Update: Petition


Dear Fans,

As an update to my previous post I include the link to my petition to have Bandai Namco include all missing Cyber Sleuth Digimon here.


Also please take a look at this picture to realize how grave the situation is:


5 Responses to “Update: Petition”

  1. Anonymous Says:



  2. Andy Diaz Mendez Uwu Says:

    i publish this on a group on facebook i want to help guys :)


  3. Anonymous Says:

    i don’t have PS4, but i’ll help you guys! :)

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  4. Zack Says:

    Just wondering if you guys heard the news of the changes in PS4 version. Seems there was a major overhaul in some area’s in the game being completely redesigned. I’m not sure it’s just a lazy port, could be the reason why they didn’t expand the roster.


  5. Rai Says:

    @Zack: Yes, I already posted a comment on it in the latest blog post…


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