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[Lost Evolution] Progress Report: 12.05.2016

May 12, 2016

Hello everyone,

it’s really been a while since our last update.

Various circumstances and real life issues have hindered me on giving an earlier progress report.

Since Citra has made TREMENDOUS progress lately (Well for us at least) Decode right now has really become a priority, but never fear, as promised, we are still doing Lost Evolution :)

So instead of giving a Decode progress report for now, I’m giving you a┬áLost Evolution update, as people have been asking us a lot for that in the comment section.

So without further ado, I’ll just leave some Lost Evolution Screenshots here. Enjoy :



Please keep in mind, that everything right now is WIP and subject to change, so nothing’s really final yet.

As with Redigitize, videos will obviously follow too.

We realize, that since you followed the other group who did this before, that this probably not really that exciting to see. Yet there are subtle differences ;) We implemented a few ASM hacks, as you can see on the naming board.

More will follow where needen.  Consider this another teaser for now.

Where appropriate we will follow suit with the already localized graphics, but in some areas we thought the localized graphics didn’t do the original justice, so we will also have some of our own. Stay tuned :)

Last but not least, while we are usually not commited to ETAs, there are two we’ve given on Gbatemp, which maybe some of our blog followers haven’t seen yet:

  1. We are planning to release Lost Evolution by the end of the year
  2. Decode’s main story and subquests will be fully translated by the end of September

That’s it for now guys. See ya ~


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