Exam time’s over!


Hey guys.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I got some news. Today I passed my last exam, which means that from now on I can dedicate myself again

fully to Redigitize. But while I was studying I still had some time to work on Redigitize, so for now

about 60% of the Story is inserted. Which means that about 60% of the game are totally playable.

From now on things should go even faster. I’ll try to get some screenshots and maybe a video.

Stay tuned.

– Romsstar


27 Responses to “Exam time’s over!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Congratz on the exams! And a big wooot for the 60% story inserted into the game. Keep being awesome :)


  2. cryum Says:

    “But while I was studying I still had some time to work on Redigitize”
    Priorities, Romsstar. As long as you passed, I suppose…


  3. cryum Says:

    hangon, GBAtemp is moving? Will this affect your work?


  4. John Says:

    first congrts for passing your exam :) secondly hurray for great updates :) just take your time bro


  5. Darian Says:

    You’re at the point where pretty much everything is translated and insertion is being done as well as image/texture editing, correct?


  6. Romsstar Says:

    I got an A -. I guess I can live with the minus part :)

    @Darian: Translated yeah.
    Image part is not quite done yet but nearly.


  7. Jonn Says:

    Congrats, and good luck on your future endeavors!


  8. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @cryum: Moving to a new server. They’re back online now.


  9. Mike E Walton Says:

    i have been waiting too long for this game im so happy you passed now we may see the finished translation soon go kick its ass for us


  10. DarkHeros09 Says:

    hope you pass all the exams with A grade.


  11. Aürika Says:

    GG !


  12. Tasaq Says:

    woooo hooo, I am glad you passed :D I failed mine :( And you found time for translationw work, impressive, most impressive :)


  13. Saldash Says:

    Not to be too optimistic, but 2 weeks tops a month till it’s finished then? Can’t wait, even if it takes longer then my guess :D CAN’T WAIT!!


  14. rany Says:

    Thanks for your time, Romstar !

    From Spain


  15. Alhatric Says:

    Good luck with your work man
    I m cheering to u
    From Sudan ^_^


  16. cargodin Says:

    Congrats on the exams! Glad you did well! Keep being 10/10!


  17. Chief Says:

    I’ve been checking back here every day multiple times each day just waiting for an update. I’m thrilled about your passing with an A- and I seriously hope you land an amazing job in the future!

    I’m so excited to play this game it’s probably kinda sad lol.


  18. Juho Says:

    Aw yessss


  19. Marcio Says:

    congratulazioni per gli esami!! adesso speriamo che il vostro magnifico lavoro proceda senza problemi :D siete grandi, non è facile dedicarsi ad un progetto così importante ma a quando vedo state facendo del vostro meglio, continuate così!!


  20. doodl3 Says:

    dont forget to post it on gbatemp forum, in case they have no idea that your progress has reached 60%. cheers


  21. Hung Says:

    Great News! :)


  22. Silver Samurai Says:

    Keep up the good work dude, we’re counting on you. :D


  23. mrbenz Says:

    Cool! Congrats on your exam :D
    Keep up the good work on the translation :)
    Currently you are, literally, our only hope XP


  24. Patrick Says:

    This is great news. A while back I discovered the game and played it for a while, but I decided to put the game on hold once I learned of this translation (the game is surprisingly more difficult in it’s current state with so little translated.)
    Good luck!


  25. AJ999000 Says:

    I really laughed when I read this page title.
    Because I was checking for any new posts but nothing new was posted, so I wanted to enter and ask you when your exams are going to finish then I read the title of this page. lol
    Congratulations on getting a great grade, I am really happy , and I became happier when I read that 60% of Re:digitize is done.


  26. kouyaaotsuki Says:

    Good job! ^^ Exams are pain. Glad you got it out of the way.

    I’m so eager for this patch. I’ve wanted to play this game for ever. XD


  27. Twixster Says:

    Keep it up~! Thank you for doing the work you have thus far.
    I love Digimon~! X)


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