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StorMyu’s first post

March 19, 2013

For all of those who think it takes a month to translate a full “RPG” (I might add…) game…

Let’s say we all have lives, we all have other things to do in our free times, and we’re not machines.

We intend to provide you a good quality translation and for that it takes more than one week.

In the meantime, I thought the recent post didn’t really showed what I had to offer so here’s some more:

– OnScreenKeyboard now fully in English


Better Save/Load menu (but It’s more romsstar’s work)


And I’ll try to show some more when I’ll have some, have fun.

First ASM Hack – Achieved

March 19, 2013

Well, I guess I have to disappoint a lot of haters out there, by saying that we are not dead and moreover we inserted our first ASM hack succesfully into the game.

While it seems like it is not much it feels very reassuring and I’m more hopeful then ever that we can make this game the way we want.

Well guys, what StorMyu did is to make the game internal Save and Load and Home Functions to be English.

Which looks in result like this:


load2 load

Enjoy :)

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