and available come the first of June, but again I could be wrong and this is in NO WAY a team decided date. Just my best guess that when June 1st comes it will be out.


  636. yoshichao Says:

    So uhh, haven’t read through the comments in ages and now there’s over 500 so not gonna bother, but just wanted to ask:
    What’s the status on this project?

    Have you guys been delayed by exams or whatever all the U.S. people have been delayed by lately but no longer (basing this on Fansub groups btw) and as such haven’t been able to do anything?

    Or have you guys just stopped working on it cos real life circumstances.

    I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I honestly think now that it was mega screwed up for you guys to have given so much false hype last year for an early Jan-Feb release, and it’s now been 3-4 months since then.

    Sorry for my impatiencence if that may seem conveyed in this message, I just kinda think this translation’s supposed “end” has just taken a fairly long time.

    Hopefully you guys don’t make accidental release date hypothesis’ for Decode ;)


  637. mencariski Says:

    good article Romstar, it would be much better if the story is made of a novel


  638. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yoshi: I won’t ask you to read all the comments, but if you ctrl+f for my or Romsstar’s name, you’ll see that we’ve been making regular updates here, and that we’re in the process of testing the game.


  639. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I know you don’t mean to be rude and it’s understandable you’re impatient, but you have to remember we’re doing our best and sometimes things happen in things like this. We’d found a couple things that were still in Japanese (simply forgot to add them back to the game) and a bug that makes your normally silent character talk like Jijimon at times, so we’re sorry we didn’t meet a deadline but that’s why we don’t set them anymore, something new always pops up and destroys that hope for a date. Plus don’t forget that some of the team was in college, and the two head honchos were struck with “dead computeritis” and just got them back. We’re working as hard as we can but please be a little more patient, trust me, it’s well worth the wait!


  640. Jukan Says:

    Its officially past midnight,which means its Monday, and there is no update! The patch is a fake, conspiracies! Illuminati confirmed! There is no patch, there never was a patch, there never will be a patch! Sporky lied to us! EVERYONE LIED TO US! TRUST NO ONE, NOT EVEN YOURSELF!

    Ok, take this seriously, and you seriously don’t know a joke when you see one. This is why I have to say at the end of my posts that i am kidding, or it will be taken seriously, its kinda sad when we have to resort to that…But then again…this is text ,and this is also the internet,,,.


  641. Ryan Sanchez Says:

    This project is Half life three,but on steroids. Allegedly the project is nearing completion,but a bunch of nippicky ocd issues are holding onto it because it’s not, “Complete”. xD

    Guess it’s time to download a menu patch and fiddle around with stuff like a 5 year old.


  642. Sporky Mcforkinspoon Says:

    You go right ahead, Ryan. You can say thank you for the menu patch as well, since that’s our work too.

    @Jukan: I should have a new update up sometime today, US time. There’s a particular claim I’d like to make in the update that isn’t technically true yet, or I’d write it now. In the worst case, some time tomorrow we should be ready to post it.


  643. Rai Says:

    @Ryan: Nitpicky OCD issues? Yeah sure, if text running off the edge of the screen is nitpicky OCD issues, then definitely. This is ‘totally’ like Half-Life 3, which has had ‘so’ many updates from Valve, and tells people progress nearly every day.

    I’m sorry, but you sound like a complete fucking moron, right up there with that Yoshi twat.


  644. Inide Says:

    Although it’s midday for me in UK, I acknowledge that its 1am on tuesday in Samoa.
    (Disclaimer: This is not an actual complaint.)


  645. Jacky Says:

    taking too long, hurry up team!


  646. Eustass Captain Kid Says:

    The wait is done and it’s all FAKE!!!!!!!


  647. Kalker3 Says:

    Yes it’s all fake. We photoshopped everything, even the videos.

    PS: We actually didn’t. I’m sorry if you think it’s fake.


  648. DarkFiddler Says:

    Regarding the HASH of certain ISOs, I know there was a talk of maybe supporting the 4F15A275 hash as well. I checked my own ISO and it turned out I also had 4F15A275, rather than the “proper” 9E800037 hash. That said, the only website I know of to compare PSP hashes (Renascene) says that both hashes are valid for UMD-ripped files. I know you guys already discovered that, but I wasn’t sure if it was still being debated whether to support the 4F hash and if the debate was open to suggestion.


