Stream Recording Link


Hello guys!

The stream is over and over 40 people attented and ask questions which I answered live during the streaming .

You can access the recording over this link

Also,we uploaded the Video to Youtube as well:

Enjoy! :)


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  1. Chrona Says:

    Hey I remember this event


  2. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @chrona you remember it like yesterday? lol

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  3. Zekron Says:

    Another typos:

    -PlatinumNumemon- {in Fluorescence Cave (Mansion)}
    …, but they since they think I’m disgusting,… (without ‘they’ before ‘since’?)

    -Jijimon- {‘Where should I go next?’ when sky collapsed}
    … I believe Vitium’s is to blame. (Vitium?)

    -Mirei- {in 10F Colosseum}
    I don’t how it ended up here,… (missing ‘know’?)

    -He’s the Best Cook, after All! {Lilamon}-
    … With his help, we’re put more dishes… (without ‘are’?)

    -Colosseum Battle Unlocked {System}- {Card Collector Password}
    Afterreceiving this message,… (space?)

    -Colosseum Battle Unlocked {System}- {The Ultimate Combination}
    (format is different)

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  4. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    Chrona was around for our first, unwatchable attempt. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I helped Romsstar troubleshoot the audio issues earlier this week, so I expect it was a lot better.


  5. Chrona Says:

    Nah I wasn’t there for the first. Wanted to be but I missed it for some reason. Glad I caught this one


  6. Azerad Says:

    Wish I could be there live! I’l definitely be there for next stream, thank you for all your hard work!


  7. Romsstar Says:

    Zekron do you have Skype or something similar? I think I’d like you to join the team. xd

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  8. darwin0818 Says:

    I also remember this event xD

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  9. darwin0818 Says:

    @romstar , @sporky
    I tried to access both in the twitch and in the youtube replays. The twitch buffs long and kinda hard to access if user has slow internet conection (such as myself). I would prefer you upload it to the youtube account of Mr. Romstar :) just helping


  10. Romsstar Says:

    But the video is in my youtube account? oO

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  11. darwin0818 Says:

    What i mean is. The one you upload Mr. Romstar at the youtube loads better w/out stopping even though i have slow internet connection :) so i prefer the one in your youtube account upload than in the twitch.


  12. Romsstar Says:

    Oh yeah, that was the point of me uploading it to youtube ;)

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  13. CV Says:

    If your still having probs with the sub and dub names i found a vid in youtube that might help. I’ll leave the link bellow.

    For the typo’s I’ve seen, you still use DNA instead of Jogress in your sub version such as the card set being named DNA set 1 and 2 instead of Jogress Set 1 and 2 which I believe is the correct term for sub right?


  14. darwin0818 Says:

    Gud luck on the projects ahead Mr. Romstar. We digifans are counting on you and your team :)


  15. CV Says:

    Also isn’t the blue dragon named Azulongmon in the anime? The one in 02 who spoke with BlackWarGreymon?


  16. Snake Says:

    fuck missedd it . i’ll see it on you tube ^^


  17. yoshichao Says:

    Just pointing out, you guys do realize BlackGreymon has Black stripes not blue ones right?

    Aside from that, fucking impressive to see you guys putting in new digimon, I won’t even bother trying to figure out how you’d go about that lol


  18. Romsstar Says:

    yoshichao: I knew this was eventually coming up.xd Yeah I know, it’ll be fixed for the release. As I said this was just rather a proof of concept if anything :)

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  19. Anon Says:

    One possibly dumb question – once the digimon has its stats maxed up like that, what determines evolutions that differ by things like HP/MP balance?

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  20. Anonymous Says:

    hey Romsstar i have an awesome idea, at the start of a new game, you should let us be able to choose if we want a normal or black agumon, that´d be so badass (:


  21. Romsstar Says:

    while cool, I don’t see the point since there’s NG+ for that already :)


  22. zolatul Says:

    Hi! I’ve been watching how this went and unfortunately missing the streams… but I do have one quick question. Would it be possible to add Vitium’s line? Just asking, it can wait if it would be difficult for technical reasons. I just always thought they looked cool and would’ve liked to raise on in-game.


