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Fun facts time

September 23, 2016

Here are some facts about Digimon World Decode, in comparison to our previous translation of Re:Digitize:

– Re:Digitize on the PSP had 161 Items in total while Decode bumped this number up to astounding 424!

– While the number of obtainable Digimon in Decode is 161, the total roster of Digimon Decode consists of 217 Digimon, the exact size of Next Orders roster (And Decode doesn’t have 50 recolors!). So once again: Decodes Roster from 2013 on a 3DS can compete with a PS VITA game that came out as recently as this year!

– Unlike Re:Digitize, there are various camera angles you can choose during the battle.

– You’ll become a landlord in Decode and you can collect rent from Digimon while expanding your Mansion.

– While Re:Digitize could be comfortably cleared within 10-12 hours, Decodes Main Story takes at least 20-25 hours!
(In comparison Next Order’s story takes 8 hours tops)

– You can visit unique areas in Decode, like the Dark Area! Remember the place Etemon got sent to in Digimon Adventure? Yeah, that place!

– The Mt. Infinity is BACK! A 100 floor long challenge dungeon, with various rewards and a tough and awesome boss at the end!

– The accessory, cards and collectable fish number gut also bumped up.

– The Medals are back! Right, the iconic DW1 Medals are having their return in Decode and now there’s Bronze, Silver, Gold and even Platinum Medals!

– For the first time within a world game, the game keeps a Journal of every Evolution your Digimon went through, including Weight, Stats and everything else! You know EXACTLY how you got this Digimon.

– Unlike the previous installment, Decode let’s you play not only as the protagonist, but you get the chance to play as ALL Characters during the game. That’s right, Niko, Akiho, Mirei, Yuuya, you get to control them all! (Please keep in mind not for the whole game).

– Rina-chan joins as another protagonist. Players from Cyber Sleuth know her well. You’ll be able to play with her instead of Taiga.

– There are TONS of new areas, TONS of new side quests to explore: Including Merit Points, helping Shellmon, who is in a pickle again, drilling the Drill Tunnel with Drimogemon, mixing various potions with Wizardmon and going for a drink with Master Tyrannomon at the Master Bar!

Decode has not online Local Multiplayer but actually ONLINE? ;) Play against your friends all over the world!

Everyone who thinks Decode is just a port! You couldn’t be more wrong ;)

Facebook Page

September 18, 2016

Hello everyone,

from now on we will also post News about ongoing Translations, Videos and Screenshots on our new Facebook Page.

We also created a new logo/banner, we hope you like it.

If you do, please like us on

  • Operation Decoded

Update: Petition

September 16, 2016

Dear Fans,

As an update to my previous post I include the link to my petition to have Bandai Namco include all missing Cyber Sleuth Digimon here.

Also please take a look at this picture to realize how grave the situation is:


A favor to ask

September 16, 2016

Hello everyone,

Romsstar here. As you all heard Digimon World Next Order is going to be localized for the PS4.
Now the game had lots of performance issues which will be fixed apparently, but what is not seeming to be fixed is the abysmal roster the game had.

45 of the Digimon from Digimon World, which this game claims to be a sequel from, are MISSING


A lot of these Digimon were included in Cyber Sleuth though. Digimon World Next Order is recycling the models from Cyber Sleuth. This means there is NO reason at all, why they shouldn’t include ALL Cyber Sleuth Digimon into the PS4 Version.

Fans everywhere, let’s go and ask Bandai Namco to do that. PLEASE.

We were promised 12 new Digimon which turned out to be:

– Shinegreymon Burst Mode
– MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
– Rosemon Burst Mode
– Ravemon Burst Mode
– Valkyrimon
– Darkdramon
– Chaosmon
– Cherubimon Evil
– Beelzemon Blast Mode
– MarineAngemon
– Justimon
– Boltmon


This is nearly not enough! Those were all already included in Cyber Sleuth, which means they have the means to include the Digimon from Cyber Sleuth even now. But 12 is not enough. Over 30 Digimon from Cyber Sleuth are still missing.
Fans everywhere, let’s gather together and ask Bandai Namco to do it right this time. If we won’t get a Vita Version let’s at least have that.
Thank you everyone.

– Romsstar

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