  649. Anonymous Says:

    Wouldn’t let it bother you Kalker, been listening to this for afew years at this stage. People never change :D


  650. Truth Says:

    These posts remind me of the days when I used to stalk modding forums for Minecraft.

    The kids there were just as moronic and selfish >_> day in, day out. Its why I like to stay far away from PR and customer service when on a job, because I’d inevitably say something vile to people.


  651. Kalker3 Says:

    @Anonymous, it just boggles my mind how some people would think that the patch is fake.
    Heck, Rom posted a 30 minute long video sometime ago.


  652. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Don’t forget the Christmas one of me playing our proof of concept Decode video on an actual 3DS.

    Liked by 1 person

  653. shaz Says:

    Just a thought on the 4F hash when ripped from UMD
    It’s possible this comes from that small official patch found and discussed in previous posts’ comments
    I’d test it for myself but my psp got robbed :(
    Gingers really have no souls…
    Either way, when you release the patch, could you possibly slap in a crc32 check if you do indeed release a stand alone patcher program alongside it? You could thence add a flag that states the possibility of it not working for anything other than the assured one easilly and prevent a slew of bad comments therein

    Also here’s hoping the dw1 mod gains headway. As i stated previously I’d be willing to help add the elaboration you implied romsstar ;) have you checked whether or not dw2 models are in the same format as i suggested?

    P.S. thanks for all your hard work, mons


  654. Anonymous Says:

    @Sporky can you give me the link the “Don’t forget the Christmas one of me playing our proof of concept Decode video on an actual 3DS.” please. I just wanna see it. Not because I don’t trust you.


  655. Just Curious Says:

    @Sporky I saw one of the videos and couldn’t help but notice that all the conversations were a little bit mature for their sake.. I think the translation should be teenagified (that’s a made up word) if you know what I mean.. Wish you guys the best though!


  656. Rai Says:

    The point of a translation project is to translate the game from Japanese to English. Personally I think the text is fine as it is from what we’ve seen.


  657. Rai Says:

    Also @Anonymous: If you want to see the video, then search the blog. It’s not hard.


  658. Juho Says:

    Next project should be patch the same game with ghetto accent.


  659. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Shaz: I’ll pass the suggestion along to Rom, but we had planned on using the stock XDelta program rather than making our own patching tool. Still, it’s a thought.

    @Anonymous: The video is available in this post:

    We uploaded it to Youtube, and there’s a higher res version you can download from Mega.

    @Just Curious: We’ve done what we can to try to give each character a voice matching their personality. Most of the stuff uploaded in videos is early translations, so it may seem somewhat less formal in the final release, but your mileage may vary.

    @Everyone: I’ve got an update on the update. It’s written, but I’m waiting on confirmation of something from Romsstar before I publish it, so it might not be up until tomorrow.


  660. Jukan Says:

    I was just kidding around, there is no rush, I understand that the testing phase can expose some game breaking stuff, as well as your PC situation. There is no rush what so ever. You can take another 3 months, and I, personally would be ok with it

    Some angry and impatient fans on the other hand, may decide to do something stupid if enough time passes.


  661. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Thanks Jukan. Incidentally, for those keeping score at home, Romsstar and I both have working computers again. Mine came back Thursday, and I had to put a new OS on it for some annoying technical reasons I won’t get in to, and Romsstar bought a new one because the company he sent it to for repairs three months ago still hasn’t sent it back.


  662. Juho Says:

    Oh god why, your project is almost finished, not many hours till Witcher 3, and our teams mod project… And this morning I got mail from the school, I got accepted to entrance examination, and this letter came so damn late, I got around 2 weeks to study so I wont be playing that much, shiiiieeeet.


  663. Chrona Says:

    You can always get an education later, right now it’s digimon time

    Liked by 1 person

  664. Anonymous Says:

    @Rai well the problem is I don’t even know where to start looking for the video itself(of course before you mentioned it’s somewhere in this site hurrdurr). Thanks anyway~

    @Sporky Thanks for the link~ One last question. If you finished the translation for Decode, are we gonna have to use flashcarts? Well so to say it’s gonna be the same like the current project for PSP(UMD extract to ISO and patch then play using memory cards) – (NDS Cartridge extract to .NDS then play using flashcarts).
    I’m asking this because of the Nintendo ban wave that happened to people who use flashcarts and are unable to play ANY games online.