  23. iam noone Says:

    Hola, i saw the vids on youtube and i gotta say the black agumon line looks badass! :D just throwing ideas here but i second zolatul in which that it would be cool if you add in vitium’s line like baby vitium and the rest. also could you please add lopmon’s line in your waiting list? cherubimon e is like my all time fav. regardless of the answer thanks a bunch guys!


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Is it possible to add new DNA digivolutions? If so, Omnimon Zwart would be cool.


  25. darwin0818 Says:

    @romstar. I dont know if its a bug or not. But it seems to be.
    The possesed Garurumon in the sewers. Just keeps running in place. Doesnt attack.


  26. Romsstar Says:

    I’ve heard about this one before, but people reported to me they also experienced it on the non-patched version. I can’t think of anything we did that would cause that either. Could be an Emulator issue. Sorry no idea what it could be.

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  27. CV Says:

    Did not happened to me when I was using the 1st full eng patch though.


  28. Ultrawhatever Says:

    been out of the loop here up until the last stream (and it was a blast interacting with rom and the others realtime!) but i’m noticing the moderator/s is/are awfully quiet. is it just me? and thank you for the team for their dedication towards this project.

    suggestion:increase the stat caps!

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  29. Anonymous Says:

    just wondering first of all. i am in love with this patvh and have been playing none stop and second will the black agumon line be availible on the psp version or will it only work on the pc emulator. sorry if you answered this already


  30. Zekron Says:


    I don’t have Skype or anything similar. E-mail, maybe?
    Really? I never been in a team like this, so I don’t know if I’ll be of use and I’m kind of bad at socializing.

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  31. CV Says:

    I think BWG will be available to the actual Psp and Emulator as they have already solved the Psp problem with 1.1 patch.


  32. darwin0818 Says:

    It would work on both. We will have to wait for the patch.


  33. darwin0818 Says:

    Actually the stream was great. Hmm i hope romstar and his team really got a position in bandai namco. They would make history happen if they do it 💪


  34. darwin0818 Says:

    Oh. Tnx for the info Mr. Romstar :)


  35. darwin0818 Says:

    Actually youll have to do it the normal way :p romstar and team as discussed in the stream, said that the black agumon line has its own stat requirements.


  36. darwin0818 Says:

    That is not a dumb question my friend. I am actually also about to ask the same question :/


  37. darwin0818 Says:

    @romstar. When would be the next stream? Im actually really excited bout the next stream since it covers the legendary Digimon world 1 . (w/ bad ass add on features and digivolution lines)


  38. darwin0818 Says:

    Reblogged this on darwin0818 and commented:

    As a fn of Mr. Romsstar , Mr. Sporky and team. I would like to assemble all digimon fans to join us in our quest to freedom of speech. The team is dedicated to Translating japanese digimon games. And adding additional features to the game. Lets keep supporting them to our hearts desire 💪

    Team Romsporky


  39. azroy Says:

    Would you do other alternate digimon lines such as BlackGabumon, BlackGuilmon etc.?


  40. CV Says:

    @azroy I believe BlackGabumon will be in as during the live stream, a link to it was shown. I’ll put the link below.


  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys!Thanks for this amazing patch.I’ve already finished the game and it’s great!I was wondering if it is possible to ad more evolutions from decode in this game as their sprites already exist such as piedmon metalseadramon and alphamon in the future.By the way black agumon is a great line.Thanks again for your effort!


  42. darwin0818 Says:

    Black gabumon is a future project of romsstar :)
    Lets say 50% chance


  43. cv39 Says:

    Decided to get myself my own wordpress account. Anyway, I’m CV and I second the comment on the great Black Agumon line though it more for BlackGreymon as I have liked that Monster ever since he 1st appeared in 02.

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  44. Anonymous Says:

    Dammit!, i missed everything….., should had check this blog more often XD


  45. cv39 Says:

    I believe they will hold another soon so there is still a chance for any who did not join to join the new one.


  46. Neal Cullum Says:

    When will a new patch update be coming out to fix any typo errors and possibly new content?


  47. cv39 Says:

    Hopefully, I wish to see a sub patch without dub/americanization version words like DNA, Gallant, Blue Blaster and such.


  48. SydMontague Says:

    @Anon who asked for what determines what evolution you get.

    I’m not Romsstar, but I can answer this question nevertheless.

