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September 26, 2013

Well I know I could’ve come up with a more original title for this post, but seriously we all know you gonna read it anyways :P
About 2 days ago I asked for Editors and Graphic Experts.

I got I think like 10 applications for Editors none for Graphics Expert.
I should mention that only a few were actually qualified for the job. 
This has often not only to do with skill but communication is a key point for this.

Anyways so we have now 2 Editors aboard and concerning the graphics:

I solved the Graphics problem myself now :D





After ;)



Explaining % and progress

September 23, 2013

Hey guys,

I keep reading people posting about this project and the translation being on 60%.
Tell you what: This gauge is from last year guys and was about the translation only!
We are obviously way beyond 60% it is just too tedious to estimate a real percentage.
Let me explain why:

Translated: 90% (Basically only some clearing up left)
Inserted: 30%
Edited: 10%
Localized (ASM): 20%
In-Game-Image Editing: 30%

Now if we sum this up we get a rather weird 36%. Sounds like nothing right. But wait, then again 90% is already translated?
So most of the game is in English already. Why is it impossible to give an accurate percent gauge:

Inserting Text is a job that can be done in one day if you’re lucky, in a week if you’re not.
For Redigitize it’s a very difficult case since texts occur multiple times in the script but only one of them is actually used!
Means: If we insert a translated text, the chance that we hit the one the game actually uses lies roughly between 20-80%.
Let’s stick with that number for now. That’s the reason why only so few of what’s already translated has been succesfully inserted.

Editing: Um well I’m in lack of qualified editors to be honest. I’m not a native speaker and most editors are too scared
and all they do is correct here and there some tenses. But the job of an Editor is to make a translation sound natural
where the translator failed to do so. And yes it IS natural that the translation sounds weird in their first phase, especially
when you translate from Japanese as you want first to recreate the actual meaning of the sentence in English before you can proceed
to give it the last edge of refinement.

Localizing (ASM): This one is a bitch. Especially in Redigitize. This game’s a total mess in terms of programming and the list of
things that have to be done is long. We have StorMyu as our expert here but he has a busy private life and even if he didn’t this
would still be a job that’s tough and to be honest: super boring.xD

In-Game-Image Editing: In my last post I wrote about this: We require a Fireworks and Photoshop Expert. This is still the case.

So I guess to sum it up:
You may or may not understood now why we don’t bother with a percent gauge.

– Editors
– Graphic Experts

September 12, 2013


Looking for a guy/girl who can work with graphics freely between Photoshop and Fireworks (Especially Fireworks is important).
You have to have heard of Invisible Alpha Channels and you have to know the means how to make them visible, edit them and adjust them to different needs = English text.
Since Photoshop is not capable of doing that I need you to have experience with Fireworks.
Also you have to have some knowledge about how the format PNG works.

If you feel up for the job, write your contact data in the comment below or feel free to write me an email :
For communication it would be adviseable if you have Skype since there is a lot of explaining to do.

Also guys, I would like it if you could show support for this petition:
Of course we love doing this project but the 3DS is an awesome game that deserves to be localized. Cheers!

I do appreciate your support. I would appreciate it even more if you would write my name correctly.
Sincerely – Romsstar

Digimon World ReDigitize Translation Teaser

September 11, 2013

For all those who are still in doubt, there you go guys. The quality is not that good I’m sorry.
I might upload a bettter quality one later but this is just for now for your enjoyment.
This one covers start till first Jijimon quest.
This does NOT reflect how far the translation is as it’s obviously way further…

Appendix (Some Screens)

September 10, 2013

And well to show you not only that we’re working but we’re working hard and good here are some screens for your enjoyment. While they are nothing special they just say about progress:
NPC in file City: 100%





Not dead

September 9, 2013

After I see growing impatience I’m just stating here this project is far from dead and is actively being worked on.

Instead of wasting time with updates that are not meaningful enough  we are progressing in this project.

I can inform you that with the help of StorMyu I started digging into the disassembling and debugging process myself so I’m not only translating anymore but taking actively part in the hacking process (or at least trying to).

I also can tell you that a rather huge amount of text was translated in the time being, but I don’t see anything impressive in that if you aim for a 100% patch.

Is there really such a need for screens and updates guys? I stated how this works, yet some people seem to think this is just another overambitious project started with people not knowing what they’re doing. Guess what you’re wrong. You got people working here who did this before and yes I admit it failed in the past. This is why I personally learned from those mistakes, and will not make any more updates than I personally feel needen. That’s it so far.

Expect updates yeah, but don’t expect REGULAR updates… This is not how it works. Sorry. I will try to post an update as soon as I feel we’re getting closer to the finish.


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