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December 28, 2012

A lot of people keep asking what we already have and what not.

This is actually surprising me. We never kept it a secret. It was on our project page on GBATemp all the time, but here you go guys:

What is currently translated:

Items 100%
Item Descriptions 100%
Item Effects 100%
Key Items 100%
Key Item Descriptions 100%
Accessories 100%
Accessory Description 100%
Attacks 100%
Attacks descriptions 100%
Special Attacks 100%
Special Attacks descriptions 100%
Digimon Names 100%
Raising Description 100%
Names in Colosseum, Areas 100%
Menus 100%
Digimon Personality 100%
Titles 100%
Titles description 100%
Mail Sender 100%
Mail Subject 100%
system messages (Mail) 100%
GIGO company history 100%
Lead Characters +Map Names + Menu Names 100%
Text 100%
Digimon CARD Names 100%
Digimon Evolution Chart Description 25%
Mails: 50%
Music Tracks 100%
Battle Tutorial 100%

Maps 100%

Story related:
Intro Sequence: 100%
File City: 100%

This is the most accurate % Gauge I can give.
All in all this will be about 60% of the game so far.

TEAM where are you?…

December 25, 2012

Hey everyone.

 It seems like forever since the last update, doesn’t it?

Well, I never really stopped working on this, but I can’t really say to have a team anymore.

The few that are still reachable hardly contribute anything. I can’t really say why, since my motivation never went anywhere and I’m still all fired up about this project.

Apparently this doesn’t hold true for everyone else.
Some of you might have noticed my small contribution to One Piece Romance Dawn.

I’m a huge One Piece Fan after all, but maybe also some of you noticed that an incomplete menu translation brings more trouble than good and in that case, as I hear, many Black Screens.

 I sincerely hope that maybe after the holidays some of my old teammates will surface again.

But in any case this project is not dead and never will be.

But for the time being…

Recruiting: Translators, Editors, ASM Hackers


Digimon World 1 (PSX) Hacks

December 8, 2012

While everyone is eagerly waiting for the translation of Re:Digitize, here you can see some of the Digimon World 1 Hacks I made with Ze0N, who sadly stopped working on this project with me. We made some cool stuff, customizing a lot of the game.

Also cracked down the whole RNG. Enjoy the look.

New Translator

December 4, 2012

We would like to welcome Elise aboard.

She is a new translator for the team with lots of experience, and will be a great help in bringing ReDigitize even faster to you.

Also everyone make sure to check out her blog :)

Last, since there seems to be such a high demand for it I’m really thinking of making a progress bar…

But this is still up for debate.  Anyways that’s our news for today. – Romsstar

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