  665. it's me Says:

    While you guys waiting for this 100% patch, maybe play digimon adventure psp patch v5 for a while.


  666. Anonymous Says:

    If you were to patch your ISO with this version, though, would you be able to re-patch your ISO with the completed patch? Maybe you should just wait until it’s finished just to make sure you get a quality, finished patch that’s not going to be a pain in the ass to fix down the road?


  667. Haku_L Says:

    Hi, I am very happy for the success of your project, I am cheering for you guys. I am planning to make videos about the game, of curse, giving you guys all the credit about the patch, but only affter it is finished, and with your permition.
    Good Luck, and a lot of Happyness for you guys.


  668. yoshichao Says:

    Well Sporky and SuperSword, as somewhat a delayed as this is, thanks for replying to my comment I guess lol
    I wouldn’t have held anything against you guys if you didn’t and was actually expecting you guys not to reply, as demonstrated by our ever unchanging Rai: you guys probably still get this question a lot.

    Oh well, as I said, didn’t read the comments, but thanks for the brief update regardless; hope you guys can keep at it whenever you can I guess~


  669. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: It’s on the fucking first page of the blog. Are you that fucking blind? I would understand if it’s beyond pages, but it’s literally what, FIVE blog posts below? Maybe not even that!


  670. DigiBug Says:

    Digimon world 1 hack?? Yes please, The italian version was even more bugged than the english version and couldn’t be completed, Tyrannomon couldn’t be beated (when you defeated him, he just stand up again and the previous lines played, in a loop that played endlessly) and you couldn’t talk to the agumon in front of ogremon’s entrance, so the game couldn’t be completed with all digimons in town… I loved that game, will probably love even more this hack!


  671. Dranix Says:

    @DigiBug If you had contacted with CUE (the romhacker who fixed Digimon World) three years ago, he would have tried to solve it. But right now, after all this time, I don’t know, sincerely. Well, it doesn’t hurt to try, does it? xD


  672. KiruByte Says:

    So i need the Original JAP then download the patch ?
    If so , how can I apply the patch ? is it automatic ?

    Anyway , Go guys ~! It’s been a long time since i played Digimon , I its its DW3 , Hahaha>//< . Hope you can make a great success in this project ^^~


  673. Romsstar Says:

    Oh that. CUE sat down and fixed the Italian version too including that Tyrannomon bug if I recall correctly. I wasn’t really interested in that, since after we fixed the Agumon Bug in PAL, I had no intention to dig down in that but proceeded another route. But CUE published the patcher on, it’s still out there. You can check out that the patch actually writes our credits in the Exe of the Game, CUE & Romsstar, a nice touch which ensured people wouldn’t steal it :D Damn it’s been really years since I worked on that.xd You’d be amazed by what we can do in DW1 now :D

    Oh right, sorry for the late response, I don’t really read all the comments, there are way too many of them.


  674. Bensh Says:

    Thank you guys so much for your hard troubling work. I’ve been waiting so long for this, since I am a huge fan of DW 1. So if you have the time, I would like to hear about the hack too, I still play it sometimes on my ps3.


  675. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think a post with some details about it are planned for after we release the patch. It’s taking all our attention at the moment.


  676. Egi Pratama Rizqi Says:

    what an awesome story guys!,thanks for your efforts until now and btw Digimon world 1 hack? sounds interesting


  677. Dabz Says:

    @Mr. Romstar and @Mr. Sporky. What is your estimated date for the release. Since its nearly finish, you might already have an estimate for this. U are Gods among digimon world player. All hail!


  678. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Re Digitize is released. Decode, our next project, hasn’t started yet. Let’s call it a year or two out.


  679. Dabz Says:

    @Mr. Sporky where is the link to the Redigitize? :/ cant see it in this blog.


  680. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We can’t give you one, Dabz. Legally, you have to buy the game and make an ISO from it yourself. If you choose to pursue illegal options, that’s your choice, but we can’t help you with that.


  681. Richter Lionheart Says:

    I am actually interested in the Digimon Worl 1 Hacking project as well, it sounds very interesting. Keep with the good work. Regards. God bless.


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