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November 30, 2012

Gee, this morning I woke up and I swear guys I dreamt about my Agumon digivolving to Herculeskabuterimon. Simply skipping the Champion level.

Well it was Digimon World 1 anyways. But maybe some of you know my work from Digimon World 1 for PSX (fixing Pal Bug, Giromon Juke Box fix, adjusting the propabilites of technique learning)

and actually I might consider something like skipping the champion level in digimon world 1 as doable. But well that will come later…

What ideas you have for possible hacks on Digimon World 1? Enchancements, anything?

Feel free to post in the comments.

Regarding Digimon World RE:Digitize:

No we are not dead, we are still working it, StorMyu is currently dealing with the ASM part

of the game, the story parts are getting smaller yet still being considerably big.

Of course ASM hacking is the more difficult part, but it is yet very important for a lot of things.

Once we have that, I will show you some new screenshots guys. So that’s it for now.

The Calm before the storm

November 16, 2012

It’s gotten quiet lately. Some may have already wondered why, and it’s been really a busy week for me.

Japanese Essays, projects and my thesis have a constant battle with this Translation.

While I love translating Digimon, I’m not getting no diploma for this, so there are some times when I simply can’t give this Translation the time it obviously needs.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean I’m not working at all, and after all I’m relying on the other teammates. But hey they got lifes too.

But I can tell you, I’m getting excited, because I can’t believe how much we already have.
I mean with what we have right now, whole File City is in English, the Intro, the Tutorials, the battle with the toxic Gabumon, the first talk with Niko…(and MUCH more…)

PS: There would be more Screenshots and Videos if the PSP Emulator wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass. It takes way too long with the copying and connecting part to the real PSP all the time, and I simply don’t have this time right now.

I wish I would have more time for this, but reality looks different. But we try our best.

While I’m at it: We have a great team of programmers and qualified translators. But we can always use more, to bring this even faster to you.

So: If you have the skills to figure out the MIPS commands of a PSP, or don’t need to check up every kanji in google translator, feel free to contact us. Be it here, be it at gbatemp, anyone who followed us till this part knows how to get in touch.

Stay tuned -Romsstar


November 8, 2012

Hello guys.

I’m glad to announce that we are working as hard as before and onkeikun as one our our Translators is doing a fantastic job.

We moving faster than I even imagined. While I don’t have the time to do the screenshots of all thenew material we have,

I can assure you there is a lot. No promises, but I will try get some new screenshots this evening up for you guys.

In the meanwhile, enjoy just the thought of getting a professional translation for even less than a nickel ;)  – Romsstar

We are back!

November 4, 2012

Welcome everyone.

Since the incident on we decided it is time to move to a base we have more control over, also the Thread got kinda cluttered already.

Thus this blog came to life. This is where updates, pictures and other works related to our projects will find a space.

I’m kinda lazy to fill in what we already have right now so data will be added when I’ll get to it. -Romsstar

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