Progress report 11.04.2014

April 11, 2014 by

Hey guys,  I thought I might fill you in what’s new.

99% is translated+inserted(oh yeah :D), the 1% is something that the game probably doesn’t even use but we gotta be sure.
70% of the Story is edited.


90% is translated (Remaining 10% are all at the Colosseum and basically super unimportant but we will translate them anyways)

80% is inserted

~20% is edited

I’m afraid nothing new to report here. But patience, StorMyu is the man for this job and I know he can do what needs to be done.

Release Date: 2014
There you go, I gave it to you, a release date :P

Some new, super unimportant screenshots but showing that stuff is happening anyways:


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Progress report 23.03.2014

March 23, 2014 by

So while I totally understand the impatience that is growing on people because we’re getting closer and closer to the finish line, I totally can’t stand reading comments like this:

  1. Greg Says:
    March 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm hurrrryy uppppp >.>

I’m just saying, what exactly is going on in people?  Sometimes I wonder if people even know that we’re doing this for free and just out of good will. Because the attitude of some people really sucks.

Anyway that’s not what this post is about. As I said I’d give you some progress report, and here we go:

- Story is now to 97% inserted and the remaining parts are such which I haven’t encountered ingame yet (Will have to check on this)

- NPCs are at steady 80%, not much to be said about that.

- Editing process is now going on and Sporky our Editor is at full speed working on that. I’d estimate roughly 40% of the Story are edited by now.

- No changes for the rest so far. (PATIENCE!)

Below you’ll see some UNEDITED Screenshots from SOME of the NPCs that underwent insertion.

So yeah that’s about it for now.  But I honestly wish people would stop pushing me with such comments as the forementioned. They do no good and don’t help at all.Oh and please stop asking me for a release date. I won’t give you one.  Not because I’m mean but because this is additional stress and creates a deadline, from which I have absolutely nothing to gain.

March 6, 2014 by

Hey guys, it’s me again.

I believe people got confused about my last post.
So let me break it down:
95% of the story is inserted + translated.

Story includes all events that are mandatory to play the game from beginning till credits. It doesn’t include optional side quests and NPCs you don’t have to recruit. But, since you are required to have 50 prosperity for entering the final dungeon,
all major NPCs that would give you that points are also inserted already. So I would say about 70% of all NPCs are also already inserted.  Every NPC in File City is also inserted and translated.

Where does that leave us? What’s left?
The insertion process of the Colosseum Tournaments and Batles, the process of minor NPCs in other areas than File City and Network battle is ongoing and that’s what we’re doing right now.

The Editing process is on going and the first edit is currently at 40%. So the editing will take some time. The ASM process is still in works and is currently the one that needs most work but will eventually get done.

I made some early tests on the weekend and our patch runs fine on:

- Samsung Galaxy S2 (PPSPP)

- PSP 1000 (CFW)

- PS Vita (Via Exploit)

Unfortunately I had nothing else to test it on.

Oh right some questions from the GBATemp Thread:

Does the text scrolling go at the same speed than in japanese and does it take more time to scroll throught all the dialogue ? It’s for speedrun purpose.
-> For the most part of the game this is the case but in some cases we had to insert additional textboxes. But the amount is minimal and since the game has an implemented autoscrolling and runs pretty fast on the highest textspeed it shouldn’t really affect your speedrun.

Also, since there are pics of translated sign posts, will all such jap portions be translated? It would be amazing even if it wasn’t!
-> I’m aware of the purists in the Digimon Fan community. At this moment I’m  leaning towards releasing actually two patches. One that will contain localized attacks+names including localized signs, the other with the translations of the Japanese Attacks+Names. Which means we’d have Baby Flame vs, Pepper Breath and Vamdemon vs Myotismon. Just two examples I’m giving. I hope by this means we should be able to satisfy all needs.

In the meantime I have a question:

We showed you screenshots, we showed you videos but at this point there’s not much left to do that we still could show you. Is there anything you guys would like to see? Except the patch I mean. (Yeah I know the difference between except and expect :D)

So please post what you’d like to see in the comments below.

February 28, 2014 by

Hey guys.