    The priority system in Re:Digitize knows 3 states of which is one true for every possible evolution:
    a) perfectly enabled. That means stats, weight and care mistake requirements are all fulfilled.
    b) non-perfectly enabled. That means that enough requirements are met to evolve into that Digimon, but not perfectly. (-> via bonus requirements)
    c) not enabled

    When you evolve the game checks first whether the list of perfectly enabled Digimon is not empty and proceeds with it. Otherwise it uses the list of non-perfectly enabled Digimon.
    Out of this list the game picks the Digimon that has the highest arbitrary priority, which depends on the Digimon you currently have.
    “Natural” evolutions (like Agumon->Greymon) usually have a high priority in this system.

    This is true for the evolution to Adult/Champion, Perfect/Ultimate(dub) and Ultimate(sub)/Mega levels. Child/Rookie evolutions however are determined by the highest stat, whereas the natural order (in case that there are multiple highests stats with the same value) is HP > MP > Offense > Defense > Speed > Brains. -> If HP and MP are the same, you’ll get the Digimon that requires HP all the time.

    At least that’s the current status of my research. It’s possible that I’m off, but so far my observations matched the predictions of this theory.

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  49. ala Says:

    i play psp in ps3 , when i try to use PSPtoPS3 it say:
    there was a problem decryption the EBOOT.BIN
    can any1 fix this problem?


  50. ala Says:

    i mean psp games in ps3 :D


  51. Romsstar Says:

    @SydMontague: Actually you are perfectly right, this is exactly how it works. Of course this is also only based on what we know so far, but from all our tests, we got pretty much the same result as what you described.

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  52. cv39 Says:

    How about the new Black Agumon line? What requirements will it need?


  53. Anon Says:

    Thank you for elaborating! Wouldn’t that mean, then, that certain Digimon become unobtainable once you get high-enough stats? Or am I understanding something wrong?


  54. SydMontague Says:

    Too high stats can quite often cause that certain Digimon become unobtainable, yes.

    The only way to achieve the Digimon you want is to either disable all evolutions except the one you want (via bonus requirements) or to reduce your stats (e.g. via King Sukamon).

    Which is one of the reasons why I like the priority system of DW1 way more…

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  55. cv39 Says:


    What is the difference between this game and DW1’s priority system?


  56. SydMontague Says:


    In DW1 the game creates a score for every enabled Digimon based upon the average of all stats that are required. (E.g. Greymon needs Off, Def, Speed and Brains so it creates the average of these 4 stats) and the Digimon with the highest score wins.
    In the rare case that 2 Digimon have the same score, it uses an arbitrary system that resembles the order of the evolution chart of the Digimon you currently have.

    This system allows you to modify the outcome until the very end, giving the player more control over evolutions, even if they’re not aware of this system.

    Speaking of DW1. Is there any schedule for the next stream? I’m really curious about your DW1 project @Romsstar. :S

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  57. Kyle Soirez Says:

    Any new passwords coming soon?


  58. Anonymous Says:

    when is the next twitch stream


  59. Zero Says:

    Digimon World: -next 0rder pv
    Machinedramon and Analogman gonna returns?


  60. Romsstar Says:

    They stole our Matrix Agumon :D


  61. Zekron Says:

    Oh well, no reply from both.
    I’ll leave this here just like before… (whoa, wall of text o_O)

    -Myotismon- {in Powdery Cliff}
    {After paying, the text is out of the dialogue box. I forgot to write the text.}

    -Angewomon- {in Sewer Maze (Swamp)}
    …Well, what did the rod you dropped look like? (drop?)
    …So it was one?… (this one?)
    {After choosing ‘It was worn out’ (1st) then choosing it again (2nd) and choose ‘Yes it is!’, I got ‘Great Fishing Rod’. Shouldn’t the option (on 2nd) be ‘It was way cooler’ when the rod’s color is brown (worn out)?}

    -Mirei- {After defeating ChaosGallantmon, in Colosseum (Control Room)}
    …It would like to ask you to go, Taiga. (I?)

    …Is this is what humans calls life? (Is this what humans call life?)

    -(no name)- {after defeating Vitium}
    At last, has someone appeared who can stop me?
    (someone who can stop me appeared?)

    -Earth Coat-
    …user’s Defense by with support… (without ‘by’?)

    -Safety Helmet-
    …when you’re least expect them. (without ‘are’?)

    -Secret Scroll-
    …to see its contents. (content?)

