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Progress Report, January 6th

January 7, 2015

Hey everyone, it’s been about two weeks since we posted our Decode video, so I thought you would want a report on how we’re doing with the original Re: Digitize.  As unfortunate as the delay was, we didn’t lose any progress, we just weren’t able to work as quickly as we thought we would last month.  We’re down to a fairly small list of things to work on:

There’s one last section of File Island to edit and insert, the Night Canyon, which I will likely finish before I go to sleep.  When that is done, all of the story, and nearly all of the NPCs you can talk to will be done.  File City has some work left.  For whatever reason, the designers had two large files with most of the text for the city in them, and dozens of smaller files containing segments of the two large ones, almost all completely identical to the strings in the large files.  CompCom helpfully made us a tool to transfer those identical strings automatically, which we’ll be doing in the next day or two.  There’s a good chance that there will be some small parts of those files to finish manually, but it’s not clear exactly how much yet.  Likely not more than a day’s work.

Then there’s the Colosseum.  Work has been coming along on that, probably about four or five days worth of work is left there, perhaps a week.  Unfortunately, there is an aspect I haven’t covered in the recent updates, because I forgot about it.  The trading card minigame has 176 cards, each of which has a few lines of text.  That shouldn’t take more than a few days to take care of though, I’m just kicking myself for forgetting about it.  Then there’s testing and miscellaneous cleanup of any typos or what have you that we find during that time.

Barring a show stopping bug, I see no reason we won’t be able to release soon, but I’ve learned my lesson about setting an exact date, so, soon is best estimate I feel comfortable giving.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that our regular commenter Rai has graciously agreed to help moderate the comment threads as necessary.

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