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Progress report 11.04.2014

April 11, 2014

Hey guys,  I thought I might fill you in what’s new.

99% is translated+inserted(oh yeah :D), the 1% is something that the game probably doesn’t even use but we gotta be sure.
70% of the Story is edited.


90% is translated (Remaining 10% are all at the Colosseum and basically super unimportant but we will translate them anyways)

80% is inserted

~20% is edited

I’m afraid nothing new to report here. But patience, StorMyu is the man for this job and I know he can do what needs to be done.

Release Date: 2014
There you go, I gave it to you, a release date :P

Some new, super unimportant screenshots but showing that stuff is happening anyways:


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