    -Rubber Plunger-
    …. Make always sure not to… (Always make sure?)

    [Digivolution Info]
    …the reborn Digi-Egg of a particular Digimon.
    (the reborn of Digi-Egg from a…?)

    [Key Items]
    -Worn Fishing Rod-
    …TThe curve of the rod… (The?)

    -Powdery Cliff-
    …lined up in the area deepest within.
    (lined up within the deepest area? maybe just me)

    [Title Screen]
    {After selecting New Game+}
    …from you clear save data,… (your cleared?)
    {Choose ‘Yes’}
    Checking for Clear Data… (Cleared Save Data?)


  62. cv29 Says:

    I see, that does make picking the result a lot easier. I wonder why they changed it in this game.


  63. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    I believe Decode translations and DW1 project the next project will be Digimon World -next 0rder-, because it will be another Digimon game where you rise a Digimon.


  64. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Modestas: We haven’t even discussed the possibility yet. We’re hoping that Next Order will get an official translation, though. The Cyber Sleuth announcement may mean Bamco is getting serious about Digimon again.


  65. Harrist Says:

    Would you considere to put BlackTailmon in Re: Digitize too? :)


  66. cv29 Says:

    Oh yeah, Black Tailmon is in game too right?

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  67. Adam Says:

    Hullo! I’ve been following this project since I found out this game was similar to the original Digimon World. I never commented on any of the posts, but having finally played the game I have to say, I love you guys. I don’t know the best way to contact everyone involved, but I just wanted to give you all my heart felt thanks for bringing a game that so closely mimics a childhood favorite. I don’t know how far I am, but the game is lovely, and aside from a couple minor mistakes the translation has been perfect. Thank you all, so much.


  68. darwin0818 Says:

    In the luminiscent cave


  69. Skullbazon Says:

    I finnaly got 100 prosperity!!!!! YAY


  70. cv29 Says:

    @ Skullbazon Congrats


  71. cv29 Says:

    And the Npc in Powdery right?

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  72. Random Guy Says:

    @Romsstar This is a question regarding DW1. Is it possible to make an online version of the game? For example many Pokemon MMO use the gba roms as a base. I was wondering if it was possible to do the same with DW1.


  73. Skullbazon Says:

    @ cv29 tnx!


  74. cv29 Says:

    Np. So are you going to try the catch all huge type fishes title? I already got it. and made a log on it in gamefaqs hoping it helps those trying to get it.


  75. Anonymous Says:

    hi, i don’t know where to put this so i’ll just leave it here in case you want to ‘fix’ it on the next ver :) is it a typo? anyway, thanks for the translation and i’ll be waiting for the mod :)


  76. cv29 Says:

    Wow, never saw that from any of the monsters I recorded. Did that appear with the 1.1 patch?


  77. Romsstar Says:

    Why? What exactly do you mean guys? Free is one of the Attributes of Vikemon, it is listed as Data, Vaccine but also Free.
    So I don’t see the problemß


  78. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s just what the developers decided. In the game’s data, Vikemon is listed as Free. In other media Vikemon’s been variously, Free, Data, and Vaccine.

    So, feature, not bug.


  79. Romsstar Says: Vikemon is also listed here as a Free Attribute Type. All good.


  80. cv29 Says:

    So what does free attribute do? As well as what is it strong or weak against? Is free like the Unknown type from the Digimon Masters Game?


  81. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I haven’t checked in detail, but my guess would be that it’s neutral toward all three attributes. But attribute plays a fairly minor role in the game anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.


  82. Kyle Soirez Says:

    Where’s the new batch of Jijimon Passwords? I’m anxiously waiting for Vr. 2.0 now. Wanna get my hands on Black Augumon.


  83. Anonymous Says:

    nvm about that vikemon image, i’m drunk, lol. how about this? is it the proper icon?


  84. Romsstar Says:

    We are not the developers, the icon is exactly the way it is as it was in the original. So if you see Attributes that seem weird to you: Not our business, not our fault, not our concern.


  85. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    it bothers me that i dont quite know if the free atribute is real or a really elaborate prank of you guys XD


  86. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Also, hows the break going?, you guys are wayyyy overdue on a good deserved rest.


