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February 28, 2014

Hey guys.

95% of the STORY is now completely inserted.
I’m currently going through the remaining 5% with our new member Rui, a Native speaker which will help to check the forementioned.
Please take into account that NPCs are not covered by this calculation yet.
While most relevant NPCs are already been taken care off, some NPCs are still not inserted.
Also please take into account that the Editing process, Quality checking process, ASM Hacking and many other processes are still need to happen. I understand that everyone wants to get their hands on this as quickly as possible but all I can say is you have to be a little patient.
I just don’t want that people who are anticipating a early March release feel cheated. So please don’t except a release in March.

We try to deliver quality work and while I know for some of you it might seem that this have been going on forever, there been hurdles and roadblocks on the way that threw us back. For those who followed us from the start, you know that. Now that those are seemingly out of the way (Thanks CompCom) we’re faster than ever but still I think it’s better to have a game that will satisfy everyone than something rushed with loads of grammar mistakes which will ruin the experience, right? ;)

Please stay patient everyone.

We’re getting there

February 23, 2014

About 80% of the Story is now completely inserted and playable.
It looks great to see how the game becomes more and more English :)
The Editing and ASM process are currently stalling (Sporky and StorMyu are busy)
but nothing we can do about that. Patience guys, we’re getting there :)

While everything is basically translated some phrases just need some checking.
What I coud use is a a proof reader if you will.
For that a Native Japanese Speaker with good English knowledge would
be a great help. The task is not difficult but could refine this translation even more.
(It’s still awesome either way :P)
Anyone who can help is free to answer me
here or through

New Screenshots

February 13, 2014

Hey guys.

I though I’d share some of our Work-In-Progress Graphics for the City.

While a few might argue that this is unnessecary the fact is that the city in itself is rather complex and for such reasons,

some signs have to be translated so first time gamers will have the same comfortable experience a Japaneser user would have.

Please enjoy and feel free to post your comments below.

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Artist of the Graphics: HelloWinter

Exam time’s over!

February 11, 2014

Hey guys.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I got some news. Today I passed my last exam, which means that from now on I can dedicate myself again

fully to Redigitize. But while I was studying I still had some time to work on Redigitize, so for now

about 60% of the Story is inserted. Which means that about 60% of the game are totally playable.

From now on things should go even faster. I’ll try to get some screenshots and maybe a video.

Stay tuned.

– Romsstar

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