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Merry Christmas everyone

December 27, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m very pleased to announce our second Translation Teaser Video for you. This contains a massive amount of gameplay.

But it also means:
We solved all ours issues and we’re back on this translation and working full speed to bring this to you.

We owe this all to CompCom who helped us out with his amazing skills and so this video is also thanks to him.

Merry Christmas everyone!

– Romsstar

I’m very sorry for the delay but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. We had technical difficulties but I didn’t want to end up apologizing and

“not delivering” as many haters love to put it, so this is why I choose to put all my energies into it release this as fast as possible instead

of just writing an apology post.

PS: A full HD version will follow soon.

And this is Translation Teaser – Niko Version.

There will be also a Akiho Version very soon too. Stay tuned.

December 25, 2013

Dear friends, supporters, haters and everyone else.

I want you to know that we prepared something for you that you might enjoy.
Please check the timer below to know when it’s best to stop by.

Merry Xmas everyone

– Romsstar

December 14, 2013

Ok it’s been a month since my last post. I realize that.
I know you don’t see it but progress has been made in terms of solving our problem.

Until know I was sure it was the repacking process going wrong.
But after rewriting the code on multiple parts I realize: Our repacker is working just as it should.

But this IS eventually the problem. It is supposed to work but something is going wrong.
When our inserted text is supposed to occur ingame it either freezes or only parts are being loaded.

Now you’d think that the texteditor is screwing us, right?
But I gotta tell you guys we have 4 different texteditors from 4 completely independent programmers.
What are the odds that all 4 texteditors do the job wrong?

Bottom line: We are in research mode. We excluded a lot of things, we can tell what’s NOT going wrong.

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