  87. Romsstar Says:

    I don’t like breaks. Waiting on Citra to run Decode :/


  88. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Oh!, didnt actually expect a fast reply jejeje, so….. whats new? XD


  89. Romsstar Says:

    Testing out graphics and fonts for decode so far.

    (Work in Progress obviously)
    Made Black Agumon line playable in decode and wrote a skills and evolution editor for it. Nothing fancy, but works.
    Trying to figure out how repackers work. We got one, but I haven’t gotten around writing one myself yet. So, that.


  90. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    !!!!!,will this black agumon line works on the 3ds version and hows the digimon world 1 thing going??


  91. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Also, im totally not hitthing f5 every 5 minutes waiting for a response XD


  92. cv29 Says:

    Wow! Are you going to add those icons in the next patch?


  93. Romsstar Says:

    Vebrendos/Skullbazon: It ALREADY works on the 3ds ;)
    @cv29: Those icons are from Decode, nothing to do with Redigitize.


  94. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Yay, im not alone on this post !!!, cmon @Romsstar spoilers!!!!


  95. Romsstar Says:

    Patience. I’ll cover this on a broader scale in the future. But for now since basically only 2-3 people actually read and/or comment, it’s not the time :)


  96. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Ok…., whats the rest of the team doing during the break?


  97. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    For now, the language people aren’t doing much. Technical stuff is getting done, but while Romsstar tackles that, he’s not translating, and until he has some translated text for me to proofread and edit, there’s not much for me to help with.


  98. Romsstar Says:

    oh well I translated already some very interesting parts. For DW1 Fans probably interesting: The titles are gone and the Medals are being introduced with different rankings involved (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, king). But yeah the technical stuff rather caught my attention for now, I just wish I had more time…


  99. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    COOL!, cant wait to see the new post!, tnx a lot guys for everithing so far, and for the many things to come!!


  100. cv29 Says:

    So you can’t somehow edit the icons to the next patch? That is too bad, though I guess I shouldn’t have thought of that, after all you simply changed the color for the Black Agumon line right?


  101. Romsstar Says:

    where and how do you expect me to put them?
    And no the black agumon line was not a simple color edit, since we will preserve the original agumon line obviously. But I’ll make a larger report about this later, maybe.

    Not much motivation for me if nobody cares.

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  102. komodoturtle Says:

    Loads of people care.
    Either way keep up the good work, hopefully they will start localiseing more world games no they see how popular they are.


  103. SatouNHK Says:

    We still care! At least I do, where is everyone who used to post here D:
    Anyway, any news you can share about DW1 project? Still patiently waitingfor it ^^


  104. Vebrendos\Skullbazon Says:

    We care!, but still, you have alreafy done a lot for digimon world fans, it would be understandable if you want to move on to otjer things ( plz dont, u guys are great!! Xd)


  105. Anonymous Says:

    i do care, although i love to be a silent reader :) i’ll be waiting for your next report :)


  106. Chrona Says:

    I doubt there’s anyone alive who doesn’t care about this. If they say they don’t, they are liars


  107. DataOV Says:

    Hey we do care, but i don’t check the blog like i used to when waiting for the translation :3
    Keep on working at digimon Operation Decoded :P


  108. cv29 Says:

    Sorry if I offended you Sir Rom. I was just asking and as the others say after your post, no one here does not care about this though I was wondering why there was no new post after this.


  109. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t think any of us was offended. We’ve just been having a hard time getting motivation back after finishing such a long term project. We’ll get back on the horse soon, I’m sure.


  110. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Motivation does tend to drop after a big project is finished. Like you said, it’ll come back sooner or later.

    By the way I still lurk here, in the dark alleyway, abducting people to my evil layer so I can…. talk to them. ….Yes, talk.

    Breakin’ the norm to annoy OCD people with four periods, go me!

    EDIT: …layer? Yes, I live in the background layer. Damn you people and your foreground.

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  111. darwin0818 Says:

    Still following this project. Yep I do care. And take your time guyz. It looks like everyone is in a hurry but i know things like this takes time (even hacking my cp takes fucking time so i understand how hard it is). Do things your way. :)


  112. madness_hero Says:

    I think most, if not all, digimon fan cares about what you’re doing here Romsstar. But I think most they choose to be silent readers as there’s no update so far. In fact, I myself am a silent reader, until I saw your post.
    So keep it up guys, there’s tons of folks that cares, in fact, I’m still waiting for you guys to release an upgrade to Redigitize with the Black Agumon line.

