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[Digimon World Decode] Progress report: 11.08.2016

August 11, 2016

Hello guys.

It’s been a long month for me and lots of various stuff happened, but the milestone that was most important to me was reached:

Decode Main Story Translation: 100%

Please keep in mind, this means only the main story and doesn’t include sub quests, various recruitment quests or menus.

We are not quite there yet ;)

In the mean time I was working on something else, namely a Save Editor for Digimon World Decode.

Here are some screenshots. Enjoy:)


At the moment more like a concept than anything. You click on an icon and it will jump to that menu.

In this case, clicking on Digimon will get you to menu Nr 2:


Inspired by the looks of the original Menu in Decode, this is a redesign and recreation of that very same menu.
The Sliders are for your convenience but you can also just click on the number and type it in manually :)

For reference click on this picture.

PS: I updated the previous post because I realized that maybe some people would like to see the pictures in their original resolution. You can now click on them. Sorry I forgot to add that the first time.

– Romsstar


[Proof of Concept] Digimon World Next Order Translation

August 6, 2016


Hello guys,

since Major_toms recent post, fantranslations became possible.
As such I’m posting a proof of concept of a theoretical Digimon World Next Order Translation+Modding :)

I showcase 2 hacks:
1) Text insertion
2) Model replacement (The DW1 protagonist is usually not playable)

Caution: This is merely a proof of concept and NOT an announcement of a planned fantranslation. At this point there are currently no plans to translate Next Order, as there is no telling if it might get localized officially. Also we have enough projects on our plate as it is.
(If it won’t, it’s still nice to know that we can…)

POC: Digimon World Next Order Fan Translation


I’m aware of the typo but since insertion is currently a
bit messy I was too lazy to fix it.



Model ripping is also possible




Unfortunately I have no capture card, so video capturing is not possible for me.



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