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A request

January 26, 2014

Hello everyone.

while I love working on Redigitize it’s a shame we can’t work on it’s “sequel” (it’s not a port!)
 Re:Digitize Decode. Some of you might be aware about the petition that’s going on.

I bet most are.But hereby I ask you please, everyone, please, who hasn’t signed it yet, do so.

Here is the link.

While a petition most likely won’t change a thing and I do believe that Bandai Namco is toying with our feelings about thisby telling us to get more votes, this is the only thing we currently can do.
Be assured we’ll do everything we can to bring Redigitize as fast as possible to you.
But Decode is a worthy sequel that simply MUST be localized. Let’s do our best, shall we?

– Romsstar


News (kinda)

January 24, 2014

Hello guys,

I don’t really have any specific news, but I thought people might get anxious if I don’t post anything…

Anyways, the status currently is that we’re working on this, things are running great. If we only had more time for this.

You see pratically everyone on the team is a student at the university and  right now, exam time is approaching.
Currently we all have less time than we would like to have for this.

So please understand, if this is not going as fast as you had hoped for.

After all, if we fail our exams, there might be no translation at all.

So please be patient.

– Romsstar

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