    Is there anyway to play Decode once you guys release it? Gateway?


  113. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    See!, people do care!!!, take as long as you need to get back in the horse, cause ww will be waiting…. silently…. from the shadows…… to talk to you guys!


  114. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @skullbazon wow when you say it like that, it sounds really creepy.

    @romsstar we do care! lol i think this is much better, no more:
    -what’s the progress?
    -when’s the release date?
    -is the project dead?
    -can you release a beta patch?
    -and of course how can we forget about the ”witcher 3” and ”the never ending -rai is a meannies- from the viewpoint of the anons” drama?
    at least now, the posts are leaner and easy to read in the eyes. and also, yes we are waiting for the next twitch stream!


  115. Romsstar Says:

    Nah I wasn’t offended, don’t worry. It was just that with all the people gone, things like extras feel like a waste of time, which we do as a service to the people, opposed to the translation which we would’ve done either way. At least that’s how I feel about it. I mean I can live without the black agu line in redigitize, hell it bored me out, so I made my tool compatible with Decode. So yeah, for that extra content, support means a big deal to me.

    madness_hero: Yes you’ll be able to play the patch with Gateway, and I’m currently running some tests to pursue the idea of a layeredFS (CFW) solution, which would mean it would even run without a gateway, theoretically.


  116. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    !!!! yeah, progress baby!!!!, no podemos esperar para el siguiente post Xd


  117. cv29 Says:

    That is good to hear as the most i contributed to this game is through the board in Gamefaqs and my vids. so I find myself without right to complain as I basically leech here. Anyway. I bet your work will pick up as soon as Digimon Try’s 1st movie opens.


  118. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Ok, so it seems this blog is in need of comments, so lets do it as we did on the old days, and start a comment thread!, we will start, so guys, whats the more difficult/hardest digimon to get in Digitize? (as in join the city)


  119. Anonymous Says:

    uhh.. fine then. for me it’s growlmon (y). on my first playthrough i don’t know that i have to pick up the red orb thingy to melt the ice (i’m doing the powdery cliff’s line). i thought i’m supposed to do it with level 4+ fire skill. on my new game+, i’m doing the bonkeno volcano’s line and be like… where the hell is the red orb now?? i realized that i need the level 4+ fire skill and then i’m going with my omimon. however, i can’t seem to use the ‘fire skill’ although omnimon can use the last fire skill. then i realized that i have to equip it in order to use it. i feel like an idiot when i realized that, lol.


  120. Ultrawhatever Says:

    that *%#@& angewomon! i rarely use guides but that last 1% drove me. then found out you needed to fish at the sewers. and i did. would use diff. kinds of bait. caught a bunch of fish that made me rich. but no angewomon. i even thought those times the fish got away counted to her not appearing. then i found out you didn’t really have to fish.

    wasted days of my digi’s life (which eventually succumbed to old age. poor darkdramon, spent his last days at the sewers watching his trainer fish his minds out. at least he cheered me whenever i caught something. poor guy.)


  121. cv29 Says:

    Rosemon for me you can only fight her in Tamerless battle which requires in-depth planning. Once I got her though the story becomes quite easy with the Tower advance training she unlocks, as well as her being available earlier than MetalGreymon.


  122. Just Curious Says:

    If there’s anything we could do to motivate you guys do tell. We don’t want the pioneers of digimon world hacking go unmotivated.


  123. Travis Says:

    When I first load up the game in PPSSPP, i get a “No save data was found” message. It says “At least 352 KB of free space are required to create save data.” Then as if I want to continue and repeats. (running my pc) Is there any fix? (sorry if someone asked already)


  124. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @Travis in psp instead of the x button, you press the circle button. i never used ppsspp so whatever buton that corresponds to the circle button, that’s what you press.


  125. cv29 Says:

    Yeah, many had the same prob.


  126. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Use the current version of the patch, see if that helps


  127. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Also, why was my ,hardest digimon entry deleted?


  128. Anonymous Says:


    Liked by 1 person

  129. cv29 Says:

    Entry? Do you mean digimemory or tower data?