95% of the STORY is now completely inserted.
I’m currently going through the remaining 5% with our new member Rui, a Native speaker which will help to check the forementioned.
Please take into account that NPCs are not covered by this calculation yet.
While most relevant NPCs are already been taken care off, some NPCs are still not inserted.
Also please take into account that the Editing process, Quality checking process, ASM Hacking and many other processes are still need to happen. I understand that everyone wants to get their hands on this as quickly as possible but all I can say is you have to be a little patient.
I just don’t want that people who are anticipating a early March release feel cheated. So please don’t except a release in March.

We try to deliver quality work and while I know for some of you it might seem that this have been going on forever, there been hurdles and roadblocks on the way that threw us back. For those who followed us from the start, you know that. Now that those are seemingly out of the way (Thanks CompCom) we’re faster than ever but still I think it’s better to have a game that will satisfy everyone than something rushed with loads of grammar mistakes which will ruin the experience, right? ;)

Please stay patient everyone.

We’re getting there

February 23, 2014 by

About 80% of the Story is now completely inserted and playable.
It looks great to see how the game becomes more and more English :)
The Editing and ASM process are currently stalling (Sporky and StorMyu are busy)
but nothing we can do about that. Patience guys, we’re getting there :)

While everything is basically translated some phrases just need some checking.
What I coud use is a a proof reader if you will.
For that a Native Japanese Speaker with good English knowledge would
be a great help. The task is not difficult but could refine this translation even more.
(It’s still awesome either way :P)
Anyone who can help is free to answer me
here or through

New Screenshots

February 13, 2014 by

Hey guys.

I though I’d share some of our Work-In-Progress Graphics for the City.

While a few might argue that this is unnessecary the fact is that the city in itself is rather complex and for such reasons,

some signs have to be translated so first time gamers will have the same comfortable experience a Japaneser user would have.

Please enjoy and feel free to post your comments below.

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Artist of the Graphics: HelloWinter

Exam time’s over!

February 11, 2014 by

Hey guys.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I got some news. Today I passed my last exam, which means that from now on I can dedicate myself again

fully to Redigitize. But while I was studying I still had some time to work on Redigitize, so for now

about 60% of the Story is inserted. Which means that about 60% of the game are totally playable.

From now on things should go even faster. I’ll try to get some screenshots and maybe a video.

Stay tuned.

- Romsstar

A request

January 26, 2014 by

Hello everyone.

while I love working on Redigitize it’s a shame we can’t work on it’s “sequel” (it’s not a port!)
 Re:Digitize Decode. Some of you might be aware about the petition that’s going on.

I bet most are.But hereby I ask you please, everyone, please, who hasn’t signed it yet, do so.

Here is the link.

While a petition most likely won’t change a thing and I do believe that Bandai Namco is toying with our feelings about thisby telling us to get more votes, this is the only thing we currently can do.
Be assured we’ll do everything we can to bring Redigitize as fast as possible to you.
But Decode is a worthy sequel that simply MUST be localized. Let’s do our best, shall we?

- Romsstar


News (kinda)

January 24, 2014 by

Hello guys,

I don’t really have any specific news, but I thought people might get anxious if I don’t post anything…

Anyways, the status currently is that we’re working on this, things are running great. If we only had more time for this.

You see pratically everyone on the team is a student at the university and  right now, exam time is approaching.
Currently we all have less time than we would like to have for this.

So please understand, if this is not going as fast as you had hoped for.

After all, if we fail our exams, there might be no translation at all.

So please be patient.

- Romsstar

Merry Christmas everyone

December 27, 2013 by

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m very pleased to announce our second Translation Teaser Video for you. This contains a massive amount of gameplay.

But it also means:
We solved all ours issues and we’re back on this translation and working full speed to bring this to you.

We owe this all to CompCom who helped us out with his amazing skills and so this video is also thanks to him.

Merry Christmas everyone!

- Romsstar

I’m very sorry for the delay but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. We had technical difficulties but I didn’t want to end up apologizing and

“not delivering” as many haters love to put it, so this is why I choose to put all my energies into it release this as fast as possible instead

of just writing an apology post.

PS: A full HD version will follow soon.

And this is Translation Teaser – Niko Version.

There will be also a Akiho Version very soon too. Stay tuned.


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