  130. JP Says:

    You know what really scares me about Digimon Cybersluth?
    That Bamco might cover up Lilithmon cleavage… =(


  131. Jaigh Says:

    So uh, what’s going on with weekly password releases?? I mean… seems like such a simple task to do….. doesn’t have to be some major update, just some passwords you promised. Since they were all changed it’s kind of breaking the entire game experience!
    Any news?


  132. Romsstar Says:

    You know, saying thanks is also a very simple thing to do, but weird, I never heard a thanks from you, but the second we stop giving something you appear and start complaining.
    It’s about time people realize that this is a SERVICE, which we can stop ANY TIME WE FUCKING WANT. K thx stfu? So be a good kid and wait patiently like the others.


  133. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @cv29 i think he’s referring to his response on “for you, who’s the hardest digimon to recruit?” question.


  134. Romsstar Says:

    By no means my comment is to be generalized but was a direct response to Jaigh and people like him. If you want to treat us like a company that owes you something because you paid money to them then I suggest yo do that first.
    The rest who’s still with us: Sorry and thanks.


  135. cv29 Says:

    Yeah, I never saw Jai comment before so I’m guessing his/she simply leeches. Well, those kind of people will always be here weather we like it or not. As for the hardest one to recruit. Did I not say mine is Rosemon? Anyway, thanks for the new Password set. Is this the last or 2nd to the last?


  136. Romsstar Says:

    Second to last. But quite frankly the last one is not very spectacular as it consists mostly of healing items. the highlight will be th storage card sigma which contains examon


  137. Rai Says:

    @Jaigh: Are you actually serious? Not receiving a couple of passwords is “breaking the entire game experience”? That is one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve actually seen on this blog, and that’s saying something because I’ve seen plenty of silly comments.

    Nobody owes you anything, and the passwords were entirely optional to begin with, they’re not breaking any part of the game’s experience. Quit being so damn petty, if you want the passwords so bad, go play the un-patched version then, you ungrateful asshole.

    The nerve of some people. ¬_¬

    Liked by 1 person

  138. Romsstar Says:

    There’s a weird feel of nostalgy and sympathy to your post Rai. I just wanna say thanks because you said it all for me :)


  139. cv29 Says:

    Maybe Rai is just lazy or does not have much time caused by something he/she is getting in real life so give him/her some slack. At least the person said something unlike other lurkers who would be speaking ill of the kind team that patched the game in their own twisted world. I believe it’s this somewhat ill/annoyed remarks none lurkers give that is the reason they continue to increase.


  140. cv29 Says:

    Whoops! Sorry, I mean Jaigh in my last comment. Seems that I miss read/forgot who started this whole issue. Sorry. My bad.


  141. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Rai smited someone today, YAY we are back to the old ways XD

    Liked by 1 person

  142. cv29 Says:

    I guess so, as I haven’t seen Jaigh for a while. Anyway, so there is one more Password sets? That is good to hear Sir Rom! I wonder if I’ll be able to get the Digi Prof title before it comes out.


  143. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You haven’t heard from Jaigh because he/she has been given a time out. And yeah there’s a last set of passwords, but it’s rather underwhelming, so we’ll probably publish it sometime soon.


  144. Rai Says:

    @Vebrendos: I’m always lurking in the background.


  145. cv29 Says:

    I see, and does that mean Rai is this boards Dark Knight? Evil Lurkers beware!


  146. Romsstar Says:

    Rai is the Hero the Digimon Fans deserve :D


  147. cv29 Says:

    Yup, good to know someone is watching of Boogieman lurks like J who spreads their pukes around.


  148. trex0113 Says:

    Can you please tell us your Settings in PPSSPP like Graphics and System because when I use some cwcheatcodes like SP Gauge Full etc. the game freezes but in the Stream I have seen that the code is working for you.


  149. Mack Takoi Says:

    I really wish someone would make a general walkthrough in english for this game so I could try to play through it while I wait for the translation. so many sites have guides up that aren’t started :/


  150. Mack Takoi Says:

    or can someone possibly help me with getting the psp version to work in ppsspp? I keep having an issue where after the 2nd time agumon has to sleep the screen will turn white and than black and than it will freeze and crash


  151. CVic Magpantay Says:

    Maybe you need to download the latest version of Ppsspp? It works just fine when I played it at my own emulator, if your wondering about a guide, I made a video one on it like my 1st GA trilogy patch, I leave the link of the playlist below.

    Hope this helps you.


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